Mark Your Calendar

Dear Moms,

I am so glad that fall is in full swing; it is definitely my favorite season.


Although it is fall, I am filling up my spring calendar and wanted to let you know. I would love for you and your girl to come to an event so I can meet you in person. I hope I’ll be near you!


January 13th – Orlando, FL – Children’s Pastor’s Conference



January 28th – Winnsboro, LA – Revolutionary Love Conference Contact: Jessi Spinks at [email protected]


February 25 – Carthage, NC (near Raleigh) – Revolutionary Love Conference Contact Nita McKinney at [email protected]


March – San Diego, CA – Children’s Pastor’s Conference



March 25 – Spokane, WA – Revolutionary Love Conference Contact: Erin Bishop at [email protected]


Do you live in Orlando or San Diego and would like to help host a “Revolutionary Love” conference for the girls in your community? I will already be in the area and would love to invest in your girls on these weekends. Just contact me at [email protected]!

If you don’t live in these areas but would like to learn more about my conferences for girls or for moms, you can learn more about the conferences I teach on my site at just email me at [email protected]. I’ll get back with you on Monday! (We’ve got a big weekend doing the college tours! Can’t believe I am at this place with my girl already!)

Have a beautiful weekend; see you Monday!



















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