Where Did She Go Wrong?

Focusing on drawing from God and His word, we can reach the fullest potential He planted us for. We can grow into a person who is bearing fruit as today verse mentions – fruit that will last.


Where did she go so terribly wrong?


In school, she was the girl every one wanted to be like; the one I wanted to be like. So much potential, she seemed to have it all. The grades, the guys, the goods…everything. It was as if she was magnetic, attracting all the best all the time. Often I had wished, “If I could have just one ounce of her talent and beauty … ”


Yet, years later, not everything came together for her like I thought it would. ’Til death do us part” parted before death. The promising career didn’t deliver on its promise. My heart broke as her life came up so short of what I had expected and I am sure what she had expected too.


Life can be strange at times. What we thought was needed for the perfect life proves to not be enough. Investments made with our time, energy and emotions can seem more like withdrawals when they don’t produce what we were counting on.


It reminds me of the two types of fruit when I opened a bag of oranges recently. One juicy orange, so healthy, had reached it’s full potential. Sunshine, water and nutrients from the soil gave the fruit all it needed to reach the fullness it was created for. I couldn’t wait to enjoy it!


Another fruit in the same bag, shriveled and pale, revealed only a dried up pulp when peeled.


Why the difference? Both pieces began with so much possibility when they budded on the branch.


The result had everything to do with what the fruit soaked in … or didn’t.


When we are planted in God, we become like the tangy fruit.John 15:21 tells us, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last–and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” Focusing on drawing from God and His word, we can reach the fullest potential He planted us for. We can grow into a person who is bearing fruit as this verse mentions – fruit that will last. If, on the other hand, we look to some one, some place or some thing to make our lives fruitful, chances are we’ll never become all Christ created us to be.


As I think back to the teen turned woman in my life, my heartaches for the time she lost, but I am joyful for the woman she has become. God took her shriveled heart and filled it, empowering her to become the woman He always envisioned her to be. The beauty she now possesses is much more than skin deep; it’s heart deep. She has truly become a magnetic woman.


Jesus, I may not see it or feel it, but in me is all the potential You planted the day You created me. I want to draw on Your strength and power to become all You created me to be; the one whose beauty reflects the beauty of You. Teach me to come to You each and every day, to feed my heart so I can have a beauty more than skin deep. A beauty heart deep. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Every day we are soaking in, both intentionally and unintentionally. Take a moment to reflect on what you are soaking in. Are the things you are taking into your heart every day through what you watch, listen to, read and observe helping you to reach your fullest potential? Write down, as a commitment between you and God, one area of your life where you will change today what you are soaking in.


Do you know a young woman you see so much potential in? Help her soak in the nutrients of God’s word by getting her Lynn’s book, Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants.




  1. I speak to young ladies most days on the college campus. God gives me opportunity to pray with them, to encourage them, to just love them. I am glad to be a farmer on campus planting His seeds. Thank you for sharing this. It encourages me to keep on keeping on.

  2. Praying my daughters stay close to God as they continue to grow & mature. That they will always seek God’s guidance & direction and that their testimonies would help other young people come to know Him too ♡

  3. Patty Williams says:

    My Grand Daughter. my heart aches for her to walk with Jesus. She is 14.

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