Grab Your Girl and Join Finding the Fearless You study {GIVE AWAY}

If you are joining me today from my devotion at Proverbs 31 Ministries, Caring About People More Than Popularity, welcome! If you haven’t had a chance yet, would you pop over to read it by clicking here?

There is no shortage of the hurting or the invisible in our world or our children’s. Sometimes those who are hurting and feel invisible are our children.

Some hide behind their hurt, living each day just to get by, hoping no one will pick on them. Although being invisible feels safer than being seen, it’s lonely to play alone on the playground or sit on the edge of the lunch table — or even the back row at church.

Others retaliate and fight back in their pain. See me, they scream with their actions.

Let’s be intentional. Let’s look for and see the hurting, invisible, rejected and lonely ones who just want to matter to someone.

Let’s teach our children to be the courageous, strong and brave; the ones who say to the lonely: “You can sit with me.”

Maybe you’re thinking, “But my child isn’t confident.”

This summer is the time to help her become that girl; brave and fearless!

You can do that by joining us in the month of July for the study, LIVE Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You.  This study is for young girls and those who want to help them become brave, be it mom, mentor or any one who wants to see young girls reach their potential in Christ

Sign up HERE today! The study starts July 9th!

To do the study, you’ll need a copy of Brave Beauty for each girl participating, as they will be writing in it as we go along.

You can find Brave Beauty at Proverbs 31 Ministries,, Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Click here to get your copy. {aff}

Once you sign up, each Monday beginning July 9th,  I’ll send you our study plan for the week including:

* a study guide to go along with each week of the study

* each week’s reading plan

* free downloads including I Am Brave fun-filled memory cards, framable declaration, and coloring pages

* details for the upcoming Facebook LIVES where I will be interviewing other brave beauties, such as Chloe Howard of Stand Beautiful, Alena Pitts, actress and author and others to inspire your girl to become strong, courageous and brave!

To help one of you get started, today I’m giving away a copy of Brave Beauty! To enter to win, please share the name of the girl/girls you want to do the study with us! You can even forward them this post.

{US entries only} The winner will be announced July 3rd so enter now! *** The winner is Edwin Aguilar *** Congratulations!



  1. Lori Daniels says:

    My friends Lisa, Janet, Sabrina and Judy

  2. Milissa Yeagley says:

    My 10 year old daughter Charlotte

  3. Stephanie says:

    Joie makenzie and Macauley

  4. My daughters, Hannah and Naomi

  5. My daughter’s, Ellamae and Gracie.

  6. Catrena Mitchell says:

    My daughters, Abigail and Naomi.

  7. Daughters Violet and Laine and a few of their friends 🙂

  8. My daughter Kate who needs more confidence.

  9. My daughter Ella Louise <3

  10. Jenny Rohr says:

    Lovely! My tween/teens Marcella and Melody would be blessed!

  11. Shanda Fairchild says:

    My daughter Samantha

  12. Marcy Ivey says:

    My daughter, Renny.

  13. Jan Rolan says:

    My granddaughter, Macenna. I was excited to see this…I’ve been looking for this type of study she and I could do together!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      How wonderful! I have been praying that the Lord would intersect this study with those who are looking for a resource just like Brave Beauty!

  14. Sarah Hoy says:

    My daughters Kayla, Skylar, and Haylee.

  15. My daughter already has her copy but she wants to do this study and go through again. Thank you for this book Lynn! I hope you will write another soon for girls this age and teenage years as well.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement, Belinda! I so enjoyed writing it and would really like the opportunity to write another!

  16. My 9 year old daughter, Madeline❤️

  17. My daughter Caroline

  18. Beth Wilkerson says:

    My daughter, Carolyn, who IS one of those girls left out.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Beth – I am so sorry. It hurts when our kids hurt. I hope that Brave Beauty is a resource to help heal her hurting heart, know that Jesus loves her even when she feels unseen and invisible and can empower her to be courageous and brave!

  19. Heather Kelly says:

    My daughter Chloe.
    mysticbutterfly37 at

  20. My nieces who are 16 & 20. Or I would send a book to my sister for her & her 11 year-old daughter!

  21. lacey poag says:

    I would love to guide my daughter, Violet, and her friends Elise, Lilli, Elyse, and others through this incredible study. It seems perfect for them & the title describes my girl. So thankful you are sharing this study!

  22. Kristyn Hubbard says:

    My daughter’s best friend, Emma!!

  23. Christal Coker says:

    My girls Ava and Ana

  24. My daughter Beka and her three friends, Katie, Adalyn, and Faye.

  25. My 10 yr old daughter Olivia

  26. My daughter Kiera will benefit from this study. She has a desire to help those that feel invisible and maybe this book can boost her confidence.

  27. Linda Neely says:

    I am going to do this study with my grand-daughter Briar.

  28. My daughters Kendall and Peyton and their friends Savannah, madalyn and Sophie ????

  29. My 9 year old daughter Quinn

  30. My 10 year old daughter, Riley, who is struggling to fit in to a new school as we moved out of state

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Such a hard time, Amy! May God’s word in Brave Beauty empower your girl to become brave as she steps into her new school.

  31. Stephanie Banks says:

    My daughter Bentley Grace. She will be 10 in August.

  32. I would have jumped at this chance years ago, sadly my daughter is in Heaven with her Jesus. When she was going into intermediate school and was slightly overweight she came home crying because she sat alone and was never picked to play. I told her when she went into the lunchroom the next day to find the other girl who was sitting alone and sit with her, I said look for the outcasts, the girl that is too skinny, too fat, the one who wears glasses…etc. Well to make a long story, short: at my daughter’s Home Going Celebration at age 27, the funeral home was packed with all her friends. As I looked around I realized just how many lives my daughter touched with her love like her Jesus for the outcasts….the invisible, they are everywhere. (one of her favorite songs “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath)

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lou Ann – THIS is the gospel. Thank you so very, very much for sharing your story of your daughter. The Lord was made famous through her life. Yes … this is exactly what we are talking about today. Raising girls who are brave, courageous, bold enough to see past themselves to see others, even if and even when they are the ones who are hurting.

      Thank you so, so much, Lou Ann!

  33. I should have not said sadly about my girl being in Heaven with her Jesus. She is singing and rejoicing and will be forever with her Lord.

  34. For my Zoe. thanks for giving us a chance to win

  35. Suzanne Calaway says:

    My sister, Cindy, who lost her 17 year old son in a car accident

  36. LauraLee Aguilar says:

    For my niece, Christina, a Fearless Girl from birth, changed by the circumstances of her parent’s relationship and divorce. She has a constant negative inpouring from her Father (the way he treats women, the way he treats her, the words he says) that have resulted in a myriad of fears. These fears have dampened her Spirit, and I desire to see all the muck of what is going on around her washed away to reveal that Fearless, Bright Girl once again. By Jesus’ Name (and studies like this, the inpouring of positive messages and the Word of God) this WILL BE DONE – Amen!

  37. My daughters – Gabrielle who is 11-years-old and Annabella who is 9.

  38. Amy Jo Medaris says:

    My daughters, Em, Cait, & Dee. Even though they are older, I think they will benefit from this especially if they have daughters of their own some day.

  39. My granddaughter Teagen

  40. Latrellle says:

    Cheyanne and Doris

  41. My beautiful daughter Kiera, 9

  42. My daughter, Lucille.

  43. ❤️My daughter Mikayla!❤️

  44. Cari Adams says:

    Freja, Nora, & Azure

  45. My daughters Kayli & Aubrie

  46. My granddaughter Hannah

  47. Ramica Branham says:

    My 9 year old Jada

  48. Tamara Regan says:

    I would love to do this with my daughter, Brie and my Mom, Jan.

  49. I would love this for an extra copy for one of my daughters friends!

    1. Sorry,my daughter Alissa will be doing it and possibly Ava, and Ashlynn

  50. joanna kearns says:

    Lavinia and Joanna Kearns

  51. My 8 year old daughter Laila.

  52. Nicole Smith says:

    My 11 year old Serenity. She needs this study!

  53. LeAnn Harbert says:

    My granddaughter Meah.

  54. Terra Heck says:

    I’d love to do the study with my granddaughter, Rahjae. Thanks.

  55. Kira Lee Martin says:

    My daughter Kirsten Emily

  56. I would love to do this study with my daughter!!

  57. Tanya Hernandez says:

    My daughter Tammy (almost 12). She is very strong in the Lord, but due the very difficult divorce we went thru her confidence is very shatter and she is very scare now. She is lost and sad. I would like her to participate in this study and get a free copy of this book if that is God’s will.
    Thank you so much, May the power of God takes you where the grace of God will protect you always,

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Tanya, I am so very sorry for the pain your family has experienced.

      Lord, I pray that You will do the healing and stabilizing that only You can do in and through Tammy. Be her strength and the rock she needs as she keeps moving forward with You. May she tangibly know that You are by her side. Amen

  58. My 13 year old daughter- Tessa.

  59. Megan tilley says:

    My niece karen.

  60. rachel klumpp says:

    My fusion group

  61. Anna & Halle, I know they would love the time we’d spend together reading it!

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