Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop

Friends, I hope you had an amazing weekend!

Madi and I traveled to Littleton, North Carolina to invest in the moms and girls at Camp Willow Run. This picture is of her waiting to get on the giant swing (and giant it was!) This is one camp I wish I had discovered when my kids were young. 160 moms and their girls gathered together to experience the ultimate make-over; inside out! Lives where changed and a lot of fun was had. (I did survive the high ropes course and giant swing!)

Often, I come home from a weekend of speaking feeling very worn out. In fact, I’ll be honest with you…often on my way home from an event, my mind will start whirling, “Why do you do this? Why do you leave your husband, pour out your heart all weekend and then come home tired and exhausted?” (Doesn’t take me too long to figure out where those thoughts come from!)

Today, I decided I would take my Sabbath, my day of rest, on Monday since I missed yesterday! I began my day by watching a sermon by my pastor Steven Furtick. I had missed this sermon when I was speaking out in Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago. The title “Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop”. Here is the link for those receiving by email:

I want to encourage you to take a few minutes to invest in your faith and watch or listen to it.

Life is hard and sometimes for a Christ follower it is even harder. We see all the pressures our kids face and the times they don’t win and we feel like quiting. We watch our husbands head out to a crippling economy each day and it burdens our hearts. We face our own trials, burdens and responsibilities and struggle with the thoughts of “Why do I do this?”

I rememeber when I was preparing to have my first baby. Books on natural child birth said, “At the point where you feel like you are almost ready to die, it is almost over.”

It was so true! Just knowing that I was almost there gave me the strength to keep going and minutes later I held my son.

Friend, don’t stop today. Don’t stop praying for your child; salvation is near. You can’t stop investing time by reading the Word; freedom is getting ready to break through! Don’t give in; don’t give up! The thing that you are believeing God for may be just around the corner; you’ll see the benefits soon of choosing the way of a wise life if you won’t give up!



  1. I love the video. It is a great visual illustration of being “filled to overflowing” in Christ Jesus!

  2. Lori McNulty says:

    Lynn, Just thought I’d let you know God gave me the opportunity to treasure him on our way home from camp on Sunday!! and I obeyed. Saturday night when you talked about who do you go to during a crisis? Sometimes when things come up my first reaction is to pray but most of the time it’s to call my husband. Well, on the ride home from camp about 20minutes from home but 40minutes from Wendy’s my lovely daughter inquires “where’s my retainer?” as she remembers they are not in her mouth but left on her tray…and ultimately in the trash!! Of course feeling very overwhelmed my first thought is pray, your husband and noone else can fix this, just pray!! Happy ending of the two of us finding it in the trash bag out of the dumpster, our 2nd bag we looked through and with very little trash in it and most of it belonging to the ten others that we traveled with that day!! What a disgusting event, but God was with us and I didn’t even flip out and do the head spinning tasmanian devil thing!!(well known behavior in my house) Thank you for your blessings this past weekend and allowing the Lord to use you as his conduit to influence mothers and daughter for Christ. – Lori

    1. Lori – I loved your story! Go God! It is so cool to hear when others implement the teaching…and it works!

      I hope we will cross paths again one day, Lori! Camp Willow Run was such a precious time!

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