Capturing God

I always thought I was just a bit weirder than other people. When I was in the mountains, sometimes tears would just fall from my face. Seeing the beauty. All that He made choked me up every time. He just got me!

Walking in the forest and spying a group of ferns nestled in the woods or moss collecting on a fallen tree whispered to me. God…creating all of it just to make me smile. Fascinating!

Yesterday, the gals at P31 and I watched a teaching DVD over our lunch hour by John Piper. It is called “When I Don’t Desire God”. John said that God has written two books: Nature and the Bible. As soon as he said that I thought, “I am not strange! God is speaking through nature!”. My heart was so happy.

After volunteering, I came home and began the ritual of meal time. While the green peppers and onions for Italian subs simmered, I sat down at my island and looked out my kitchen window. AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! No words could describe the show God was putting on in my backyard! I ran up the stairs yelling, “Girls, hurry! Come down and see what God is doing in the back yard!” Tearing down the stairs, they gazed out the window and just said “WOW!”.

The sun was setting and as it did, the last remaining leaves of the trees were reflecting it’s light. Yellow leaves reflecting the yellow sun. It was as if they were shimmering; made of gold! The sky was an amazing hue of pinks and purples. I truly had NEVER seen anything like it.

“Mom, hand me your camera. Quick!” Mariah starting scurrying about. She ran out the door, trying to capture God.

It was as if He was confirming to me, “Yes…I do speak and will continue to speak to you through my creation.”

I didn’t want to leave the window. Didn’t want my encounter with the Supernatural to end. Trying to hang on a little bit longer, I popped the chip with the photos into my computer to see this glorious thing we had captured.

I was so disappointed! He wasn’t captured at all. It was as if God wasn’t going to be put in a box where we could pull Him out when we wanted. Instead, He’ll wait and one day, when I need to know once again that HE is Lord of all, I’ll see the dancing leaves and shimmering sunshine again!

Have you ever been just completely blown away by His work? Share with us what has been the most beautiful thing you have ever seen of His creation. (I’d like to plan my next vacation there!)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was so thrilled to read your post and know I am not the only one either! I so see our Creator in nature all the time, at least when I take the time to "see" it.


  2. Each year we head to Killbear Provincial Park in Ontario on beautiful Georgian Bay and are just captivated by the sunsets there. I take literally 100's of photos of them, and when I get back home, am always disappointed that what I saw isn't truly reflected in my photos. The emotion of what I was perceiving as God painted the sky and reflections just couldn't be captured on a memory card. Like you said, you can't put it in a box. But the memories are spectacular. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Lynn, loved your post. I too am captivated by the beauty and majesty of God's creation. He speaks to me through His Word and His world on a regular basis. I look out the windows of my house and see majestic mountains all around me. They change with the rising and setting of the sun every day. Simply glorious. And most days I am mindful enough to give God a rousing round of applause for the show He puts on. Isn't He something?!

    Love you blog! Come on over to mine sometime. I'd love to have you. I'm going to be following yours!

  4. Lynn read Psalms 19:1-7. I often wondered why I was so drawn to the ocean or sunrise or the beauty of nature. My friend gave me the above scripture on God's voice through nature!

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