Free to Be

Freedom: the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.

Freedom is a defining word for me. A word I want to understand fully this year. I word I want to live.

Freedom: not confined by Lynn and my human limitations, but instead free to be an expression of my amazing God and His revolutionary love.

David spoke in faith on this God-given freedom: “I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.” Psalm 119:45 NIV

Caught by surprise, I discovered in the original language freedom means spacious, broad, roomy; not exactly how most Americans would describe Christians. But spacious, broad and roomy is exactly what He has for us. Where we are able to go about life with space to breathe; to be an expression of God every day. This spacious place is found not into doing more that I want, but in seeking His direction. Obedience brings margin.

Since He is not a God of chaos or disorder, when I follow His orders He brings freedom. He causes the things He has not called me to do or to be a part of to fade in the background.

Freedom in the past didn’t appeal to me. Being busy, overwhelmed in fact, made me feel important. Running around quieted the voices of insignificance that screamed inside my heart. But the more I found my completion in simply being His girl, the more His freedom became the thing I cherished.


I need your freedom; the ability to move about in life without being drive by compulsion or emotions.

For today, I choose to seek Your direction and Your order to experience Your freedom.
For today, I choose to allow my expections to fade enabling my family and friends to walk in a spacious, broad, and roomy place.
For today, I choose to walk in freedom, not cluttering my life with me and my agenda, but having room and space to be led by your Spirit.
Thank you, Jesus, for giving me what only You can give…true freedom.




  1. Being busy, overwhelmed in fact, made me feel important. Running around quieted the voices of insignifance that screamed inside my heart.

    This paragraph you wrote was hard for me to miss. This kind of honesty is rare.

  2. Linda,
    Thank you…I think :).

    Once after I was done speaking, a woman came up afterward and said, "It was so nice to have a speaker come who doesn't have it all together." After she said it, she realized how it came out. I took it as a compliment.

    We're not perfect. Might as well face up to it!

  3. Not too long ago, I also discovered that freedom means spacious. Spacious has always been one on my favorite words. "But You have set my feet in a spacious place." Christ offers us spacious living conditions but it's definitely a choice we need to make everyday. Nice post!

  4. Eileen,
    Spacious is what we need isn't it? We space and room in our lives to make MORE room for Him and His presence and less space for stress and hurry.

    Thanks for commenting!

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