Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Keep Parts of Your Heart a Secret

If you follow your students on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Snap Chat…(when does it end), it’s easy to follow each detail of their sometimes roller coaster lives. Girl flirts with boy. Boy returns the favor. Girls spills her guts to said boy. Boy breaks up. Girl spills more – only this time it is pain. This scenario isn’t just girls; it could easily be reversed.

Because youth now have access to each other non-stop, the “getting-to-know” period is now on steroids. A girl and guy can literally know everything there is to know about each other in just a matter of days. This lack of “becoming a couple” positions our students in a place of extreme vulnerability. Yesterday they were strangers and now they hold another’s deepest and darkest secrets.

When two people spend large amounts of unhurried time together, it builds relationship. But when they cram that unhurried time into too short a time period, they also build a false sense of safety. The new hotter-than-hot relationship turns cold incredibly fast as one of them discovers there are thing they didn’t know; and don’t like. Similar to standing outside in a snowstorm without gloves, your student’s heart is now completely exposed to whatever may ensue.

It is imperative that we teach our youth to guard their hearts; it is their greatest asset.

Carve out some time to get alone with a girl in your life; teach her how to guard her heart!


Looking for a resource to help teach a teen child in your life to have her heart filled by Jesus, not a boy? Check out a sample chapter of “His Revolutionary Love” at Just click on “books”.


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