Christmas Give Away



I am sure like my family you are knee deep in Christmas activities and plans, especially ones that will create special memories for you and your family!

Before Thanksgiving, I sat down with my kids and asked that what were the things we do around the Christmas season that were their favorites. Some surprised me! Here was their list:

* Working at Operation Christmas Child

* Cutting down the Christmas tree in the mountains

* Making chocolate covered peanut butter balls

* Caroling (we only did this once, but my youngest remembers it well!)

* Hanging lights outside with Dad

* Watching Christmas movies, especially the Grinch

As my kids grow up, it seems like it is more of a challenge to come up with new ideas or which all ones to keep that bring to life the true meaning of Christ’s coming.

Do you have one that you can share with us?

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite Christmas memories over at my friend Karen Ehman’s blog. I’m also giving away a “Revolutionary Love” bundle: an autographed book, t-shirt and CD. Take a moment to pop over to Karen’s at and share some Christmas cheer! Hopefully you’ll win this bundle for the teen girl in your life.

Have an amazing day!



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