It’s another one of those mornings…time is flying away and my list of things is growing instead of shrinking. Have you ever noticed how stressed out you get preparing to go on a trip to rest? Seems so backward! Spring break…I just hope it is not me who is breaking!
Fortunately, I have learned that no matter how long that list is, it will be only more stressful if I don’t take some time with my Love, Jesus. The anxiety will increase, the phone will keep ringing (as it is this very minute!), and my mind will only swirl into tornado type force if I don’t come away from it all and ask the Lord for His guidance – for His Spirit to direct me to do today what He has for me.
I am sure Paul was familiar with stress…planting churches, mentoring new believers, planning mission trips all the while working away making tents. Yet, he encourages “Continue steadfastly in prayer…” Romans 12:12, “Pray without ceasing – day and night…” 2 Timothy 1:3
So, I need to pray when I am quiet…making the spinning world wait for awhile. Pray while I am rushing into the drycleaner. Pray about a great idea to make my husband know he is incredible on his 43rd birthday next week (now that is a hard one. Maybe the Lord will use one of you to give me some ideas!). Pray for His peace and guidance with real life hard decisions. Pray unceasingly and pray about everything – day and night.
When do you pray? How do you pray? I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your reminder, Lynn!

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