Brave Enough to Do Something Scary … Together


Last night, I crawled into bed, hoping my eyes would hold up a few minutes longer; a least long enough to travel to a distant land through the portal of my bedside novel.

I needed just a few moments to take a break from our real world and relax my mind.

The past couple of weeks in the Cowell house have pushed us into a corner. My mind wants to ask “Why God?”, but God’s word, placed in my heart each morning, reminds me instead to ask “What next, God?”

My youngest daughter, Madi, sustained a concussion at work a month ago. Since that time, it has been a series of doctor visits, trying to determine how her brain is coping with the collision she had with a child.

Yesterday was the hardest day yet, as we made the call we didn’t want to make; withdrawing her from residential college classes in Virginia and making the tough decision to have her stay at home this semester to heal.

I’m not going to gloss this over … it’s been rough. Very rough. Disappointment is a pain-filled place to navigate life from, especially when the loss comes to someone you love so very much and there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix it.

I have to remind myself, not daily, but on the hour, as I continue to make phone calls, change schedules and call doctors … God is sovereign. He knows what He is allowing. He knows what my girl needs – the strengths and experience – to fulfilling the calling He has on her life. He is forming in her the courage, bravery and confidence to face the hard things that life will throw at her in her future.

So what’s my part as her mom? I so want to buffer her from it all.

Yet, I know that over correcting it not the answer. As hard as it is, for some reason, God has allowed this season of suffering and pain in my girl’s life. I don’t want to get in the way and mess up what He’s trying to do.

But I can be here with her, each day, standing beside her as she navigates waters she’s never swam in before. Honestly, neither have I, but our fear fades when we do this scary together!


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