Blessed Work

Most of us have some type of work in our lives that is less than “glamorous”. Scrubbing toilets, doing laundry and making supper at home. Running the mail, ordering supplies or making the coffee at work. Often we just don’t value these tedious tasks; maybe it is because we don’t feel that others value them or maybe it is because we wish we had other person’s list of responsibilities.

My reading took me to Numbers 4:1-20 on Saturday. Here the Lord gives Moses a list of tasks for the Kohathite Clan. After Aaron and sons carefully packed the Tabernacle, it was their job to carry all the parts of the tabernacle when the Israelite camp was being moved by the Lord to another location. Mind you, this job probably didn’t come up too often, but it was their job nonetheless and the Lord was very specific about how this job was to be done.

This story got me thinking to my primary volunteer work at Proverbs 31. I am the one who takes the envelopes from the speaking engagements and enters them into the computer. There is nothing thrilling about it; it is basic data entry. Open Excel and put in names, addresses, emails, etc. Nothing glamorous about it. But today, the Lord showed me, that like the Kohathite Clan, He wants me to do it exactly the way that He is requiring me: with a cheerful heart – one that is thankful to be a part of seeing that over a thousand woman each month are added to our list of those receiving the Word of God in their email each morning. Wow…did that put a whole new spin on data entry for me!

What is your work that the Lord has called you to do today that is less than a Hollywood story? Carpool? Making dinner? Folded little people clothes and making sure the underwear drawer is well stocked? Like the Kohathite Clan, may we know today that this is our calling and like that clan, the Lord has a specific way that He wants us to do it; as if we are serving Jesus myself, because that is in fact exactly what we are doing when we serve others!

Philippians 2: 3 -4 “Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out for your own interests, but take an interest in others too.” NLT

This is mine and Greg’s verse to memorize this week. Want to join us?



  1. Love your post today, Lynn…
    Part of a verse I’m memorizing this week goes right along with what you wrote!
    “—and you are to rejoice before the LORD your God in everything you put your hand to.”
    Deuteronomy 12:18

  2. Hey Lynn, even though I wrote about similar thoughts the other day, I need this constant reminder.

    The post I wrote on the verses you focused on here is:, just in case you’d like to visit again :o).

    Praying that as I go and haul out my vacuume, I will rejoice in the beautiful home the Lord has given me to keep clean and those two guys of mine who help mess it up!


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