Day 2 of Revolutionary Prayer for our girls – He Knows Me

Dear Jesus,

My girl needs to know that you know every about her – the stuff I know and the stuff I don’t. Even knowing all of that, when you look at her, you are not disappointed in her.When you look at her, you see the girl you died to make your own; the girl you died to make like you.

Thank you that even knowing our deepest thoughts, our darkest deeds, and our disappointing attitudes doesn’t change your loving thoughts toward us. Thank you that you don’t ask us to change to become lovable. Help me to love my girl like you love her!

Lord, I pray that she will know that you are the creator: the one who makes things beautiful. As the perfect artisan, my girl is your perfect workmanship. Help her to see that her eyes, her hair, her shape, her personality – every part of her you see as beautiful because she is your creation.

I pray that she will have a revelation that this is why your love is so radical; completely different from any other love.

May she totally soak in your truth; she has stolen the heart of the King of Heaven (Song 4:9) and you won’t ever get over her!

In Jesus’ Name,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for encouraging me,through your studies, to keep on praying for my two girls. Because I believe that they also will learn to depend on our Jesus.God bless you.
    from Suriname South America

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