Day 5 of Revolutionary Prayer for our girls….She Goes After Him

Just a reminder of how our online Bible study will work, friends.

Choose a time that is good for you and your girl to consistantly do the study together.

For me and my 16 year old girl and her good friend, I am going to have us meet every Tuesday for lunch. After cooking lunch together, we’ll read the chapter together out loud and then answer the questions from the leadership guide. (If you don’t have the free guide, be sure to email me with your email address and I will send it to you!) Then, on Thursday, I will watch the video with my daughter and have her friend watch it on her own.

I am going to ask the girls to do the study on their own before we get together; that way they can answer the questions at their own pace.

My post for you will go up each Monday and stay up until the video is up on Thursday.

During the week, we will dialoge and have questions and answers on FaceBook at Lynn Cowell’s Online Bible Study. Be sure to friend me!

Questions? Please feel free to post those and I’ll be sure to answer.

Now for our prayer:

Dear Jesus,

I want me and my girl to put everything else aside for you – the most important thing. May she learn that seek isn’t a passive verb; it takes effort. I pray that she will have a desire to learn who you are, what you are like and then be intentional about becoming like you.

Jesus, may my girl begin to spend time with you on her own; create in her that desire. It is my desire and I know that it is your’s as well for her to gain strength that comes through experience and history with you. Though now she turns to friends, FaceBook…even me, I pray that she will begin to turn to you first when she needs something.

I pray that my girl will develop a relationship with you that is consistent – not lilke a rollar coaster. Even when it feels like she is not learning anything, when she doesn’t hear you speaking, help her to keep running after you. Help her to believe that the more she invests in her relationship with you, the more she will see you working in her life.

In Jesus’ Name,


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