Are you sure the answer is no?

“I already told you no. Why are you asking me again?” I bet as a parent you’ve said that once or twice! When my child comes and asks the same request a second time, sometimes, as Arlyn Lawrence said it, the “Proverbs 32” woman kicks in and I feel VERY frustrated. “I already gave you my answer.” I want to scream!

Do you think the Lord felt that way with Balaam in Numbers 22? Balaam had already asked God what he should do with the guys who had come from Moab. Their king, Balak, wanted Balaam to curse the Israelites. God’s answer to Balaam in verse 12 was “Do not go with them. You are not to curse these people, for they have been blessed.” End of story.

Later in the chapter, just like my child who asks me again, more “distinguished officials” as my Bible calls them, came from Balak to ask Balaam the same question. Instead of saying, “God already gave His answer and it was “no”, Balaam says, “…I will see if the Lord has anything else to say to me.” Sounds like the whiny child to me! The Lord in fact gives Balaam what he wants, “Get up and go with them.”

As I read on, it is apparent that God is mad at Balaam. I thought, “Lord, why are you mad? You said he could go.” As I read this passage to Madi, my 11 year old, who said, “I get it. It’s like when I ask you to do something and you say “no” or “We’ll talk about it later” and then I bug you and then you get mad!” I couldn’t have said it better!

The Lord gave Balaam exactly what he was asking for, because of his whining, even when it wasn’t what was best for him.

You may be familiar with the rest of the story. Balaam heads out with the distinguished dudes, but God is none too happy with him. It just doesn’t end good for Balaam in the end. Several chapters later, he ends up getting killed in a battle by the Israelites.

I could tell you a few stories of times when the Lord has said “No, Lynn” and I came back a day or two later, asking the same question. And…more than once He has allowed me to have the thing that I asked for only to find that it was not a good thing for me. Getting my way ending up causing heart ache for me and others.

Are there things you are pining for, wishing God would “change His mind” when He in fact has our best and His glory at heart? Trust Him today with that thing that is close to your heart. He is faithful and will answer what is best for you every time!


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  1. Lynn, this has made me think of something that I have been praying for my son for years. It seemed like a good prayer, yet God wasn’t answering. It’s only within the last couple of months I have seen that God’s ‘no’ was for my son’s best. Oh, how I am thanking Him for His ‘no’. He has spared my son so much heartache.

    Isaiah 55:8 reminds us that God’s ways are not our ways. I’m trying hard to understand that myself right now as I go through some family trials. I’m not seeing God’s hand and struggling to trust His ways.

    Trying to trust today with all that is close to my heart and longing to accept His ways are best,

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