Selective Hearing

Practice selective hearing, Pastor Furtick’s advised yesterday Practice selective hearing. We’re all good at that already, right? Husbands and wives. Parents and children. Bosses and employees. We often hear what we want to hear only what we want.

Let’s take it a little further. Who should we practice selective hearing with? Is there a family member who often sees your faults but rarely sees your positive qualities? Do you have a friend who constantly seems to see the negative side of your situation? Practice selective hearing; choose to listen to those who are pointing you to Christ and becoming more like Him.

Pastor reminded us that right voices lead to right choices. When we listen to those who love us the most, we can trust that the words they are speaking into our life are words that lead to life. Maybe the friend speaking the hurtful words doesn’t in fact love you; maybe she loves herself. We can ignore or delete friends on FaceBook; should we do that in life as well? We follow only who we want to follow on Twitter; should we practice doing the same in our friendship circles?

“Choices. You make them every day. Some are small and insignificant. Others will have a profound impact on the rest of your life. The bottom line is this: the choices you make today and lead to success or serious regrets.” – Marilyn Morris

The Lord must have really wanted me to get this. Here is what I read this morning:

 “Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?…Choose wisdom; my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Proverbs 8:1, 11 NIV

Using the wisdom He gives us, we can discern what voices in our lives are speaking truth and which ones are just speaking. A dear friend once told me, “Take out the meat; throw out the bones.” Listen to the words that are being spoken; even if they are harsh words. Then ask the Lord, “Are these words from You? Words I should be listening to?” Take in those that will cause you to grow; forgive those that cause you to hurt.

Lord, help me to practice selective listening today. Keep my heart open to hearing your voice as the constant; while listening to the others that speak your truth. Amen



  1. Going even one step further, I think we need to have selective hearing with our own thoughts (voices in our heads). So many negative thoughts can go through our heads. I read that it takes 7 positive thoughts to counterbalance 1 negative thought.

    Others aren't the only ones whose voices drag us down. What do you think on this topic?

  2. We all feel the pain of indifference, ridicule and terrible counselors thinking they have the key to our lives. I have and still do experience these things. It's very hard, when it comes from people we thought were. . . "on our team, for us."

    The ony antidote to negative thoughts that I know is to steer clear of long conversations with negative people that won't be encouraged.
    Since many people cannot be deleted from our lives there's another antidote,that really works is Phil. 4:8.
    "Whatever is true, noble, right, excellent, admirable. . . THINK ON THESE THINGS."
    When I think on better things, it helps.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Certainly, this is a great post for this time of year when we may be around friends and family who may not know the power of their words. It's also a nice reminder to speak the kind and encouraging words to others.

    I used to get frustrated with many people, but now I try to see their strengths. It helps to look at them as God might see them.

    Great post!

  4. I have to do aa lot of sifting of my thoughts; sometimes one by minute. My thoughts become my worlds and that can create pain or encouragement for the hearer. Thanks for the perspective, Collet!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Teresa, Oh yes! The holidays open hide the doors to practice selective hearing! Lord, help us hear YOUR voice!

  6. Thank you so much for this! I have been struggling with this very issue, and I prayed [HARD] about it last night.
    @collettakay: I agree. My thoughts are my worst enemy and I need to be more intentional about remembering what God says and ignoring that silly little voice in my head that never has anything nice to say, anyway.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a very good post. While we need the love of our family and friends, I do not think we have to surrender ourselves to their words that hurt. Help us Lord to forgive them and choose to concentrate on your words and your unconditional love. Selective hearing powerful, profound and timely especially as we approach the holiday season in which a lot of negatives may surface.

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