In the Know: Investing

“You need to start investing for your future right now.” That was some wise advice Greg and I received when we went through marriage counseling. To a couple of twenty year olds, the future seemed so far off; yet we took the advice and started putting away ten percent of every paycheck. The amount seemed so small, but as the years went by, we began to see the fruit of our investment.

Our children also need to be invested in right now. Whether they are toddlers or in their senior year of high school, each day we have the opportunity to pour God’s truth into their hearts. Many times, it is informal. A discussion about gossip that happened at the lunch table. Sharing on how to set boundaries when a friend posts something mean on FaceBook.

Other times it is formal. Each morning I read a devotion to my daughters while they eat breakfast. Currently, we are going through “Crash Course” by Daniel Darling; a great foundational book. In the past, I have taken a weekend and invested by taking them to a retreat.

Would you consider investing in your daughter this year by hosting or attending a “His Revolutionary Love” conference? I will be speaking at several churches around the country in the coming months. Please check out my schedule here. (If you receive this by email, please stop by my website at and click on speaking schedule). On my site, you can see the various topics I speak on as well as watch a video on my talk “His Revolutionary Love”.

If I’m not in your area, would you consider sponsoring a conference? I still have some weekends open this spring and I would love to come to your community! Just contact Kelly Langston at Proverbs 31 Ministries at [email protected]. She’ll be happy to help you get the ball rolling!


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