Pray About Everything…It Worked!

For those of you who prayed for me yesterday, thanks so much!
I was on my way to the bus stop to pick up Zach and thinking about how every birthday, Christmas and anniversary, I always feel the same way. What can I possibly get or do for Greg that would really let him know just how awesome I really think he is. Somehow I always fall short; while of course he always seems to come through. Ever heard of Pajamas Grams? That’s what I got for Valentine’s Day! Beautiful red, velor pajamas in the cutest wire package.
So…here I was praying again “Help me Lord! I am desperate!”. Then it hit me. The creative side of me that rarely lifts up its pretty little head had an idea straight from the skies!
Here it is:
I made Greg a board game. Mariah and I went to Wally World (what our family uses for Wal-mart) and grabbed some Carolina blue poster board. Mariah then drew a huge heart on it (think the game of LIFE). Each spot has something to win: Kiss from Lynn, Free car wash or a draw car. The draw cards are his real gifts: new dress shirt, smoothies, etc. Of course, the majority of them are for different pizzas all across Charlotte. I am so excited…I can hardly wait for April 10th to come.
Who ever had the wild idea that God is only interested in the “BIG” things. I really believe He can’t wait for the 10th to come too!
Happy Spring Break to all those living in Charlotte! May the sun and the Son shine down on you this week!


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