Walk in the Light (Guest Post)

Today I’m welcoming my friend Wendy Blight to share from her new Bible study on 1 John, I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God’s Love. Plus she’s giving away a copy to one of my readers below!


John wrote this letter, 1 John, to the church, to believers. He saw that many in the church were choosing to walk in disobedience, walking outside the freedom and fellowship they had gained at the cross. They were avoiding the light. Many immersing themselves deeper and deeper into sin and darkness.

I get it. I’m guilty of this. When I think certain thoughts, or behave in certain ways, hearing a sermon or reading my Bible can make me squirm. Why? Because light exposes darkness. The light of God’s Word exposes my bad behavior. It shines a light on what I desperately try to hide.

Living in the light requires that our hearts, our actions, our words, our thoughts, our values, and even our schedules align with God’s heart and His character, not with our sinful nature and fallen character.

Oh, how I fail at living in light … often. In fact, it happened smack in the middle of writing this study. Of course!

While writing this study, my husband and I took a trip to New York City. The second day found us stranded in a downpour near Central Park, blocks and blocks from our hotel. With everyone trying to escape the deluge, cabs were scarce. We ran into the closest store to wait it out. But the rain continued. We decided to go for it, running in and out of stores, jumping over and around puddles. Soaked from head to toe, my patience wore thin. My husband and I exchanged words. You see, I had suggested heading back as the first dark clouds rolled in. My husband disagreed and persuaded me to stick it out. So, “I told you so” hijacked my heart. My words grew harsher, as did his. And then, I stepped over the line. You may know that line. Part of me wanted to take them back. To grab his hand, look in his eyes and tell him how sorry I was. But the other side of me … the dark side … reasoned how valid my words were in response to his. Guess which side won out?

You guessed it!

We walked into our hotel room and sat in deafening silence. For hours, no words passed between us.

As I sat staring out the window, my eyes wandered to the bedside table. The light from the lamp illuminated my Bible. The words I’d been studying on light and darkness flooded my mind. Sorrow engulfed my heart. I walked over to my husband, touched his shoulder, peeked my head around his, looked in his eyes and asked for forgiveness. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t. The illumination of God’s Word penetrated my heart and melted it. My heart ached that my careless words had hurt my husband so deeply.

And although it took a few hours for my husband to fully surrender his hurt, he did. We enjoyed the rest of our time, experiencing the exciting sights and sounds of New York City, sans any more rain … or darkness!

Friend, we all sin. Every day. Many times a day.

Does that mean this whole light and dark thing creates a forever barrier with God? Can we ever have true fellowship? Can we ever stand in the presence of God fully comfortable, fully welcome?

Yes! Absolutely, yes! We can be comfortable in the presence of a holy God. John reminded us of this in verse 7 when he said the blood of Jesus purifies us from all unrighteousness. You see, God doesn’t require sinlessness … in fact, that’s impossible. Only Jesus is sinless.

God doesn’t require perfection. Only Jesus is perfect.

I Am Loved, a Bible study on 1 John by Wendy Blight.

God simply asks for repentance. When we repent of our sins, He forgives us fully and completely.

I love The Voice translation of John’s words in our passage for today, “walk step by step in the light.”

It’s a daily walk. But, we don’t walk alone. We walk with a loving, forgiving Father who empowers us through His Holy Spirit. He invites us to walk in the light. And at times we may take a wrong step away from the light toward darkness. This misstep may interrupt our fellowship with God.

But, the good news is, we need only turn our hearts back toward our heavenly Father and ask forgiveness. He waits with open arms!


I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God’s Love is for every woman who craves to truly understand, walk confidently in, and live out God’s unconditional, extravagant, lavish love because His love truly changes everything. Watch a sneak peek of the Bible study and download a sample week’s lesson for free here.

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Wendy Blight is a wife, mother, author, Bible teacher, attorney, and writer for Proverbs 31 Ministry’s First 5 app. Her desire is to help every woman know with confidence she can tackle any problem life presents through God’s Word. Wendy is the author of I Am Loved, I Know His Name, and Living So That Bible studies, and Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. She lives with her husband, Monty, in Charlotte, North Carolina and loves most when her two children, Lauren (24) and Bo (19), come home to visit and fill their home with lots of love and laughter!




  1. Loved your message today on light and darkness. Its a walk everyday, and also a battle. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Patty!! So thankful it connected with your heart.



  2. What a wonderful reminder of God’s grace! I’m excited to read the book.

    1. Yes! It’s such a gift that we can always count on God’s grace when we mess up! Now, I only pray that I can extend that grace more consistently. 🙂



  3. I can totally relate to your NYC story. Living in light can be challenging but it’s always so much more life giving than darkness.

    1. Stacy, I agree. Living in the light often requires a sacrifice of self. But, it always brings great blessings and rewards!!



  4. I am so thankful for this study! Living in the light is a soothing and refreshing way to start the day!

  5. Gina Morrison says:

    This would be wonderful for my women’s Sunday School class to study. This is just what we’ve been talking about.

    1. Love how God’s timing is perfect! Thank you for considering this book for your women’s study. I originally wrote it for my Bible study girls here in Charlotte. That’s the first place I ever taught it!!



  6. Joyce Snader says:

    Thank you for sharing about your trip with your husband. I lost my husband a little over 4 years ago… oh how we wish we could pull words back in to our throat before they escape. I need to be reminded of the dark and light this morning. I’m facing a dark situation, I need strength to remove myself from. I am trusting God everyday for my every breath and step but I still fail. I believe your study would help me search for the light side of my life with encouragement and strength.
    Thank you,

    1. I’m so thankful the Lord drew you here to meet you as you are walking through this difficult situation. He is so faithful that way!!



  7. alyson foy says:

    Ah yes, just yesterday I was asking God to be with me as I had a difficult task to get thru. Now I have to turn it into a habit to every day ask God to walk with me whether it’s a good or bad day. I will walk in the light of God.

    1. It is baby steps, Alyson. Walking in the light doesn’t happen over night. It’s a step-by-step walk. But God is faithful to walk with us each step of the way.



  8. Marlene thorn says:

    I am so thankful that Jesus loves me

  9. Alicia Buratti says:

    Oh my sweetness this was for me! In fact my husband called me this morning explaining his hurts and frustrations I caused! Oh my gulp!!!!!! That’s exactly what my throat did when he was speaking ? knowing my darkness and dark words caused his hurt made me gulp. I then sat here worked up and saddened by my behavior. I apologized but still feel like poop knowing I can be so cruel. So thank you for your honesty and openness ??

    1. Alicia, I love how you took in your husband’s word, humbled your heart and apologized. That is the first step to transforming our heart and to walking more and more in the light!!



  10. Your words touched a chord deep in my heart. Thank you for reminding me that our God is a forgiving God. Beautiful message.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I needed that reminder as well today, Pam!

    2. So thankful God spoke to your heart through this message. Your words are answered prayer for me!! I need to be reminded all the time to keep my tongue in check. 🙂



  11. Jessika Hoover says:

    This is, if I’m being honest, a daily battle for me. So thank you for the much-needed reminder of God’s grace!

  12. Oh, I loved the message in this post today. I cannot wait to do the bible study.

  13. Maureen Keim says:

    I would love to have this for me and my daughters to do a study on!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      It would be great to do in this setting, Maureen!

    2. Maureen, we have had several moms and daughters do this study together!! Lots of questions in the study to engage good discussions and also offers some prayer time together as well. 🙂



  14. I appreciate your honesty. I have been on both sides of saying I’m sorry and surrending my hurt. I regret the time wasted and the joy lost. With God’s help we can keep trying to do it right.

  15. Great Ecouragement. I have always given 1John as the first read for New Readers of the Word.

  16. Walking in the light, taking the next step towards it – not around it or away from it! Love this message and can’t wait to read the book and do the study.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I completed it, Faith, and it is so good!

    2. Faith, first I LOVE your name! It’s beautiful. Second, in the book we talk about how walking in the light really is a step-by-step journey. And sometimes it’s two steps forward and one or two back. But, God walks with us. We will be successful in our journey because He is leading!!



  17. Diane Nichols says:

    I like how you give a personal example. That makes it seem more real and doable. Walking step by step in the light!

    1. I’m so thankful my story made you feel that way!! Sometimes hard to share those “ugly” moments in our lives.



  18. Anna Walker says:

    Great post. I’ve been writing a speech for our local MOPS group, and it includes some verses from 1 John. It would be great to do an in-depth study of that book. Love the vulnerability in your post today.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much for investing in MOPS, Anna! I loved that organization when I was a mother of preschoolers and was blessed to speak at a group last month.

    2. Anna, I never did MOPS as a young mom, but I so wish I had. What a gift you are to those moms with your heart for Bible study. It’s only 5 chapters so it’s a short study, but it’s an in depth adventure through the book. It has a video too. The sessions are 15-20 minutes. May God bless the work of your hands and heart as you serve these women.


  19. Oh how I needed this today – thank you. Would love to read the book!

  20. Wow! Blog hit close to my heart, I fail to walk in the light with my customers. I work as a cashier at our local grocery store on weekends. And also with my family. And so want to live loved.
    Thanks for sharing

  21. Wendy Wilson says:

    What a great reminder to be careful with my words! And be the light!
    Thank you for sharing!

  22. I am loved is something I need to be reminded of daily as my marriage is in a very difficult place where hurtful words have been said and isolation has become the norm for us. We are staying committed to each other but it is a struggle each day. Letting go of the past and pushing forward to a new day and a new marriage is our goal….walk in the light so we can once again be happy, joy filled, and in love.

    1. Sarah, I love your heart to want to change things in your marriage. And, I’m proud you stay committed in a world that often doesn’t. I pray God does a mighty healing work in your marriage as you walk in obedience to His Word to make your marriage the very best it can be.



  23. So good to hear these words and to remind myself that I am Loved by God. I have to repeat that every day as some of my circumstances also repeat to me that I am judged and not worthy of love. I claim God’s love for me through Jesus Christ.

  24. I definitely needed to hear this today. I am an exhausted mom, full time employee, wife and housekeeper and my patience is worn very thin lately! Good reminder of what’s important

  25. A much needed message for me this morning…thank you Lynn! I would love to read Wendy’s book, “I am Loved”. I need to walk more confidently and feel more joyful in my midlife age. Hubby and I are now empty nesters and just feel that I need to care more for myself and spread joy to others on a day to day basis. Thank you for your blog and sharing the love of Christ to all these magnificent hearts. ♥️

  26. I Am Loved – I need this reminder daily. Thank you.

  27. Jacqueline Taylor says:

    Is there any other way BUT to Walk In HIS Light! I don’t believe so, other than to fill your life with destruction! Then asking, what was my purpose here? I choose HIS LIGHT! Life is too short. Thank You, Lynn, for this Beautiful message today! I pray all who have read your message, will make that choice! God Bless & keep them coming! ??????

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I am so very thankful for Wendy Blight bringing this message to us today, too!

  28. I really needed that. We as women put so much on our selves and expect so much out of us, that we or maybe just me forget that we are not perfect. Jesus is perfect and is wonderful loving Savior. That would be an awesome Birthday gift, but I haven’t one anything on here before. But I’ll be so thankful to be 47 son the 26th of this month. Thank you so much for all of your love and beautiful work.

  29. Delores McPherson says:

    Thank you for the reminder that Jesus doesn’t expect perfection; He is perfection. May I rest in His perfection, and walk in His light and live out His love.

  30. God is speaking through you today! Thank you!

  31. Michael T Fowler says:

    Life at times makes us believe we are justified in our actions because we think we are not loved by anyone.. I would love the study to learn what God’s word has to say about,” I am loved.”

  32. What a beautiful story of love and forgiveness! It is so easy to walk in dark and try to forget the light of God’s word, but He is so good and always manages to show us just what we need to see or hear to turn back to Him, if we are listening.

  33. Anne Lewis says:

    Thank you for your transparency and sharing the passage from the Voice.
    The devil wants to keep us separated from God and living in condemnation. Thank you for reminding us of the power of His light and love to illuminate our sin, bring conviction, repentance and loving restoration.

  34. Sarah Mitchell says:

    What a wonderful reminder of how to live showing Christ’s love! All too often the “I told you so” wins out and creates an even bigger problem. Thank you for sharing this story today.

  35. WOW! I really need this today! Thanks!

  36. Amber Stephens says:

    Great message! Excited about the book.

  37. Thank you for your honesty. Needed to hear this…..every day is a struggle.

  38. What perfect timing this post was. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing. I’d love a copy of your book. Thanks for both the sneak peek and the giveaway. Have a blessed Easter season.

  39. Thank you for this beautiful and timely post. I struggle every day with severe generalized anxiety disorder and my anxiety tends to stem around the mistakes I’ve made and the screw ups. God knew I needed this post today to remind me that everyone screws up but He still loves me unconditionally and that won’t change.

  40. As I continue to walk through many trials over the pass several years that seem to have no end in sight, I press into Him. He is the only way that I have been able to do the things that I have had to do. I would love to have this book.

  41. I so enjoyed this, today. I will be sharing it with my friends.

  42. Oh how I can relate to those dark times in relationships. I’m finally learning to let the light into all aspects of my life.

  43. This post was a great reminder that we don’t have to be perfect or sinless for God to love us. He is the Light that is needed in this dark world. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message of love and forgiveness.

  44. This was very eye opening. Very simple but very hard thing to do. Can’t wait to read the book.

  45. This really touched my heart. I don’t even have words but God is AWESOME!

    1. I love when God does that! He knows what we need just when we need it. We’re honored to be the vessel He used to speak into your heart today.


  46. I can definitely relate to that. I have been working on breaking some footholds lately, and I’ve noticed now that I only fall once every week or two, the day after I fall I have a really bad day. Before, it had been too frequent to notice the connection. But now that I’m not in the dark constantly, I notice it when I go back.

  47. I thank you for your encouraging words. I struggle with saying the wrong things. Walking in the light and asking for forgiveness!!

  48. Kaye Willett says:

    It is a daily walk and God is there to take the walk with us. We just have to take his hand.

  49. Alana Morgan says:

    This lesson of Light into darkness never gets old! Thank you for sharing your heart and thank you for the opportunity to get a copy of the book and teaching video!

  50. What a beautiful encouraging word for all of us! I would love the opportunity to win the book and teaching video. Thank you!

  51. I needed this today. I have hard long days caring for my Mom. This reminds me the Jesus is with us.

  52. Thank you. Life is full of ups and downs. Jesus was sinless and no matter how hard we try we will never be completely sinless. So thankful Jesus arms and our Father’s arms are always welcoming us back home.

  53. What a great reminder! Thank you for sharing!

  54. Erin Osborne says:

    That blessed my heart… I sure needed that today! Thank you!

  55. Michelle Driessen says:

    Thank you for sharing the guest post by Wendy Blight. What an amazing reminder to always look to the light of the Lord in everything we do, no matter how simple, difficult, challenging or whatever life may be.

  56. Angie Blocker says:

    This really spoke to me. I recently came back into the light and Every time I make a mistake, I worry about disappointing God. I need to remember that I am only human and Jesus is the only perfect one.

  57. Cathy Cummings says:

    This touched my heart in the most perfect way, thank you!

  58. Lynn, what a sweet community of women gather here. I’ve enjoyed reading through the comments. Thank you for hosting me today and sharing my new study, “I Am Loved.” So thankful to do ministry with you.



  59. What a great reminder that we need to continuously walk with our hearts directed toward God and ask his forgiveness.

  60. Cari Adams says:

    This sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  61. Debbie Robinson says:

    Hi Ladies, Thank you for the honesty in your blog post. No matter where we are God’s word is true. Thanks for encouraging us to take the daily steps to stay by his side, be repentant, be guided by his Spirit and aware of his mercy and love. Needing guidance for wisdom in family situations here in Sydney Australia. Thanks Prov 31 team!

  62. Enjoyed this read today. This week God has been speaking to me about this very subject. As I have been walking in a troubled marriage for years, God has been showing me how much He loves me and how He loves me even more than my marriage. He is interested in me – the “one” gone astray. He is asking me; “Does your life reflect who “I” say you are and do you believe it?” It’s been hard to look on my broken life and reach down and see my worth. I know I need more of the Light of His goodness and grace to shine through this broken vessel. I am learning to walk in His promises. Darkness is the absence of light not the other way around. Great is His faithfulness to me, a sinner.

  63. Hi Wendy! I seriously loved this book! You are so awesome, God has blessed you with such an ability to touch so many lives. I love you!

  64. Your NYC story could be my story, more times then I care to admit in 48 wonderful years of marriage. Thank you !

  65. Julianna Rowe says:

    Thank you for the reminder. God has really been speaking to me lately about forgiveness. The book sounds lovely.

  66. Erica Hernandez says:

    I love that verse in the Voice translation – step by step! If I just focus on one step at a time, it’s not so overwhelming.

  67. Peggy Harris says:

    I loved your article. I want to walk in the light.

  68. Leisa Buchanan says:

    Downloaded the sample and can’t wait to finish my current study to get started!!!

  69. I love this article. Thank you!

  70. I am struggling with this problem. I need to remember the Father is with me not just in the good time but also in the bad

  71. Thanks for being so transparent…life with husbands are really tough. 😉 I know! I’ve been married 43 years and it’s still very difficult at times. I’m so thankful for His Holy Spirit that keeps us in check. I’m so thankful Jesus is so faithful and never leaves us. But instead gives us strength and wisdom of His Word to push through the darkness and lets us know over and over how much He loves us. This new bible study sounds awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win (and share it)!

  72. Janis Sears says:

    I really was blessed by this devotion. I work with a girl who is Muslim and I am trying to be a light to her, but it has been hard because she is much younger than me and she is my boss. I could be her grandmother. I need prayers for her and especially for me, that my love for the Lord will shine through me. Thanks for your prayers. Janis.

  73. Whoa. Step by step walk in the light. Put so simply, yet it hit me like a ton of bricks…I needed this.

  74. Martha Springer says:

    Wendy, Thanks for the beautiful reminder that I don’t have to be perfect, and when I mess up I just need to be quick to repent and receive God’s forgiveness.

  75. Walking in the Light is not easy. What peace I feel knowing that my God is perfect, loving and so forgiving. Thank you ladies ❤ ❤ ❤

  76. What a blessing to read your words! I want to live more in His light than ever before and share Him with other hurting women and let them know there is hope no matter what they’re walking through!

  77. Thanks. This was the perfect post / reminder that I needed today.

  78. Thank you for this post. This sounds like such a beautiful study to share with my Bible study groups. The message of forgiveness is such a timely one for me as well. Thank you again.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I have done it myself and it really is a wonderful study, Lori!

  79. I can’t begin to express how badly I needed to read these words. Thank you.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      God’s timing is always perfect!

  80. Wendy’s Bible study book on I John is very good. Such a good message of love and light and forgiveness.

  81. I would love to learn how to live feeling loved and walk in that love daily. I think that would fix quite a few of my fears, issues, and social reflexes and would improve my conference and correct alignment of values and desires of my heart. I think some of the mistakes in my past were probably caused by the fact that I was seeking love from people around me rather than feeling confident and content in God’s love for me.

  82. Terri Septer says:

    Would love to read this book! I have a secret sister group at church that I would share the dvd study with as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  83. Lately, my husband and I have been arguing more than normal. I loved reading Wendy’s book I am Loved, maybe I need to go back and review it again. The act of saying I am sorry is something that is so worthwhile. Blessings Diana

  84. I am in a dark situation right now, but will trust that His light will shine in me!
    Thank you for your encouraging words!

  85. Sounds like a wonderful book, thank you for the opportunity!
    Loving all the blog posts. I look forward to my emails ☺️

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