Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Boys are a Drug

Everything is suddenly better…what’s with her? She’s giddy. You couldn’t wipe the smile off her face if you tried. Is she on something?

She sure is. Infatuation. David Clark says, “Infatuation is like a drug.”

If your girl is young and has never experienced this mood altaring drug, she might be blind sided when it hits her. Unfamiliar with the rush of the heart beat and the adrenaline coursing through her veins, she might find herself following whatever path the source of this good feeling comes from. Emotionally and physically, this drug can cause your girl to pay a heavy toll.

It’s not just girls who are affected – boys are taken in by the high that comes from being wanted.

Talk to your child before they discover this highly addictive “substance”. Help her to understand the power being wanted can have over her heart and her mind. Warn her to see the signs and to not give in to unwise choices when her mind won’t think straight. Walk her through scenerios and what she would do.

Do you need some help setting up situations and helping your girl process the wise thing to do? Chapter 7 “We Protect Together” in His Revolutionary Love does just that!

Carve out a time this week to have this conversation with your child. When and how will you do this?



  1. I will do just that when it comes to reading this book. I just got the book and was wondering if we could skip around to chapters that fit our focus at the time or should we read it straight through. I believe my daughter has been addicted to this drug for a while and i as well. it’s really hard to get delivered or a understanding for myself and give the info to my daughter at the same time. praying continually on how to work it out. thanks for the Blog God bless

    1. Tamara, I’m so glad you got “His Revolutionary Love”. It really is a book that needs to be started from the beginning. I, too, was addicted to boys. Not that they ever liked me back, but wanting their attention (or anyones for that matter) consumed my world. I think that my story is one girls can relate to. As I let them inside of my head, it builds a trust with them so that when we talk later in the book about the hard stuff like guys, honoring God, etc. they are willing to listen to me. Be sure to get the free leadership guide to go with it. Just click on the tab “freebies” on the home page. Thanks so much for investing in your girl! You are an answer to my prayers!

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