Fill Me Up Summer Give Away


Heart giveaway

Summer time, summer time, sum sum summer time!

I love summer! I love the lack of set schedules and the less busy days. But sometimes, when life doesn’t have as much order, neither does my “filling up” time with Jesus!

While quiet moments can be harder to find with the kids home, as moms and women who invest in others, our need to have hearts full so we can pour out doesn’t change.

Here are some of the verses I’m keeping close by this summer, to refill my ever leaky heart:


“My beloved is mine and I am his; he browses among the lilies.” Song of Solomon 2:16 (NIV)

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” Psalm 32:7 (NIV)

“The LORD is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.” Exodus 15:2 (NIV)

“The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17 (NIV)

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” Song of Solomon 4:7 (NIV) (Particularly helpful as I head out to the pool!)

Today I’m giving away a “Fill Me Up” gift pack to one winner to remind you all summer that Jesus’ love fills you up! It includes a heart cake mold, heart ice cube mold, an “I love You” coffee mug and a signed copy of Devotions for a Revolutionary Year !

To enter, just go to and share your plan to stay “filled up” with Jesus’ love this summer in the comment section! If you’re on the run, just comment “I’m in!” I’ll announce the winner on Monday…when I’ll be doing another give away! See you then!



    1. I plan on devotion time with my daughters every day. My oldest is nine and wants to help other kids at our local family shelter get to know Jesus and have a little hope at this time in their lives.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        I love your plan, Becky!

      2. Laura Elliott says:

        Wow! I find myself getting ready to go through a divorce after being together since 1977 and married in August 1980. God is the one I know is with me during this time of turbulance in my life. I’ve tried for almost two-years to turn things around, keep looking for answers from God. I know that know matter what happens, God is always there for me. Laura

        1. Lynn Cowell says:

          Laura, yes He is Laura. Even when you don’t feel Him, He never moves!

        2. Yojairy Sands says:

          Having been born in January of 1980, it saddens me to hear that your marriage, which has lasted almost my entire lifetime, is coming to an end. I am sending out a prayer to the God of healing that even now he would heal your marriage if it is his will. Whatever happens, I also pray that he brings healing to both of your hearts so that you are able to forgive whatever needs forgiving and remain in Jesus.

        3. and – Please don’t quit. It’s not about what you can do to turn your marriage around, but it’s about what GOD can and will do if you will only stand in the gap trusting HIM. In Ephesians 5:21-33, Paul says that marriage between the husband and wife is what salvation is to the church. Read it carefully. The Church is the Bride of Christ. We are His forever love no matter our adulteries (sins). He will NEVER leave us for another love! There are many ‘types’ in the bible. For instance, the ark of Noah is a type of or a picture of our future salvation. Marriage is a type of or an intimate picture of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our salvation. And salvation is permanent. Marriage was created by God to be permanent – until death do us part. Divorce has its roots in pride and God hates divorce. Marriage is a covenant not a contract. The vow you spoke was not just between you and your husband but it was spoken with God and before Him. We are to honor the vows we vow before God because He expects this… – Divorce is the devil’s way of destroying families, communities – the church. He keeps the focus on self and what we think we deserve – namely happiness. But God says be holy because I AM holy. Not be happy because you deserve it… – When we divorce, we teach our children that God is powerless to act on our behalf. We teach them to take matters into their own hands when the going gets rough. We unwittingly destroy their faith in God, the Father Who loves them. Our actions speak volumes. – Christ loves us each UNconditionally. We are called to love our spouse with the same UNconditional love; the love that sees thru the sins against us and chooses to forgive. Seventy times seven. It is love that covers over a multitude of sin. — How do I know this? Together in 1976, married in 1982. Divorced in 2006. After a series of unfortunate circumstances, I pleaded with God to show me HIS will for my life. Being confronted with my own sins and irresponsibilities within my marriage, I was horrified. I thought it was all my husband’s fault… I have been standing in the gap for a restored marriage for seven years this November… I wear my rings because biblically speaking, I am still married to the husband of my youth. God has been faithful to me in ways that I could never have imagined. He has promised to restore my marriage. For this season of my life He is my husband. And I have seen so many answers to prayer in the steps leading back home. — Please seek God with your whole heart. Forsake the ways of the world and its influences. Walk away from what the worldly influences say you should do. Cease from taking human polls for your marriage and only be willing to stand for His best. You can’t imagine what God has in store for you.

    2. Sandra A McLaughlin says:

      I plan to devote my time visiting with an elderly neighbor. I am in!

    3. I plan on taking a different child or girlfriend with me each week to work in our church’s food pantry. Daily coffee time with my Lord is great thru Proverbs 31 emailed devotions.

    4. I’m in!!
      A friend and I are sending each other bible verses by text!

    5. It is a lot different for me with the kids home in the summer–it’s harder to find true “quiet time”.
      I am going through “Your Beautiful Purpose” (Susie Larson) with a small group of women who meet in my home, and I’m reading through the OT with my evening small group.

    6. I am spending the summer teaching my daughters 18 and 21 from Pro.31. I feel it is important to pass down God’s plan for women and teach them how to be Godly wives and mothers. Both will be married within these next 2 years. It will be this mother’s greatest gift…..

    7. I am doing an interactive journal with my emotionally struggling teen daughter. She is an artist–so we each are using characters and text to communicate. My focus is on God’s love for her.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Very cool, Bobbie!

    8. I’m in too – where there’s a will there’s a way! Proverbs 31 helps me get there everyday!

    9. I’d love to have my daughter’s teenage friends over to share your new book and bake treats! Pick me!

    10. Alicyn Keller says:

      Every night I am going to read the proverbs scriptures I receive in my e-mail. I am going through a difficult time and I need God’s loving guidance.

  1. I will write my favorite chapter and verse of the bible on paper. Every time I feel needy, I will read it and say a prayer.

  2. More debotionals through my email facebook and everywhere I turn.

  3. Summer can be a lonely time for me, as most of the ministries I’m involved in are on hiatus. I have started listening to podcasts while I run, and that is helping me stay filled up! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  4. linda Hoover says:

    Holly,12, and Jack, 7, and I live in Hawaii and are on a six week road trip driving around Mass to North Carolina, to Arkansas, and then back to Massachusetts before flying home to Hawaii. We’ll be camping a lot along the way so I brought books to do some morning devotions and right now I woke up at 3:45 a.m. so am looking at Proverbs 31 devotions in our tent under the covers! Thank goodness for internet and cell phones! ‘I’ll take quite time when I can get It. 🙂 linda

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      What an adventure, Linda! I’d so admire you! This will be a summer you’ll never forget!

  5. I would not say that it looks like summer will be less busy for me than any other times of the year, but at least it is warm and beautiful…by the way, thank you so much for choosing this particular theme for the devotional. Such a treasured reminder!
    My plan (or hope at least) is on a daily basis read His Word (besides church services that we have a few times a week), read my 1-min devotionals by Charles Spurgeon, currently I am working on a daily workbook devotions based on Psalms, but soon I will be done with it, so that’s a bit sad :(, and then listening to the worship music while I am at work whenever I get a chance….I surely hope that will help me to stay filled up despite the ‘leaks’ 🙂 But I’d love to win your give-away of course, esp. since I’ll be looking for a new daily devotional to work thru…

  6. My walk with God over the last several years has been rather argumentative, usually me doing all the shouting & hollering! I knew I could not continue this way so have connected with the ministry team of a local church recently and had our 2nd meeting yesterday to work through the issues holding me back from a full relationship with God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. My aim to draw closer & be filled, is to spend 5 mins a day, alone & in quiet with God. For me this is extremely difficult as I fill my life with busyness so I don’t have to stop & think. It will be a challenge, but to move forward & have the relationship that is the best that could ever be, I am fully commited to find the 5 mins a day with God & journal whatever I may feel or think during that time.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Your diligence will pay off, Lorraine! He says that we will find Him when we seek Him with all our heart!

    2. Hi Lorraine,

      I too have been struggling during my walk with God. My most recent one-sided argument with Him was on Father’s Day. At the conclusion of my selfish rant, I half expected for the floor to open up and deliver me straight to the pits of Hell. How could I be so disrespectful? He has comforted and calmed me on many occasions confirming His patience and love and yet I am unable to be completely filled by Him. It’s like opening a gift and finding nothing inside. Then I begin to analyze why this apparent disconnect exists for me and I repeatedly come to the conclusion that my my faith is lacking and/or I am missing something significant that He is trying to show me. Either way, the cycle begins again. I can’t find what I am missing. I am not filled. I become frustrated and I argue with the only One that can help. If I cannot get this, how can I teach my children? I feel like a fraud when I speak to them about Him.

      Thank you for your post. You have renewed my hope and I too am seeking guidance from my pastor.

  7. Summer is definitely here in my neck of the woods. My goal for this summer is to hAve my daily devotion and read and learn the bible more. Volunteer at my local charities.

  8. I’m going to sit out by the ocean by myself to have my morning devotions!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      How wonderful, Amy!

  9. This summer has definitely been a time when God’s love is Filling Me!
    My plan to keep it that way is:
    1. Bible reading each morning.
    2. My car radio is tuned to KLove.
    3. Online Bible studies.(I am just finishing the Stressed Less Living one through Proverbs 31. It has been such a blessing!)
    4. Regular church attendance.(I have been there every Sunday morning except the one when we were on vacation and were on the road.)
    5. Service to others. (I spent a week helping with VBS at church. Both of my teen children joined me. It was so wonderful to see them helping right along with me.)

    It would be so wonderful if I were lucky enough to win your give-away. My daughter is a young Christian and I would love to share the devotional book with her.

  10. My personal plan to stay filled up is to continue on my journey with my Bible app reading plans on my kindle (including the 3 UNGLUED plans!), keeping my spiritual prayer journal daily to remind me where I need to stay focused, to read at least 2 Christian novels a month that will lift my spirits, and to constantly keep my eyes and ears open to those opportunities to lift up those around me even with just encouraging words and a smile! 😉

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I love your last one, Diane! Often we don’t think of it, but when we are encouraging and loving to others, we get the great benefit as well!

  11. favour kemi sorunke says:

    I’m in!

  12. I’m starting this summer by taking my daughter on a 2 day get-a-way to walk through Pathway to Purity. I’m a bit nervous but feel God’s presence strongly. i am so thankful for wise blogs and God’s word. Fill me Lord with your word each and every day so that i may be FIILED and Fill others such as my daughter.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I did something very similar from Focus on the Family with both of my girls. I understand you feeling a bit apprehensive, but it will be a time you and she will always remember as a time you invested in her! Way to go!!

  13. Halona Luna says:

    To keep filled up this summer I have my phone set with reminders for scripture . I would love this prize pack!!

  14. “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” Psalm 81:10

  15. I love summer! The sun, the heat, the joy of going barefoot and throwing on a sundress or shorts and a top…less laundry of course! Lol! I always feel that God made the season for a reason…to warm our chilled hearts and share the beautiful rays of the sun, that huge star he created. Although I still enjoy my students in a summer program, the pressures of the school year also rest for 8 weeks and the rigorous schedule we keep becomes a little less hectic. I plan on spending my summer starting to read my Proverbs31 NIV devotional Bible and as I bask in His glorious Word, I will be feeling the warmth of His special summer love…He is the One! Thanks Lynn for your post!

  16. Jaime Rodriguez says:

    I plan to stay “filled up” with Jesus’ love this summer through prayer, my devotional, and my first online Bible Study with Proverbs 31. Jesus IS “The One” and I’m excited about exploring my relationship with Him deeper.

  17. Amy Cummings says:

    Sometimes I forget that the reason I am feeling so empty is because Im missing “Him”. I go to church two to three times a week, read a quick devotional in the morning and listen to praise songs through out the day…..yet I find Im still empty. I think as women we get so busy taking care of everyone else around us we forget that we need to take care of ourselves and spend time in His word. Really dig into it and fill ourselves up. My summer goal…my goal for this year is to by intentional in all I do.

  18. Kim Ayers says:

    I plan to try and continue to grow my relationship with Christ and proverbs 31 ministries have been a blessing! Thank you 🙂

  19. I am off from work and school this summer and will be spending as much time taking my son everywhere! Big and small places with a trip to Texas to visit my parents. I am a single mom so for 14 days he will be with his father. I am involved in a summer bible study through the MOMSnext group in town and we are doing Lysa TerKuerst’s Unglued. I am also reading A Confident Heart. I plan on reading and soaking in God’s Word every chance I get as well as sharing His love and my experiences with the teenage mothers in my church.

  20. I too love summer! I work at the school do that may have the summers off to spend with our boys! BUT… I do find myself worrying more about my todo list and catching up on the things I wanted to do that I did not get done while working. I love the filling verses you shared.

  21. My summer is busier than the rest of the year! I plan to continue my Proverbs 31 devotion every morning, and read “Let It Go,” which I BADLY need. I need to continue to seek ways to fill up, as I prepare for the approaching school year and a new year of work with the youth at my church- they are like sponges for the truth God offers, so I must be prepared to share it!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lori, thank you so much for investing in youth. You are an answer to my prayers!

  22. This summer I am planning to run to Jesus and His word before I run to my phone and girlfriends for affirmation.

  23. I’ve committed to reading my daily devotionals, reading scripture, and journaling to keep Jesus close to my heart this summer and throughout the rest of the year.

  24. I’ve committed to reading my daily devotionals, studying scripture, and journaling to keep my heart and mind fixed on Jesus.

  25. Janetta Dobler says:

    Though I have been saved for almost ten years, I find myself hungering and thirsting for more of God now than ever. I enrolled in the Francis Frangipane In Christ’s Image Institute 6-month training, which has been very enlightening. Then I signed up with Good Morning Girls to do an 8- week study along with the book by Jennie Allen called “Anything.” I received an invitation from Gwen Smith to do a 30-day Summer Psalms Adventure, and I love Psalms, so I couldn’t say no. And then I saw a 6-week study based on Lysa TerKeurst’ book “When Women Say Yes to God.” This was a book that I planned to order, so I signed up for that too. Did I mention that I am unemployed? I am filling my time with things of God, and I believe that this is the Lord’s will for me this season. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. (Matt 5:6). I am learning to submit myself completely, totally, and willingly to Him, and He is doing a marvelous work in me!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Wow Janetta! You are making the most of your time off and I know that God will honor that! Jesus, fill her up!!

      1. Bennett’s we are on the same path. I’m on day 5 of reading the psalms with Gwen Smith and have had Lysa’s book to start working on saying YES to God. I have t signed up yet, but now I think i will! Have a good summer!

        1. Oops! Spell check changed your name Annetta. Sorry!

  26. I plan to keep reading devotions from Bible Gateway and enjoy time with my two almost grown kids!

  27. Monica van Wienen says:

    Having a devotional delivered to my email each morning from Encouragement for Today. It’s there waiting each morning and it is geared for women!

  28. Staying in God’s Word, prayer and sharing with others. God fills me to overflowing when I stay in touch with Him continually.

  29. christina says:

    I am just recently returning to Gods family !! I have been away from God for a couple of years, but he has been pursuinge me like a lion. It is my plan to with Gods help to turn my oldests daughter…Kate….towards Gods love and wonderful promises. She is 23 and really walking a destructive path. We have started journaling together and reading the bible together. I want Kate to discovet the most wonderful love that ther ever was. GOD !!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, pursue Kate like a lion too! Together, fill their hearts with your love this summer like they have never known or seen before! Amen

  30. God’s timing is always perfect!! I read the Proverbs 31 Encouragement for Today every morning before my feet even hit the floor. And this am it was just what I needed to hear since my husband and I are on that wobbly cart right now. Thank you, Lord, for speaking through Lynn this am directly into my heart and spirit. I plan to continue doing my “before my feet hit the floor” quiet time my Lord to be filled up with His Love each day before I head out to do anything else. I’m in!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I’m so glad, Karin!

  31. I plan on making more time to reflect and digest more of God’s word and surround myself more frequently with others who draw strength from GOD in every situation. Thanks for your encouraging blog and chance to win!

  32. Priscilla Halsey says:

    I am in! Summer is crazy with kids home plus we own a seasonal restaurant so my most favorite season is my craziest! I love having my kids around & fitting in time to enjoy them in the summer…. I will be sure just as all the rest of the year I get up early for my personal quiet time with God , plus I am super excited to be doing a weekly bible study with my 2 teenage girls this summer too! We have never tried this before, but school just got out here this week & they are willing so I am excited to grow in Jesus with them . Praying I can be an inspiration to them & that God will use me in their lives this summer too 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Priscilla, thank you so much for investing in those girls! You are a blessing!!!

  33. Amanda Matson says:

    Staying filled up is something I think all women need to do but for me I am going to remind myself to be grateful for the little things and in all the hard times remember there is a purpose for my pain and struggle….He has a plan for me!

  34. My goal is to get up early and enjoy the Lord out on the deck as sun comes up. I need to take every thought captive and focus them on Him rather than my circumstances during the day. I want to really work on memorizing 2 or verses this summer as well.

  35. I’m in! I am excited that if I win, I can then pass on the blessings and share the love. I have a daughter and a future teenage step-daughter that I have been trying to show God’s love to. I need all the encouragement and inspiration I can get! 🙂

  36. Paula Sue says:

    I’m in!
    Sharing this devotional with my daughter (and possibly other young girls) this summer would be a great tool and resource for some spiritual quality time.

  37. Tricia Bledsoe says:

    I am a school teacher and love to use my summers to dig deeper in The Word to help me recover from the school year I just completed and to refuel for the coming school year. I have been doing the reading plan with the Bible app on. my Kindle, and then using the notes from the Sunday sermon to study more of the scriptures our pastor references in his sermon. I enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee before the kids are up and studying for as long as I wish.

  38. I plan to find a new Bible app for my tablet. I don’t have daughter, but I would love to share this book and devotional with my son’s girlfriend. I see so much of myself in her (when I was her age). Praying that I will see the door that the Lord opens with her and boldly walk through it!

  39. Praying to continue to seek Christ’s living water. Praying to listen and look with my heart and head for women around me who are “running on empty”

  40. Kristen Johnson says:

    This summer is going to be super busy. We are expecting our first baby in the next two+/- weeks. We are nervous and excited. I am going to try to finish reading through Proverbs, read my devotional every morning, pick another study/book of the Bible to go through this summer and pray a lot. Going to need Him to get through the beginning of parenting.

  41. Just found your website & learned about your book thru Proverbs 31 Ministries. I plan on checking out your book for teens — I have 2 daughters. I’m using the Devotions from Proverbs 31 and now want to get my girls going on your book!! I’m definitely IN!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yeah Denise! Thank you for investing in your girls. WE can make a difference in their young lives and teach them from the beginning WHO to turn to to have their hearts filled for their whole lives!

  42. We are traveling all summer and church attendance will be hard. I filled my phone with podcast sermons from different pastors I enjoy. Every chance I get, I listen to a sermon. getting email devotions and reading Godly women’s blogs encourages me and I journal how the changes I need to make. On the road and sharing beds with our three and six year old allow me to pray over them while they are sleeping. I love summer!!!!

  43. I am going to use the slower pace of summertime to revive a devotional time with my two girls!

  44. Im in! Looking to connect deeper with God in a personal relationship, instead of just my “go-to” God when things are rough. Committing to a verse of the day to start each day and attempting to dig deeper into reading to understand, not just to read, the bible.

  45. I started His Revolutionary Love with 8 girls at my church. I am making us a group FB page to stay connectrd that I will be posting verses for reflection that we will talk about daily…

  46. I’m taking advantage of extra time in the morning while my kids are still sleeping. My goal is to get in the pattern before school begins this fall so it’s just part of my routine. I’m enjoying my prayer time & bible study in a quiet house with a cup of coffee. Best way to start my day! And if I wake up early enough, I’m also getting my exercise time in as well!

  47. Lynn, so timely as I am struggling to fill a devastated and leaking love tank. Those wobbly wheels on the marriage cart are falling off and I am feeling very abandoned and alone. I will fill my being with God’s Word daily, I will replace the lies of Satan with truth and I will seek God to pull me out of this pit of despair and pain. Thank you for your words that speak such truth.
    Karen g

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Karen, It is such a struggle for us when the things we have looked to for purpose and identity don’t turn out the way we expected. I know that pain. Even when our whole cart of life is falling apart, our God doesn’t change. My church worship team sings a song that says, “Nothing is Wasted. You work all things for good. Nothing is wasted. You never change. Your promise remains.” Some days, I cling to this will all my being…NOTHING is wasted. Make it so, Jesus!

  48. For me my time with the Lord have been few and far between this last year. I have been having trouble carving out time with a now 1 year old who never slept. I have a 4 and 8 year old as well. Consistancy is a problem for me as my days never look the same. But now that summer is here I am trying to take a few minutes before the kids get up to read the bible and maybe if time allows journal a little. I also ordered a copy of the Dig that I would like to go through with my eight year old daughter. My heart has been feeling a little empty lately with the busyness of life and lack of Jesus. I would appreciate prayers in this area of my life. Thanks

  49. This summer, in the hot and dry busy places of my life, I will continually seek to be filled and quenched with my beloved Jesus! Thank you for your much needed inspiration.

  50. I get up early every morning to have time for devotional, scripture reading, journaling and prayer. My 16 y/o daughter is away working at a summer camp. I encourage her to read and journal about any interesting topics from daily scripture reading or devotional.

  51. I’m reading Proverbs 31 page daily & reading a daily bible plan, plus listening to KLOVE.
    I know I need & only count on God to fill me. Doing these things are my constant reminders.
    I’m in!!

  52. Margaret Ivancevich says:

    I’m in!

  53. I’m in. Lynn I have a question for you? I have have four kids a boy 13 and three girls almost 11, 9, and 7. I’m trying to find a good devotions for all my kids. Do you have any that would fit the ages of my kids? Plus our youth group leaders are looking for a good bible study for Jr. & Sr. high kids (boys & girls). Got any ideas? I would love to hear them. Thank you for your devotion this morning keeping me grounded in His promises. I love being in God’s word and doing Proverbs 31 devotions. They always touch my heart. Thank you all for doing what you do.

    In His Love

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Sherry, my study “His Revolutionary Love” is designed for girls in middle school and High school (don’t know if your oldest is heading into 6th grade). On my website, there is a free leadership guide for it; just click on “freebies”. My devotion “Devotions for a Revolutionary Year” is written for the same age group. I hope this helps!

  54. Bonita French says:

    My plan-
    -Get more into God’s word
    -Listen to podcasts that keep His word in my mind.
    -Spend quality time with my kids(12,10, 5) and make sure
    I’m letting them know how great our God is
    -service to others – keeping my kids grounded in the reality if the world we live in.

  55. Sarah Burns says:

    I am still a new wife (a year and 1 month) and living in a foreign “Ministry” field (I believe we are ALL called to be “missionaries” where ever we are), BUT my husband and I are out the US for 5 months. Which has been a huge blessing, but also a very hyper growing season during our first year of marriage. I have a Titus 2 friend/mentor who connected me to this site and I have been held accountable to daily slow down and spend time with Daddy-God. We constantly talk about being poured in to so 1) I remember my identity, 2) am able to let my Husband be the spiritual leader, 3) have something that is not of myself to pour in to others. We run a missions base in Nicaragua and if I am not healthy with my Daddy-God then I am no good to those around me. I am a teacher because I am first a leaner….so I love getting my hands on new resources to help me grow. We head back to the states in August to run a discipleship school out west. I believe our time in Nicaragua as held prepare us for entering as missionaries to the U.S. (haha, still a ‘foreign land” sometimes). well, i typed way more than i intended…maybe that is a part of being poured in to by sharing with others what I have. but anyways…I’m in, too!!

  56. Becky Spies says:

    To stay filled up with Jesus I: read the Proverbs chapter for the day; I’m also reading through Revelation (awesome!); in the afternoon, I am reading through the 60 day Made to Crave devotional; I listen to worship music when possible; and I pray all day long. My desire this summer is “time with Him resting in HIs presence, soaking in His perspective, and listening to HIs promises.” Thank you for helping me do that! Happy Summer!

  57. My husband and I are both teachers and home for the summer.My college age son is home for the summer too. I have been setting my alarm to get up earlier in the morning to have my own personal quiet time.we’ve also been trying to pray more as a family too since my son is home. I loved your message today…it really hit home with me.thank you!

  58. Brea smith says:

    I am in!
    I plan to use my healing hands as a vessel for Gods greatness as I finish up Massage Therapy school!

  59. Yojairy Sands says:

    I am a teacher who will be off with her 3 year old daughter starting in July. I plan to have uplifting spiritual music playing in the house. I plan to take her around New York City and show her all of Gods wonders. I also plan to take her with me as I serve my sisters in Christ. At the end of this summer, I hope she can say that her mommy was an example of Christ both to her and to those around us.

  60. Thank you! This is so appropriate for me to hold me accountable for my plans. Just last night I was telling my husband that I desperately need to make a change this summer in my planning for kids activities as well as my personal time. I love leading and participating in my my weekly moms group book study at church during the school year but things take a dip in the summer and I end up feeling “less-than” in so many ways. I will take time this weekend to plan for the rest of the summer and dig deep into the book we will be studying this fall so I can get into His word and fill my empty spaces!

  61. My summer plan is to continue reading the bible and trying to memorize verses. But I love the fact that in the summer there is so many ways to enjoy Gods creation (camping, hiking, swimming, star gazing, etc.)!

  62. Colleen Ladd says:

    I plan on making a commitment to myself, to rise early while the house is still quiet and spend time in the Word.

  63. Marcia Hicks says:

    This book sounds wonderful. Just the kind of devotional book i need this summer.

  64. I plan to continue my normal routine of reading my daily devotionals and studying scripture.

  65. I will be spending my summer with my new baby boy who is late to the party but will be making an entrance to the world any day now! God has been there through a lot in my life and I will be continuing to look to him for wisdom, strength and his unending love as I enter this new chapter in my life. Thank you for these verses!

  66. I have been blessed with a husband, three daughters, 9, 14, 15 and a son, 17. I am so thankful for God’s love and grace in our lives despite of our failures and shortcomings. I find that the busyness and distractions of life has taken control of me and my family and drying up our spirits. I am praying that this summer I and my family, by His grace, will be filled through His Word and that God would grant us the desire to seek Him daily. I am also committed to spend more time with my girls to teach them the things of God that is of eternal values and pleasing to Him and to encourage them to draw closer to their Savior. I ask you to covet our family in prayers as we seek to love Him more.

  67. Christine says:

    Great devotion today, just what I needed!!!! I need a good plan to keep myself filled up with the love of Jesus. Somedays it is hard to keep focused while being pulled from all directions. It is those times when I stop and talk to Jesus that I get lifted up. I am going to spend more time denying myself and reaching more for Jesus.

  68. I’m in, and I’m bringing my beautiful daughters with me!

  69. I’m in!! Just ordered your book, His Revoluionary Love, (thru the 31 website) for my 15 yr old daughter in an effort to establish and strengthen her relationship with God. I remember the struggles as a young girl and just wanting to fit in and be like everyone else!! I want the equation for her to be God+Me=invaluable!!

    Thank you for your blessings!!

  70. I plan to stay filled by keeping a grateful heart, grateful for all God is and all His amazing wonders. By staying in God’s word and encouraging my 2 girls to do the same, I pray we grow closer to Him, my King. It is all about perspective and I must keep mine focused on Him. He is so worthy!

  71. ginger willoughby says:

    My plan is to experience God in my every day routine…a new attitude when cleaning house, the music we listen to in the car, the books I read, the way we treat each other. I want my family to see that Jesus is not a set of rules to follow!

  72. I’m going to continue my morning devotional and prayer time. Even if I have to get up early, which is hard in the summer!

  73. At the beginning of this week I was searching the Internet for a devotional book for my teenage daughter and son; looks like I found the one for my daughter! I’m in!!

  74. I am keeping up with Read Through the World with Wendy Pope. It keeps me accountable and I continue to learn more about the Bible.

  75. I’m in! I plan on participating in the online bible study, “When women say yes to God” and also just found a wonderful group of ladies to meet with for bible study… Loving, spirit filled summer ahead! Thanks for all you do….

  76. Hello Lynn,

    May God continue blessing you and your family! I don’t have any daughters but I love the idea you have, we truly need to educate our children with the unconditional LOVE are LORD, could give us. I have 3 boys and they are the light of my eyes…they are so full of energy. They read the bible every night and they are always speaking to God which I love. When I was attending church they would even do praise dances and my God, used them in so many ways when they were only 6(twins) 9(my oldest) it was truly amazing. My home was full of peace and my heart full of love, care free, joyful and humble. I truly miss that and I’m know praying that I can be there again. My plan is: to read the bible every day, I also downloaded a daily devotional app on my phone so I can read everyday. I will try to make it to bible study and service twice or even 3 times a week, if possible becuase I’m all over the place with my children having different baseball schedules. I talk to my lord on my way to work, at work, while cleaning any chance I get and this has helped me. I told my sister last week that the experience that I had with God, is so amazing that words couldn’t express. Is kind of like when we see our newborn for the first time!!! GOD IS JUST PERFECT HE IS AMAZING AND I FEEL PRIVILAGED THAT I’M ABLE TO PRAISE HIM!!! LORD THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!

    1. I’m a single mother of my 3 boys and I have been single for 6 years. I tried to work it out with my twins dad but it didn’t work out. Everyone tells me I need to start dating because my biological watch is ticking I’m only 29 years old. I don’t want to date because I’m afraid I come across the wrong guy once again. I would’ve loved to give my boys what I have…. My parents have been together for 31 years such a beautiful thing. I’m sure God has someone for me I just need to have patience and give my all to him and then he will bless my children and I with the right man. I have Faith that my God have something great for me!!!

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Elsa, you are right! My mother always taught me, “If it needs to happen in a hurry, it’s not God.” I’m not sure how to back that up with the Bible, but I have sure seen it in my life. Anytime I have hurried up and done anything, it was the wrong thing. Pursue Jesus with all your heart and let Him take care of the rest…He’s great at it!

  77. God is really talking to me right now! So I am taking more time to listen to Christian radio, research His word and I’m writing scripture from the Bible that I can carry with me daily. The scriptures are centering around how God really feels about me and what He wants for my life as a wife and mother. I’m trying to grow in my faith and my understanding so that I can live more positvely and “filled up” – and then share that with my family! Thank you!!!

  78. I’m in! I need to make an intentional effort to fill up this summer – going through recovery from cancer surgery and a divorce all at once has emptied me! Thanks for the verses above – I am going to use them! As a single mom with no interest in dating, I need Jesus to fill me more then ever!

  79. Laurie Naumann says:

    I’m in!!!!!

  80. Bible study during nap time! I have four children and I am NOT a morning person plus the earlier I get up, the earlier they get up! Our pastor Sunday challenged us that if we are praying for a revival that we must draw a circle around ourselves and that revival MUST start inside that circle. I’m starting there.

  81. More prayer….dedicated time and just throughout the day.

  82. Laura Watson says:

    I teach, and am wrapping up my first full week of vacation. We leave White Lake today to head home, so my son can re-pack and go to Disney World with a friend! That leaves me with a week of solo time…I have been struggling with being single and a single mom since my husband’s death in 2009. I don’t feel that God intends or expects me to be single forever, but I do know He is working in my heart and life to bring me to the place where I don’t search and struggle so hard.

    After a long hiatus, I am getting involved in a new church. I have joined a women’s bible study as well as a small group. I also get the daily emails from Proverbs 31 Ministries. So many times these devotionals are exactly what I needed to hear! I know God is the one who can fill my lonely heart, and I am trying to turn to Him whenever II am overcome with restlessness or emptiness.

    Thank you for the work you do! May God continue to bless your ministry and your life…

    Laura Jo

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you Laura Jo!

  83. Yes I am in. Took some time away from my devotions but now I want to jump back in.

  84. I had a goal to get moving this summer…I am a teacher and really let go of my exercise routine this past school year. I work out twice a week with friends from church and it has been an amazing way to fill my cup. I am getting the exercise I need, doing it with friends and making that connection we as women yearn for, and because it’s with church friends, we have some really candid conversations about our lives and can offer support from a Christian perspective. We started a few weeks ago asking the question “where have you seen God this week?” What a great way to really think about how present our Lord is each and every day! It has helped me take notice and be more aware of those moments. It could be anything from a close call while driving, to a healthy conversation with someone who is not always easy to communicate with, to the way the sun streamed through the clouds in a glorious way. It’s been a great way to get fit, which by itself makes one feel stronger and more energetic, but the accountability and connection with friends has turned out to be accountability and connection with God as well! It’s making for a healthier me…both physically and spiritually! Pretty cool stuff! 😉

  85. Chrissy Stephens says:


  86. Janna McKenna says:

    I plan on starting the morning in prayer and reading scripture. Before I shower, before I go for a run, before I eat. If I start my day with my quiet time, I will manage to get everything else done, but if I jump straight into the day without my devotions, somehow the day snowballs into business and My devotions can get pushed out. As a pastors wife, and mom if 4, my ability to pour into others is drastically reduced if I don’t sit at the feet of Jesus and get filled up every day.

  87. Devotional time every morning and started an online program to read through the bible in a year. I also joined an online book study for christian teachers on the book “Awakening”. Looking forward to a great summer!

  88. Every morning, I’m going to ask God to fill my heart with love so that I can take that into the world. I’m going to focus my attention and energy on assisting the youth at my church, and organizing the By Name Project for the congragation. I’m in!

  89. This summer, I am making a conscious effort to begin each day with a conversation with God. I want Him to know (and to remind myself) that He is my priority.

  90. Trying to start EVERY day with prayer and devotion, down time reading up on my P31 blogs/devotions, and reading family devotions with kiddos as much as possible. If nothing else falls into place, I try to at least see a blessing, even in a close parking place at Walmart and thank God for that!!! He is sooo good! I’m in!!!

  91. Hi Lynn, I’m all in! I fill up with Jesus daily. I start my morning by reading P31’s devotional for the day. Then I read Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Then I’ll read the corresponding verses and chapters in a bible, and just pray that The Lord would use me to bless someone. I’m also subscribed to most of the P31 ladies’ blogs. So in the morning and throughout the day I’m showered with you all’s wisdom, encouragement, and love. These thing sustain me until bible study on Wednesdays, and worship on Sundays. Thank you for the role that you play in this wonderful ministry. You all have been a blessing to my life. I would love to have a copy of your book to continue my thirst for Jesus and his word. 🙂

  92. My spiritual life had gone stale and this summer I have been seeking God to fill my emptiness. So far this year I have been attending a women’s bible study, served tornado victims in another state and I am reading gods word every day. I pray that my heart and soul continue to fill with things from God.

  93. Jessica Livingston says:

    I’m in!

  94. Being divorced and Standing in the Gap for my one-flesh covenant marriage has not been easy. I have had to forsake all else – even losing all I have owned to walk as I have been called. When you lose all your worldly props, God has your undivided attention. There is no place else to go… There have been some long dry and lonely spells. The world thinks I should ‘move on’ with my life and they even accuse me of being in denial. They say that God can’t heal my broken marriage because my husband has his own free will. The worldly view of ‘free will’ implies that God has no control and cannot intervene in the lives of His children and those He would call to become His children. But they cannot see or understand until and unless they are willing to walk the walk. To trust the God Who is the same yesterday, today and forever. When God speaks to me, I am filled with such an overwhelming joy. No words can describe that feeling. But in the dry spells, I long to hear from Him – to be filled with Him. I am lost when I cannot hear Him. I need to hear from Him because I cannot live without His presence. Fill me up Lord. More than anything, fill us all with your presence. – I’m in.

  95. Just as we need physical refreshment with cold beverages as the hot weather of summer continues, it is equally important to spend time with God and let him wash us with the water of his word.

  96. I question if my 9 year old daughter is too young to begin
    having these discussions, but I want her to make better
    choices than me and have a better sense of self. I didn’t
    have that so I don’t really know what to do or how I will do
    it over the summer, just that I will try. 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jennifer, I don’t know if your girl is either; every girl is different. I would encourage you, though, to start early rather than late. Girls very early in life begin to believe the lie Guy + Me = Valuable. Do all you can to not let that take root in her heart 🙂

  97. Day by day I will stay in his presence. Who knows what tomorrow brings. As for today? I’m loving the time God has given me. I’m in!

  98. I am in!!

    Going through hard times and God is the the only thing getting me through.

  99. What perfect timing for this! Thank you for the reminder! I have just recently ended a nine month relationship that was more toxic than fruitful… I will remind myself that Jesus is the only ONE I need in my life by continuing to spend time in His word every morning. I also keep some sticky notes on my mirror as daily reminders that He is the only one who can fill my empties… I think I’ll use some of the verses you posted… Thanks again!

  100. I would love to win this devotional for my granddaughter who is 12, looks 18 and is struggling. She has accepted Jesus as her Savior but her mom is a pagan and she lives 3000 miles away so I can’t be there to guide her. She would really benefit from this book.

    My plan is to just hang on to Him every minute that I can in any way I can.

  101. Thank you for those inspiring verses; I’ll be reading them frequently this summer! I work as a teacher’s aide and an after-school teacher, so this is my time off too. I always start my day with Jesus Calling, as well as several devotionals that are sent to my email. My summer is going to be filled with exercise, baking, sewing (I’m attempting my first quilt), time with my teenage kids, Karen Kingsbury novels, and my chronological Bible reading plan, and I pray every day for God to use me in a way that blesses someone else! I’m in!

  102. Robin Brown says:

    I plan to pray with my daughter each night like I did when she was a little girl instead of just praying for her privately.

  103. I love when God puts beauitiful reminders in my path that he is all I need. After one bad relationship after another, I finally get it: he is all I need. God’s presence is all I need to feel the void. I have consumed my life with clinging to his words and watching his unfolding love every day in nature, his blessings and little miracles in my life.

  104. Maria Tarum says:

    I’m in! I love your devotionals and the encouragement I receive from them.

  105. Susan Christensen says:

    I’m in!

    For myself, I am doing gods at war by Kyle Idelman…

    For my daughter, she is doing Knowing HIm Even Better

    The pack you are offering would be so awesome as I am 52, never been married and always have been quite content. Always thought one guy would be for me, but he went to Bible college and married and has 5 kids. Not a problem…just thought I would never be married and was ok with that…thought perhaps his wife would get cancer one day and die and perhaps I could go help raise his kids…silly and just always thought maybe that would happen… Absolutely was dumbfounded last July to find out in an absolute God way that she had asked for a divorce. We actually have reconnected and it is way too soon to be anymore than friends but we are friends and it is hard to not be excited and to be patient…but I only want what God wants…nothing more and nothing less.

    Then I did foster care and didn’t even know adoption was a very real part of foster care…but long story short, ended up adopting a girl that had been with me and couldn’t imagine her starting all over again with a new family, church, school, friends, …. so I adopted her. She came days before she was 6 and was adopted on her 8th bday and this summer will be 15. She is a dear, but has no daddy, sides the ultimate daddy in Jesus. She so struggles with that and we have some father figures for her but your books sound wonderful for her and I to share together.

    Thanks for letting me share my heart. Way more details but God is so good!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Susan…you are amazing!! Thank you for sharing your story!

  106. Reminding myself I am worthy and encouraging other women, especially my daughter and my sisters, that they ARE DEFINITELY WORTHY!! I have several young ladies in our Youth Group ministry that need to be aware of the fact JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE you need. Repeating that daily to myself so that I can say it with confidence and conviction to others…. AMEN!!!

    Thanks for your post!!!

  107. jean custer says:

    Thank you for the Word. I needed it today.

  108. WOW! This is so awesome!! I am in, please! God Bless us, everyone!! 😉

  109. This summer (and beyond), I plan to “stay filled up” but reading more of the New Testament and about the fruit of the spirit. I also want to continue to seek Him in both praise and pain as well as saturate my life with worship on K-Love!

  110. LOVE this ministry…I’m in!!!

  111. Debra Schwendeman says:

    I have a morning devotional & prayer with my Lord every day,even if it is only for a few minutes.It
    started out as a discipline but now it is as necessary to start my day as my cup of tea;even more so!
    To stay ‘filled up with God’ (and to pray without ceasing) I keep my eyes & heart open during the day for the Lord’s gifts. I thank & praise him for the sunshine,rain (it waters the flowers!),The bus picking me up, people I share with in stores & on the bus.There is just so much that the Lord brings my way that I can’t help but praise! Jesus is Lord! I’m in!!

  112. So very thankful for technology during the summer travel months! Blogs, devotions, and the Bible – all online, making it so much easier to stay connected mentally while visually taking in new sights, sounds, and smells all created by the Almighty! I’m in!

  113. I’m in! Thanks for sharing!

  114. BTW, I’M IN TOO!!!!! 🙂

  115. As I am beginning cancer treatments, I am certainly trying to stay “filled up with Jesus”. I hope to use my faith and joy in life to share with others in this same walk.

    I love, love the heart pans!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, as You pour your truth into Laura, pour your healing in as well. YOU created her body; You know exactly what it needs to be whole once more. Thank you that you are still a healing God! Amen

  116. I have my morning devotional time..prayer time and praise time on the way to work. And I spend time in the Word at lunch..alot of trials and tests right now…IM IN!

  117. Amy Cowen says:

    Focus on all the blessings in my life and all the wonderful things Jesus has done for me. Determine if I can give back to other.

  118. This morning (after a troubling yesterday and a prayerful but restless night) I awoke with the single thought When I am weak He is strong….. it just flashed in my head when my feet hit the floor! And I knew that today would be a good day.
    So yes, I’m in!!!!! Gonna keep my days and my summer filled ……

  119. Dori Sheese says:

    Staying filled up this summer with Vacation Bible School, concerts with Christian artists, and loving God for the beautiful flowers he brings in the summertime!!

  120. Danice lee says:

    Prayer, prayer and more prayer. I’m out delivering papers in the early morning and will use the time to talk to God more.

  121. Janet Jackson says:

    I’m in!! 🙂

  122. Christina says:

    I plan on staying filled up my investing my time more in my daughter and around the youth girls in our youth ministry. I also plan to stay filled up by spending more time in His prescense alone.I also plan on helping my community for those in need.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Christina, so many girls need women who will pour into them as you are doing! Thank you so much!

  123. Hi! (:
    I am going to stay in my Fathers Word & pour into our granchild this summer!

    Peace be with you

  124. DeAnn Marlow says:

    this summer we will spend a lot of time at the beach. we have devotions every morning and evening and I plan to try to get a bible time in the sand with my two children!

  125. I love all the suggestions! I’m praying to step away from my consuming teacher role at the public school and learn how to be a good parent to teenagers at home. Thanks for the good scriptures

  126. I am a single mom who works full time and I have 2 teens who are not driving yet and are involved in church/community activities as well as sports….so I am on the road all the time or at work so I listen to our local Christian radio station as it keeps positive thoughts every time I’m in my car plus I have downloaded the Bible and I listen to it at work…..this helps to keep my mind on the things it should be.

  127. Suzanne-Jean Malenga says:

    I’m in

  128. Ana Edwards says:

    I will be staying filled-up this summer by starting an Activities Life Group for women and children that will meet on Saturday mornings to pray, praise, and enjoy fellowship – at our community pool. I’m also participating in a 30-day Summer Psalm Adventure. In addition, bought our tickets for the Christian comedy night at our church next weekend. Staying close and filled-up so I can pour it all out!

  129. I make myself get up as my husband leaves for work and do my devotion. That way i am sure to be alone and have at least 30 minutes quiet time! I always feel better!

  130. I am filling up this summer by enjoying God’s beautiful creations! We are so busy throughout the school year that I don’t think we “stop to smell the roses” enough! It is always amazing to me how He thought of everything! Every Little Detail when He created me.

  131. Our family is memorizing the Sermon on the Mount! I am also going to find at least 5 things I am thankful for every day. And try to be in God’s word at least 15 minutes per day reading His truth and not my own!

  132. I work in a school during the school year. I have the summer off. This summer I am going through the book Crazy Love. I have needed to get back to a Bible Study. I cleared my 3 season room out and every morning it is just Jesus and me enjoying precious time together, Oh how I have missed this.

  133. Carol Jewell says:

    I was reading the Word mostly in the mornings, but also with my granddaughter in the evenings now that school is out. Destini is 9 and lives with me. I work 6 days a week and she comes in with me on Sat. Destini is a very happy girl. She’s been saved, praise God, and she hums and sings all the time. I keep Christian cd’s playing in the car, keep Jimmy Swaggart on the tv, and we pray together several times a day. I do what i can to instill all things God into her and in turn, into myself. It keeps me humble and on my toes. I do a lot of things thru my church and i’m always looking for ways to spread the Word or just an encouraging word. I keep little cards (size of my debit card) and give them to cashiers, tellers, clerks, etc. Everybody needs to feel important and to know God cares about them. Thank you so much for all you do and may God bless you always!

  134. Cynthia Cochran says:

    About a month ago I was informd by my husband that he wants a divorce. He refuses to tell me why or better yet discuss anything with me.We’ve been together for 11 years and married for 6 years. I advised hin that if he wants a divorce then he’ll have to file for it because I didn’t gey married to get divorced. he has since moved to the guest bedroom abd barely has anything to say to me. We have a beautiful 6 year old daughter and the bad thing is I’ve had a feeling that he no longer wanted to be married for well over 3 years but he wouldn’t admit to it. Therefore, I’ve decided to still filled up with Jesus, not only for the summer but for the rest of my life, by taking inventory of all the beautiful blessings he has bestowed on me and all of his creations. I now marval at the clouds and the rain as much as I welcome the bright sunny days. I focus on what I have and more importantly, I have faith that this could not have been the man that God had chosen to be my husband because if so it wouldn’t have turned out this way. I believe that there has to be a blessing in this break up because although i have been fighting and praying for my marriage to last since 2008, it has been pure misery. I know that my strenghth comes from the Lord otherwise I would be a nervous wreck by now. I’ve decided to not resist and let God’s will be done because he knows what he has for me and my daughter and happy days are around the corner.

  135. I am still trying to find the time so this summer is about slowing down and stopping to read my bible and learn more and more about God through his Word.

  136. Carol Burrell says:

    Im in!!!!!!!!!

  137. Elizabeth says:

    Every day I receive email devotionals and a verse of the day.
    When I go out on a run I do not listen to music with a head set. I love marveling at all the sights and sounds God has put around me. It clears my mind and I have great talks with God. As a bonus, when I am on a long run, the time usually passes quickly. More than once I have had to stop and look around to see where I have ended up because I was so engrossed in my conversations that I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t recommend this as I allowed myself to potentially be in danger by not paying attention to my surrounding.

  138. This is exactly what I need. Jesus has been calling me to be closer to Him, to learn of His love for me, to envelope me w/His love….I’m in, all the way!

  139. I’m in!!! I plan on using my morning walk with the dogs to do my talking to God. It’s quiet and beautiful in the morning and it starts my day out well

  140. I am spending more time in His word with “Breaking Free” Bible study. Summer goals include spending more quality time with my teen daughters…including devotional time…and watching atleast one Pastor Steven sermon a week. My oldest (17) mentioned starting a devotional time with just youth girls, and I certainly do know of a worthwhile study! Actually, I think I will mention that to youth director this Sunday as something Abby would like to lead…Thank you for being an Inspiration.

  141. I’m in!!! I plan on savoring my time with my 17 year old daughter. Cooking, Bible study time together, doing some unplanned small trips to break up the routine.

  142. Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

    but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

    Luke 22:42
    New International Version (©2011)
    “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”

    Take my cup Lord! Fill it up!
    Thy will be done!

  143. Debbie Murray says:

    I am planning on going to Haiti on a mission trip with my 17 year old son and doing our devotions through our S.O.A.P. devotions with our church.

  144. Vicki Chyllo says:

    Thank you Lynn for the inspiration! Im in wholeheartedly!!

  145. Emily Wilson says:

    I’m staying filled up w/ Jesus’ love by staying on track with my devotionals (Proverbs 31, Prayers for a Woman’s Soul, Jesus Calling and God Calling), along w/ finishing A Confident Heart and starting Unglued!
    Whew- in addition to that, and MAKING time to dive into scripture each day, I’m trying to have my 9 year old daughter read her Jesus Calling for Kids, and the scripture to go with it to us each night. She’s a joy, one my biggest blessings and loves the Lord and had a great time at VBS this week. She was so excited to come home and tell us all she learned. It’s a blessing to see her excited to absorb God’s love and His word!
    Summer is hard b/c of lack of routine for our daughter, but we try to keep ourselves structured w/ the same regimen of soul food all year long.
    Thank you for being an inspiration to me and letting God speak so loudly through you and the gifts He blessed you with!

  146. I am a single woman in my 40s. I will look to the Lord in prayer and Bible study to get filled up on Jesus. I am a Big sis to a 11 year old girl with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. I also mentor a teen mother. As the Lord pours me out to minister to these young ladies, I know I will need to go back to Him to be refilled. These needs constantly motivate me to draw close to the Lord, for I cannot give to others unless the Lord gives to me first. I’m in!

    Thank you, Lynn for allowing the Lord to use you in such a mighty way. God bless you!

  147. I love to have my early morning time with the Lord. Before the children get up, I have quiet and it is my heart filler for the day!

  148. Anne Griffith says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’m recovering from Gum Graft surgery and could use a good “fill up”!
    I’m in!
    Anne in Texas

  149. I’m in! This Summer I’m learning to change my routine and walk a little closer with God. He has already shown me so much love and direction. I’m Hungry for more. Thank you Lynn for all that you share.

  150. I was really touched by your “Is There Really ‘The One”” post. I have been a single mother for eight years now after a very nasty split with my ex who was not at all who I thought he was. My heart was broken to the point that I have barely gone out on a date in eight years! I loved your post because it reminded me that a man is not the answer but Jesus is. I need to remember who is always there for me and has promised to never abandon me. Thank you for the reminder!

    Carrie in California

  151. Wendi ReevesAbdallah says:

    I’m in! I plan on starting a summer devotion time with my girls.

  152. Karen Hadley says:

    Making it a priority.

    1. I’m in! God bless 🙂

  153. Sarah Holden says:

    Less TV and more Christian music!

  154. Patricia M says:

    I will be filling my summer with online bible study with Gwen Smith summer Psalm Adventure and lots of me time in the sun. I’m in!

  155. I don’t get out of bed in the morning until I read my devotionals! They always speak to me and encourage me….always!

  156. I plan on reading my Bible more and really listen to what God wants for me to do next. It’s so hard at times. I know God never promised rainbows and sunshine all the time but it feels the more I want to get closer to God the more trials I have. I know God will be with me every step of the way. But I’m in

  157. I want to put together a bible study for my girls and I. I want us to go through the scriptures and talk about how the Bible is relevant to todays issues. I have a few ideas but am looking for any suggestions. Have a blessed day!

  158. I’m in! I do my devotions early in the morning before anyone else gets up!

  159. I actually get more time to fill up since I am a TA and off in the summer I get to read a lot of books and spend more time with God.

  160. Marty Larson says:

    Our plan this summer includes participating in HelloMornings study of John, helping my two teens to establish quiet times, and my daughter and I will be attending the Presbyterian Youth Triennium in July.

  161. I get up early before the rest of the family for coffee and Bible reading on the porch.

  162. Talitha F says:

    I plan to continue to attend my weekly ladies bible study and do the weekly work. I usually do this after the kids are in bed in the summer.

  163. Summer!! Yay!!
    But yes a challenging time to stay connected with Jesus. Here are a few things that I just wrote down last night as goals for this summer to stay close to my great God.
    1) starting each day with Bible reading and study ~ before checking email, FaceBook, blogs, etc…
    2) choosing a verse each week to memorize as a family ~ my children will also have a chance to choose the verses
    3) spending time each day in prayer asking God for strength ~ I cannot do this without Him. I need Him each and every minute in order to follow His calling for my life.

  164. I subscribed to a good bunch of blogs to help me stat filled up this summer !! Also doing the GMG “Anything” study.

  165. Kim in NC says:

    I’m filling up by participating in the Beth Moore Siesta Summer Bible Study. We are studying Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon study.
    God Bless,
    Kim in NC

  166. With four really young kids, my summer plan is to take the quiet moments after they are all in bed to sit in God’s presence and allow him to do some deep work as I read his word.

  167. Karen Smith says:

    I plan to stay filled through my online Bible studies, helping with VBS at my church and volunteering at Harvesters & the food pantry so many ask to be prayed over.

  168. Angela Savin says:

    I’m in!! I do my devotions while drinking my coffee before my 5 kids get up for the day. Sometimes I don’t get to do it until bedtime depending on if they get up early. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  169. I really loved the devotion you wrote over at Proverbs31. It reminded me how I need to fill myself up by reading more of His Word and remembering all the promises He made to us, instead of turning to who or even what we think can satisfy us in this world. Nothing in this world will ever satisfy us because the person or the possession will always disappoint in one way or another, but God never disappoints!

    I have been trying hard for the last 10 months to put away the feelings of settling with a ungodly man as a mate but I dug in the word through an intensive Bible study this year and finally broke free of turning to this man to make myself feel better. I hope I can keep it up by filling up with more of Jesus’ love! I’m in!

  170. I am spending my summer teaching my two daughters (18 and 21) from Prov. 31. They need to know what God wants for them as women. With these tools they will be able to carry out the roles of a Godly wife and mother. It is the greatest gift and blessing this mother can pass on as a legacy from our Father!!!

  171. I am spending my summer teaching my daughters (18 and 21) from Pro. 31. They need to know and understand what God has in store for them as women. They will then have the tools to be Godly wives and mothers. They will both be married within the next 2 yrs. This will be the greatest gift and blessing that this mother can pass on. A legacy for all seasons…..

  172. I’m planning on devotional time with my kids every day to keep God in our lives this summer

  173. Joanna Warren says:

    With an almost two year old girl finding her drama, and four and six year old fully rambunctious boys, being filled with the love and grace of Jesus is a necessity! I am keeping my school- year schedule of getting up at 6 and heading straight for the coffeemaker and my Bible every day; I usually have an extra thirty minutes or an hour of quiet time which is so needed during the days of loving and training three little ones, instead of two. The extra coffee doesn’t hurt either! My daily plan also includes a chapter or two of a good book on Christian parenting or living, reading while the kids nap or rest in the afternoon. Recharges are needed! Music that points us to God and children’s devotions are also prioritized throughout the day. What a great God we swerve, Who will meet us whenever and wherever we seek Him!

  174. Count me in! I’m going to stay filled up this summer, by resting in the Lord and casting my burdens on Him, which will allow me to focus on drawing closer to Him through prayer, Bible study, Christian books and listening to Christian music.. I want to stay filled up so I can be a better Christ-like example to my two daughters and son, as well as to those whom God places in my path this summer.

  175. I am in a study this summer at my church learning about patience. I can’t wait to start!

  176. Bethanne Hudock says:

    I am in!!! This would be so awesome to share with my 10 year old and 14 year old daughters! Despite being a single mother, the circumstances around our divorce lead all three of us to Jesus. We praise him every day for the little things he provides to take care of us and for the people he stratigically places in our lives at just the right times when we need help. My prayers now include one that he provide a good strong Christian man to come alongside us, guide us and love us as a family….and not just for me, but even more so for my girls. In the meantime, this book would certainly help us know how to fill in those gaps until God finds us that special someone.

  177. I will keep trying to get up inthe morning before our 5 children in order to have quiet time with God. I wish I could say I was able to get out of bed each and every morning. Still working on it!

  178. Angela Taylor says:

    Hi Lynn I’m in. I’m doing a bible study called 30 Day Psalms with Gwen Smith and I plan on doing other bible studies as the come up. On July 7Th thur the 11th I will be on a missiom trip with my church to help rebuild from some storms that have left people with out homes and other things. This will be my first trip and I can not wait. I also will be helping feed the homeless with my church every Wednesday afternoon thur the summer.
    All praise goes to the Lord.
    In Christ Love

    Angela Taylor

  179. Tiffany Lewis says:

    Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. And I’m facilitating it for my high school girls to keep them in God’s word through the summer.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Tiffany, today’s girls need to know God’s word like never before. Thank you for being a part of making that happen! You are my heroine!

  180. I’m going to make time to read my devotionals each morning and continue daily to put uplifing and inspirational posts on FB. So many people have made a point to tell me that my posts reached them at the “right” time, so to me it feels like a ministry.

  181. I’m in! I’m trying to do daily devotional time with my three girls each day in addition to my own 🙂

  182. I plan to spend some time studying & looking at my relationship with Jesus. I want to have a relationship with Christ like Mary & Martha had.

  183. Thanks for the encouraging words!! I’M IN! 🙂

  184. I’m in! Thank you so much this opportunity!

  185. I’m in! Wondering if I should try a mother/daughter devotion book.

  186. I’m in! I am going to get back to my daily devotional and make more time for quiet time with God. Sometimes I get busy and need to stop and listen.

  187. Malia Crowe says:

    Hey Lynn,
    I found your website by Divine Appointment. I am a single mother of two boys their father and I have been separated for 3 years now. I have a mother who needs assistance from me, I work night shift to be able to spend sometime with my sons. I am also pursuing a bachelors degree in Environmental Science. I have felt discouraged and overwhelmed as if nothing i do it right and as you can imagine it has been draining.
    My plan to stay filled up and have Living Water flow from me to others is to Spend more time with my ONE, Jesus. He has loved me so tenderly and when I am in a rush I can’t see it, so I will slow down and let him lead my heart the way he so desires. Im so glad to have found this site and the Powerful Fillup Passages you have listed!! Thank You for being a vessel to other women!!

  188. My goal is to get into my Bible at least once a day and do a devotional with my kids!!

  189. JenniferP says:

    I’m in!! I’m new to your blog, but I’m loving the inspiration!!

  190. I’m homeschooling 2 teenage daughters and we will be taking a school break for all of July. I was planning to go to our local christian book store to look for a study/devotional that the girls and I could do together to start our summer mornings with, since they won’t be doing their school based bible studies and their group study is off for summer break. We don’t want to take a break from our time in the word, that’s for sure! We will have to take a look at your material. I really like the verses you have here for holding on to. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  191. I’m in! Our Pastor challenged us to read a portion of the NT this summer. At first, I hesitated as I have my own “plan” for Bible reading; felt God’s nudge, that it would be not only good for me but an encouragement to others who are devoting their time – there’s something about the body doing things corporately that can motivate us! It’s been interesting seeing “new” in things I’m familiar with. Can’t wait to see how God uses this to draw us closer to Him in learning His Truth!

  192. I am so glad to have recently found your blog! How inspiring for me as a mom of two teen girls!! We will be spending time together and growing in The Lord this summer… One of the things I cherish most about summer …. TIME!! To refresh, renew and rebuild… Especially time together as a family! I can’t wait to dig into this website more… Wow! Wow! Wow! Canada needs you!!

  193. I’m in! I am not sure what I am going to do at this time…I just know I need to do something.

  194. I’m in! I plan on showing God’s love to my niece, who is going through some difficult teenage issues right now, by sharing my own story about how God’s love changed me. I have been through difficult relationships, infertility, and currently a family member is battling breast cancer. However, I choose to draw closer to God and know that no matter what happens, He is there, and I feel his Peace. I am hoping to give my niece the Summer Giveaway prize if I win. Good luck to all! 🙂

  195. HI!! I’m IN!!

    1) I have three daughters (ages 14, 12, and 10) that I want to spend time in God’s Word and guide them into godly ladies. Also, I have two sons which I want to continue reading God’s Word with them.
    2) Continue reading The One Year Bible daily in my own quiet time.
    3) Being involved in this summer women bible study, studying the book, Having Mary’s Spirit in Martha’s World.
    4) Planning a special event for G.I.F.T.S. (Growing in Faith Together, Sisters– middle school girls ministry) with my co-leader Amy, which is Titus 2 Talks weekend retreat– guiding and mentoring young girls. It is still in a progress. Hoping to finalize it for spring of 2014.
    5) Focus on being a better wife to glorify God.

    Would love to win this— to find good stuff for my daughter and the G.I.F.T.S. ministry I’m involved.

  196. I’m in. Your devo in Proverbs 31 was spot on for me. I needed to hear that today. I have spent my childhood chasing my mom after she left. In hopes that I could fill that void and shaking off that feeling that I wasn’t good enough for her to stay. In my early 20’s When I asked Jesus to take control of my heart He filled it overflowing. Then in marriage I have struggled with that emptiness again. Through trials, children, one with special needs and just some of the draining things juggling life & schedules bring. I know I am thirsting for God to fill me till I overflow again. thank you for your words today. I am looking more forward……with all 3 kiddos home. to letting them sleep in and wake up before them to read my Bible. on days when time escapes me & I’m on the fly to work, i will read my Bible within the 1st hour that I get there. Thanks again for the reminder of who my “ONE” has always been. May you find me Chasing after HIM.

  197. I am in! Morning time in The Word to fill up before going out in the world.

  198. ufuoma linda adeyanju says:

    i am in!

  199. nancys1128 says:

    I am continuing with my on-line bible study group, rather than breaking for summer. We may only be 4, but we feed each other daily M-F.

  200. Bible study and doing something good for someone every day! I’m in!

  201. For years, I normally avoid giveaways because of my extreme reaction to my dad’s gambling addiction. Hence, I’ve deprived myself of the good, fun stuff like giveaways & things like this as I saw the slightest resemblance. But here I am, penny pinching & desperate for God to refresh & restore my soul. Im in! on this one. I need to be reminded of God’s love & retaught so much more.I’ve been doing better, but still struggling w/ reading time. I plan to keep pressing forward to read something before I get out of bed. I’ll also try to memorize Scripture verses, and answer the phone prayerfully when I know a friend of mine is calling to
    share a sermon. I’ll try to keep journalling & being honest with God…my only hope. And interrupting destructive thoughts by reminding myself…Upward & outward.

  202. My summer time has changed dramatically. My journey is to be fully surrendered and guided by My Father in attitude and action. My “What if” plan- what if I spend aN hour a day in prayer? I’m finding its harder than I imagined! Still pursuing Him!! Thx for the great blogs Nd devotionals!!!

  203. JenniferB says:

    I plan on praying more often throughout the day- even if its busy- stop and take a few minutes to thank God for his many blessings. I also plan on reading more- I have lots going on in summer with a large garden and longer days but I am going to make more devotional time to read the Bible.

  204. My plan is to REALLY “taste and see that God is Good”. 😀 He is Good, I know it. But I need to be filled up with that. It needs to be so real to me that I never doubt it again.

  205. Lisa McGahan says:

    I am going to spend time praying and reading the bible. Then sharing what I learn with my teenage girls!

  206. Julia Lothamer says:

    I’m in! Looking for a new devotional because yes, i’m feeling leaky!!!

  207. Cydni Henson says:

    Would love to see & hear your with my daughter, Cady.
    Plan on having fun with the family. My twins are 15 & fixin to drive soon. Now it seems the days
    Are going by so fast. Love teachable moments with them &cherish them all!

  208. I’m in! Glad to find such blogs as yours through Proverbs 31 ministries. They have been very good devotions to change things up this summer. 🙂

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