Are You Weird?

“Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules.” Colossians 2:20

Social Rules.

Expectations to fit in.

Jesus asks me, “Why, Lynn, do you struggle as though you still belonged to this world?”

Do you struggle sometimes? Do you struggle with:

* Keeping a crazy schedule with kids; running here, doing that. Do you think: it’s good for them and makes me a good parent, right?

* Giving kids what others give their kids: iPhones, laptops, designer clothes. We wouldn’t want to deprive them, right?

* Allowing our kids to do this and go there, have freedoms that may seem to be a bit beyond their age and maturity, but other kids get to do this and go there. I wouldn’t want my kids to stand out…right?

Jesus says, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9 NIV


It sounds to me, though, that weird is Jesus’ idea. Chosen, holy, a special possession.

But why would I want to be weird, stand out as different than those around me?

“That I may declare the praises of him who called me out of darkness into his wonderful light.” Awwww yes! To make know to the world around me that He is the way, the truth and the life; to shine His light wherever I am and go.

Friend, enjoy the freedom to be a weird and wise parent! Be confident if you or your kids or your husband is weird. Jesus says it’s a beautiful thing.



  1. Thank you for giving me more confidence to be “weird.” It’s so hard not to conform to what the world (and my kids) are telling me is normal. I struggle with making choices that cause my kids to be different. Every so often it’s nice to hear encouragement. Thanks.

  2. Great article. “Weird” is a concept I can relate to! It is interesting that while I seem to embrace “weirdness” for myself, I worry more for my kids, not wanting them to feel the rejection that the world will eagerly hand them. I do want my kids to be different than the world, but I don’t want them to suffer for it. Now the phones, clothes, etc., they do not have because I am cheap!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed this today! Recently, our 12-yr-old daughter came home from school with a permission slip to watch a PG13 movie at school. After reviewing the movie at home, my husband and I felt very strongly that we were not ok with this. Since we normally wouldn’t allow our kids to watch this kind of movie at home, we felt we needed to be consistent and not allow her to watch it at school. However, it wasn’t easy for her to be the only kid in 7th grade who had to leave the room while all of her classmates watched the movie.

    1. Sheri, We just made an unpopular decision at our home last month. A “no” to traveling to another college to spend the night with a friend attending there. We just didn’t feel comfortable with our junior daughter staying in an apartment complex filled with young men we didn’t know. Was it popular? No. Did we feel we made the right decision? Yes. And she had a great weekend meeting up with some new friends!

  4. Wow – very encouraging to me. I think my daugher is feeling rather “weird” right about now. My daughter is only in gr.6 in public school, but often says to me “I wish I wasen’t so different..” The girls in her class are changing into some sassy & self-centered preteens. I amd not liking what I’m seeing, they have started saying rude things to each other and leaving certain kids out cause they are not cool enough.. I spoke to the teacher and she says,”Oh, this type of behaviour is very common at this age with hormones raging and cliques etc.” My daughter wants to be a Crusader and has decided to hang-out with the kids that the other girls leave out. Not really the way preteens act who want to fit in! I then spoke to the guidance counsellor today and I said. “Why do we accept all of these excuses, such as blame it on the hormones & thats just the way teens are etc.? Why don’t we raise the bar and teach these girls how to behave instead of saying “thats just the way the ball bounces”? This guidance counsellor is going to talk to the gr.6 teacher and possibly do a friendship workshop with these girls. I know its far reaching to think we can change things but thats why we’re “weird”, right?

    1. Val, Maybe the world “normal” shouldn’t be used, but instead “common”. It is common for girls to begin this behavior, that’s why we are partnering together in this community. To help our daughters be wiser and not be like the norm.

      Last week my girl was having a VERY HARD time not being “normal”. She said she just couldn’t take it any more. Her dad and I really encouraged her that she is going the right way; making the right choices. It sure did help, though, when a small group leader from church came by and picked her up for dinner. She needed to hear it from not just me, but another person.

      I think the workshop is a great idea! I do a talk called “Beyond Facebook Friends” where I teach girls what real friends are; how to look for one and how to be one. I think this is important for girls and moms too!

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