But I’m Just Not Sure!

What terrific encouragement we all shared while in our waiting rooms last Friday. There are definitely times in our lives when all we can do is wait; things are completely outside of our control.

But what about the decisions that are within our control? 

What’s a girl to do when she wants something and she’s prayed, waited and she’s doesn’t have a clear answer? No stop light; but not a clear green one either.

My husband and I have felt in this place…for years! Like you, I want to be in the perfect place God has for me; not ahead of Him and not behind. I just want to be in His will, but I don’t have a clear “yes” or “no”.

Yesterday, I was comforted by His words in Job (I know, Job of all places!)

“God is mighty, but he does not despise anyone! HE is mighty in both power and understanding. He never takes his eyes off the innocent…If they are bound in chains and caught up in a web of trouble, he shows them the reason. He shows them their sins of pride. He gets their attention and commands that they turn from evil.”Job 36:5, 7a, 8 – 10 NLT

When my heart is to honor him through obedience and I am seeking to do that every day in every situation and relationship, he sees that. He never takes his eyes off of me. When I am yearning to stay closely walking with him, he’ll show me if I’m heading in the wrong direction! Pointing out my sin if I am getting stuck; He’ll get my attention so I’ll turn around.

If honoring Jesus is the center of all you are and all you do, you, too can be confidence that he will guide. You can rest assured like Job, “God is leading you away from danger…to a place free from distress.” Job 36:16

Write Job 36:16 out and carry it with you today. When anxiety tries to squeeze your heart, thank Jesus that He is leading you away from danger to a place that is free from distress.



  1. Great post for today!! (I admit I was a little confused when I went to pull up the scripture reference in Chapter 35 — it’s in Chapter 36.) 😉

    1. Thanks a bunch, Crystal! I fixed it 🙂

  2. I am at a place professionally, where I am looking for change. This post has encouraged me to continue waiting. While I wait, I work, but it can become discouraging at times. Last night was one of those time. The Spirit of the Lord encouraged me to hold on because midnight comes before the dawn of a new day, and your blog confirmed it. Blessings!

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