When I Am Free…

“Mom, the dog won’t come! I think she has run away again.”

Uggg….This was MY time. Why should I have to take care of the dog? I never wanted her any way! These were the stinky thoughts in my brain last night at 9:30 p.m. After spending the day doing the “have to’s” I was enjoying a few minutes of “want to’s” and I didn’t want to be interrupted!

As I got up off the couch, my daughter asked, “What is wrong?”. She might as well have been the Holy Spirit Himself. What was wrong with me?

My problem…me.

Do you ever suffer from the Me Syndrome. I sure do; often in fact. If it doesn’t help or benefit me, I really don’t want to do it! I guess that is why Galatians 5:13 jumped off the pages.

“You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.” (NIV)

Ouch! That really hurt! Freedom is given so I can serve. Ok, Lord, so where do you do want to free me so I can serve? Here is the short list of what was downloaded to my heart in a mere two minutes of asking that question:

When I am free from ambition, I am free to serve with a joyful heart.

When I am free from selfishness, I am free from irritation.

When I am free from jealousy, I am free to rejoice in good things in the life of another.

When I am free from judgement, I am free to pray for others from a pure heart.

When I am free from expectation, I am free to enjoy whatever life brings.

When I am freed from controlling others, I am free to see God do the miraculous.

When I am truly free, I will see the Kingdom of God at work in my life.

Friends, I just cannot tell you how desperate I am to see the Kingdom of God come in my life in 2011. Desperate people take desperate measures. I have to pursue Him this year in an abandonment like never before. I have to; I want to be free…free of me.

Do you too want to be free? Free to find total and utter completion in Jesus? What steps will you need to take in 2011 to make that freedom a reality?



  1. Wow. This was an amazing post. Right now, I have things going through my head that I need to do. And if I don't do them, I tend to get annoyed and angry.

    I do get annoyed myself when I get interrupted when it comes to finally having some me time, as well.

    Thanks for giving me the perspective on how to look at things.

  2. Michelle,
    I think we all have these feelings at times. I would love to see the day when I no longer have the feelings. Right now I am just shooting for the right response to those feelings…
    Thanks for commenting, Michelle! Happy Friday!

  3. Wow, Lynn. These are powerful words. They really spoke to me. I tend to get upset with my daughters after a long day of doing, doing, doing. The holy spirit just showed me how irritated I get if they want to talk and all I want is quiet. Oh Lord help me to get rid of the selfish me!

  4. Kim,
    I have two teen daughters who attend different schools. As a result, I do car pool twice a day for each of them. I have noticed lately that the car is very quiet. I have been thinking, "This is the one time of day that you have with them. Engage!" but…I am tired!

    Holy Spirit, give us Your energy. Show us where we are expended energy where we should not in order to have more for the family we love! Amen

  5. Todd timmerman says:

    Lynn – great blog, so well thought out! I am going to print it and keep it handy!

  6. Thanks Todd! I need to review these often too! They are my go to scripts when my mind is spinning…

  7. This is a beautiful post Lynn. Seems like it should be in a Hallmark card or something. I am printing this out to hang on my fridge to remind me, to be free. Like you, that is my hearts goal this year. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This was such a God-word for me today, thank you for being sensitive to His gentle voice.

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