{GIVE AWAY DAY} – 15 Ways to Become Great by Serving

Lord, create in our hearts the hearts of servants. May it be all about You and not about me.

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“Jesus says that to become great in His kingdom, my family, beginning with me, must do one thing: become a servant. Yes, becoming great has to do with accomplishments, but not the type of accomplishments I may be thinking.

Great accomplishments to Jesus are acts that come from serving others.”

When culture shouts greatness comes from educational, occupational or relational success, it can be more than hard to combat that with the truth of what Jesus tells us, “

“Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.

Whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave.” (Matthew 20: 26 -27)

Let’s today encourage one another to do just that: become great at becoming a servant!

15 Ways to Become a Great Servant 

  1. Volunteer at church together.

  2. Do a neighbor’s yard work.

  3. Read to an elderly person.

  4. Pick up without complaining.

  5. Babysit for free.

  6. Walk a pet.

  7. Take a meal.

  8. Wash a car.

  9. Pay for a meal.

  10. Pick up a child from school.

  11. Unload the dishwasher.

  12. Give an elderly person a pedicure.

  13. Plant flowers.

  14. Shop for groceries.

  15. Clean a toilet.


You might have noticed that each of these things were very, very simple; most of them a child could do! That is exactly the point. Sometimes, when we think of serving, we think of a missions trip overseas or making meals at the rescue mission. While these are great, they aren’t things we can all do.

I once heard someone say:

All can pray. Many will give. Some can go.

Today, I’m giving away a bronze bracelet from one of my favorite organizations that serve people: Fashion and Compassion. The Charm Dangle Bangle is made of solid bronze & is handcrafted in a metal workshop in rural Mexico that empowers the local community & helps keep families together.

I am also giving away a copy of Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants because a beautiful girl is a girl who exemplifies the fruit of the Spirit and is a servant. Confidence isn't something you are born with; it's Someone you live for.

To enter to win, please share in the comments below if you are on my site (or on my blog at www.LynnCowell.com if you receive this by email) and share another serving idea. And if you’re in a hurry, just say “I’m in!” I will announce the winner later this week!

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  1. Madi West says:

    Thank you for the encouragement, timely as always!

    1. Nana Diane says:

      Years ago working as a nurse in a large care facility I heard an expression that said people don’t hug/touch old people anymore do they? Or something similar. It got me to looking around and noticing how true it was. I am a person that loves touch. So now I’m a hugger. I hug old people and young people. If you look around you and pay attention there are a lot of people that look like they need a hug. Nothing feels better than a good hug. We can be God’s arms as we reach out to hug others. You may be surprised just how good it feels.

    2. Lord help me to see where I can be a servant to you and others in my family and community. There is so much worry, fear, anxiety, depression, insecurities in my life and now I’m seeing this in mmy children. Lord help us break these chains and live in freedom. Lord help us find out fit, something we can do that fits our abilities and makes a difference in other people’s lives. If we see opportunities to serve and focus on you and others, life is so much more worth living.

    3. Great suggestions on servanthood. Everyday we should seek opportunities to serve others and glorify Him! I’m in Lynn!

  2. For the past number of years I have been fighting anxiety and depression. I have poor self esteem and get very frustrated and upset in situations I have difficult controlling or understanding. Since finding the church I am attending I have found the very best medicine it to serve, to be kind, to smile, to offer encouragement, to go the extra mile for someone without expecting anything back. It does not cost a thing yet the benefits are amazing.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes, Jen! It is the very best medicine! Getting our mind off of us and on to others. Didn’t say it was easy; it is in fact difficult. But it is good!

    2. Kim Wiggins says:

      Hi Jen
      I am new to this blog. I can relate to your struggle. I have been battling fear, anxiety and depression for some time. Although most people would never know. I’ve kept the struggle between just me and God. I am just starting to reach out to other women. I’ve kept myself very isolated when it comes to sharing my battles. Although I am active in my church, I have found it difficult to find women I feel I can trust with such sensitive stuff and so I’ve managed to do life without any real friends. Not where God wants me for sure. I am finally reaching out and building some relationships. God has taught me much in our time alone but He has also shown me that I have to have others to feed into my life. To be His hands and feet here to menjustbkike I’d like to be to those around me. I absolutely agree that serving others is one of the fastest ways to real freedom. Glad to be a part of this community:)

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Welcome, Kim! Through our family’s struggle, I am learning a lot about the need for people and vulnerability. For way too many years the church has ignore internal struggles that no one can see. With God’s help and healing, I hope to be a small part of changing that!

        1. Kim Wiggins says:

          That is awesome Lynn, and thank you- God has really put it on my heart as well. I believe it is those areas that we struggle the most with ourselves that build in us the capacity to have such compassion for others:)

    3. val kisamore says:

      Pick up a few groceries for a shut-in, make a homemade craft/card/jelly/dessert to surprise a neighbor, copy off a spring-cleaning list and do a room for someone who has physical limitations, volunteer to sort donations at a goodwill or other second hand store, smile and say something affirming to a stranger…

  3. Drive your kids around-without complaining!

  4. Debbie Ritchie says:

    I am bringing a meal to a co-worker tomorrow. Thank you for the reminder that it is in serving others like this that we become great. It does not always appear ‘important’ enough.

  5. Reba Brown says:

    I’m 54 years old. I was once a drug addict for 18 yrs after my husband died. I’ve been clean for almost 9 years. the Lord brought me to my knees. He had another plan. I now help care for my three grand kids, I live here at my son and daughter in law because of they way they work, I also take care of the house. I never saw myself doing this. I saw myself with a career, a home of my own, and money to care for my needs. The Lord had another plan for me. I’m also in a lot of pain everyday because of a wreak that woke me up. God is healing me of this and also my depression that started 25 years ago when my husband was killed at 35 years old. I didn’t look at what I was doing but I do now. Helping others. Thank you for helping me realize that maybe this is my purpose for now, I want to help do more for others. If it is his will. Pray for me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      It is a beautiful purpose, Reba! Just the other day I was thinking how I wish I had had grandparents who were involved in my life. What a gift you are giving to your son’s family!!

  6. Reba Brown says:

    I messed up on my Email earlier. I accidently put a ! after my girls1. My boys3my girl1 is correct. I sent a post earlier before this one. I hope you receive it.

  7. I love this list! Thank you for reminding me how simple and easy it is to serve. I would love to win the book or bracelet!!

  8. Tracey Malone says:

    I’m in. Powerful message to start the day and remember to serve

  9. Marta McCullough says:

    What you said is so true. Many times we feel like we have to accomplish great things to be a servant. But, look at Jesus’ life. He was a true servant. If I could only deny myself and completely follow him!

  10. Sarah Abel says:

    I found your site through Proverbs 31 Ministries. My plan to serve is to spring clean the house. Hard to do with 3 daughters and not usually on the top of my priorities, but a super clean, organized house is one way my husband feels loved.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Let’s get our girls involved, Sarah!

  11. Susan Lee says:

    An idea for serving: take someone to do their errands.

  12. Meredith Langhorst says:

    Have your child reach out to another child typically alone at school and invite them to sit at their lunch table. Including one another at this some times dreaded hour of the day can go along way
    I’m in

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Love this challenge, Meredith, for our kids!

  13. Susan Lee says:

    Take someone to do their errands.

  14. Tara Robinson says:

    I’m on your blog. I like to start my husband’s and teenage daughter’s car for them on really cold mornings. Get the heat going so they will be nice and warm when they leave for work and school.

  15. Karen Pope says:

    Bake bread to bless someone else.

  16. I would like to serve Jesus more and not myself,even on the altar of my heart.

  17. Donna Sanders says:

    What a wonderful reminder of what Jesus sees as greatness. I pray that my family members would all have servant hearts.

    I’m in for the giveaway of the bracelet and the book. Thank you for your generosity.

  18. Candace Banks says:

    Help a friend clean a room in her house

  19. Julie Dunworth says:

    Mow someone else’s yard.

  20. Thank you Lynn for such wonderful insight with your new book “Magnetic”. I would enjoy winning a copy to give to my teenage daughter. I have told her similar things you have stated in this book however sometimes kids tend to listen to someone else other than their parents. I remember when I was in high school my best friend Amy would tell me the same thing my mom would tell me and who would I listen too….of course, Amy. Thank you again for your encouraging words. ~Lisa~

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yep – I did the same thing and so did my girls! Our girls need to know that true beauty is more than a face in the mirror – it is the fruit of the Spirit shining through them. Thanks, Lisa!

      1. Amen !!! Very well said 🙂

  21. You can invite your elderly neighbor over for supper.

  22. Write a thank-you not to someone in your life telling them how much you appreciate them.

  23. Great blog❤️ I’m in!!

  24. Mandy Eley says:

    Do the grocery shopping for a busy mom/friend/neighbor.

  25. Bake a cake for someone getting out of the hospital.
    Give compliments to people .some just need a kind word.

  26. Take your children to a nursing home. The residents love the sight of a younger person. Never fails to bring a smile and the hugs, well they are a ministry to all both young and old.

  27. Offer to run an errand for someone.

  28. Use your talent (home repairs) to fix something someone can’t pay for.

    I’m in and I love your post today. What a great reminder that we need to purposefully serve others and let go of putting our wants first.

  29. I am the brownie “queen” at my church! I love to bake them and deliver them warm to my neighbors.

  30. Give your attention. Often times I take for granted when my child or someone else is talking to me, maybe because I’m tired or I’ve heard something before, but I notice a difference when you give someone your attention, look that little two year old in the eyes and really listen to them tell you about their pretty pink castle they’ve built. It makes all the difference and by doing so you are also serving and paying attention to HIM.

  31. Serve and deliver drinks during fellowship time at church.

  32. Provide transportation for those who can’t drive

  33. Be a friend to a lonely neighbor. Sit and listen.

  34. Volunteer at your child’s school. They get to see you working to help others.

  35. Cook dinner and take it to someone who recently is home from the hospital.

  36. Help pick up garbage around your neighborhood. Not glamorous but can be fun for adults and children and help beautify your neighborhood for all.

  37. Working full time with 2 kids, I get caught up in what needs to be done over volunteering. There are many different places in our church that need volunteers.

  38. Bake a treat to share with coworkers .

  39. I’m in!! Found you from P31 devotions that I have emailed to me daily.

  40. Take a meal to someone. Take your kids with you when you deliver it.

  41. Provide snacks/meal for the church staff during the many services during Holy Week….we are doing this! 🙂

  42. Do laundry for a mom with kiddos
    Do some “maid” services
    Invite a widow/widower over…especially during the holidays

  43. Love this message. My idea: Regular visits with residents at a nursing home

  44. Lots of ideas…. Prepare a meal for a family who has been displaced. Give them clothing and linens or whatever they need. Help a single mom – a meal, a kid break, an ear to listen and share. serve meals at a shelter or other facility who serves the poor, needy or homeless. It’s almost spring – help someone who cannot… Clean their yard, plant flowers, give them joy in the season. Pray for those who are struggling in whatever that is. Keep a watchful eye for those in need – opportunities are every where. and the list goes on. 🙂

  45. A great way that I’ve found to serve is to give someone the blessing of my time by truly listening to them. It means I have to stop what I’m doing, put down my to-do list and be a good and invoked listener if a friend calls, or if I strike up a conversation with the person in line in front of me at the grocery store. We neglect having involved conversations in our society today and this is a great blessing to the other person.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You got me on the line in the grocery store, Laura. Put down your phone, Lynn! (That’s me talking to myself!)

  46. Diane Vredenburg says:

    Lots of creative ways to serve: volunteer at your favorite non-profit or church, make a meal(s) for a single parent, host a free car wash, put coins in machines at laundrymat, write to a prisoner. However the Lord leads and where ur heart gets tender that’s the area you could serve at. Or think of how you’ve been (or would like to be) served and give in that fashion.

  47. Pick up essentials and medicine for a mom who can’t get out after being up all night cleaning up after her child with the flu, and bring her other child an activity bag of items to keep those little healthy hands and mind busy, away from her sick sibling, and to give mom a moment to rest in between scrubbing carpet and washing bedding.

  48. Erin Bormes says:

    I’m in! I love to serve with food… Meals, cookies, bread, etc

  49. Visiting a dear elderly lady from church.

  50. At work: do the thing that people always leave for someone else to do like refill the copy paper, clean the coffee pots or wipe up spills in the kitchen.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I LOVE this one, Rosanne! What glory to God in the little things!

  51. As Jesus transforms our “head knowledge” of Him into “heart knowledge”, it becomes easier to see ways to serve those around us in our homes, our neighborhoods and our churches. I’m in!

  52. Visit a shut in. Share the family’s FB photos.

  53. Visit the nursing home and spend time talking with the elderly, they are so lonely.

  54. Janice Fontenot says:

    I really enjoy reading your blogs and post. Very encouraging. Thanks for being an obedient servant of the Lord.

  55. While out on your daily walk around your neighborhood take a plastic bag like the one from the grocery store and wear a plastic glove and pick up ant pieces of trash that you see. It helps keep the neighborhood nice and clean and you get
    A little extra exercise in by bending down

  56. I really feel that serving God will lead to great things. I’m very thankful for all I’m blessed with. But I really want to learn more about God’s word and to dig deeper on how I can serve Him better. Such a great message to start my day. Thank you

  57. Such a good reminder today that simple acts can do so much! Pay for the person behind you in the drive through or send a quick text to someone saying you are praying for them!

  58. Valerie Smith says:

    This devotions is “right on time” for me! Years ago as I was praying these words flowed from my lips,”Please give me a true servant’s heart”. Little did I know then of what I was truly asking. To do this you must have a “tender” heart. And for most of my life I’ve felt I was “too emotional”, things touched me too much,etc. But praise God, just this morning through your devotion I’ve realized the reason why! God has been creating my “true servant’s heart”. How awesome, I don’t have to feel embarrassed or apologize. I am so happy to know this. Thank you,thank you.

  59. Great word! Lord help us to be a blessing to others and in doing so that they may see you. Help us to serve others regardless with a servant heart. I would love either gift.

  60. Frances Bobbitt says:

    Thank you. I really like the list of serving ideas.
    It’s a great place for us to start.

  61. Leigh Doran says:

    Volunteer as a coach.

  62. Just take time to listen to a mom who needs to know she is special. Many military families have spouses who are deployed for months and just need encouragement and some big hugs.

  63. I love serving through small groups. To connect with women and have the privilege to pray for them and fellowship is amazing!

  64. Ask God that you will see others as he sees them…you will be amazed at how your view changes–and the many opportunities to serve that come across your path. Living in today’s fast-paced life, we go through our days with blinders on. There are so many ways, big and small, to serve, volunteer, touch another life. We just need to see through His eyes and then be willing to be used.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Doing that now, Bev! Father, help us to see – really see those around us who need Your touch through our touch today. Open our eyes to see what we normally miss, God. Amen

  65. Jennifer McClure says:

    “I’m In”…I always want to serve, but have over committed myself with false servitude. When I step back and look at why I am doing many of the things I have committed to do, it was for selfish reasons…I want to be praised for something, I want people to notice me, I want my kids(and myself) to be accepted more. It’s not that the activities in themselves are not service (coordinating field trips for teachers, baking committee for special events, shut in, and staff appreciation, etc). It is that it was not directed by God and my heart was most definitely not serving to God’s glory, only my own. I believe at this time, that praying for others and calling/emailing/texting encouragement to the many sick and shut in around me is service that I can do to God’s glory as I learn to discern the seeping in of pride vs the voice of God.

  66. Thank you. Yesterday my teenage daughter left home. I found myself praying all night for my child. However, I wasn’t sure if I was uttering the right words. Thank you for your ministry.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      KB – there are no right words! God sees your heart and hears your heart as you pour it out to Him. I am so very sorry for your hurt. I have been down this painful path too, my friend. It may take a long time, but I believe God is faithful and will draw our children to Himself.

      Father, we cry out to You this morning. Do what only You can do! Bring us to Yourself as we praise and pray. Draw our children to You, whatever it takes God. Amen

  67. Kimberli Fondren says:

    Speak an encouraging word to someone, even when you feel down yourself.

  68. Make cookies and take to a retirement facility. Spend some time visiting with the residents. Thank you for this encouragement!

  69. Mindi Gaut says:

    Thank you for the practical ideas to serve others! Always trying to model this for our 4 children. It is greater to give. Blessings.
    Mindi Gaut

  70. Cynthia Brown says:

    Giving blood. It’s easy and can help many with one donation.

  71. I have always been a “do-er” and a “give-er” and this devotion hits home for me, especially now that my husband has been diagnosed with ALS and every day tasks become much more harder to attain. Sometimes the most simple ‘act of service’ is a friend asking me how my day was, or asking if they can just simply come sit with me, or my husband, and allow me to talk, unload, pray with me, or sit with my husband which allows me to then accomplish something I needed to-without having to juggle 3,478 items at once. Lend an ear. Be Kind. Say, “hey, is there anything I can do for you today?” Blessings and hugs to all. 🙂

    1. Hi Becky…I feel for you…I can relate as my hubby and I have been caregivers for my m-i-l with Alzheimer’s for the past multiple years…being a caregiver is very draining, physically, mentally, emotionally. Yes, it is the small acts from others that can make a huge difference. Sometimes just knowing you are not forgotten is so important as caregiving can be an isolating thing. Hugs back to you and may God bless you and your husband as you find your way in this journey.

  72. Take my Grandma out to lunch.

  73. Teresa Bivins says:

    Take and stay with an elderly neighbor/friend to a doctor’s appointment. Stay with them to help explain the medical terminology that sometimes can be quite overwhelming. We all need others, especially those who don’t have family around. Thank you for what you do!

  74. Recently we were at the beach for my daughter’s Spring Break from LU. We checked in, only to realize our lodging was overflowing with Spring Break College Kids. They were very rowdy, to say the least. We had stayed at this location many times before, but never had we encountered the noise levels, or the language we heard in the elevator, the pool side, or beach.
    As I was walking on our hall, by the rooms one day, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to buy donuts for the two rooms filled with the students.
    The day I left, I woke early to go to the local Donut shop and left a dozen at the door of each of the two rooms. I left them anonymously with a note on each one. In the note I said I was praying that they would remember Christ this Easter, and to pay this random act of kindness forward. I ended it with John 3:16. I have no idea how this impacted the recipient. I continue to pray. So, what started as thoughts of “these students are rude and loud” ended with me listening to the Holy Spirit saying to reach out to these students. It felt great to serve.

  75. I Love teaching Sunday School and doing our Summer Faith Camp at the Ymca! I think the kids “teach”and serve us adults as much,if not more than we do them. 🙂

  76. Ashley Ford says:

    Volunteer at a soup kitchen or at a homeless shelter/women’s shelter. People who are there need to know they are loved and need to see God’s love.

  77. A way I like to serve is to offer rides to those who either can’t or are uncomfortable driving.

  78. Amy Joyce rogers says:

    The act of a simple smile can be enough to turn someone’s day around. Thanks for the reminder. I need to reinforce this idea with my kids.

  79. Thank you for sharing this. My pride also often gets in the way and I want what’s best for my kids. I will encourage and model serving for my family! I pray, above all else, that my children will have a relationship with Jesus and serve others. Thank you!!

  80. Some things my family does are make cards or draw pictures to put the boxes or bags of food that the food pantry gives out, collecting items for soldier care packages, the pregnancy assistance center, or the local animal shelter in lieu of birthday gifts, and collecting trash off the walking paths in our neighborhood.

  81. Kris Freitag says:

    We are currently gathering the supplies to fill operation Christmas child shoes boxes. Fun and service!!!!!

  82. Cathi Nichols says:

    For years I volunteered in AWANA and youth group, I still help out with Wednesday night dinners and I am in choir – I am the secretary for the choir too.

    My 14 year old started helping out with the younger kids when she was 12. Wednesdays she helps wherever she is needed and Sunday’s she normally helps out with the kindergarten-2nd graders and she is helping coach an upward team this year as well. I love that she has the heart of a volunteer.

  83. Kendel Driggers says:

    I’m in! 🙂

  84. My daughter works in a nursing home. The people there are so lonely. So we adopt ones without family into our family. We celebrate birthdays and holidays with them.

  85. My 13 year old watches younger children during our small group meeting.

  86. I love your list…. Another idea is to write a letter of encouragement or to say thank you.

  87. Michelle Armbruster says:

    Clean out a refrigerator for your parents. Did this yesterday!

  88. Tiffany R says:

    Lead a small group at your church.

  89. Make cookies or bread or brownies for someone for no reason.

  90. Serving others also comes by being an example to others and being encouraged by others. I was asked to help serve at our church and because of the simply act of someone asking me (that I was worthy to serve others) I now encourage others to serve. I also see that I have set an example for my kids through actions. My daughter could have stayed at a sleep over this past weekend but instead joined the rest
    of us to sing at the local home for the elderly. So proud that she chose to serve our wonderful God who has given so much to us!

  91. Linda Pollitz says:

    Thanks for your words of encouragement Drop off a can of soup and bread and a note of encouragement to a neighbor who is ill…let them know you are praying for them

  92. I’m in! Love to bring meals to new moms!

  93. Kenna Middleotn says:

    What a blessing this was to me this morning. Last week was a difficult week in many ways for me. The message at church yesterday could not have been more appropriate for me and your words this morning come at exactly the right time. Thank you for sharing your words and for blessing the beginning of my day!

  94. Our family sings and plays instruments. (Gospel bluegrass)
    We go once a month to sing to a group at a nursing home. They look forward to us coming.
    That is an idea for others, you don’t have to sing. If you go with a smile and arms to hug, you can be a blessing.

  95. Thank you for the reminder my fifteen year old daughter is always looking for ways to bless others and feels she doesn’t always fit in. She will share hand written bookmarks with verses to remind people of Jesus and his love. I would love to bless her as she is at that challenging age where she questions everything about herself and I want her to know how loved and special SHE is! Thank you for sharing your heart. ❤️

  96. The challenge I need….putting feet to my faith. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  97. April Oakes says:

    So encouraging! Just writing an encouraging note to someone letting them know you are praying for them and thinking ok them.

  98. Tricia Underwood says:

    I’m so thankful God has blessed me with a “servant’s heart”, and occasionally I’ll see bits of that personality come through in my children (boy/girl twins that are now 12 years old), however, I’ll admit- it had come as quite a challenge to me that this same heart does NOT come automatic for them. That’s why I sooooooo appreciate this list for ways children can serve!! I know God has gifted them with their own gifts, and I want to help nurture those, but I do believe serving is foundational to being a Christian. For example, I see my son with such a gift of Godly wisdom already and my daughter has a gift for worship and the arts! Yet, without love…without serving in love, I’m afraid all else we do might be fruitless (1 Corinthians 13:1-3). Thanks again for these suggestions for serving. Thank you for all you do. Praying for you and your ministry!!

  99. My daughter and I took hot chocolate and donut holes to the road construction flag people this weekend. There are definitely opportunities all around to serve and appreciate!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I have never thought of this! I love it! At Christmas, I put out cookies for the delivery people. That was fun!

  100. Dawn Barnett says:

    I was read your devotion on encouragement for today and found your website and blog.

  101. these ideas are so great that even the kids can do and feel a sense of value. I know my kids have servant hearts but right now our church needs prayer and an overhaul for change if we want our church to grow. The old bitties don’t like change and it’s sad. Because of a few old stubborn ladies we are losing our children and youth which our future leaders. so this list is great for me to still instill servanthood into my children….. thanks so much for this……

  102. Stefanie Aumann says:

    Be a good listener, pack a lunch, make a bed, teach someone something new.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Ohh – I love teach someone something new. This one can take patience!

  103. Cyndi Beasley says:

    Put a cart away for someone on your way to the store.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Cyndi – I like to do this one at Aldi and then they don’t have to put a quarter in to get one for themselves.

  104. I’m in; there is a young lady in our student ministry I’d like to give this to.

  105. Bake some cookies for a neighbor?

  106. Katherine Young says:

    I didn’t grow up learning to serve others. In fact, we were inadvertently taught to be selfish. I hate it and want to change, but it isn’t easy after all these years! I would love to read your book!

  107. Julie Strama says:

    What a great reminder that serving doesn’t have to be complicated! I think being a good way to serve. Listening without judging! Don’t be quick to offer advice. Just listen.

  108. Speak love to someone today that is hurting. Give them a hug and hold them tight. Encourage them with your peaceful loving words.

  109. Christine says:

    Offer to be their driver to their medical appointments.

  110. Sharon+C. says:

    I used to be in a group called RSVP (Retied Senior Volunteer Program). I loved volunteering and sharing time with other ladies. We’d meet at 8 am. Then we pieced together lap quilts for Veterans and eat lunch before we went home. We did that every Tuesday. The programs funds got cut so they had to find a new place to meet and get started again. I got sick and had several surgeries so I had to quit. I’ve missed it so much. The feeling of peace and accomplishment in doing for others is indescribable. Once a year we would take all the quilts we made and take them to the closet VA Hospital. I have been thinking about doing it again and you just reminded of how important it is to not only feel useful but be useful. Thanks..

  111. Alicia Harrington says:

    I have found that taking the to stop in my day and call someone who missed church or someone who is sick and check on them. Take the time to listen and visit with them. Taking them a meal when they are not feeling well speaks volumes to their spouse or loved ones. Just simply sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

  112. Great devotion, thank you! I need to pray more and pray better for my family.

  113. Help your child’s teacher.

  114. Mildred Colas says:

    Two weeks ago we found out that my younger sister was bleeding on the left side of her brain due to a birth defect she was born with and not even my our mom knew about. The one thing that has gotten all through with her suffering with severe migraine and the two part surgery was prayer and faith. At times, she would text me how worried and afraid she was and my response to her has always been the same… Pray and have faith that Jesus got this, His will will be done. I would love yo win a copy of this book for her to read while she’s in recovery.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord – please continue the healing you have started in Mildred’s sister. Hold them up and they continue to put their faith through their prayers in you, Lord. Amen

  115. Robbie Schuchard says:

    Help do yard work for someone, a new mom, an elderly person. etc. I have gone and shown young moms how and when to prune their shrubs. Not only am I an
    Ble to help with a task, but I am able to encourage them in the Lord.

    1. Gracie Esensee says:

      Clean house and cook for someone who is sick .

  116. Volunteer at a Christian based non-profit – including some homeless shelters. Find out exactly what they do, what are their biggest needs, and how can you help show compassion/share God’s message through giving your time and other resources.


    I have struggled lately with the reality that it seems easier to serve coworkers, neighbors, or even strangers without complaining but when it comes to my family i seem to struggle with serving them without complaining or feeling unappreciated. So i think alot of great ideas to serve in our community are donate a meal,clothes, give an elderly person a ride to a doctor apt. etc but just as important for me is to remember to pick up after my kids or help them with their homework and not complain or rush through it but rather realize this is what mothers are called to do for their children when they are young and it is an important opportunity to serve and be a blessing everyday.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I struggled with this very thing this weekend, Danielle! As an empty-nester, two of my kids came home from college this weekend. They don’t expect me to make breakfast, wash their clothes, but I do. Then I get mad about it! So embarrassing. I need a real change of heart before they move home in May!

    2. Ditto! It is a true effort some days to remind myself that serving my family is working for the Lord! Especially difficult, but even more important reminder when my family does not acknowledge my efforts! Thank you for the reminder to do more, with a smile! (-:

  118. Put groceries in the car for a mom who has her hands full with a baby and/or young children.

  119. Two acts of service our family often does are:
    Bring a meal to an elderly neighbour.
    Bake banana loaves and gift them. We bake a few at a time and then decide who we will gift them to. 🙂
    Thank you for the other ideas. They are all wonderful!

  120. Write a letter of appreciation and encouragement to a deployed service man/woman.

  121. Write an unexpected “thank you” note for another’s act of kindness or sacrifice, or for just being a friend.

  122. Also love to visit at the nursing home, have read the Bible, written letter letters and taken home clothes to mend. I am blessed probably more than they are!!!!!!!!

  123. Serving and being reminded that serving is the heart of Jesus never gets old:)

  124. Thank you; a real blessed affirmation this morning! Made me think of a favorite song Servant King by Graham Kendrick…
    This is our God, The Servant King
    He calls us now to follow Him
    To bring our lives as a daily offering
    Of worship to The Servant King

    There in the garden of tears
    My heavy load he chose to bear
    His heart with sorrow was torn
    ‘Yet not My will but Yours,’ He said

    Come see His hands and His feet
    The scars that speak of sacrifice
    Hands that flung stars into space
    To cruel nails surrendered

    So let us learn how to serve
    And in our lives enthrone Him
    Each other’s needs to prefer
    For it is Christ we’re serving

    We bring our lives to you
    A sacrifice for you
    In view of love so true
    We are changed, renewed

    Yes & Amen!!

  125. Do housework for someone who is recuperating from surgery and may have physical limitations for a time.

  126. Take an Easter egg or eggs to the Salvation army or the church which will distribute them to the poor.

  127. Have people over for a meal! Don’t wait for the house to be ‘in order’. If cooking isn’t your thing, pick something up at the store deli or restaurant; I don’t understand, but having people over and sharing a meal builds relationships!

  128. Sue Pauler says:

    Sing in church, volunteer in the nursery or to teach a Sunday school class to give the every Sunday teacher a break, collect the offering, help with church bulletins. Offer a friend a ride, wait with someone who is waiting for a parent to pick them up, but they’re running late. I love this because it gets you thinking about what each one of us can do, and all of us can do something. Maybe your gift is crafting, crocheting, etc. Thank you for this!

  129. Angela H. says:

    When I’m approached by a homeless person in the community where I live to buy them a cup of coffee or a meal, I tell them, “Absolutely, but you need to come into the establishment with me.” I then take that time I’m waiting in line with them to talk to them – hear their story. After they’ve received their meal/coffee, I ask if I can pray with them. I always get a “YES!” Makes my heart so happy to serve in that particular way.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I have heard over and over again that the thing that those without a home crave the most is for someone to look them in the eye and speak to them. This is beautiful, Angela!

  130. Mary Ellen Parks says:

    Walk an elderly neighbor’s dog.
    Sit with an invalid to provide respite for his/her spouse.
    Pray, pray, pray!
    Provide transportation for someone who doesn’t drive.
    Make the bed.
    Take flowers to someone who is having a difficult time.
    Give lots of hugs.

  131. Thank you for sharing and serving! An example for us.

  132. I’m in! I make prayer shawls for our prayer shawl ministry at church. Any time I’m sitting, I’m creating one. As I crochet or knit, I am praying for the recipient so this Keeps me praying a lot!!

  133. Mary Lou Court says:

    Babysit for a young couple so they can have an evening together to nourish their marriage.
    Take fresh flowers from your garden to someone in the nursing home.
    Have an elderly person or couple over for dinner or take to a movie.
    Give an elderly person a new hair style or color to brighten their day.
    Take someone to the park to feed the ducks or walk around the lake.
    Grocery shop for someone and pay the bill.
    Wash someone’s car.
    Take someone’s pet to the groomer ( a working couple or elderly person)
    Write a kind note to someone you admire.
    Let your church staff know how much you appreciate them. Include kitchen staff and maintenance staff.

  134. My daughter and her friends volunteer at our local animal rescue league…going there has also opened the door for us to develop new friendships with people working there and people who want to join us…both of which have created additional opportunities to serve. We also enjoy doing “random acts of kindness” for people we don’t know, like holding a door, helping an elderly person lift something heavy (dog food), or placing coupons by an item in the store for others to find (with a tract telling them about Jesus)…and last one, we LOVE to send “Happy Mail” (a small trinket or item to let someone know we were thinking of and praying for them) and often pray that it makes the person getting it feel happy and loved when they receive it, out of the blue…we try to decorate/color/paint the envelope to be bright and cheerful, too 😉

  135. Beth scarbrough says:

    Thank you. ..how simple!

  136. Katherine says:

    I’m in! Thank you for your encouraging words!

  137. Beth Brown says:

    Offer to fold the church bulletins for the church secretary. She will appreciate it!

  138. We can serve by giving a simple, sincere complement. Everyone needs encouragement and kind words.

    (I’m in)

  139. Maria Soriano says:

    My son goes every other Wednesday with his football team to play games with elderly women a a retirement home. I have elderly neighbors that I get their paper for them and retrieve their garbage cans. I also ask my son to mow their lawn and shovel their snow when he’s doing ours. I’ve given rides and just tried to be helpful whenever I can. Teaching my hildren, including my younger one to help and hold doors open is always a pleasure.

  140. I’m in! Great thoughts to start the week off!

  141. We all can serve in many ways, everyday. It’s in the small things, not just the large. It all makes a difference & sometimes we don’t realize how much. Let God lead you & use you in others lives.
    Right now my recently divorced sister & her 4 young kids are staying with us. Everyday is a challenge, but also an opportunity. My two daughters are witnessing & also learning to serve others through this too. I would love to win the bracelet for my sister & the book for my 14 yr old daughter.
    I found this giveaway from your Facebook post. This is one of my favorite pages & blessed me almost daily!! Thank you for having a servants heart & blessing others!!! 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You make tears come to my eyes, Danielle! Again, I have to check my heart when it comes to social media. Why am I doing it? Lord, may it always be to encourage and bless others and for NO OTHER REASON! 🙂

  142. Send cards in the mail for birthdays or just to encourage! In a world filled with technology, people still love to open their mailbox and get something personal!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      That is SO true! Nothing warms my heart like a card!

  143. Beth Brannan says:

    I can serve today by sharing this message with everyone the Lord places on my heart!

    (I’m in!)

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you, Beth! We’re better together!

  144. When I drop my kids off at school in the mornings, I challenge them to look for ways to show God’s love – smile at someone, say good morning, help someone when they drop their pencil box, listen to their teachers, use good manners, etc. Simple things but it encourages a servant heart. When I pick them up in the afternoon I ask them to share when they showed God’s love that day.

  145. Tricia Underwood says:

    I’m so thankful God has blessed me with a “servant’s heart”, and occasionally I’ll see bits of that personality come through in my children (boy/girl twins that are now 12 years old), however, I’ll admit- it had come as quite a challenge to me that this same heart does NOT come automatic for them. That’s why I sooooooo appreciate this list for ways children can serve!! I know God has gifted them with their own gifts, and I want to help nurture those, but I do believe serving is foundational to being a Christian. For example, I see my son with such a gift of Godly wisdom already and my daughter has a gift for worship and the arts! Yet, without love…without serving in love, I’m afraid all else we do might be fruitless (1 Corinthians 13:1-3). Thanks again for these suggestions for serving. Thank you for all you do. Praying for you and your ministry!!

    Oh, I forgot to say, I get your emails…and an idea we do to serve is write “thinking of you” cards for elderly widows in our church and I call them, as well, on a weekly basis. We pray for them as a family each night, and we offer to help with anything they may need around their homes (my husband helps now their yard, if needed, etc..). Praying we are planting seeds for this group of people that Jesus spoke of during His ministry on earth!

  146. BRENDA WHETSELL says:

    The task of serving and knowing what to do feels overwhelming,
    thank you for the encouragement and for reminding me that a simple
    thing done with love can make the biggest difference to someone in need.

  147. Breanna Groover says:

    I want to be your servant Lord! I’m in!!

  148. I’m in! Great post.

  149. I’m in! Your list is incredibly simple, yet can prove to be a challenge for some. Thanks for the encouragement to begin this beautiful week!

  150. Amy Lyon Smith says:

    As a mom of teens who is a “still at home” mom, I often feel as though I’m just going through the daily grind of cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. This was a great reminder that it is a blessing to be able to do those things and I should spend less time grumbling while doing them!

  151. I’m trying to focus on giving people sincere thanks/appreciation (ie. thanks for X) and encouraging people sincerely (ie. you have really neat kids b/c X, that was a great idea b/c X…)

    thanks for the reminder that simple is so important and effective and neccessary!

  152. What a great reminder of how our children need to be great in Jesus and how they aren’t a reflection of what we want but what God wants for them.

  153. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder to serve. It’s not only what Jesus modeled for us over and over, but it does reveal the condition of our heart. I want to have that kind of heart and to be a light to my children to show them that one of the greatest things we can do is to serve others.

  154. I’m in. Thank you for your words today!

  155. Laurie Lett says:

    Simple errands go a long way. In fact, I saw on a cooking show last night where a baker said to use KISS as in keep it simple sweet. I am a baker at a bakery store, and I often pick up trash that people leave on floor that I could have left behind for janitors to do that…but we are a team.

  156. You have shared wonderful suggestions for ALL of us to serve. Our children learn to serve by watching what we do more than hearing what we say. I appreciate the simple suggestions, that don’t take a lot of creativity but sure are welcomed by those on the receiving end. I’ll add another amazing way to serve; pray for someone and then write a note of thanks to them and let them know you’ve prayed for them. When we thank and pray for others, in an old fashioned note, we add brightness to those on the receiving end. The receiver feels blessed and will pay it forward in attitude and action!! Thanks Lynn.

  157. Nancy Freeman-Cruz says:

    Mentor someone and be available when they need help or are struggling.

  158. I am in. Thank you for sharing this post. I so want my children to be leaders . . . as I read what you shared I question myself as to why. Knee jerk reaction was a reflection on motherhood. No!!!! I want it for their benefit that it is not to look great be to be a reflection of the LORD’s work in their lives.

  159. Love, love these ways to serve!! Thanks for sharing, Lynn.



  160. Yvonne Whetzel says:

    I’m making a dinner meal for a woman who drives her 2 yr old for chemo treatments from 2-5 days per week. She has an10 month old baby too. He is taken to the babysitter when big sister goes for the treatments. The mom is so brave and suffers from Lupus. God is giving her strength needed.

  161. Amanda Williams says:

    I’m in!!!! Offer to bring in an elderly person’s mail each day! To those that have a hard time getting around, this makes a huge difference. Please they appreciate seeing you!

  162. I am in. This post was just what I needed. I struggle with my adult children’s behavior feeling like it is a reflection on how well I parented them. They have both been making some choices that broke my heart and left me feeling shame. I am praying and trusting God. He knew I needed this post today! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      It’s a struggle for sure, Lora, but we have to remember … they are their own person. We can pray and ask for forgiveness were we have messed up as parents. We have to stand in faith that just as Jesus drew us to Himself, He will draw our children as well!

  163. Jenna Rhodes says:

    This was a wonderful post. I have very much a servant by heart, and serve in many different ways. I tend to get frustrated when others don’t step up and serve and get bogged down. But I need to focus on WHO I am serving and WHY I am serving…. Not WHO ISN’T serving.

  164. I’m working on serving my mother in law. I could write a book on WHAT NOT TO DO AS A M-I-LAW but just this week I made the decision to serve her along with my sister-in-law who is just like her.

  165. Amanda Neal says:

    By serving our own family in a different way or mind set. I recently lost my job, which we believe was a divine intervention. I had missed a lot of work due to various illnesses of my 4 kiddos and myself. We believe God wanted me home caring for my own kiddos rather than other children. A usual Gods plan is always bette than our own I’m more at peace and my kids say I’m less grouchy. Gotta love brutal honesty. And now I’m able to serve in an additional role in our Awana program and take on our VBS program. All of which I couldn’t have done successfully while working. God is good!!

  166. Marlene Freelon says:

    Thanks for the list. It remind me of the message I heard yesterday.

  167. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions on how to serve. I would love to be entered into the drawing it would be a blessing for my daughters.

  168. Peggy Clement says:

    Buy groceries for needy family.

  169. I’m In
    Pray the word

  170. Debbie Parker says:

    I knit winter hats and we put a water bottle and some snacks with it and a card my church printed that says “God loves you” and info about our church and we give them to the homeless people asking for food.

  171. Amy Johnson says:

    Pay attention to a friend’s favorite coffee or Sonic drink. Busy moms never have time to schedule a time to sit down and enjoy, so pick it up to go and surprise that friend who is having a tough day. It may mean enjoying a 10 minute Coke and conversation waiting in the car to pick kids up after school! But what a blessing it is for both!

  172. Volunteer at a food bank.

  173. Thank you for the simple but meaningful ideas!!

  174. Jaime Hilliard says:

    I’m in!! I send a daily scripture to a friend who needs to be uplifted. I also share them on my FB along with the Daily Devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  175. Kim Porter says:

    Thank you so much for this post! Many times I find myself feeling insignificant because I’m not going out on missions trips or serving others on a grand scale. Reading this reminded me of my grandma’s advice several years ago that smiling at strangers is an act of service…a gift that costs nothing, requires little effort and spreads like wild fire!

  176. Johnette peck says:

    Thank you for this devotion today. I struggle thinking that I don’t do enough, so I love your list. It showed me that I do actually serve more than I thought I did.

  177. I do believe in serving and having the attitude of a servant. I was in a work situation that I was not happy in especially since the other workers weren’t as nice as they could have been to me. To solve the situation God led to be a servant. I did things the other workers did not really want to do. I was cheerful and helpful. Some of the workers did start being nicer. I worked there about 7 months. Since I am now back in the area where I worked, I have seen some of these workers from time to time and they have all been nice.Lord, thank you for letting me be a servant.

  178. Thank you for your reminders to help us truly live according to God’s plan and not ours. Serving others in love is a blessing for all.

  179. My heart is so full and yet overwhelmed at the same time! Your ministry-A God send-FOR REAL SISTER! I am currently finagling(s/p??) through raising (with my husband) a 12 and 8 year old daughter. Not being raised in a Christ-centered home but becoming a Christian as a young woman allows me to see what I want that is different for my girls because of the Lord! I am praying for wisdom from God’s word on how to guide my girls in seeking Him first and then all the other stuff that comes with these amazing girls: God confidence, purity, modesty, social media etiquette, friend choices… All of it! I must be honest- I have already purchased this book for my daughter and one for a friend of hers. Tonight they start meeting with a young woman from church to read/discuss it together. Realizing that it will be a great read for me as well. I may have to borrow it from her when she’s done. Thank you for your ministry Lynn- oh how Inwould love to sip coffee with you one day!

    1. Realizing too that I did not put down a way to serve… I have been looking around us to see how our family can serve together. We have a single Mom of two boys who has just moved in next door. This weekend we will be doing our own yard work and are going to do yard work for them as well while we are at it.

  180. Jen Balkey says:

    Thank you!! This is my prayer for myself and others!! More of him, less of me. How transformed this world would be!

  181. In service…I’m in! With all the blessings I have I look forward to giving each day – God is so good to connect the joy in our lives to doing for others…it is the gift that keeps coming back.

  182. Denise G. says:

    Thank you Lynn for your post today.
    Timely and insightfu indeed! Will be sharing it with others for sure.
    Have a beautiful blessed day everyone serving wherever God leads you today!

  183. Blair Lynn Sprouse says:

    We pass out ziplock bags with dried fruit, a jar of peanut butter, plastic silverware, crackers, a napkin, a juice or milk box. Any toiletries that we have gathered. Sometimes we have single servings of coffee, crystal light or something similar. Depending if I have baked over the weekend, fresh baked doodies are also give. We keep these in our van and pass them to those standing on the corners. The joy my children have on Their faces when they pass a bag just melts my heart!❤️?

  184. Gaylene Carpenter says:

    Truly listen to others when they are speaking; listen to an older person as they tell a story for the 100th time as if it is the first time you are hearing it. Take your Ipad or laptop and show one who has no computer, such as an older relative, pictures of family members.

    Hold the door open for others.

  185. Angie Lloyd says:

    Our teen/young adult girls group went yesterday to visit with a couple of the elderly ladies at our church. It was a great experience for the girls and the ladies!

    Love the bracelet. I already have a copy of Magnetic, which I bought for my daughter, so would love to gift a copy to one of the other girls in the group!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much for being an investor in the next generation, Angie! You’re my hero!

  186. I am in! I need to learn to be a better servant. One of the biggest stresses in my life and in our household is the fact that I get so bitter about having to clean up after everyone all the time. I have 3 daughters and a husband who do not clean up after themselves. I get so stressed out about having to nag and tell them constantly to pick up their things. I need to let some things go and just be glad I have a family to make a mess.

  187. Planning to do a yard cleanup with my daughter today…..your message is one I have been desiring to get scross to my children and today is the perfect day to start. Thanks for the encouragement and the “push.”

  188. Jennifer Nixon says:

    I am one of 5 parents who attended my daughters preschool parent meetings every month. And myself and my 4 kiddos are part of the monthly family clean up day at the preschool as well. I donate clothes,toys, games, books, movies and food down in the community laundry room here at my apartment complex. We’re in need at times but there are many whose need is greater still.

  189. Thank you Holy Spirit for the message you have Lynn the courage to share. I pray that all of us will be touched and be better women seeking God first because of it.
    I want to get a Boaz which means i need to be more like a Ruth…a servant for You! Not them.

  190. Savannah Hutchinson says:

    I’m in

  191. Thank you for the reminder. God has been laying this very thing on my heart lately. My daughter just got back from a mission trip to Haiti over spring break and God has been speaking to me. I think that is amazing and believe God called her to do this, but I believe He is calling me to do the “small” things here in my community.

  192. Tania Maree-South Africa says:

    Oh,there is so much one can actually do,to help out here and there and not expect money in return.Many old people are in old age homes and many donot even get to see their families on a regular basis because they live far out or families do not want to visit them. Go to an old age home and bring an elderly person to your home to visit overnite ,to interact with your own family,so that the person can still feel being part of a family.Elderly people get lonely ,even if they are put into old age homes,because all who they get to interact with are elderly folks.A person must give them a break away from the old age home,otherwise the old age home becomes more of a prison to them. BUT if you are able to let the person stay overnight or longer,they get to interact with your whole family and that helps them to get back what they used to have,but are not able to have on a regular basis anymore. For the elderly,its like having a FAMILY AWAY FROM HOME,a small change ,like having them over at your place taking them out,makes a huge difference in their lives- their lives become more meaningful again and they feel cared for and loved.We forget that we are all going to get old one day and we will want others caring about our wellbeing and feel we are still loved.

  193. To have a servant’s heart is rewarding because we receive so many blessings. It can also be a struggle at times because we want to do everything for everyone we see with a need. I have also struggled with the need to feel appreciated, recognized or rewarded for what I do for others. I often pray for God to move ME aside and use me to be of service for others. I have felt the calling to be an advocate for and to serve others as long as I can remember. My Grandmother was the example I watched and learned from. I believe that no one can do everything but everyone can do something to help another.

  194. Local food pantries are always in need of food! In high school and college I did “Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat” where I distributed bags and flyers ahead of time and on Halloween went door to door collecting donations. Also, the winter months are very difficult for some in the community who cannot afford coats, hats, glives, and mittens, or blankets, all things that we may have all taken for granted at one point in our lives. The library I work at just finished a 4 month long drive where we collected so much stuff it overwhelmed the staff at the local food pantry and outreach center.

  195. Beth Thomas says:

    Thank you for the reminder of fighting the world’s definition of “great”! It is so hard to see our success through the lens of Jesus, not the world!
    Serving can be simple!
    I needed that reminder today.

  196. Visit a shut in either at their home, hospital or nursing home!
    You will get as much of a blessing as they will.
    ?❤️ HUGS

  197. I’m in! Prepare a meal for a friend who is having a hard week!

  198. I just had this crazy, whoa is me moment of prayer right before I started my devotional. The Lord, “I feel empty, used, drained, nothing left in my cup.” Then I looked around and though from the outside looking in everyone would think “Wow, she’s got it all! New house, great husband, 2 awesome little boys, good job, family etc.” And I do. So my attitude should be less focused on my feeling of emptiness and more on serving someone else. By turning the focus on serving others and not me, me, me, my cup will be more full. My list for Serving
    1. My God/Church
    2. Marriage
    3. Children
    4. Home
    5. Friendships
    6. Work
    7. Community

  199. I’m in. Thank you for the encouragement. Even in the small ways of serving they are huge to someone.
    Smile at someone wherever you are, it’s a blessing when they smile back ( you never know what they may be encountering at that moment especially if they are not smiling).
    Blessings to you, Lynn……

  200. Angela Mckinzie says:

    Good morning ladies,
    I enjoyed the post and the video. I’m a single parent of two preteens and I also serve in the military. I lead a women s group as well. I would enjoy the opportunity to read the book as I have been going through some struggles lately. I’m interested in receiving daily emails to uplift my daughters and I.

  201. Number 4 is so hard for me – rarely do I find myself picking up after my 5 boys without complaining. I have to remind myself to be thankful for all the “things” that we have, even when those things are smelly socks all over the house!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  202. Lydia Pico says:

    Thank you for the reminder of getting ourselves out of the way, and to start being more like Christ. It is not always easy but so worth it. Blessisngs

  203. Elsie Davies says:

    Volunteering at a women shelter. I did that with my church for two years. It was a blessing to host Bible study for the little once and to serve the ladies food, provided Christmas clothes and toys for the kids.

  204. Thank you for the reminder that even small acts are service. I have been praying for God to reveal to me where He would have me serve at church. We taught high school for a number of years, but have not been serving for 3 years now. Today, I am picking up a friend’s child from carpool, even though my child is involved in after school athletics. This act, what I thought was so small and insignificant, is service. Thanks for reminding me to think globally, act locally – think big, act small!

  205. Hi Lynn,

    I would love to enter to win either your book, ‘Magnetic’ or the ‘Loved’ bracelet for my daughter who’s 17. She is a Senior is HS & has really struggled the past year in several areas- coursework (just discovered she is one math course short for acceptance to the college of her choice), body image, difficult boyfriend break-up, recurring anxiety & depression, healthy friends she can trust.

    She has been open sharing with me, but my heart aches for her. She is intelligent, beautiful, kind, funny, athletic, creative & most importantly, loved by Jesus exactly as she is! She nannies for a family who adore her, is a well respected, paid youth soccer referee & she recently served several hours at a downtown rescue mission. I pray for her, her confidence & her path from here, but feel at times so inadequate as a mom. I believe your book or the hand-crafted bracelet would give her a lift.

    Thank you so much for your wise words in the Proverbs31 Devotional this morning!

  206. For years I have taken the children to help serve and deliver Meals on Wheels. The seniors love meeting the children ( my youngest began when she was two) and the children beg to get to go visit their favorite people with whom they have worked over and over.

    We also try to have over older couples or widows/widowers who don’t have family around, for holiday meals. They so love veto g to be a part of a family.

    As a result, my children recently invited a couple of families for a hangout whom they had noticed weren’t often invited to such events. I think it’s sticking!

    We also bring meals to families of newborns ( as a mom of eight I knew what a blessing it can be). When a daughter recently stayed with some friends who had just had twins, she came home with a new appreciation for those meals, and now is the first to sign up to help new moms!

  207. I really resonated with the suggestion of “picking up without complaining”! I’m trying to do this in my home, but I struggle with grumbling at times about it. Oh that the Lord would grant me a servant heart! I’m also learning that listening is an act of service. When I listen to my husband, without interjecting my opinion, he feels better than when I have my say. We don’t have kids yet, so I don’t exactly know how this translates to children, but I’m sure it’s a way that kids could serve one another. We all long to be heard!

  208. Nichole Sullivan says:

    I love getting your encouragement in my inbox each week!! Another great way to serve is helping with your local Blessings in a Backpack program. My husband and I are the local coordinators here and are so blessed by all the amazing volunteers we do have!! Have a beautiful Easter everyone 🙂

  209. Tracy Padgett says:

    I am a smiler and a hugger. Never know how the littlest bit of kindness can change someone’s day or life. So go out there and give someone a hug or a big smile. :). Tracy Padgett

  210. I’m trying to help my daughter understand the importance of serving others. We’re not there ‘yet’, but these ideas will be very helpful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the reminder that we are servants. I need to serve God by serving my husband without expecting anything in return. Its so hard to get rid of pride!! I would love to read your book. I know that I need to focus on who God wants me to become and not who I think my husband should be. Pray for me!! God bless you

  211. Courtney Slemp says:

    Do someone else’s least favorite chore for them!

  212. For the past few months I have been learning that listening to people sincerely when they are going through a difficult season is something I can do instead of giving them advice. Sometimes people just need a listening ear, and a sincere heart.

  213. judy ruggiero says:

    Hi, i have a new neighbor. She is a young single mom of 2 children. Every once in a while i bring her some dinner or help with her trash cans while she is at work. Our neighbors are so good we have all chipped in and helped her get her house ready to move in. They are in now and seem very happy to be here. We are happy to have them. For i know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper not for harm, plans to give you hope and a future. This is what I pray for her. For us that we believe in the promisrs of God and share them with each other. Thank you for todays devotional. The 15 ways you put for us to serve are very doable and the right thing to do.Happy Easter everyone!

  214. I think one powerful way to serve is to IMMEDIATELY pray for a person when they share a need….I’m often guilty of saying, “I’ll pray for you”….but I think saying, “Let’s pray right now” shows your heart to bless.

  215. Kathleen Van Middendorp says:

    Thank you for the encouragment. Reminding us the importance of being more Christ like by serving others with even simple tasks.

  216. Great encouragement to keep serving simple! We have loved having single adults over for meals (often overlooked by families not their own) or simpler dessert or tea or on an outing. I love extending my children’s family especially when located far from our own. We are fortunate to have disabled members in our family; so the kids are learning how to be no respecter of persons. If you do not already have that connection these are good connections to make so that they grow up comfortable with people in wheelchairs or without sight or endowed with tics or what have you. My mother took us to nursing homes to visit relatives too. I loved getting to do this on Sunday afternoons through college and started my children out early. It is so satisfying to see them greet and chat with all sorts of people comfortably!

  217. I’m in! I will read this to my kids during homeschool today. So that they will know how easy it is to be great, to serve with with a heart for Jesus and its not hard to be great. Loving the Lord, Loving others and meeting others needs is great!

  218. Meagan Bain says:

    This was a great reminder that we need to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord for His glory and not our own. Another way to serve is to send cards to those who are sick and hurting but also to those who have a reason to celebrate like a baptism or birthday. This shows you are thinking about them and took the time to create a card devoted just for them.

  219. I keep little cards in my Bible to write a short note of thanks to someone at church who is serving me. Like a choir member, or a committee member, or just whomever God lays on my heart that needs encouraged. I love doing this!

  220. Sometimes the best medicine is getting out of our own heads and doing for others. There is no better feeling than doing something for someone else. It is a good way to pull myself out of a slump. Thank you for the encouraging words, and reminding me that greatness starts with serving.

  221. Thank you for this article. I feel that prayer is a vital part of raising our kids. I appreciate you sharing just what to pray. Sometimes we think we are asking what is best for them, and we can be so off track. My desire for my children is for them to be humble and become servants. I have a twelve year old daughter who would love the bracelet, and I feel that your book would help her begin to help others by using the fruits of the spirit. Another example of serving is tutoring struggling students for free.. Some students may need extra help but can’t afford tutoring prices.

  222. Help someone else pack or unpack from a move. Even better, HELP them move!

  223. I’m in! Found you from Proverbs 31 devotional today. Servants heart: God gave us one mouth & 2 ears – listen more/talk less!

  224. For those with young kids who attend school. 1 in 13 kids (2 in each class) has a diagnosed food allergy and many are life threatening. Whenever it is in your power, include these kids. These kids have to think about life and death everyday and often sit on the sidelines of life because we all put our comfortable traditions before their physical and emotional needs. It’s impossible to fellowship at school if you’re surrounded by party foods in the classroom that can kill you. Simply offering to bring something safe is life-changing, yet very rare today. These kids are truly “the least” among us and could teach us all a lesson in compassion.

  225. Renee Stackhouse says:

    Even if you don’t have anything to offer the homeless person panhandling on the street corner, make eye contact and smile. I am guilty of looking anywhere but at them when held of by a light and I have been convicted of this lately

  226. I love this blog! Thank you!! I’m IN!!

  227. Visit someone who is housebound either due to illness or inability to drive any longer.

    1. judy ruggiero says:

      Thats a very nice idea. I can no longer drive due to spinal injury and the only way i get anywhere is if someone takes me. Its sad, when i could drive there was hardly a weekend that went by that my husband and I were invited somewhere. I no longer see any of those friends anymore actually i can tell you the only 2 friends left are my bff who has been my sweet friend for the last 29 years and my friend Donna who i am so grateful for, she is the one who so gently took me on a walk to Jesus 2 years ago or so. I knew about Jesus because i was raised catholic. But i didnt know Jesus until Donna told me about the christian way of knowing Him. Its so wonderful to be able to just talk to him, and to know that i am loved. So not being able to drive isnt so bad because i get to spend more time with Jesus. Amen to that!!

  228. Elaine Ehrhart says:

    One of the most selfless acts of serving is in the nursery at church. Young mothers need to be fed in Sunday School, Bible Study, and Worship Service, and they need to feel that their babies are cared for with love. One of the many acts of love that can be given.

  229. Simply take a few minutes to chat with a neighbor, a co-worker, the checker at the store. You never know who is lonely!

  230. Carolyn Matulich says:

    I would love to win a copy of your book and read it with my daughter. We just joined the National Charity League together. This is the only Mother Daughter volunteer group of its kind serving local communities together. I am looking forward to serving with her over in many ways over the next 6 years together.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      How cool is that?!

  231. Listen to someone who is grieving. My husband passed away on 2/14/16. I have a friend who prays for me and listens to me – she wants to do more, but she is doing so much more than she could ever imagine.

    1. judy ruggiero says:

      Cindi, im so sorry for your loss. Im so glad you have someone who is caring for you. I cant imagine what you are going thru. He heals the broken hearted and bindeth up their wounds. I will pray for you. Do you have children to be with during this time?

  232. Great ideas you have listed today Lynn! I wish I had more time to read some of the comments for more ideas (maybe later!) A few I thought of were to vacuum, dust or just sit or take a walk with the intent of just listening.

  233. Penny Gordon says:

    Keep a clean kitchen — because it pleases your husband. (I like it too!)

    Be available and ready to listen when one of your grown children calls and wants to talk.

    I’m in!

  234. Kate Semer says:

    Pick up the litter along your road.
    Park further away allowing someone else the closer parking spot.
    Hold the door open for others.
    Little things can make a big impact.

  235. Volunteer to do nursery so moms can go to bible school

  236. I loved this from your devo today: And may we pray for God’s best in and for our families for the sake of His kingdom and not for the glory of our own.”

    Yes and amen. So good for me to hear today.

    Many blessings to you,

  237. Kristyn Howe says:

    I love to buy some flowers for friends and just give them a blessing.

  238. Kelly Miller says:

    Great Message!
    I LOVE to encourage people the good ole fashion way– sending a card or hey maybe even calling them personally just to see how they are doing! In this fast paced, Technology world- it’s nice to take the time and make things personal again— I believe this will help our kids also. 🙂

    1. judy ruggiero says:

      Hi Kelly, thats a great idea. I read on a blog, i cant remember who, but it was a lent idea. Instead of giving something up it was add one thing everyday doing something nice for someone like sending a card or calling someone you havnt talked to in a while just little things like that. 1 thing everyday to make someone smile during lent. But why stop there its something you can do as a part of your everyday life. Thanks for reminding me with your comment. Happy Easter!

  239. Say kind and encouraging words to my family & friends.

  240. Take a neighbor’s trash to the curb the nigh before garbage pick up day.

  241. Having a servant’s heart is sometimes the hardest to do. We automatically think we have NO time to serve because in actuality all the errands, pickups/drop offs, cleaning etc in life is at front burner. When all those things that need to be done if we think about it are also those things that we could serve others by doing. So even the menial tasks can be offered to serve. Having a servant’s heart means being unselfish- laying down ourselves for others-by our Example- Jesus!!!

  242. I love the act of reading… I never really thought too deeply about how to extend that passion beyond my children. I am empowered by the thought of reading to the elderly…something I can do and also set up powerful, meaningful experiences for my children. I’m betting I may learn more than I bargained for from the people I read to…that could be enlightening!

  243. Love unconditionally!!

  244. Giving a friend a ride back and forth to work. Offering shelter to a friend while working in the area.

  245. Sometimes as a woman it’s easy to forget that though we may not be serving a neighbor, we are always serving as a mom, wife, friend or sister, wherever our family needs us. One thing I continue to play in my mind is ‘And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

    Thank you, Lynn, a great read, and an awesome message! 🙂

  246. What a great a growing list of ideas! I agree – genuinely listening without interrupting and striking up conversations with others who cross our paths are great ways of connecting and being there for each other.

  247. Not on your site but would love to.
    Simply sitting with an elderly person and listening. So many are lonely and in need of a friend..

  248. What a great reminder! I don’t have one specific act to add, but just a change in attitude. If I am actively looking and asking for opportunities to serve others, there is no shortage of things that present themselves.

  249. Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes I feel like there is nothing I can do that would make any difference at all, but sometimes it’s the small things that touch a person’s heart and lifts their spirit. We have experienced tremendous flooding in North Louisiana in the last week, and right now helping others is so important. Acts of kindness is needed to lift a lot of peoples spirits right now in this time of devastation. Thanks again for the reminder at such a time as this.

  250. One of the ways I try to serve others is by listening without judgment. I agree that a lot of times in the church, we don’t share our struggles with one another for fear of judgment for our actions or whatever it is we struggle with. I try to be a safe place for friends so that they know I love them no matter what.

    I also love to send encouraging notes or Bible verses to my daughter and friends.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      SO much truth here, Christy!

    2. I definitely agree that notes are great encouragement for others. 🙂

  251. Krissy Hessler says:

    I’m in! Send a card to someone and let them know they are special to you and that you are praying for them.

  252. Cherita Wilson says:

    Hello! I absolutely LOVE the idea of serving others. I love music, so just playing the piano and singing to someone, encouraging their heart during the day is a great way to spend time with them, encourage them, and show them them that someone cares for them! 🙂

    God Bless you and your ministry!
    Cherita Wilson

  253. Thank you for the ideas for service, I think sometimes we can make it so complicated when it is really so easy

  254. Maricor K. Coquia says:

    This is a great post! I love the reminder that we can and must serve in the “little things” too – because these things make a difference! I was just having a similar convo with a friend the other day. Many times I, along with other Christians, have fallen into the trap that this “small” thing I do doesn’t make a difference…but I frequently remind myself: Anything I do, small or big, as long as I do it motivated out of my love for the Lord, will have eternal impact in Heaven! God after all, sees our hearts, and that’s what He cares about more than the size of our action.

  255. A servant’s heart is God’s desire that others would be shown a glimpse of God’s love and care. I hope to listen to the needs of others that God would use me in whatever way He wants.

  256. Read your devotion today on Proverbs 31 Ministries, thank you!!! Would love to share you book with my teen daughter too. Thank you, Lynn.

  257. Sometimes the best way to serve is by just taking the time to stop and sit with someone and listen.

  258. Awesome truths today! I love Fashion & Compassion – really cute things to buy, to help those women who really need it!
    Thanks Lynn!

  259. Carolyn Rogers says:

    Thanks Lynn. I love that these are simple yet meaningful things to do.

  260. I ran an errand for a blind 94 year old senior. Sat with her and played worship music with Scriptures and prayed together.

  261. Nancy Dapprich says:

    Thank you Lynn, these are easy to do and accomplish. Too often we think that we need to so
    something REALLY big, forgetting that the simple things tend to be the most meaningful.

  262. thank you for sharing ways to spread love and do something kind for others.

  263. Thanks for sharing the great ideas on serving Lynn!

    Here’s another one…Pump and/or Pay for an elderly person’s gas, so they don’t have to get out of their car!

    I would love to read and share this book with my teen aged granddaughter I’m raising.

  264. Thank you for the timely reminder!

  265. Vicki wachowiak says:

    I’m in! I like to reach out and send someone a card to tell them I am thinking of them. And times when I’m super busy I do send a text telling them I prayed for them. I think it helps to know someone cares. Thank you for all your posts!! Vicki

  266. I’m in! Thank you for your encouragment

  267. Jill Bybee says:

    Those are all great ideas! A few others would be to listen to someone who just needs to unload some emotions, let someone go ahead of you in a line, help someone by taking their cart back to the store (when they’re about to leave parking lot), perform a chore for a family member that is their least favorite, pray for and encourage someone who needs it, even a complete stranger! Any way that you can show someone Gods love through your words or actions, I would think would be a form of servitude. I appreciate your encouraging posts and look forward to one day reading your Magnetic book, it sounds fantastic!! 🙂

  268. I’m in. Sometimes people just need a listening ear.

  269. I’m in… I think having a cup of coffee with an elderly lady from church is always enlightenment she can be full of wisdom she’s just waiting to share.

  270. Holly Dzierzanowski says:

    Love these ideas Lyn I am going to share them at devotional with my preschool.staff. Thanks for always inspiring.

  271. Anita Evans says:

    Pay for someone’s gas or wash their car. Pick up donuts for the office. Pick up trash.

  272. Geralyn Miller says:

    Just sitting with someone…being there with them…….true fellowship…..listening not only to what is said, but also to the unspoken….listening WITH your heart TO their heart….sometimes the words are unnecessary. Thank God every day for what we have!

  273. Thank you for this devotional! It isn’t easy to be a servant but it is rewarding when the LORD gets the glory!

  274. Catherine says:

    Praying for those you come in contact during the day…friends or strangers that may need lifting.
    Praising God immediately when there is a reason to give thanks.

  275. My family prepares “Blessing Bags” & keep them in the car to pass out whenever we see a homeless person. They are simple to pack with items varying by the season & bulk availability. (I follow you on your blog.)

  276. I’m in! Love what u said that all will pray many will give some will go… I used to feel like my gifts weren’t as great s others and would get discouraged about serving cuz I wanted to serve in other “important” ways… Now I’ve allowed myself to receive His grace and b thankful for what He created ME to do and now serve His kingdom by starting a meal ministry… I have never been happier doing what I love becuz it’s for His glory honor and praise not mine… PTL!

  277. Robyn May says:

    Making food and praying for someone going through cancer treatment.


    Such small acts of kindness that can make a much better and happier day for someone ! I’m in !!

  279. I’m in! Another idea is to help others suffering from a mental illness and/or alcoholism/addiction. God bless you!

  280. Helen Gooddine says:

    I’m in!

    Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a school and read to children or after school program
    Camp counselor

  281. Lydia Hostetler says:

    Visiting your neighbor and taking a plate of cookies.

  282. I’m in!!
    I’m going out of my comfort zone by posting this. Lynn Cowell you are inspirational to me and you don’t know how much of an impact you have on people. You’re a blessing to more people than you will ever know.

  283. I’m in…. Thank you Lynn for this devotional

  284. Found this devotional through Proverbs 31 Ministries. Praying for others, especially being open to the Holy Spirit, listening, and obeying when I’m prompted to pray for someone in particular.
    Thank you for writing this. I’ve felt led in the past to write, devotionals mostly, and I really don’t know where to start. For now, I journal. It takes courage to put out there what you feel God has laid on your heart. I commend your courage and thank you for it.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you, Jessica! You could start by sharing your writings in cards and emails with those who need encouragement!

  285. N. Rodriguez says:

    Taking care of a widow

  286. Christina Z says:

    If you have a military base close by, open your home for a meal or movie night, etc. There are many who are far from home or who cannot leave for a holiday. A home cooked meal and conversation is a simple way to minister deeply. We “adopt” a sailor every holiday. It is a blessing to us too.

  287. Nancy M in NJ says:

    Thank you for your devotional. Such simple things, never thought of them as meaning much but they are.

  288. Shovel a neighbors driveway in the winter or mow their lawn in the summer

  289. I am a teacher and quite often during my day when I am not teaching I go looking for other teachers that need some extra help. There is always someone who can use a some extra help with something.

  290. Taking home a child after school when you know the mom is getting over a sickness. We, as moms, are great at just powering through instead of accepting help, Even as small as letting your child get dropped off instead of going to get him yourself. Sometimes the small things mean the most.

  291. I’m in!! This is a gentle reminder to me of several elderly people in our church that need to be served!!

  292. Candace Smith says:

    I’m reading on your blog & I’m in!!!

  293. Helping a single mother at work, who works 2 jobs, by praying for her and help her with her children without waiting for her to ask

  294. Carla Bright says:

    I’m in! Sending cards for encouragement, thankfulness or just thinking of you. All can be done when you’re not physically able to help someone.

  295. Carrie Minor says:

    Thanks for that encouragement—at this time in my life I am helping my 80 yr old dad go through stage 4 colon cancer by taking him to his apt and to chemo and I have a 26 yr old severely handicapped son(I am not at all complaining–love them both to death) but sometimes Satan tries to steal my joy of serving them and today was beginning to be one of those days.Thanks for the reminder that its a joy and pleasure to be able to serve them both as unto Christ. I enjoyed your blog very much today!!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Carrie – As I read your name I hear the word “care”. You are doing just that and so honoring Jesus!

  296. I belong to a mom’s group at our church. When a mom has a new baby, we take turns making meals for them.

  297. I love these service ideas! One way I involve my Daughter in ministry is to have her help me make dinner and cookies for families who have just had a baby or hospital stay or are otherwise in need of help cooking. She goes with me to deliver them and she really loves this simple way of serving others. I also taught her to send encouraging texts with bible verses randomly to her friends and family, whoever the Lord laid on her heart, to let them know they are loved and thought about. She’s a 13 yr old born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and I want ministry to others to be the norm so when she leaves our house she will continue to minister and be a willing servant for the Lord. We would love to have this book! The bracelet is beautiful too, she would love it!

  298. Spend time visiting with someone who is homebound, or send them a care package if they are far away 🙂

  299. Kim Potts says:

    Great reminder to serve others. I feel like we all have aging friends and relatives that we can help in some way. Even if it’s just sending an encouraging card.

  300. Pamela Sabourin says:

    Thank you for your words of faith…please know that every morning I read the blogs of proverbs 31 ministry as my time with God and you really help me understand the Bible so much more. Thank you for being a leader for us women who takes the time to share and makes the Word so much more understandable. Have a great day!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement, Pamela! God’s word is powerful. His love letter to you. Nothing makes me more happy than to hear you are reading His word!

  301. Bonnie Catlin says:

    Listen with your heart when someone is hurting. Give hugs! Share a verse or two to encourage and bless them.

  302. Cindy Hines says:

    I’m in!! Thank You

  303. Jessica Grimaldo says:

    I’m in !! There are so many things we can do gods will is to have a servant heart.There is a lot of us that we say we have nothing to give .The devil lies ,we say it takes money .No, Jesus says I need you no matter what we feel money is all.Jesus says no .

  304. Delores McPherson says:

    Thank you for the timely reminder that the little things we do count big in the Kingdom.

  305. Carmen Ikem says:

    Thank you so much for the list. I saw your blog from the Proverbs 31 emails I receive. God has been laying on my heart to serve more. I helped serve at my church this Sunday by helping sort supplies that will be given to the homeless. It was a huge blessing to be able to do that. Thank you for the list. I want to teach my children about having a servants heart. Your list couldn’t have come at a better time. May God continue to bless you!

  306. Nanci Feliciano says:

    Such an awesome reminder of what really counts in the grand scheme of life!! As a leader at home, church, and work, I pray that I lead with a servant like spirit!

  307. I’m in. And thank you for the encouraging words. I am caring 96 years d couple and baby sitting 2 little ones. I enjoy being a servant of the Lord. I am 68 years old but I never can feel tiredness cause my Lord is my strength every day. I give glory to His name for everything I do everyday.

  308. Stephanie says:

    Im in. Thank you. Helping someone learn to read!

  309. Annette N says:

    Take a meal to someone u dergoing chemotherapy.

  310. I’m in. Serving can be so much simpler than we make it out to be. There are times so many of us can’t imagine fitting in another thing to our already busy lives. But when serving with the right heart God provides the time and it can be done in such a simple way and is always so appreciated.

  311. I’m in! Thank you for the encouragement. Sending a written card or note is a nice way to serve someone. I even have my 2 year old in on it! ! She loves making the card, choosing who it goes to, and then delivering or maiming it.

  312. Janis rushing says:

    Haven’t read every post but my mom will be 94 in May(God willing). She knits hats for Blair Batson children’s hospital for babies in nicu. She calls other shut ins and prays over those in her prayer box. When she’s at my house (she is spry and still lives in her own home) she likes to make coffee and unload the dishwasher. As a retired teacher the neighborhood kids still come for tutoring, read with her and enjoy her “Parker” special kool aid. My daughter and I strive to live to keep up w her. She’s also working on a quilt for Erin’s birthday in April and is almost finished. She’s awesome and such a blessing!

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