Wednesday Wisdom Tip: How’s Your Expectation?

“The place between expectation and reality is disappointment.”

This quote by my friend, Lysa TerKeurst, helps me this Christmas season because to some degree, I can control how our family Christmas turns out.

The way I see it, I have three options:

1) Lower my expectations so I am not disappointed

2) Express my expectations; hope they are heard and others act

3) Suppress my expectations, expecting those around me to know what is going to make me happy

Quick scenario (not that this one ever happens at the Cowell house):

It is Christmas Day. Gifts are opened. Meal is eaten. Kitchen is messy.

1) I can set myself up mentally to serve my family, by myself, and be happy I have a family to serve this Christmas.

2) I can speak up, “If we all work together, we can get this cleaned up fast and all enjoy the day together!”

3) I can dig in, start washing the dishes and mentally go over in my mind, “Maybe someone will see me and decide to help.”


At one time or another, I have done all three, each with varying results. My best experience is with #2 – express my expectations, hope they are heard, and be happy with the results.

In years past, I have been so guilty of expecting others to read my mind; something only my Jesus is capable of.

How about you? In what way can you contribute to controlling your place between expectation and reality this Christmas?



  1. Oh my…this surely resonates!! You are so right. To recognize that we have a choice…very empowering. I am very thankful for this reminder. I can so go there with the disappointment and expectations. They are such a set up for a miserable (even if momentary) holiday. We moms can change the whole mood in a room pretty quickly. The way I can contribute to controlling my place is to heed your suggestion and follow #2! God help me!! And bless you and your family this Christmas.

  2. Barbara Prince says:

    Yes, I sometime do expect people to read my mind. Sometimes I expect people to see that I am overwhelmed. Sometime I forget that people can not read my mind (Oh, I hope not!) Help yourself and your family and speak up.

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