Four Easy Ways to Hear From God



“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” Romans 10:17 (NIV)

If you are joining me here today from Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Encouragement for Today welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

Just last night I felt the weight of a busy life and the amount of time our family hears God’s word. Work schedules, volunteering and children’s commitments all jockey for positions in our family’s life. As a mom, some days I just feel like I’m missing it.

Yet, I also realizeΒ I am the one giving out the positions in our priority list and I must be intentional to make God’s word our priority.

Here are a list of my favorite ways to hear God’s word and share it with my kids! In the comments, I want to hear your’s too!

1) Christian music

Have you ever heard your child singing a song they learned when they were small? My kids often burst into a Veggie Tales song and they are 21, 18 and 15!

Music has the power to make messages “stick”. When those messages are God’s word, it makes a powerful impact. If you haven’t made the switch to filling up your car and home with words that build up your heart and mind, I challenge you to go for it! Give it a try for 21 days and after 21 days just see if you don’t see a difference in your life!

2) Online sermons

Nothing makes house cleaning or cooking dinner go faster like listening to God’s word being taught! There are so many great teachers available to us 24/7 by simply clicking on a link on the internet. Some of my favorites include Proverbs 31 Ministries (the ministry I am a part of) andΒ Elevation ChurchΒ (my home church).

3) Reading God’s word outloud

Each school morning, I do “Breakfast & the Bible” with my girls. While they fill up their bellies, I fill up their hearts. It’s really short, only 2 – 3 minutes, but over a year that’s 780 minutes!

4) Share with another person what you have read in your time with God.Β 

The Bible tells us that our faith is built when we hear the testimony of another person so share what you are learning!




  1. Katie Lacks says:

    I have 4 kids all in public school. We wanted our home to be filled with Gods word even when we are not doing family devos. So we play K-Love on the computer in the mornings before school and in the evening. The results have been amazing. Not only am I blessed with the great worship, my kids have started singing along and stating their favortie songs. My 13 year old daughter was listening to all the music her friends at school listen to and now she goes for the christian music first. Music is a powerful way to get worship in your home and always in your mind. Sometimes a song somes on and I just start crying because it was just the message I needed to hear from god at that time.

  2. I love listening to music and podcasts from our church while on the move. My heart warms when I hear my toddler praising God in the backseat of the car.

  3. I love to go for a run and listen to sermons, Elevation sermons most of the time! It defintely makes the run easier and I am able to get extra time with God.
    (on a side note, we live in Texas but I am from SC just and hour south of Charlotte and I listen to Pastor Steven every week! We have shared his sermons with so many people out here and have seen such life change from that simple act! Your church is doing such incredible things!)

    Thank you for you post on Proverbs 31 today!

  4. Thanks for the great post and reminder to listen on Proverbs 31 today. I left this comment there, but it also serves as a good entry for over here!

    I am training for my first half marathon. A few weeks ago, I felt a tug that I should be spending some of the long training hours and miles with God, so I added a slew of Christian songs to my running playlist. I absolutely look forward to my training runs now; time with God, getting stronger in both body and spirit!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Love it Jenna! You could also listen to the Bible while you run!

  5. My favorite is KLove – Contemporary christian music. I was never really a fan of Contemp Christian until a few years ago; now it’s the only radio station allowed on in my car. I get so much joy out of hearing God’s word in music and I normally get a song or two stuck in my head. My other favorite is Podcasts while I’m at work. I will say I haven’t been doing this as often as I should; but I really enjoy listening to sermons from other pastors and listening to God’s word. And just as April said above, I love listening to Elevation!

  6. Diane Fetter says:

    I love your message today, because My Word for this year is Listen. I read God’s word out loud, but need to do this more often. I love listening to praise music. I like the idea of listening to sermons.

  7. Kathryn Heemskerk says:

    When I was a teen I wrote poetry till someone very close to me asked me why I waste my time. Just this year God has been asking me to write again. So when He inspires me to write, I write. When He asks me to share, I might argue with Him sometimes, but in the end, I share. I am trying hard to hear Christ in my life. Follow the nudges to reach out when He asks. Pray when He asks. Say “yes” when He asks. Sometimes He has to ask more than once. I am not perfect, but I am trying.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Kathryn, I am so sorry someone spoke those words to you! Poetry was your gift; your voice! I do hope you write, and write, and write! Nothing is wasted!

  8. My favorite is Contemporary Christian music. My radio station stays on K-love in the car and when I am at home I listen to it online during the day. It almost brings me to tears every time I hear my daughter singing in the backseat. She knows these songs by heart now and it makes my heart smile to hear her. I also like Youtube for videos. Proverbs 31, Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls all have great videos.

  9. My favorite is to read a dailey devotional like one on healing by Kenneth Hagan. The scripture and the story build my faith for God’s healing for people. I also love Proverbs 31 which comes up daily on the work computer. I don’t always have time to read the story, but at least reading the scripture helps built me up in the Lord, thanks so much for doing this wonderful ministry !

  10. When I get up in the morning and while getting ready for work I turn on the radio and listen to early morning Sermons (much better than watching the news). I have my radio programmed in my car for the same so I continue to hear God’s word on my long drive to work and once I get there I log onto Pandora to listen to Christian Contemporary music. I love to sing along … I also receive verses of the day etc. via email from Dr. Charles Stanley (whom I absolutely love)!
    I love listening to and HEARING God’s word … he’s truly amazing and I love him dearly!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Vickie, I love to listen to Dr. Stanley and his son too, Andy Stanley!

  11. My favorite way to hear Gods word is thru worship music. Klove is a constant in our home.
    God knew what I needed to hear today and keeps impressing it upon my heart.
    Thank you for this post

  12. Jennifer Jones says:

    My favorite way to listen to Christian music is though c.d’s. I have tons and our band at church is awesome. They introduce me to tons of songs I have never heard before. Itunes is a great way to preview new songs too! I love listening to Joyce Meyer pod casts too.

  13. Sharon King says:

    I love Christian radio. And living in Florida we have a lot to choose from, besides the great musi stations to choose from, I can also listen to awesome preachers through Moody radio.

    Thanks for what you do in focusing on teen girls to keep them grounded in the Word.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thanks so much for your encouragement, Sharon!

  14. Christian music is my favorite too.

  15. Tonya Barnett says:

    I love to plug in ear phones at work and listen to Klove, it does so much for my day and then offcourse I read my daily devotional- then I find myself praying for my husband and my two girls and my home and my coworkers- the list goes on but I’m so glad God leads me! I also love to listen to Iheart Radio on my driod phone and then i program a christian radio station or I will listen to Slacker radio and then customize my own radio stations by picking one of my favorite artists and then it picks similair artists. Love listening to Christian music and I love that my daughters also love it! When we are in the car even if they have friends in the car they will chose a christian song also because they know them, Love to hear them singing alot with a great message! Blesses my heart!!! πŸ™‚ God Bless! Thank you for all you do!

  16. Stephanie Ford says:

    We love WMHK, our Christian radio station. I also love to listen to Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer any chance I can get. My oldest daughter just turned 13 last week and I am finding now more than ever a need to surround her with The Lord’s message! Thank you for your daily encouragement!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Stephanie, my youngest just watched a DVD by Beth Moore at her small group. She said, “Have you ever heard of her? She’s really good!” Ha!

  17. My favorite way of hearing God’s word is through christian music. It sticks in my head better. I wish we
    had more christian radio station in MA. I like hearing new and different stuff. So for now we listen christian cd’s and go online.

  18. My seventeen year old son loves worship music, so every morning he turns on the computer to worship music when he gets up. I love the house being filled like that to start the day!! At work I have a small speaker that I can plug my ipod into and listen to worship music in my office. I also love the idea of reading God’s word out loud and am going to try to incorporate that into my mornings as well…thank you!!

  19. AutoFill Heather says:

    Love to listen to worship music in the car.

  20. Brianna Thomas says:

    I love listening to KLOVE at my desk while working! Just listening brings encouragement!
    Thank you!

  21. Thank you Lynn for your encouraging notes. It is wonderful to know that we can worship, talk and listen to our Heavenly Father every moment of the day. I especially enjoy listening to our son and daughter-in-law leading worship and singing special numbers on my MP3 player .

  22. Along with what everyone else has said about music, I love songs that contain Scripture. In fact, sometimes when I’m trying to memorize a new verse, I’ll put it with a tune to help it stick in my brain.

    Another thing I’ve done is typed up some of God’s promises that are especially dear to me (Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 8: 38-39) and taped them to my kitchen cabinets. That way I see them very often!

  23. Kerry Ann says:

    I love listening to Worship music! I have it on in the car – 3 stations programmed in case one doesn’t come in too clearly! As well as at my desk at work. Wherever I am in my day, I can lean on God’s words when needed, and so can my children when I am driving them around. It really helps to get some ime with the Lord in daily.

  24. I’m in!! I listen to K LOVE all day. when the kids are home, we listen to God Rocks! CD’s (scripture verses set to rock in’ music).

  25. Ruth Taylor says:

    My girls are all grown but I would love to have the items for my daughter who has two teenage daughters. Thankyou

  26. I listen to Christian music all day while working and at home. I also listen while I run which is hours sometime and it helps me

  27. Tammy McKinney says:

    Listening to Christian music is a powerful way to hear God’s word for me and also to read His word out loud.

  28. We always have K love on in the car and I love it when my 9 and 11 year olds know all the words to the songs and sing along. They each have a Christian playlist on their Nooks and computer and I often hear them listening to this playlist rather than other music that is available to them. The songs send such a positive message.

  29. My favorite way to hear Gods word is through uplifting Christian music! I love having all the electronics off and playing worship music in our home especially when the kids first get home from school each day.

  30. I listen to the audio bible on my tablet through biblegateway website.

  31. I love to listen to Christian music on Pandora-it’s great because I can choose favorite artists and types of music.

  32. I love listening to God’s word FIRST thing in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. I also turn praise and worship on when I get in the car. It’s very refreshing to fully engage His presence first thing in the morning for me, just for the simple fact that starting my day off like this is a HUGE impact on how I will react to things that day and how I can change someone else’s life also! I also love getting into The Word and listening to sermons right before I go to bed to relax my mind and for my heart to be completely opened to Him for things that happened that day or to go ahead and get a fresh start on the next day ahead!!

  33. I love listening to Air1! They also share a verse of the day.

  34. K-Love seems to be a running theme πŸ™‚ It’s on at our house too. Also, reading the Bible aloud daily.

  35. I love to listen to contemporary Christian music.

  36. We recently purchased Go Fish’s “Snazzy” CD, and we’ve been listening to it a lot! Thier music is very upbeat with lots of positive stories and Biblical messages.

  37. I love listening to K Love an awesome Christian station

  38. I listen to Christian music and I love the idea of reading the bible out loud. I’m going to start today!

  39. At the dinner table each family member takes a turn sharing where they saw God in their lives today. Whether is was someone being kind or just simply witnessing nature or the blessing of an unexpected event. It becomes almost a scavenger hunt of the mind to see where God was visible in their lives.

  40. I like to listen to Christian music….especially when the music is quoting scripture. It is a great way for me to learn/memorize bible verses. I can still remember songs that I learned as a child.

  41. I love to listen to K Love. I agree putting it to music helps it stick. I find lyrics running through my head quite often! (Actually there is one running through there now.) And my 12 year old daughter loves to listen and sing with me! I wish I had known about this years ago, when my other two were small! And I like when they talk to the artists who sing the songs, and the artists tell about their inspiration for it, or the verse it comes from. The last time my daughter and I were in the car, and I was feeling stressed and venting a little, she put on K Love and said “Mom, relax! Just listen!”

  42. We love to listen to Veggie Tales! My children and I sing along while they are learning πŸ™‚
    Other than that the only music I allow them to be exposed to is Klove πŸ™‚

  43. Our family rides to work and school together – so every morning I read “The word of the day” usually from K-LOVE’s Encouraging Word. I just got your “Devotions for a Revolutionary Year” book this past weekend and now we plan to read that in the morning : ) Can’t wait to start!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      That’s great, Linda! That is what my girls and I read at breakfast too πŸ™‚

  44. Stephanie says:

    I love listening to our local Christian radio on the radio in my car, at home and online. My newest discovery has been some amazing godly women and their encouraging blogs. To name a few, TimeWarp Wife, Unveiled Wife, Lynn Cowell, To love Honor and vacuum, Rachel Wojnarowski Proverbs 31 and Lysa TerKurst.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you Stephanie!

  45. Music. Definitely! BUT…I’m so encouraged by your advice about reading God’s word aloud. My little ones will love it! My big ones will be very uncomfortable. Can’t wait to see what God does!!! Thank you!

  46. Michelle Owens says:

    I have a 13 year old daughter and an 8 year old son. They enjoy me reading them their devotionals each night before bed. This gives me that little extra one on one time with them individually as well as that time to just talk and feel comfortable with whatever they need to talk to me about with the other one listening. I have found that the devotional for the day usually makes a huge impact to them and goes hand in hand with may have happened that day. The 13 year old also likes to play “DJ” in the car and it WARMS my HEART when she breaks out the playlist of good Christian music that we all sing along to.

  47. Sorina Constantin says:

    Hello Lynn: my kids and I like to “mix it up” -> in the mix we have the Sunday church sermons, book devotionals, children’s bible stories, nuggets and excerpts from the Bible, printouts that we read together (such as Psalm 91) and of course we talk about whatever happens to us throughout the day that can be explained and understood better from GOD’s perspective. Also, in the morning I find that its always easier to wake up sleepy kids to get them ready for school if some soft devotional music is playing in the background… so at 7am I hit the “Play” button on the CD player and I am always amazed to discover that we are all more peaceful and loving towards each other if that music is playing while we are getting ready. So for us… variety is key in keeping GOD’s presence amongst us a loving and dependable constant!

  48. It seems there are overwhelming votes for Christian music, which I am into also. The best way for me is to crank our Christian radio station on the way to work and let it just vibrate into every part of me and the per drivers think I am really rocking out, if they only knew how powerful the words were their life could be changed also

  49. Shannon Chilson says:

    I love listening through music, but have recently discovered that the Bible on my Kindle has an audio option. While I am washing dishes or paying the bills, I am listening to someone reading the Words of God..and it is so much fun!

  50. I have an 18 month old and I turn on WBGL everyday and we dance together and I read the Bible aloud to him. I’m not allowed to attend church so I also watch some podcasts online as well. God is gracious and merciful and doing wonders in my life right now so praise God! =)

  51. Margaret Harder says:

    I love listening to God’s Word thru scripture memory songs.
    That way my kiddos get to hear and memorize too.:)

  52. I love to worship and sing with my daughter!! She is 6 and we are now reading together… She has a “Princess Bible”, (Youth Bible) that she reads to me, on the way to school and in the evenings before bed…. She loves it!! I am so glad I found this site, Thank You!!!

  53. My husband and I commute together and we listen to sermons as we travel to the office. We’ve enjoyed countless messages and we have great conversations as we discuss what we’ve heard.

    Also, I am using a Bible Reading Plan to read the Bible in a year. My tablet has a Bible app that reads aloud. Sometimes I “listen” to the Bible.

  54. I love listening to Christian music in my car where I can sing as loud as I want to! My kids moan and groan when I do this with them in the car, but they do it too when they feel like it. I hear them in their rooms with their own favorite Christian music and their guitars singing to the mirror and skyping their friends. Which ever way we can get God’s word into our childrens’ hearts is a good thing, and music is one that is easy to share with their friends. My children are both in high school now and they both share Christ with their friends in this way.
    I also get a huge blessing every time I share my testimony. In our church, we encourage testimonies, so our children have grown up listening to and now participating in sharing their experiences. One thing is for sure, nobody knows your experience like you do, and you can really impact others by sharing.
    Love your posts! Thank you for sharing with us!

  55. Dinah Ferrer says:

    Car radio station, still my favorite choice. Especially when you have people i your car, it’s a good witness.

  56. iraida malpica says:

    listening to worship music

  57. I have a 6-disc cd player in my car which is full of Christian cd’s. I love listening to Tim and Pam in the mornings on WBGL in Champaign, IL πŸ™‚ I also do daily devotionals with my daughter at breakfast, host a woman’s bible study and a middle school girls discipleship group in my home on alternating Monday nights and teach middle school youth group on Wednesday nights. I attend Sunday School, Sunday Service and a Sunday evening bible study. That may all seem like a lot….but I still feel as if there is so much more that I need to learn!

  58. Stephanie says:

    I love to get up early and listen to my bible ap and read along with it. We also listen to Christian music in the van.

  59. Lisa Holland says:

    The easiest way for me is K-Love. I commute about 45 minutes to work and then the commute home normally takes longer due to traffic, So I have 1 hour and 45 minutes each day.

  60. Amanda Martinsen says:

    Worshiping through music is my favorite way of hearing God’s word. Music is such a powerful and moving thing!

  61. Peggy Clement says:

    One way we hear Gods word is a short Bible devotion after supper with our girls, they want to read the devotion and we have to take turns. We always have christian music on in the vehicle.

  62. Nykesha Jones says:

    I listen to my favorite gospel artists on Pandora. YouTube has a large variety of videos and music available. And when I need a word, I listen to recordings of my pastor, Rev. Steve Epting, Sr., leader of the flock at HOPE Community Church. If you’re in Chicago and need a WORD, stop by. We love company. Of course, my sisters in faith at Proverbs31 fill me up every day.

  63. Christina Flake says:

    Getting ready in the morning for work and school we are jamming to our local Christian radio station and that is all that plays in our vehicles. We also do a family devotion time at night whereas everyone has their own quiet time but then we come together and take turns reading The Word (we are working our way through the Gospels right now)and responding to it.

  64. I love listening to worship music with my family & have a quick morning reading with a scripture for the day.

  65. I surround myself and my children with God’s word by listening to Klove radio. At night, I listen to Christian music to help me relax before I go to sleep. I have a 13 year old daughter that has become detached because of the stress we have dealt with from my husband’s PTSD and TBI. I think your devotional will give me some guidance for some quality time with her. Thank you.

  66. Melinda Piper says:

    Listening to KSBJ in Humble,TX while driving the kiddoes around. πŸ™‚

  67. I lost touch with God and my faithful friends. I began a new church a year ago. It took this long to really engage. My five yr old son is now in the Praise Gang(kid’s choir) which provides a CD of songs planned to perform through the year. Every morning he and my 3 yr old daughter want to listen to the CD and because she hears more due to traveling to daycare she practically knows all the songs. She can’t join Praise Gang till December when she’s 4 but she begs every week to go. We also listen to Christian radio when Dad and teens are in the car. Their not as excited, but Mom’s car Mom’s radio.

    Thanks for the other wonderful ideas,


  68. For the past year and a half, my car radio has remained tuned to K-Love or KGBI. My kids now enjoy it just as much as I do! My son (12) has since added all Christian artists to his iPod, and is now a huge fan. In fact, we’re surprising him by taking him to his first concert, Winter Jam, this Friday!

    Even my 4 year old daughter loves the music. She’s already begun to memorize the words to many of the songs, and beams when she asks if the song is about God and Jesus, and hears “Yes” as a response.

    As for my Bible reading, with the kids and everything else a Parent juggles, I find my You Version Bible app to be my favorite way of curling up with the Word. I even have the app narrate it to me when I’m doing things around the house, and my daughter and I listen to it together.

  69. I have started to listen to our Christian radio station and my 7 yr old daughter loves to sing along. But I admit I struggle with reading the Bible. I have been trying to be more intentional about this as my daughter and I have been arguing a lot. I want to show her more grace and less judgement.
    Thank you for your blog!

  70. Podcasts while running! Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em in Your Heart from my childhood (still burst into singing these Scripture songs and I’m 28!) Pandora Radio: Chris Tomlin Station right now (it changes depending on who I’ve been listening to) & Spotify Enfield Hymn Sessions. Hear Ye the Word of the Lord!

  71. It’s been heavy in my heart to teach my 2year old about God and his love. I don’t have a home church, I don’t have a group, I don’t have anything, but the word of God in my heart and that tugging to teach my little girl about him…So I’m In! Whatever resource I can use to teach me, how to teach her would be surely appreciated.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Congrats on winning Carina!Here are some tools to help you get started πŸ™‚

  72. We have religion class daily as we home school, as well as an evening read-aloud time followed by family prayers as often as we can fit them both in. We also regularly bless our children with verses from the Bible as we mark them with the sign of the cross before bed.

  73. Trina Mooneyham says:

    My favorite way is my pastor. It seems God leads him to say I need to hear.

  74. Love the Bible and breakfast! I love Christian music and Bible studies!!

  75. I think the Bible on CD (or tape:) is a good thing to have handy, especially if you have a bit of a commute or have to wait to pick up children. I also believe that although the Word of God is very important so is prayer & one thing I try to do with my boys is pray out loud as we drive to school each morning. Also, a time of devotions with your children is definitely important~ just remember to tailor the devotions to the age of your children~this means make sure what you are reading is understood by the child (ren) & be sure the length of time is set by the age of your children as well. It is better to spend five minutes & have the children retain what they heard than spend much more & have them forget half of what they heard.

  76. I work on the road so I listen to the bible on cd and I love worship cds. My favorite worship leader is Paul Wilbur. He sings almost all scripture so it is really uplifting.

  77. Diane Balding says:

    On my way to work,to go shopping,to go to the drs,or just go anywhere I listen to K-Love all the time in my car and when my girls ride with we talk about God everywhere we .

  78. My favourite way is definitely music. Music has a way of going deeper for me. It gets to places where words just don’t.

  79. Music without a doubt. I also like how often I’m reading a really good Christian fiction book and a scripture used or the way a character handles a situation just speaks to me.

  80. I recently started walking on the treadmill to help my diabetes. I listen to gospel music while I walk and talk to God. When I try to walk without the music I have a hard time completing the walk and not being exhausted. With the music the walk goes faster and with less effort.

  81. Bible apps with lots of different reading plans, great devotionals emailed me from great women like you and proverbs 31. My other favorite is going outside and listening to God through his creation.

  82. I spend the very first part of my morning with a fresh cup of coffee and daily devotionals that I get via email. Girlfriends in God, encouragement for today and dr charles stanley. Usually in that order too. Lol. I find time to pray or give thanks anytime I can. I have a missal at work and can read the d aily reading too.

  83. The favorite for me and the kids is definitely Christian music.
    My four year old daughter loves to sing. We sing good morning. She is Mandisa and I am Toby Mac.
    So much fun to get our Praise On!

  84. Marjorie Hilliard says:

    When my children were young we’d play the GT (Angel named Glad Tidings) and the Halo Express tapes with the story line including 10-12 verses set to song. Great teaching and memorizing. At work alone at night, I put on YouTube with hour-long videos of Christian music to keep me focused (when I’m not listening to messages and songs on the Christian radio station/Moody).

  85. Worship music and podcast sermons – thankful for this kind of technology, which allows me to worship and grow while driving, doing housework, etc. πŸ™‚

  86. Lynn…thank you so much for reminding us that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (one of my favorite Scriptures!) What a great privilege we have to hear the word of God through so many mediums! My mom suffered a stroke almost two years ago. Following this, we told one of her therapists that she was having trouble comprehending what she read. (She had been an avid reader prior to the stroke and was troubled that she no longer seemed to understand when she read the Bible.) Her therapist encouraged her to read aloud and explained that the part of the brain that controls seeing is different from the part that controls hearing. (I’m sure there are correct terms for this that those in the medical field know!) Apparently the part of Mom’s brain that controlled seeing was partially blocked causing her to struggle with understanding the printed word. When I began to read aloud to her, new passageways for memory were unlocked! She now once again enjoys reading on her own and understands what she reads. Praise The Lord for His Word – our faith builder! – and for those educated enough to help us overcome obstacles!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      wow…if that doesn’t tell the powerful way God made our amazing bodies! Thanks for sharing!

  87. I love to listen to podcasts on my iPhone while working at my desk. It keeps me positive throughout the day to hear messages from teachers such as Charles Stanley and Joyce Meyer.

  88. Jen Torresson says:

    I’m in… Love this post!!

  89. Until about 8 months ago, we lived in remote places that had very limited radio options, so the first time we ever heard “Casting Crowns” (one of our favorite groups) was on a YouTube version. My 7-yr-old is motivated by anything tech, and enjoys reading, and the whole family loves music, of course. So on rainy days or after dark he’ll often ask to get on You Tube for christian music videos (the ones where the lyrics are printed over or to the sides of the pictures); my oldest tries really hard to read and/or sing fast enough while the lyrics go by, and the rest of us sign along and/or listen. Sometimes there’s dancing involved; sometimes it’s while I’m cooking dinner, etc. This is usually how my son previews music before he decides which CDs or songs he wants to purchase with his own money.

  90. Thanks for the great reminders! On my 30 minute drive to and from work, 5 year old daughter and I usually rock out to VBS cd’s.

  91. Christian music is my favorite way, as well. Even if I’m not in “the mood” I make myself listen to it, simply because I know there’s power in the Word of God. So many times I’ve found myself repeating a phrase from a song, not even realizing what I’m doing because its that ingrained in my head.

  92. Music, Reading to myself aloud…and watching Joyce Meyer

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