Are You Missing It?



I popped into the farmer’s market last week, hoping to scoop up a few end-of-the-season tomatoes. That’s when I saw them.

The galvanized bucket of colorful sunflowers. Concerned it would droop in my hot truck during all my errand running, I sadly passed them by. But when it came time to check out; I just had to change my mind. I would buy a pretty flower and make the trip home just so I could enjoy it’s beauty.

That day, I snapped this picture to share on Instagram. If you follow me, you might have even seen it! There next to my sink, it brought me so much joy.

Now, imagine my surprise, when I woke up the next morning to discover this!


What beauty are you missing today?


There, peaking behind the large flower was a small beauty; one I had never seen! In the midst of cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes, even writing near by, I had missed it. There was another flower hidden behind the larger one.

Friend, today there is a small beauty in your life, just waiting to be noticed!

It might be a few moments of one-on-one with your child.

It could be a friend, who needs to have her good spotlighted today.

It’s there … we just need to slow down. Look all around and then highlight it’s beauty!


Look today! Find the small beauty. I would love to hear about it!



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  1. I noticed a small beauty last night.
    A friend of mine mentioned a get together a large group of high school kids were planning, to get organized for their Relay For Life event. I asked my 17 year old daughter where the get together was going to take place and she said:
    “Oh, I forgot to tell you, but it’s here. Because when we talked about where to have it, all my friends said, let’s have it at your house, your Mom is always fun, and I said, yes, she is.”
    Through all the challenges of raising a sweet loving girl in today’s world, I haven’t become someone she doesn’t want to spend time with.
    To me that is an incredibly beautiful thing.

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