Day #5: Prayers to Pray During Times of Change #YouandYourGirl series

Day 5 of 9 | Lord, make me kind | 9 Prayers to Pray During Times of Change | #youandyourgirl series {May 2015} by Lynn Cowell

Day 5: Lord, Make Me Kind


Ever extend an invitation to someone you have never met?


I had never even talked to Kelly before I called, proposing we get our children together to play. Her husband had just accepted a promotion to the same office as mine and they were getting used to a new city and home. Her garage was probably still filled with boxes demanding to be unpacked. Even so, she accepted my invitation.


It’s always a bit awkward having someone to your home you have never met. What do we talk about? What if our kids fight? Will this turn out ok? My mind swirled with so many questions. Anxiously, I hung close to the window so I could spot her car when Kelly drove up.


Right on time, her mom-sized vehicle found it’s way up my drive. Before I could turn from the window to head for the door, a towheaded youngster popped out of the backseat.


As soon as I saw him, I knew Kelly was a good mom.


It’s wasn’t the way the little guy took his mommy’s hand; waiting for her to lead. Nor was it because of some flowers he carried to tell me thanks. In fact, I would find him too shy to give what others might call a proper thank you. It wasn’t anything like that.


I knew Kelly was a good mom because of the way her son was dressed.


A sports jersey, mesh jogging shorts and cowboy boots was the “going-to-company” outfit of her four-year-old.


Honestly, my first thought was, “She’s crazy letting him out in public looking like that!” That was before I considered how truly amazing Kelly was.


Kelly wasn’t ignorant of her son’s appearance. As a very stylish person herself, she knew he looked ridiculous. Kelly had made a choice to not allow the appearance of her child to define who she was as a mom. Wisdom whispered her son’s heart was more important than her reputation as the perfect mom. Kelly listened to her heart. She let her son express his taste even if others might have thought his outfit was tasteless. Kelly chose kindness.


In times of transitions, our kids will be awkward. They will dress in ways we never would. They’ll say things we wish they wouldn’t. They’ll do things we’re sad they did.


If we think back, we did too! We put our parents through all of these same seasons.


Our place in this very special position as mom, is to be kind. To give them the grace they need to work through these awkward and painful times of change. Our privilege is to encouragement them as they work to get to the other side of their transition.


Jesus, help me to catch my thoughts before they become my words. Empower me to show my child kindness and grace as they work through seasons of transition. Make me gracious with them, as you are gracious with me. Amen


How can you show kindness to a young person in your life today?

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    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you, Linda!

  1. This was so encouraging . . . . praying that many Mom’s with young ones will get the revelation as well. My boys would have been just like that. My girls always wanted to be “perfect”. Now, with the youngest of my 5 still left at home, the “dress” needs to be modest. I just want her to be comfortable in whatever she puts on to go out. She probably would want to wear that little boys outfit . . . : )

  2. I must have been a terrible mother because I always made sure my daughter was dressed appropriately. Gently I would explain why it simply wasn’t done to leave the house in colors that clashed or clothing that didn’t fit. Unfortunately we are judged by what we wear, whether we want to admit it or not.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I have done the same, Donna! You are right, we are judged. Maybe if all of us moms join together and don’t judge each other’s kids, we can make a difference. Especially as kids are growing up and trying to find their own self-expression.

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