Fly Vern Fly!

Kite? Check. Camera? Check. Paddle lock? Check. With everything we needed, my family headed down to the water. It had been a very peaceful day and a trip down the beach was the perfect ending. As we locked up our bikes and headed near the gentle tide rolling in, Vern (our name for our kite – in this family everything and I do mean everything gets a name!) was tucked under our arm for safe keeping. “I’m not so sure there is enough breeze?” was Greg’s observation. There were no other kites out – maybe he was right. But I wanted to see Vern fly in the open skies. Taking the bag out, together we unraveled Vern, put in his support sticks and untied his beautiful long tail. We threw him up and watched him drift back down to the ground. “I don’t think there is enough wind?” were some comments. I took Vern in my hand, threw him up again and took off running. I was running, untwisting the string, holding Vern’s bag under my arm, trying to keep my camera from falling off my shoulder while at the same time being careful not to run over little kid’s and their sand castles. In this middle of all this struggle, (I am sure I was a beautiful sight with my lime green capri’s and brown and blue Sacony running shoes), I had smacked my lip with my hand franticly trying to undo the string . Again, Vern fell to the ground. My family came over, noticed my now bleeding lip and said maybe it was time to head back to the villa. Nope – I was going to try again.
This time, I handed off the things that were making this all even more difficult and threw Vern up again. Unhindered while running faster and untwisting the string quicker, Vern drifted up into the beautiful Carolina blue sky. He was up – floating away.
Isn’t that just how life feels sometimes? We are trying to take off – trying to do the things we feel God has called us to do or take care of those He has entrusted to our care and we just can’t seem to get off the ground! We take off running, all types of things hanging off of us and end up down with a bloody lip. Hebrews 12:1 encourages us. “
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”
In my life, my “kite bag” can be the opinions of others. My “camera bag” can be my own pressures that I put on myself. I need to daily, lay those down at Jesus’ feet, pick up my kite (whatever HE is asking of me – this day), and run as fast as He tells me to.
What are the bags holding you down? Have you run and bloodied your life? Share with Him (and me too, I’d love to pray for you!) your struggles and ask Him to help you fly.


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  1. Great thoughts, Lynn. Made me think of some things I need to let go of!

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