Can You Give a Girl a Hand?

Dear Bloggy Friends,

First of all, thank you to each and every one of you who read my writings. I feel so honored to be part of your journey with Christ as well as on this pathway of parenting teens! I have enjoyed meeting so many of you at She Speaks and speaking events over this past year!

I have a favor to ask. I’m working on a book proposal and would like your feedback on these titles I’ve come up with. My passion is to lead teens to find their completion in Jesus and in Him alone. Here’s a little background behind the book. As a teen, I came to know Jesus in a way that I hadn’t known Him before. He had been my savior, shepherd, and friend. Then I discovered that He wanted to be the love of my lifetime and things have never been the same. He is more than enough.

Could you run these titles by the teens in your life and see what book they would buy? Here are some ideas:


He’s Crazy for You:
Jesus’ Jealous Pursuit of You

Revolutionary Love

He’s Wild for You

Finding the Love You Are Longing For

or maybe she can come up with one that would be the perfect fit! I’d love to hear of it!

If your teen also has any input on cover ideas: colors, pictures, anything that grabs their attention or they love send it all! This book is just for them so I really want to know what they like.

Thanks in advance for your help! You can either choose to click on comments below or feel free to email me at [email protected].

Happy Weekend!




  1. Lynn,

    We like He's Crazy for You, but not sure girls will "get" the meaning of the subtitle.

    Will ask a few more girls if they stop by.


  2. Oh lynn I like the one YOU picked but I don't see that on the list! Okay, will keep thinking…love you girl, shari

  3. He's Crazy for You or He's Wild for You. The others do not sound like teen titles to me.

    But I agree with Shari, yours was the best.

  4. I talked to my 14 year old daughter and she said that she would be drawn to "He's Crazy for you," and then said … but it would depend on what the cover looked like, too. She wasn't sure in particular, but would be drawn to bright colors.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Hey Lynn,

    My 18yo daughter likes:

    He's Crazy for You:
    Jesus’ Jealous Pursuit of You

    Finding the Love You Are Longing For

    So I'm curious, what was your original title?


  6. I like your original title waaaaaaay better! I'll ask Kenz. Could you do a Survey Monkey and put the original title back on and then see what hits home with girls?

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