FREE Purpose Power Summit – Discover your purpose; pursue your passion.


Mark your calendars for Feb 26 – Mar 9th for the virtual Purpose Power Summit – Discover your God given Purpose, Pursue your Passion. I’m excited to be one of the featured speakers! RESERVE your seat & Claim FREE GIFTS


Join 20+ expert speakers as we share insight, knowledge, tips and training to help you step out and unlock your potential so you can “Uncover your God given Purpose so you can Impact the world with your Gifts, Talents and Story”.  #PurposePowerSummit @mimikacooney @themimikacooney



  1. Your website won’t allow me to register for the free Purpose Power Summit, which started Feb. 26 and ends on March 9. Is it too late to register?

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Ruth, when I tested the link, I didn’t have any trouble registering. Would you like to try again? Here is the link:

  2. Thanks for being willing to share your wonderful testimony and inspiring tips on the summit. I appreciate you! Many blessings

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