Father Knows Best

Do you know a teen who struggles with decision making? If so, they might enjoy my devotion today at Rad Revolution called, Here is the Path. Click here to read.

For all of us, life is full of choices. Should I take advantage of Toyota’s five year no interest plan or should I keep driving the car I have? Is it best to pay the monthly payment plan on my child’s college education next year or should we try to get a student loan? Is it a good idea to talk to my sibling about the tension between us or would that only make things worse? As I mentioned in my devo, some answers the Bible makes very clear. But what about those that are not?

In Andy Stanley’s book, The Principle of the Path, Andy gives some great advice. He says that when we hit up against those decisions in life that we can’t find answers for clearly in the Bible, we should ask ourselves this very simple question, “What is the wise thing?”. You see, every choice we make is a step and each step evenutually leads down a path to a destination. Is that destination where you want to end up?

You see, sometimes we see that couple that has recently separated or a family who has lost their home and we think “How could that have happened? Things seemed to have been going so well for them!” The thing is; it didn’t just happen. All along we are making decisions that will take us to a certain place; we are making decisions without the end in mind.

As you go about your day today, ask yourself the question: What would be the wise decision in this situation?

Usually one way or another is more appt to lead you toward the place you want to go. Which one would please God more than another?

When we ask God for His clear direction plus ask this simple question, often a peace will rise up in our hearts that makes the right choice a bit more obvious. Just remember to ask Your Father; He always knows best!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a great blog Lynn! I really like what Andy Stanley wrote about making wise decisions….a perfectly simple solution. I think I try too hard to discern God's will when really I need to be living like I'm in His will and making wise choices. Those choices should lead me to the plan He has for me.

    Left me with things to think about….always a good thing. 🙂

    ~Amy V.

  2. I agree with the choices that we make either taking us closer to God, or the opposite. Sometimes its just so simple, lol.

  3. Very true Lynn…just this morning I was talking my way out of the decision I was about to make..getting angry with my two year old. Not easy..we are have communication problems..:0) I succeeded with a smile and another decision NAP TIME!!! LOL
    Great Post, keep it up!

  4. You're right… it's so hard to make decisions when the answer isn't clear.

    Great to keep in mind… "does it bring me closer to God, or farther away?"

    Never thought of it that way…


  5. And the really great thing is, if we don't know what the wise thing is, God promises in His Word to give us wisdom when we ask for it.

    He is so good.

    And it's good to count you as my friend.

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