Change Their Story

This year, Americans are projected to spend over $447 billion on Christmas presents. Instead, what if some of us decided to use some of what the Lord has given us to change the life of a child?

This fall, the Lord has been burning in my heart a passion for children who have been caught in the sex trafficing horror in the United States and in the world. The fire was stoked when I read the book “Priceless”. If you haven’t read this life changing  story, click on the “Priceless” icon on the right hand side of my site and order one for you and one for a friend for Christmas!

God has been calling me to be more than someone who talks about how sad the plight of these children is; I want to be part of changing their story.

I’m participating in the Children’s HopeChest Change Their Story campaign to help 5,000 orphans this Christmas. I need your help to reach my goal.


Would you click the donate button and make a gift on my behalf today?

If you don’t already know, Children’s HopeChest is a Christian orphan care ministry serving over 10,000 orphans living in 9 countries.

HopeChest has asked me to help Change the Story for an orphan in need. I have set a goal to help orphans in need this Christmas, and I’m asking for your help.

To do that, I need your help. But more than me, the kids need your help as well. Look at these numbers…

1 billion people are hungry and malnourished, every day nearly 30,000 kids will die from preventable causes…

2 million children are trapped in sex slavery, and every 2 minutes another child is prepared for abuse…

Up to 70 million kids are not in school–but out looking for food, water, and money…

HopeChest is changing that story for thousands of kids.

Even $5 would help so much. You can make a gift right here by clicking here .

Thank you so much for your support.


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