Day 4 of Revolutionary Prayer for our girls – She Needs Him

Thank you for joining me for day 4 of revolutionary prayer for our girls…

Dear Jesus,

You created us with the need, the longing, to be loved. But you created us to be satisfied in you. Help my girl not to run to FaceBook, texting, sports, school stuff, food or guys to make her truly feel valued, loved and treasured. She needs you to complete her.

Help me to teach her that being needy isn’t necessarily bad; being needy can cause us to run to you to find true joy. Help her to understand that daily talking, consulting, crying, laughing and dreaming with you brings fullness in life – completion.

May my girl know that the good things in this life – family, sports, great grades, college scholarships – are things that make life better, but they only truly make life the best it can be if we are first filled in our hearts by Jesus.

Jesus, may her need to feel loved and valued be filled by You so that this need does not become a force of destruction in her life.

Thank you, Jesus, that you are constantly thinking of us and thank you that when we give everything to you we are never disappointed!



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