Computers, Cushions and Cares

When was the last time you looked at a project and felt completely in over your head? Today is my day. I am staring at a dining room table covered in gorgeous lime green and brown fabric. Everyone who comes into our home sees this beautiful material and comments – “Wow…where did you get that!” That is where my skill ends. I can pick out what goes together – things that can come together to create a comfortable, cozy space, but that is where the gifting ends. NOW I have to actually figure out a way to get the matter onto the cushions for my backyard furniture. Yesterday, I sat down in front of the monster machine, turned it on, threaded it up…and turned it off. I’m drowning. Another thing that will illicit this same response in me is computers. I followed the great radio advice and ordered the Safe Eyes software for my computer…but how to get it past the security block on my filter is another story.

My time with the Lord this morning included 1 Peter 5:17 “Casting all of your cares upon Him because He cares for you…” followed by the question in my study “Think about the difficulties you are currently facing”. Does this include computers and couch cushions? or is that stuff just too trivial to bother Him with? Based on my relationship with Him, I know that it is not. Even though it is not earth shaking, it is something in my life that I need help with – it is a care of mine. That makes it a care of His.

What is your care today? Is it huge – fighting with your husband, children who need to surrender to the Lord, parents who are aging and need care? or maybe like me, today your care is small – a cushion that needs to be recovered, what do I make for supper or strength to clean out the kid’s toy room. All your cares are His cares and He cares for you.


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