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Today my guest is Elisa Pulliam. Elisa also has a heart for the next generation. She has a challenge for you in the New Year!


Did you know that you are a mentor?
Simply by doing life together with our families, friends, and in our communities, we are mentoring through what we model in our actions and speak with our words.
We are teachers without classrooms and coaches without fields.

We are mentors.
But likely, we’ve not put on a biblical mentoring mindset, whereby the intentional practice of mentoring is partnered with the principles of discipleship. A biblical mentoring mindset puts real life in the framework of God’s instructions while embracing the Holy Spirit’s leading in each relationship and guiding for how to respond to each opportunity.
A biblical mentoring mindset sets apart Jesus as the One to follow while doing life together side by side.

Biblical mentoring isn’t about finding more time in the schedule, but rather looking at who God has put in your life and seizing the opportunities to teach and train biblical truths along with life skills to those divinely-appointed people.

Embracing the role of being a biblical mentor is about realizing the many opportunities we have to co-labor with God in the work He intends to do in us and through us.

Biblical mentoring isn’t the result of a course or certificate program. It is about allowing God to use your unique gift set, personality, and circumstances, in His timing and His way for His glory!

Living at a boarding and day school for the last sixteen years, I’ve had the opportunity to mentor dozens of teenage girls, even before I had my own. Through getting to know these teens and observing the dynamics of their families, I learned that mentoring is something all of us crave and is a process that
ushers in incredible blessings. As a mom, I’ve put on a biblical mentoring mindset in my parenting by applying the principles I write about in “Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified.”

A biblical mentoring mindset has released me from the burden of having to be super spiritually mature, allowing me to be in process, simply learning one more thing as I teach and train that one more thing. I’ve also been able to use those not so grace-filled foibles as some of the most significant teachable, mentoring moments.

We can be works in progress and still be effective mentors.

God is willing and able to use us, on the continuum of spiritual and emotional growth, as we seek to follow Christ distinctly with a willing heart to function as a valuable (and vulnerable) member within the family of God and beyond.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we lived with such God-ordained confidence, seizing hidden moments, natural and holy moments, to influence the next generation? Imagine if we wholly embraced the opportunities before us to impact lives, regardless of title, degree, experience, or a hefty pay check, as we put on a mindset of biblical mentoring!
I would love for you to put on a mentoring mindset!

Maybe it is a leap of faith?
Maybe it is a practical step?


How about joining in a free online M2B Mentoring Study and Training for Women kicking off at More to Be on January 7th?

Elisa Pulliam is a life coach, mentor, ministry leader, and speaker passionate about encouraging and equipping this generation of women to impact the next generation with relevant Truth. Her passion for reaching the next generation birthed a ministry, More to Be and led her to write, “Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified,” in order to encourage women to mentor those God has brought into their lives.


Connect with Elisa at www.moretobe.com and learn more about the free online training beginning January 7th. You can also connect with her at www.elisapulliam.com and Twitter @elisapulliam.


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