Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Don’t Say a Word

Driving home a van load of high school girls from the “His Revolutionary Love” conference this weekend, my niece, Kylie and I were discussing what young girls need to hear before they head off for college. She changed the subject a bit.

“Aunt Lynn, do you ever talk to moms?”

“Yes, I do sometimes. Why?”

“Have you ever told them how powerful their actions are?”

Kylie explained she doesn’t ever remember her mom telling her to have quiet time with God when she was growing up. She just saw evidence of her mom spending time with God. Sometimes it was her Bible laid out on the counter or a new Bible study book she hadn’t seen on a side table before.

It wasn’t hard for Kylie to put a connection between the study materials and her mom’s growing faith. “I just drew the conclusion that I needed to read the Bible too.”

It worked! Not only has Kylie developed the habit of spending time with Jesus she is also following in her parents’ example of a life spent in ministry; she is currently studying Youth Ministries in college.

“We didn’t talk a lot about faith but I saw it…in my mom and in my dad. What they live out is powerful.”


Even when we are silent, friend, we’re still talking. 


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. My husband is the vocal one in our family and I, often, feel bad cause I don’t go around talking and/or preaching to my kids like he does. However, it’s not that I never do, it’s just my personality is not pushy, vocal, etc., causing me to wonder if I should be more like him? So, reading this really helped me see that the way I live my life infront of my children may actually speak louder than any words that I may come up with? Thanks!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I’m so glad this was encouraging to you Teresa! Keep living it out…they are watching!

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