Open or Shut?

It was causing problems. A repairman would come in to start a project and then get locked out. I would go for a walk, come home and find that I couldn’t get back in! The front door had a mind of it’s own! Sometimes it would self lock and sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes the key would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. For over two years my husband asked me to please investigate getting a new door. I just didn’t want to! Didn’t want to invest the time to find the right one. Didn’t want to spend the money to get one that worked. Didn’t want to do what it took!

Finally, one day I saw that what I was doing was disobedience to God. I was not respecting Greg. By not doing what he had asked me to, I was calling the shots…and that’s not my job!

So, two months ago, I got busy. I looked on line. I interviewed door sales people. I went to show rooms. Finally, after feeling like we had the best possible door at the best possible price, we ordered the door.

Last week, the door was installed and I thought, “Why did I wait so long?”. It is such a drastic improvement both inside and outside!

My old door was wooden; it could have easily been broken into at any time. It was solid; letting in no light or scenery from my front lawn. If someone came to the door, I couldn’t see through it. Worst of all, it opened when it wanted or shut me out of safety when it wanted. I had no control.

Awww…the new door.

My new door is iron; NO ONE can get in without the key that I hold. It has large double pane windows; letting in the light and keeping out the elements. In fact, when I come down my stairs in the morning, I feel like I am in the mountains…so much light and sight of trees come pouring in! If someone comes to the door, I can open up the window and speak to them without ever opening the door – what safety it affords! Best of all, it has a strong, sturdy lock that I control with the key that I hold. Oh WHY did I wait so long? I didn’t want to invest the time and money to make the change.

My mind is much like my front door. Romans 8:6 tells us “Letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.” NLT

My sinful nature is alot like my old door. When I let it be in control, it will open at will and shut me out of safety from my Lord. When my sinful nature is in control, I have no control over who I open the door of my heart to and who I do not; I cannot see clearly when it is in control. When my sinful nature controls my mind, it is dark. It allows no light to pour through. Yet too often, I am comfortable with my old door, my sinful nature. It requires nothing of me. I don’t have to invest any time, money or energy; it seems natural to just let it be.

But oh the joys when I instead let the Spirit control my mind! As the Word says, it leads to life and peace. Just like my new door, light pours into my life. When the Spirit is in control of my mind, enemies are kept out. I can even speak to them and command them to leave without ever opening the door. Though it requires time to learn what the Word of God says, though it requires an invest of laying down what is natural to me, though it requires energy to put away thoughts of my flesh, the benefits of LIFE and PEACE pay great dividends.

What door is on the hinges of your mind today? Do you hear the enemy knocking with negative thoughts….”If only he would______________, then I would _______________!” “Will my child ever come around and go the right way?” “I am going to be stuck in this exhausting job forever!” Are you opening the door to strangers by the way of entertaining these thoughts or are you commanding them to leave?

This is a battle I fight daily friend. I don’t think it is only a battle for the new believer. I believe it is a battle for every age at every stage. Join me in making the investment; get a new door of walking in the Spirit and just see the life and peace that follows!


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  1. This post is one that I need to read over and over again!! It's talking to my heart!! Thank you!!

    And, I LOVE that door!! Think of the beautiful Christmas decorations you can put on it!!Beautiful!


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