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magnetic announcement

It’s done!

I just put my John Hancock on my contract with WaterBrook/Multnomah for my new book and I am busy writing again!

While I have a title I’m in love with, publishers often have some great ideas, so we’ll see what the published title will be.

This new book will equip teen girls to understand and live out the Spirit-controlled life that not only honors Jesus but helps a girl achieve her goal of being more attractive to guys by nurturing irresistibly magnetic characteristics from the inside out.

Here is where you come in!

Think of the weddings you have attended in the past couple of years or a great couple you know that is engaged.

If you were to ask that guy what drew him to his girl, would his answer include her character traits such as patient, kind, or gentle?

If so, I want to hear his story!

Do you know a girl who lived a life that honored Jesus waiting for Jesus to take care of the guy part?

I want to hear her story!

Do you have a young man who would love to give his opinion on what a godly guy really is looking for in a girl?

Have him write away!

Give them a call; send them a text. Whatever way you can, please have them get in touch with me. Thousands of teen girls are waiting to be encouraged; needing to know that while they work on the inside (their heart becoming more like Jesus), Jesus is more than capable of taking care of the rest!

You can contact me at [email protected] or on Facebook at Lynn Martin Cowell.

Thank you so much for helping me and empowering thousands of girls to choose a life that honors Jesus!


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