The Temptation of Blockbuster

We were so excited! Promise was written all over the raining afternoon – it was going to be a chick-flick day! Mariah and I googled to find out all of the Jane Austin books that had been turned into movies and we were heading to Blockbuster. We passed up “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility”; we had already seen them. They didn’t have “Persuasion”. That only left “Mansfield Park”. One problem. It was rated PG-13. Big deal you might think. Well, the last couple of times that we have watched a PG-13 movie with our middle school girls, we have wondered why we had done that. There had been just enough in them to make it more than questionable.

So standing in the Blockbuster, Mariah and I read over the back. “Some sexual content”. There it was. Those dreaded words. I looked at Mariah. What was she thinking? “Doesn’t sound too good, Mom”. Wow; she took the pressure off and headed down the high road. We choose to rent the two that we knew were great, picked up our ice cream at the store, and started our wonderful afternoon together.

Today, I read Deuteronomy 7:26 “Do not bring any detestable objects into your home…” My heart felt so happy. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we had done it! We had obeyed and protected our hearts and our home.

Is there something you are bringing into your home that is causing the Holy Spirit to grieve? Maybe like me, others would scoff at your answer. “That is no big deal.” I want to challenge you today, ask your Creator. Ask Him what is a “big deal” to Him and ask Him for the power to protect your heart and your home for Him.


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  1. So with you on this one Lynn. It’s hard finding “acceptable” movies to rent. Thanks for this word of encouragement.

    Diligently seeking to honour Him,

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