Day #9: Prayers to Pray During Times of Change #YouandYourGirl series

Day 9 of 9 | Lord, make me self-controlled | 9 Prayers to Pray During Times of Change | #youandyourgirl series {May 2015} by Lynn Cowell

Day 9: Lord, Make Me Self-controlled


Oreos and milk.


My comfort.

My weakness.

My downfall.


In that order.


There is just something about the foods of childhood that I want to run to them, especially when adulthood has me down. They look so innocent with the flashing “2 for 1” sale tag in the cookie aisle. How can I pass up a chance to save my family money?


But once those circles of chocolate goodness enter my kitchen, the ability to leave them alone leaves me alone. Or so I feel.


Whether it is bringing home a new baby, starting a family activity or a shift in our work responsibilities, an addition to our agendas doesn’t always make for a smooth landing. That afternoon coffee, after dinner sweet or late night show seems to bring a comfort to the bumpy day of caring for everyone. It’s time to take care of me our mind whispers to our heart.

So how is the best way to take care of me?

Will the option I have in front of me bring the comfort I long for or will my inability to say no only create discomfort down the road?


Self-control, His control, is what I truly need to move me in the direction I want to go. I want to be a woman who is truly beautiful, when she is on top of her game and when she feels out of the game. The only way I can be that woman, the one who isn’t me-controlled, but Holy Spirit controlled, is for me to lean in to Him. Even when I am tired, overwhelmed or shaken. {Ok – especially when I am tired, overwhelmed and shaken.}


Jesus, this fruit of the Spirit, this last description is the hardest of all. Maybe that is why you put it at the end of the list. But just because it is last, doesn’t mean I want it any less. This season of change is pushing my buttons hard, Jesus. Help me to say “yes” to You, to Your control and “no” to being me-controlled especially in the area of _________________. Amen


Take a moment today to share with someone who loves you dearly the area you filled in the blank. My area has been my diet. I need to eat clean in order to stop the pain of inflammation in my back. So, I’ve told my husband, my kids, my mother-in-love, my Instagram. Who will you tell and ask to help hold you accountable?


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