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Behind the Scenes


Hello Friends!

I want you to know how honored I am to walk with you as you invest in the girls in your life. When I hear stories of the small groups you have started and the intentional ways you are pouring truth into your daughters, I hear God answering my prayers!

For those of you who have the desire to connect even further, I want to share with you a new group: the Behind-the-Scenes Team. The Behind-the-Scenes Team is for moms and youth investors; a place where we can share ideas, truth, successes and the failures we have learned from. As the group leader, I will invest in you with occasional videos, special teachings, and opportunities for us to meet in person as well as news of upcoming new projects! My assistant, Bonnie Wallace, will be helping me as we get our new group off the ground!

We will officially start our group on Thursday, October 3rd, but we would like to start getting to know you now. Hop on over to our Facebook Group Page, introduce yourself, and tell us a little about the girls in your life. We can’t wait to meet you! Just click on the “Behind-the-Scene Team” to get on our team and then head over to Facebook by clicking here:

Behind-the-Scene Team Facebook Page

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