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My Father Corrects Me


If you are joining me here today from my devotion, The Very Best Kind of Correction with Proverbs 31 Ministries, welcome!

We’ve all experienced correction at some point in our lives. From a parent, coach, teacher. Depending on how that discipline was delivered, we may or may not have seen it as an act of love.

Part of understanding God’s loving correction is understanding God’s love for us. Correction is one of His expressions of love towards us. I know it is so hard to see it at the time the correction is coming, but He just loves us too much to leave us where we are. He knows the woman He wants me to be and the woman I want to be…a woman who honors Him! Often correction is what it takes to get me and you there.

Hebrews 12:6 tells us “because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”

A big part of embracing God’s correction is knowing the difference between His correction and the enemy’s condemnation. When God corrects, He gives me a specific area with an action to become more like Him:

“Lynn, I want you to think before you speak. Only allow words that encourage and uplift to come out of your mouth.”

The enemy condemns:

“Lynn, you are a terrible person and you’ll never change.”

See the difference?

For an example of when God corrected me last week, read Thursday’s post, “I’m a Meddler”.

Because God loves me, He wants to help me to honor Him and improve my relationships with the words I say. The enemy just leaves me with a vague sense of rottenness about myself.


To help you grasp the depth of God’s love for you today, I will be giving one commenter my “Love Pack” which includes: His Revolutionary Lovea “hoodie” sweatshirt journal, His Revolutionary Love DVD & 2 pairs of love socks – one to keep and one to share!

Just comment below and share one way you experience God’s love for you! If you are too busy, just say, “I’m in!” I will share the winner on tomorrow’s Wednesday Wisdom Tip!



  1. I see God’s love for me through my children… But this is also an area I need His correction A LOT! I need to work on my responses with them sometimes!!!

    1. “We’ve all experienced correction at some point in our lives. From a parent, coach, teacher. Depending on how that discipline was delivered, we may or may not have seen it as a…n act of love.

      Part of understanding God’s loving correction is understanding God’s love for us. Correction is one of His expressions of love towards us. I know it is so hard to see it at the time the correction is coming, but He just loves us too much to leave us where we are. He knows the woman He wants me to be and the woman I want to be…a woman who honors Him! Often correction is what it takes to get me and you there.

      Hebrews 12:6 tells us “because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”

      A big part of embracing God’s correction is knowing the difference between His correction and the enemy’s condemnation. When God corrects, He gives me a specific area with an action to become more like Him:

      “Lynn, I want you to think before you speak. Only allow words that encourage and uplift to come out of your mouth.”

      The enemy condemns:

      “Lynn, you are a terrible person and you’ll never change.”

      See the difference?

      For an example of when God corrected me last week, read Thursday’s post, “I’m a Meddler”.

      Because God loves me, He wants to help me to honor Him and improve my relationships with the words I say. The enemy just leaves me with a vague sense of rottenness about myself.”~Lynn Cowell
      I ♥ how God shows us ♥ in so many ways. No one else can love us like He can. If we do smething wrong, God whispers to us ewhat He wants us to do. If we’re about to say something we may regret, God wants us to think before we actually react. Just like how God corrects us, I often have to do the same thing with my husband, Ron Smith when he trys to get in the middle of someone elses battle. Before he says somethrse, I usually pull him away from the situation.
      “God wants what’s best for me, including doing what it takes to grow more like Him.”~Lynn Cowell Proverbs 31 Ministries has inspired me to share part of my life today with this devotion, as I can relate to the topic. I think God wants us to be more like Him, and throwing obstacles our way is one way of showing His love. I’ve never worn braces on my teeth, especially growing up.My mom did take me to the dentist around the same time. Unfortunately, my mom was told that my teeth were growing two close together, and I would need braces. She didn’t order braces for both of us. She said it was way too expensive. Ultimately, I’ve had cerebral palsy all my life. I have balance issues because of it, and that’s been my entire life. Nonetheless, I’ve already experienced physical pain during my childhood. At the age of ten, I had two orthopedic operations during the summer of 1994. Boy, was I ever in pain that summer! My legs werein casts for eight weeks, and I was also dealing with the pain following surgery. That was, by far, a super rough summer. Physical therapy was also painful, as I had to restrengthen my legs all over again, even learn how to walk all over again-starting with being on a walker, then advancing to being able to walk with crutches, as I still am today .”Wearing braces as an adult is bad enough, but some days I wonder if the pain is worth the benefits to my teeth.

      There are days when I open up God’s Word and He delivers the same message as the orthodontist assistant: “This is going to hur…t a bit, but the power of My Word working on your heart will help get you to a healthy place.”

      Hurt a bit? What kind of pain are we talking about here?

      “The pain of correction,” God answers…” Lynn Cowell Unfortunately, I think that God wants to get us to realizae just how much He loves us. Because God loves us so much, He only wants what’s best for us. I think that God is only showing us just how much He truly loves us. I ♥ knowing that God loves us unconditionally. God doesn’t punish us physically; yet, He causes us to think before reacting to the issue we may be faced with. “My Father God corrects me He knows where I want to be…a woanwho honors Hm.” Undoubtedly, God has a lot of love for me. I want to honor Him in all that I do. Currently, my husband and I are participating in a wii tournament. It’s a lot of fun, and the most rewarding thing is that we encourage one another to try our absolute best to get good scores in our wii bowling-improving on our previous score attempts. Just like with wii bowling, God’s See More

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Thank you so much for sharing, friend! You are a brave woman!

    2. I see God’s love for me through his protection. As a single woman it is hard to find a relationship that is Godly in today’s world. As I date different men I see God’s hand of love and mercy over me as he removes those men who are not pleasing to him. In doing so I believe he will guide me to the one he created for me.

    3. I’m in! Thanks Lynn. 🙂

    4. I have three sons, two are married.I try to support my son and guide them by the word of God. It’s like what I say doesn’t matter.CPS had two of my oldest son kids his wife is 10yrs older and already had 3kids all different daddy’s, I Love them like they’re mine. My middle son married a lady that’s has 3adult children and she is 13yrs older. His son is not in his life because he don’t have time he is raising his step grandchildren. My youngest son only has one, I get to see her once a year were did I go wrong, I raised them with help of God. My Savior bless me a job to keep them in school and pay for college and pay their bills to. I never thought that they would be like this

  2. Luhida Grossmann says:

    hi Lynn

    to days message is just if God is speaking stright to me … luhida , I want you to think before you speak. Only allow words that encourage and uplift to come out of your mouth.”

    you see my husband is a pastor and i have been so stubern when he correct me on thing i do wrong .. it feels that he just want to put me down. but to day i feel that God is telling me the same thing that my husband has been trying to tell me for days know through … to think be fore i speak to encourage and uplift to come form my mouth ….

    thank you for your word thank your for everydays post it keeps me on my tows of what God wants form me

    1. I want all God’s promises for my life.As many I struggle in relationships. Recently the rod of correction reminded me not to go before God and listen to the Holy Spirit and follow instructions exactly as directed to receive the blessings I’m desiring. The bate is tempting but I know that self willing will be disastrous. God’s love is my weapon.

    2. Tammy Cox says:

      I’m in! Praise His Name for loving me!

  3. One experience of God’s love for me is he tells me to wait. It’s hard at times to be still & be patient but God knows timing better than me.

  4. I’m in -your proverbs 31 devotion hit home with me today

  5. I read your devotion on Proverbs 31 this morning. It spoke to my heart because once again I found myself regretting words that I said. Reading your message helped me put things into perspective. The feelings of shame and regret are familiar, and seem insurmountable on my own. Thinking of this feeling as a form of discipline from God, correcting me out of His love for me, brought me to tears. I am going to share this devotion with my teenage daughter, the one on the receiving end of my bad behavior. And I pray that God will help me keep His word in my heart, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (Proverbs 15:1).

  6. Karen Dunn says:

    I’m in!
    Would love to learn more and grow in this area.
    Thank you

  7. Thank you Lynn, for your devotion today. I needed to hear about God’s love for me today in the form of correction. He is always right on time with a Word to help me and today He used you!
    He has shown me two areas of my life recently that I need to obey him. One, concerning what goes into my mind (TV), and the other, what comes out (words). I know that my obedience will be due to my love for him and that His love for me is not dependant on my obedience. But it’s one thing to know that, and another to KNOW that. Sometimes my head and heart are in two different places. God bless you for your blog and your books. Mostly for your obedience to our Father who has used you to help me today!!!

    Melanie Franks

  8. Hello!

    I struggle with my thought-life. If someone hurts me, I tend to stew on it. Your reference to Philippians 4:8 is just the verse I need to connect to the times that I’m hurt.

    Thank you for allowing God to use you to teach me and to encourage me in my walk of faith.

    God Bless You!
    Please don’t ever give up as God uses you to touch many lives.

    In Christ!

  9. I’m in! God’s love for me has shown me how to love my husband and children how I SHOULD…. I might fail (quite a bit) but then God reminds me of His love for ME through scripture and many times through proverbs 31 Ministries devotionals that I follow on facebook…. It’s a beautiful cycle of being shown how to he Christ like after I’ve messed up… It hurts, but it’s discipline, and we all need that.

  10. Wow I am always amazed but shouldnt be how God uses different ones to write or speak about just what we need that day..that moment…worrying comes so natural…and then how I respond…God has been working on me to come to Him …be disciplined to stay in His Word and in a few areas of my business. Thank you for reminding me how God does correct …His gentleness..His encouragement ..not condemnation. Thank you for the great message this morning

  11. Emily Knight says:

    Thank you for your words. I have just started to read devotionals in the morning because I felt that God was calling me to spend the first few moments of my day in pursuit of Him, rather than hitting the snooze button or waking up and scrolling through Facebook. Your post today helps me to understand that calling a little better as the gentle reproach that it was.

  12. When I bought Cholo 7 years ago he was my dream horse. I had wanted an “o’grady” horse but was told that they had had a dispersal sale and gotten out of the business the year before. Then I found Cholo for sale and it turned out he was out of a pregnant mare sold by them at their dispersal sale! And a roan to boot! (a color I’ve always loved since a child)
    When he died at just six years old, I thought my dream died with him.
    After almost a year I was ready to start looking for my “next” dream horse, but I honestly didn’t expect it all. I wrote out some requirements, red roan, gelding, around 15 hands, 2-4 years old, and I started looking at ads and asking around.
    I drove all the way to Alabama to look at two ranches that breed roans and out of 80 horses I could not find one.
    So, I came home and lowered my standards. Maybe it didn’t HAVE to be a roan, I like chestnuts too… Then I relaxed the age limit, older horses are ok, maybe not as moldable but…
    I tried 5 different horses and could not find my fit.
    In frustration I took 3 weeks off from looking and would just stare down the pasture at odd moments towards Cholo’s cross and think: “God, I just want Cholo back…”
    A few days ago I started studying how God has called us to be his children and brothers to Christ. I learned how as brothers to Christ we are to have all the same qualities and characteristics of him, to be his equal.
    I told God that if he didn’t want me to have horses any more, that was ok with me. I am going to trust him with the desires of my heart. I told him I’d keep looking and trust him to direct my steps, even if it was away from horses.
    Then the night before last I went back to the web page and changed my search back to just young roan geldings. A new ad came up for a red roan for sale a few hours away. I asked for more pictures and information.
    Last night she sent me pictures and a copy of his registration papers. I could not believe what I was seeing on the papers. He has the same daddy as Cholo! She bought Wild Frosty Joe at the dispersal sale and has had him and has been breeding him for the past 7 years!
    I just can hardly believe (shame on me!) that God has not only answered the prayers for a young roan gelding, but He has answered the prayer that wasn’t even a prayer and is giving me Cholo back. After all, a brother has the same qualities and characteristics.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      What an amazing story!

  13. Your devotions example of speaking harshly to my children is speaking to me. I allow the choas to serve as an excuse to be harsh. This is an area I must improve. Thank you.

  14. Hi Lynn. There are numerous ways I experience God’s love for me and one in particular had been cutting me like a Butcher knife lately. My husband has been doing some things behind my back that can be detrimental to our marriage if he doesn’t stop It won’t lead to a good ending. The hardest thing about all of it is when I want to get mad at him I can’t instead I hurt and I try my best not to get over it and try to hold on to it to try and teach him a lesson make him think that everything is not okay and I can do is hear from God. … okay now i want you to encourage your husband, be an example, lift him up. ….. All I can do is hear from God that I must live him through the pain, the process. That I must show him forgiveness and what it really looks like, and I must forgive him so that God can forgive me. That I must, the one who is getting hurt, love, forgive, not judge, surrender it to God and trust him. I know that it is no one but God and how much he loves me that would tell me “yes it hurts, I’m not telling you it will be easy, but if you be so willing to trust me I’ll supply your every need” he even gives me the option to choose and when it gets overwhelming He just waits on me to come back to him. ….I don’t know any other love like this that I have ever experienced.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh friend! I know He will give you the strength to do what only He can do!

      Jesus, you don’t ask us to do anything without giving us the power to do it! Fill my friend with courage, patience, unconditional love for her husband and open his eyes to see into the future if he continues in a path that does not follow You. Draw Him back, Jesus! Amen

  15. I’ve been going thru an extremely difficult time lately. It’s been such a blessing seeing the ways God has reached out to comfort me thru a sone, unexpected encouraging phone call and the e-mail devotions from you folks.

  16. Karen VelMartin says:

    I love the way God loves us in the ways that is most relevant for us. I am so glad it isn’t a one size fits all but it is tailored to what we need and how we need it
    When he corrects me it may not feel great but I know that the change He is requesting will not only change me for the better will spill over into my girls and my household. That is so very important to me that my household has spiritual meat and vitamins.

    One of the ways I experience God’s amazing love is through my children and my husband. He allows me to see what the Father’s heart is towards his children. I have learned it is alright to come as close to Abba Father as I want. I have learned he totally delights in me and he will never tire of me or get bored with me. He totally love me!!! When they hear the key turn in the lock they know daddy is home and that he is super interested in their day and all that has happened no matter how big or small. He cares about the little scrape and about riding the bike for the first time without wiping out. Well, it is the same for me when I come into the presence of my Lord I feel the same way. I can’t wait to get there and experience His love. I can tell Him anything and he cares, he really cares even about the littlest things.

  17. All of your devotionals seem to touch me so much. God does strengthen me through correction and I am so happy He loves me enough to do so. Thank you for your continued encouragement.

  18. Wow! If only I had known this and realized this as a young girl! However, as you said in your video clip, we can use our past to help change the future of another young girl (s). I like that! Sometimes I think I still need to be reminded of God’s love now even after 25 + years of marriage! I know this has been a topic of discussion among our youth at church as well because I have heard our youth pastor mention it. I also have a soon-to-be teenage daughter and I hope to be able to teach her even more than I did my now adult daughters. I will definitely be keeping my eye on your blog. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and the demonstration in the video. God bless you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Melanie, would you join our community of moms raising wiser daughters? You can sign up in the upper left hand corner to get my Wednesday Wisdom Tips. I also have a closed Facebook page for any one who wants to join! Just ask! It’s the Behind-the-Scene team!

  19. O how I needed this today. I have been praying the scriptures.. That’s what I want my mind to focus on true, pure, noble things. And then I hear someone coming down the hall to my office at work, that is like sandpaper to me. And I say something negative about her to a co worker, and then when that person enters my office I hug her neck. The whole day I am putting my self down. feeling comdemned. What a two face. I finally apoligize to my co worker how I acted. I even called myself a two face to them. It seems when I pray about something, that is when the trails with that seems to get worse. But I know God’s love is teaching me thru those scriptures, and His loving grace.
    Thank you for allowing God to use you.

  20. your post today was just what I needed to hear. thank you so very much.

  21. God shows me His love daily. I am surrounded by a loving husband and beautiful children.

  22. lisa carroll says:

    I’m in! Thank u

  23. Carol Griffin says:

    God demonstrates His love for me by saving me and forgiving me. Thank you Lord!

  24. God corrects me when I speak harsh words or attitudes and reminds me that division comes from the enemy.

  25. I’m in!! Thank you!!

  26. There is a sweet peace in knowing that even when I may do wrong or go astray, God still loves me and wants to bring me back to him. I’m so thankful that He’s not like man!

  27. Your words of encouragement are already a great gift, but the gifts you’re giving away are a great bonus! I’ve been wanting to get this book – I have teen and tween daughters so I think NEED would be more accurate LOL! Thank you so much for sharing your heart. Praying God to bless you and all those you reach through your writings 🙂

  28. Susan Collum says:

    Lynn, thank you for sharing your heart with us. I love reading the Proverbs 31 devotions each morning. I am blessed with 2 adult daughters, a (very precious) grandaughter and several young ladies that God has placed in my life. Thank you for the encouraging words to share with them. My daily battle is my tongue, God has shown me over the years that my tongue can be my worse enemy. Thank God for forgiveness and for His daily guidance through His Word. God has shown me and guided me through some hard times but never left my side. I have learned that those experiences are the best examples when sharing with my girls. I learned (well, I am still learning) to quit pointing fingers, to quit trying to be my children’s Holy Spirit and give it all(including my children) to God. I now thank God for His discipline because I know how very much He loves me! I am also blessed with a 26 year old son and 3 grandsons! Thank you for allowing God to use you. Susan

  29. Thanks for today’s message! We got that dreaded call last night…the one from your child’s teacher saying that he has been misbehaving. I knew he required discipline, but it hurts sometimes to discipline your child. This devotional was convicting and a great reminder that God shows us that he only disciplines the ones that He loves so that we can become more like Him, and we are charged with that same task for our children.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes we are, Mandi! And just like with us, when delivered in love and consistently, discipline is exactly what our children need!

  30. Jen Parrette says:

    Thank you for reminding me of this today!

  31. Just what I needed today. Thank you

  32. I feel God’s love when I wake up each day and realize his mercies are new; that I have another chance to work on the things I didn’t do do well the day before.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Another chance…Amen!

  33. Lynn

    God works with me daily on correcting my words. It is very humbling when you blow it as a Christian and The Lord speaks to you to go and make things right. As I am trying to witness to a lost friend the times when I stumble God’s correction and my admission is a great way to show her His love. My lost friend would be the recipient of you devotion. My prayer for her is to find God’s love enough so she can stop searching for love in all the wrong places. Thank you


    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, continue to use Donna as a source of your deep love for her friend. Open her heart and eyes. May she see You and sense You too!

  34. Dear Lynn,
    Thank you for your blog today. I have definitely experienced my share of correction from God. Here are the thoughts that sustain me when I experience that discomfort and pain I’m going through during the correction: God has never disciplined me without an unbelievably beautiful result that made my pain worth every second. He sees where He is leading me, beyond what my sinful nature can realize. I have come to learn that if I wait patiently through my brokenness, the place to where He brings me is like a warm, soothing salve that covers me in His love, and I am closer in my walk with Him. Just as our children do not always see where we are leading them through correction, we do not always see where God leads us, but trust is built each time, making a solid relationship that is eternal. (It still doesn’t make correction fun!)

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      So beautiful, Joyce!

  35. I know God loves me when he doesn’t give up on me, that during a season of rebellion he still pursues me & after repenting he restores the joy of my salvation to me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      What kind of love, other than God’s, keep coming after us again and again!

  36. Angela Pierce says:

    Dear Lynn, I would love this because I too want God to be pleasing with me. I know that comes from a closer walk with him. This would help my walk so much.

    Thank you for today’s devotion.
    Angela Pierce

  37. Allison Crow says:

    I experience God’s love for me through the many blessings in my life: my loving husband, my beautiful children, my sister’s in Christ praying for me, my Bible study class teaching me god’s love and forgiveness. Blessings! Allison

  38. I fill Gods love in the quiet early morning and it is just me and Him!

  39. I’m in. I’m asking for community prayer that we can all teach our children to have a “real” relationship with God.

  40. Carmen Ferrer says:

    I’m in! He corrects because he loves me!

  41. I am a meddler can’t leave well enough alone. I’m always trying to fix things! I so enjoy your courage words!
    Sometimes I have to have the last word, then afterwords I’m sorry was it really worth it ? It sometimes hurtful after I think about it .
    Thanks you for your words of wisdom, given from God, and keep us thinking to come a better child of God.
    So we also can pass it on to others.

  42. Akiesha Taylor says:

    I experience God Love through being a Single Parent raising a teenager son who was born with a tumor on guys brain. My son and I experienced his Love through 17 operations and as I am reminding of his Love I reflect back on God promises. Thank you for your devotion today God lead me to it 6:43am..

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      What a faithful mother you are, Akiesha! Your son is seeing the love of God through you!

  43. Wendy Fischer says:

    I experience God’s love through his word. Also, I experince his love when he uses the words of others, such as today’s blog, to speak to me.

  44. Susan Brollier says:

    Really great devotion! Much needed to hear it. Keep on shining His light!
    Zephaniah 3:17

  45. It will never cease to amaze me how God puts lessons together in our lives. I’m studying Beth Moore’s ( A woman’s heart, Gods dwelling place) and today’s lesson was in the gardeners shears. It talks about how Gods pruning hurts but brings joy when completed! Then I hop on over to your blog and it’s talking about Gods correction! God is showing me areas through his word and your blog how to accept his pruning as a gift of love because he wants me to experience His joy! Thank you for your word in due season!

  46. Christina says:

    I’m in! Thanks!
    I experience Gods love through the example of my children. Even when they do things they know they should not do and choose to be disobedient I still love them and it reminds me of how my Heavenly Father loves me because I know I can throw a big temper tantrum at times and he still forgives me and loves me!

  47. The best thing about God’s love is it is never ending, never failing and never out of my reach. He is with me all the time. I just have to remind myself on the hard times that I have his love and it fills me with comfort.

  48. Claudette says:

    I am trying to read Romans 12 every morning when I get to work along with a quick prayer to help get me focused on Him instead of the world. It has helped me to relieve myself from a lot of stress that daily work and others attitudes can bring about. It is helping me to become less judgmental and I am more loving to those I need to be towards. Its taking my focus and putting it more on Him. Thanks for the message because we know as parents that its not always easy to discipline our children so that they can learn a lesson even though it will help them to grow in the ways they need to, and I’m sure the Lord feels the same way about us.

  49. Thank you for the encouraging word!

  50. Robin Thomas says:

    I’m in!! Thank you for today’s devotion!

  51. Lana Black says:

    God shows me Hia love daily through His word and wonderful devotions like this. Thank you.

  52. I experience God’s love everyday with the breatiful sun sets and begin able to see my children and husband grow in relationship with Him. God is so good and I Love Him so much there are no words to describe the love that is lavished on me. I now need to take that love and learn to lavish it on others.

  53. Thank you so much for writing what God lays on your heart. I needed this loving reminder that God corrects us for a purpose. Correcting my children out of love instead of irritation or anger is something I struggle with. Slow to anger,slow to anger,I repeat that to myself often. I was to parent with a purpose. My children are so forgiving and precious. God is so patient with me.
    I can also relate to the strongly worded emails! How often have I excused myself and said I had righteous anger over something. I can say with certainty that if I could go back and reword things or say nothing at all,I would.
    Thank you for a wake-up call. In God’s strength we can overcome.

  54. Laurie Shaffer says:

    Thanks so much for your ministry! My 2 middle school daughters and I have been reading the Revolutionary Love devo before school this year and they look forward to it each morning.

  55. Thank you for today’s devotion…a great reminder. I’m on a spiritual journey & it’s taken me a long time to get here. But here I am, warts & all, thankful for God’s love & patience.

  56. I experience God’s love through the simplest thins. Often times a smile is all it will take to remind me how much God has blessed me. He has blessed me over and above all I could have ever thought to ask for. He doesn’t give me what I want, but what I need. His love is so wonderful, and I am so thankful that he does love me despite my failures.

  57. I’m in! I thank God that He continues to love me and show me the areas of my life that need improvement so I can be a better person, the person He desires me to be.

  58. Amanda Liz says:

    I just landed on this site today.
    It’s really impressive!
    I Love It!
    May God continue to use you to reach out and bless every single person that comes to this site.
    Surely His goodness goes before you.
    All the Glory to God.

  59. Elaine Segstro says:

    The Lord has used you and my husband to remind me of how much He loves me. I’ve had a VERY busy ‘work’ life lately, and was reminded by my husband (gently) that I’m becoming too focused/absorbed in it. My life is NOT defined by my work. I pray that He will use me there, but that I not forget my calling to be a wife, mother, and friend.

  60. I am grateful for the ministry of Proverbs31. I learn things everyday. God is working on me little by little. I know I do have a problem with being more negative about others then I should. God is showing me how to beloving when I want to tear others down.

  61. Tammy Dickinson says:

    Thanks so much for the reminder of God’s living correction. Sometimes recently I’ve thought “Ok, God, can’t you work on someone else for a while”. But it is because He dearly loves me that He shines His light on the dark places of my heart.

  62. When I get up every morning and spend a few minutes reading Scripture, it reminds me that God is giving me grace and mercy for a whole new day ..also I love how God speaks to us through nature… the other evening I saw a double rainbow in the East and a beautiful sunset in the West and it just gave me a sense of God is real and in control and how He loves to surround us with beauty & love.

  63. I experience God’s love through my accountability partner. She is able to offer encouragement and spur me along to make choices that matter in my walk with Christ.

  64. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    Dear Lynn,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Yesterday seemed a struggle all day with homeschooling 3 and constantly correcting a toddler. I can’t tell you enough how I needed to hear the verse, ‘a soft answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger.’ I thank God for giving me another day to speak ‘softly’ and to encourage my children. Thanks for your encouragement!

  65. JENNY RUTAN says:

    The Lord blesses me with His love by putting ladies like you in our lives to help us to know more of His love in such a real way. Thank you Lynn for all you do for His kingdom.

  66. It may seem cliche’ to use grace as the response on how God ministers to me, but His promise to never leave or forsake me has proven Him true. Through the messiness of marriage, the loss of my mom at an early age that coincided with the diagnosis of cancer for my first born son, and now my aging father– once a patriarch and now a fading flower of a man wasting away with alzheimers, to my own trials of life that threaten to swallow me, The LORD has been there. Has He disappointed me at times? Yes! There have been many times I didn’t get what I wanted. And still don’t. But always, ALWAYS, he has left the hills for me as His “one” and walked by my side through every disobedience, failure, fracture, joy, celebration and beauty of life.
    Selah. <3

  67. Pamella George says:

    I am laid up with broken wrist and bunion surgery. At times i am very frustrated. But i try to remember God is trying to teach me in every situation

  68. Lynn Ulrich says:

    Your daily blot is helping me grow to know and accept Christs love for me.

  69. Belinda Kerr says:

    Being disciplined is no fun but I look at it as a learning experience. Thank heavens His love for me is unconditional.

  70. Last week I commented to a friend I needed someone to hold my hand. The next morning my devotions had Isaiah 41:13. “For I am The Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”Oh, how God loves me!!

  71. I need all the good news and forgiveness I can get while raising a pre-teen daughter after growing up, myself, with an abusive mother.

  72. God’s love is an amazing gift and I am so thankful that He is gentle with me when providing the correction I need to be more like Him. He has been working on me to show that same gentleness in my own life.

  73. I’m in, thanks! Your words are so encouraging, thank you so much!

  74. His love letter to me is His Word…and throughout difficult circumstances He gives me the opportunity to teach Bible studies..always His choosing..which gets me studying exactly where i need to be at the time…to be gently corrected, to be encouraged and to remind me to trust Him in ALL things!

  75. God has shown His love for me through the Christian friends he has placed in my life at a difficult time.
    God is Good!!

  76. Through this difficult time I have to remember that God is trying to correct mr with his love. It’s a really hard time for me to understand he loves me when I feel I’m all alone.

  77. I lost my job in November, though my feelings were hurt that my company “picked” to leave, I always felt God was there with His hand guiding me, telling me He had a plan for me. People were surprised at my calmness about the situation; “aren’t you anxious about not having a job” they would say. I am thankful for the opportunities I had to share God’s love through the loss of a job; I would tell them “God has a plan, all I have to do is listen”. God answered my prayers of only opening one door for me, so as a stubborn human I couldn’t get confused by the direction He wanted me to go. I interviewed for several jobs. Some I was under qualified for and others I was way over qualified for. A few months after lossing my job God opened the one door and showed me where He wanted me to go.

  78. I am reminded of God’s love every day when I look at my daughter. It has already been 7 years ago this month that we brought her home from China. I can’t believe how time flies and it seems like she has always been with us. I want to be the person God created me to be so that I can be the mom she needs.

  79. The Lord shows me his love everyday when I sit with Him!! I love my Proverbs
    31 devotionals and am starting to read more blogs. I feel Gods love when I feel
    Connected to other women. Especially when I read about things others experience
    That I can relate to!!! Thank you! And God bless!!!

  80. Nancy Jaime says:

    As a woman who fails often in her quest to honor God, your message is oh, so very timely!

    As I have surrounded myself with scriptures such as Haggai 1:5-6 (NIV) “Now this is what the Lord Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways. You have planted much, but harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.” and John 14:23 (NIV) “Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching.” my focus has been on the responsibilities which reveal my failures. As a result, I realize that I’ve allowed the enemy to leave me”with a vague sense of rottenness about myself.” It’s quite a downward spiral into the abyss of negativity about myself and the world around me. Obviously, it’s time to refocus and be transformed by “His Revolutionary Love” and overcome the power of the enemy.

    May God richly bless you and your ministry!

  81. Gods love always appear the most when we needed it. So often we tend to see just the negative and we lose the lesson. Recently the biggest lesson God has taught me is that no one in marriage can become complacent. Satan is always looking for ways to break good, no matter how long youve been married. God saved my marriage, my husband and I listened and things have changed. Thankfully we will celebrate 21 happy years this July. God has proven it can truly get better!!

  82. God corrects me through the words of others – my sister’s “funny” comment to me is a reminder that my words and actions can hurt others if I am not careful. I loved the contrast you wrote about God’s message of loving correction and the enemy’s deception. I was feeling really rotten about myself this weekend, but I can choose to focus on God’s correction to make me a better woman instead. Correction is painful indeed, but worth it.

  83. I do not know how that first line go in there!! I don’t know what it means. Lol

  84. I have always felt God loving me and watching over me every day of my life since I was a child. I did not know who it was until I turned 36 yrs old. I was overwhelmed by discovering his amazing love and forgiveness through extreme events happening in my life at that time. Completely traumatized to the point of being ill, my life was turned around. God forgave me for all I had done. I still suffer the illness, but I am reminded everyday how much God loves me and has forgiven me. I must do the same for others. It is my passion and calling in life. To share what he has given me. It’s a struggle, but I am reminded everyday to love others just as he loves me. My prayer everyday is: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” (Philippians 4:8, NIV). I pray kind words and understanding for others who do not know Jesus will come from me. This is a great challenge, because one of those persons is my husband. God loves me, so I must love.

  85. Thank you for the great devotion today. All things that are difficult can produce beautiful things if we for just an instant can ask God to see as he does. When I seek God first so I can see as He does I see how very blessed my life is…God has given me a perfect match for my husband, 3 uniquely wonderful children and many opportunities to share His Love.

  86. Ohh how appropriate this is. I have had such words as “build up, not break down”, “speak Life”, “gentle and calm” in my head when the tensions get high. I keep trying every day to think more like Jesus. How would/did Jesus speak to those that opposed him. No harsh, unloving, manic, spurring tongue came from him when teaching right from wrong. That is what I pray for and strive for every morning, noon and night. Boy do I fall sometimes, but I am thankful for God’s Mercy in the morning. Even though my mornings with my son are one trial after another most days. I send him out the door with a prayer. “May the Lord be with you today, in all the things you think and do and say.” As my son walks out to the bus and I watch from the window, he waves and blows me a kiss. I believe that is God’s love right there riding on that blown kiss from my son, saying “Keep at it my dear one, keep at it. I am with you all the way.”

  87. I want to first thank my best friend/sister, Tisha, for directing me to this devotion. I see God’s love for me in these opportunities for growth…in my faith, my character, my patience. I always feel bad when I correct my children (ages 16,15) especially when it’s something we’ve addressed before, but I recall God’s grace and patience with me as I continue to learn and relearn my own lessons. Hard, but necessary for growth and success. I pray for the words of edification to encourage my children in the midst of the correction.

  88. The best way I feel His love is when I’m home alone and crank up the stereo to my favorite worship music… And sing to Him with all I have to give…
    I must admit lately I’m finding it hard to know His will for me. I’m struggling. I’m 46, divorced two years and not sure which way is His way… I want to know His plan for me. I don’t want to miss it.

  89. I’m in! God continues to show His love to me in answered pray..that reaffirms His presence in me around me and for me!

  90. Kim Lilley says:

    I try and remember a “soft answer turneth away wrath, but grevious words stir up anger” when I deal with my children and with issues at work. “Try” is the ultimate word. He’s still working on me. PTL!

  91. Michelle Regan says:

    I’m in! Thanks for the encouragement this morning!

  92. God has been showing His love to me lately by providing just what I need & just in time financially! My family’s been going through a difficult time lately but God has been faithful!

  93. I really needed to hear from God and I did…through you!! Thank you!!

  94. I feel Gods presence in my life all the time. From a loving husband , five children and our thirteenth grandchild on the way, I am truly blessed! God is good!

  95. Marci Dighton says:

    I’m in! And now I’m off to get kids to school. Glad I stopped to read this!

  96. Thanks for the encouragement – you articulate in a way that teaches me how to share Truth with others. It’s taken me a while to understand my Father’s heart for me – how high, deep, & wide His love is for me & His discipline is truly because He wants the best for me. I shared part of the devo w/my husband this morning to encourage him as well. Thanks, too, for the comment on ‘I am a meddler’ – what a sweet gift God spoke to your heart in showing you that’s not who you are but is sometimes how you behave. The contrast between how God speaks to us & how the enemy speaks is spot on. I’d love to win the gift pack & share it!

  97. Trust,Trust him, Trust Him Always. Spirits willing but the flesh is weak, but Gods word helps me everyday. Thank you Lord!

  98. One way i experience God’s love for me, is that Jesus never gives up on me!

  99. Thank you for these words that I know God wanted me to find today!! Life has hit some major bumps and I have felt extremely overwhelmed. Your thoughts on correction give me a new and less overwhelming perspective and where I am right now. I’ve been praying for God to show me where He wants me to go through these bumps, but now I believe more fully that He has real purpose in this really hard time. It’s no coincidence that I’m reading your words for the first time today. Thank you!!

  100. V. Ann Osment says:

    “I’m in!”

  101. I read your devotion this morning through Proverbs 31 Ministries. Thanks for reminding me that although correction is never easy, it is needed.

  102. God shows me his love every day, he forgives me for my sins and shows me mercy and grace… And that is what I am learning to do… I’ve not done the best in the past about lovingly correcting our children when they get out of line, but God is teaching me daily, and I in turn (hopefully) can teach our 4 daughters and 1 son to mimic God’s way and not mine… Thank you Lynn for all you do and say… You are a blessing!

  103. I’m still learning about God’s love as I struggle with depression and marital problems… Knowing His love is always there helps get me through! This post is a big help as I try to make changes in my life. Thank you!

  104. When God would correct me before I became a Christian, I would fight against Him, get angry, feel alone, and try to seclude myself, for I felt like a failure.
    Now, although I don’t necessarily welcome His correction, I don’t fight it. I take that moment or season to realize I am going to learn from Him, going to grow from Him, and certainly going to come out victorious in the end because of Him.
    I am a mother to five children. I have a blended family created by divorce. I struggle with doing the right thing…minute by minute. But I know that God will refine me if I come to Him…those minutes by minute. I thank Him for loving me enough to do so.
    Thanks for your fantastic blog post today!

  105. Christine says:

    I experience God’s love for me through my wonderful, supportive, loving family and friends.

  106. God shows His love for me each day when I hand over my will and ways to Him. It is hard since I want to do my own thing but He reminds me that His way is perfect and obedience is better than sacrifice

  107. I recently had a friend praying about how she could talk to me about the way she thinks I need to consider changing the way I talk to my husband. God had already grabbed a hold of my heart and I shared with her what God was speaking to me about which allowed her to share the burden on her heart. She did it in such a loving and gentle way that reflected God’s love. It wasn’t easy to hear my friend share with me the sadness she’s been in about my behavior. At the same time, I’m indebted to her because she loves me enough to approach me with something so important. We all need friends like that!

  108. i see God working in my life through the chance meeting of people this year that He brought into my life for a time when I would need them to minister to a hurting family. He orchestrates the tiny pieces of my life.

  109. Dear Lynn, even though it’s uncomfortable when we are disciplined, you’re right, it’s comforting also, because if He didn’t love us, He wouldn’t care what we are doing. When all else fails, when everyone else fails us, He never does. It is hard to grasp the unconditional love of Jesus, but there is so much security in it too. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us today!

  110. Kelli Mckee says:

    I’m in! I would love to win this prize pack. I have an expecting neighbor from Russia who knows a little bit about God’s love, but needs and wants to know more. This would be a loving gift for her. And for my part, I think God is giving me some correction because sometimes I see the need of others and take notice, but don’t ACT. God comes to me when I need HIm and I know He wants me to do the same.

  111. Priscilla says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I have been struggling with many things the past 18 months and I see no end in sight. I know that God wants good for me. I try to do his will and I constantly fall short. I know it is not just the destination but the journey that is important, and yet I get so tired. Your words encourage and refresh me. Please keep me in your prayers.

  112. Brenda Patterson says:

    Good Morning Lynn!
    This is the first time I have read any of your writings. Thank you for your compassionate words sprinkled with Biblical wisdom. I would love to be able to give this “love pack” to a young teenage girl in our neighborhood that I have been praying for. She has had a tough adjustment to high school this year, and I know that she would be blessed by it. I am so curious to read your book though…I may have to ask her to tell me about it. Thanks for all you do!

  113. I sense God’s love for me through my children. I am so undeserving of them because of a past, very bad, and regrettable decision. I don’t expect God to do anything for me but HIS GRACE is so evident when I meditate on how blessed I am to be a mommy to two precious girls who love Jesus and want to live for Him. And I want to be the example they need to go through life knowing God’s love. Thank you for your ministry!

  114. Thank you for the encouragement of God’s word and the reminder of His extraordinary love toward His children. I love your blog. I have two amazingly beautiful teenage daughters and it gets hard at times but thanks to you and your encouragement God reminds me to be still and to trust Him. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing God is using you in a mighty way. God bless you. Much love and hugs to you. ~Sandra~ ♥

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Sandra, I’m crying! Ministry to teen girls has been extremely difficult the past couple of weeks; to be honest, I’m weary! I know my time to speak into their hearts is not over…I have a new book coming out this fall that I know is from Him. Thank you for your love and hugs today…I needed them so much! Your love from His heart to mine…

  115. Cherlyn Kelly says:

    I’ve always had trouble coming to the realization of God’s love for me especially in light of being corrected, reaping what I sow, yet being told God loves me unconditionally.
    Coming from an abusive background it is not easy to understand the agape love of God, in spite of the other things that go with it.
    All I know is that since my son’s murder I haven’t felt as close to God and Iso truly want that closeness back

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Cherlyn, my heart aches for you. I cannot even imagine having my son murdered. I know the Father understands you – His son was murdered. He knows the heartache of your’s. May His love penetrate the aching hurt and help you crawl up in the safety of your Father’s lap for comfort.

  116. I have found this to be so true! The biggest area where God has corrected me is in taking my marriage for granted. My husband left me and our four children a year and a half ago, and how God has worked to change my heart has been nothing short of miraculous. I can truly say now that I am thankful my husband left; I never listened to what he (my husband) had been telling me, and while it has been a lonely, tear-filled, agonizing process, God us so faithful! My prayer is that my husband will see the new creation Christ has formed me into and recommit himself to our marriage.

  117. JULI BARRETT says:

    God is always correcting me in what I say or do around the ones I love. It is so easy to fall back on ours ways instead of his ways when times get tough.

  118. God shows me his love through experiences and situations! I often times find myself in the mist of a situation when I feel a quicken in my spirit to correct me or I will get a revelation! I’m often times see others on a higher level (spiritually) than I am and through these moments lately God has been loving on me! God lets me know just how important I am, who I am, and ho much I know and don’t give me self credit for! Lynn your blog today spoke volumes to me this morning; your in the spirit!!!! Thank you for being faithful and listening to God. Just think if you had not been sensitive to his word you have miss the mark and so many of us would’ve not been blessed this morning! So thank you! God bless you and your family!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Brittany – you are such an encourager! I’ll just be honest…sometimes when I write, it doesn’t come easily! Your words encourage me to keep going! I see His love through you to me!

      1. I know Lynn sometimes it is a struggle to get the job done but as woman of God we get it done with the help of the holy spirit!! Continue to be the vessel God needs to speak to his people and to the lost! I believe in you Lynn!! I pray God replenish you as you continue to pour into this world!

        God Bless!!

  119. Hello,

    I just found your blog this morning! I will be coming back. What a wonderful find, thank you my dear Lord and thank you Lynn.


    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I’ll be looking for you, Amy! I’d also love to have you join our Behind-the-Scene team on Facebook. Just send a request!

  120. God has been opening doors recently for things I longed to do years ago. I am seeing how waiting on Him to put so many things in place is such a reward. He has brought women together with the same passion I am feeling to minister to our younger women and has even given us a new kitchen were we can come together to teach meal planning, how to save money, and just share life. I don’t like to wait when I feel he puts something in my heart but realize that many times it is a seed He is planting and then He nourishes until the day He allows it to bloom. I could have plowed ahead and tried to force it to work before this but waiting on Him is so much better! God is so GOOD – ALL the Time!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much for being an investor, Kathy! Our next generation needs us women to step up and pour in!

  121. Nicole Fortier says:

    I’m what you’d call a married woman but single mom. Life has been so overwhelming difficult raising my two teens. When I needed my husbands support the most, he’s in a fetal position quaking with fear. At first, I was so upset with him and we’d argue non-stop about his involvement with these two tag-teaming prodigals. There were weeks that felt as though I had been pushed into battle with no armor, no weapons and I’d come crawling exhausted to him begging for reinforcements only to have him turn me around and use me as his shield from them! “Oh God, you brought this man into my life, what were you thinking!” I’d cry…”I’m going to leave him!” I’d threaten God. What a tantrum I’d throw. But as a last straw kinda thing I got my husband to go to counseling at or church. During this process I began to see a man, looking at him you’d think he belonged to the “duck dynasty clan”, begin to sob as a broken, aching, lost person. He opened up about never hearing his own dad say he’s proud of him or even hear the words “I love you” from his father.” He never did anything but work” he’d say, ” the only thing he knew how to do is provide for us”, my husband cried. God began to speak to my heart. He showed me someone, who needed grace, support and unconditional love. He showed me I needed to forgive him and be what I was created to be for him, his help mate. God, has refined me through these tough few years and will continue to. To teach me to love even when my children’s hearts are turned away and cold and their word cut like knives. To love, when the man I’ve married is weak and hurt. Good reminded me over and over of Jesus walking toward the place to be crucified. As others hurled insults, lies and spit on him. He never retaliated, nor gave up. He kept going, suffered, forgave and then died…because of His great love for me. It makes me view the struggles in my home differently and gives me courage, strength and love to never quit, but endure. God’s love never failed me and He in me will never fail to love my family through these turbulent times and in every season of life.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Nicole, I hear the maturity and depth of the Father in your words. The work He has done in your life is nothing short of amazing! Father, give Nicole continued love that flows straight from Your heart to her’s. When she feels she has no more to give, fill her with You once again! Amen

  122. Jennifer holmes says:

    You spoke to me in so many ways. God corrects by his grace thru my children and mistakes. Thank you for the message.

  123. One way God shows me love is through my husband. My husband is so patient and kind to me even when I am not so patient and kind to him. He gently and lovingly brings it to my attention when I need to redirect my attitude or behavior that is dishonorable to God. I often think, “this is how God is towards us in His love”.

  124. Lynn,

    Thank you for such a wonderful post. The sentence that touched me the most was “Other times shame tries to find a corner in my heart: You know better; you should be past this point.” This for me is the draw to real life. Yes, bad thoughts and bad spoken words do occur, but the hidden issues of negative self-talk is huge for many, if not, all of us. Thank you for being transparent in those thoughts as they are not easy to give away.


  125. I see and feel God’s love when I am still and count my blessings. Awareness and gratitude.

  126. Loving God, and understanding His love for me becomes more clear yet again, reading this. As a parent, I so want the best for my children. But it is tough having to be silent while the LORD works in their heart, and mine. I learn right along side of the children. Yeah! My Father LOVES me.

  127. I receive God’s love through the different messages and devotions that I can share with others.

  128. God is patient with me. I mess up every day, but thankfully He doesn’t react in a way that I would. I used to beat myself up over my failures and short comings, but now I remember the truths– that God loves me no matter what and I am complete in Him! I refuse to let the enemy get me down with his lies anymore.

  129. Martha Austin says:

    As a single working mom or 2 college kids – a newly crowned empty nester, I find God working with me and in me every day. Mainly in the day to day tasks but very conscious now of the loneliness around me: just a smile to the cashier, a thank you to my server at lunch or even a dollar to the homeless man on the corner that I pass each day makes me realize that even though my life can be unbearably difficult so many days, the Loed has and will be always with me!

  130. Darlene spencer says:

    God has such a profound way of getting my attention. If there’s something I need to work on He manages to orchestrate every sermon I hear, songs I hear, even TV shows to point out what He wants me to work on!! It’s been “discipline” for the past two weeks and He has clearly related that to me and is getting my attention and making Himself very clear!!!!! That is love to me because He lovingly prods me towards His will for me!!!! Thank you for this devotion!!! It touched me heart, as always!!


  131. I have recently started this journey of studying the bible and have found some amazing ministries that have made it possible for me to relate and apply His word to my everyday life. Proverbs 31 being one of them! Thank you for sharing this today, it truly spoke to why I’ve been more conscious of all my thoughts and I can catch myself in the middle of a bad attitude or negative thoughts and hear God speak to me regarding my actions. Just when I think I am not doing this right this scripture is an a reminder that because He loves me He will continue to work with me to become a better person.

  132. Thank you for your message of truth! I’m in!!

  133. Claudette Pritt says:

    God shows his love by bringing me and my teenage daughter thru a very emotional and financial difficult time. Not on the other side of it yet, but trying not to worry and trust totally in God.

  134. I feel God’s love when I love my children. I know that my Father’s love is infinitely more for them and me. It is hard to comprehend that kind of unconditional and endless love.

  135. I see God’s love through my husband – his faith is as solid as a rock and helps buoy me up when I falter.

  136. I’m in! I love how The Lord speaks right to my heart when my thoughts are not in line with His word.

  137. God wants me to be a light to my sons. That is very hard for me. They don’t see me as a faith filled woman, just as a mom.
    They are in their 20’s and their walk with the Lord came late. I want to be as strong about their faith as i am for others. I participate in many studies that bring me close to Him. Perhaps your book can teach me how to listen for His voice and to do what He sees is best. I do enjoy your blog and read it always. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

  138. Kimberly myers says:

    Dear Father,
    Please allow your Holy Spirit to fill all our hearts and minds when the world with the evil one try’s so hard to distort,deceive the truth , love & confidence that is ours from Christ Jesus out Lord

  139. God has shown me how much he loves me through a rough patch in my marriage. I have held onto some very hurtful things for a very long time. Today I tell myself and hope to every day from here on out, I am a Precious Child of GOD and he loves me so very much.. He does not want me to hurt or live in pain, he wants me to live in his light and for him every day!!! It will be a day to day process but with him I can and will do it!!!!

  140. I’m in!!! love your message today!! Was perfect timing!!
    Thanks for your words!

  141. God is so faithful even when I am faithless. I have been struggling in my marriage and having a hard time finding Him during this time, but I try to continue to hold on. Thanks for your encouragement!

  142. There are so many times God speaks to me and I feel and see it more if I “be still”.

  143. Our family is seeing God at work in my 10 year old nephew going through stem cell transplants, chemo and radiation right now. This is second round with cancer and he has stayed so positive and never complains. Our family really needs some prayers to help us get through this but Jaden seems to stay upbeat and we are praying that God will heal him and help him get back to a normal life. Please pray for Jaden – he just had the stem cell transplant last week and right now he is at his lowest point. The next couple of weeks are going to be so, so hard on him and his family. God is good and I know He is allowing Jaden and our family to go through this for a reason.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      What a blessing you are, Marsha!

  144. The proverbs 31 devotion from you today was perfect timing for me. I truly believe God is working on me right now. There is so much confusion as God is slowly pulling back the layers and gently separating everything I thought was true, from what He says is. Kind of a crazy place to find yourself after so many years of serving God and growing up in church. I am being worked on and it is painful and scary, but oh so wonderful, because I know that in the end I will finally see what I have always longed to see. I long to see and know how God truly sees me, and who He really is, beyond all the things I have been told and taught. I am thankful for this time because more than anything I want to really know Him. Thanks for letting God use you and for being part of that journey.

  145. Stephanie Ott says:

    I’m in! His Revolutionary Love sounds like an everyday Valentine <3

  146. I’m in…totally in love with God!! I know God loves me when He allows me to see the ways His hand is in my life, putting all the pieces together, giving me the job I prayed for, giving me Holy Spirit filled people as friends to strengthen me….and I could go on all day. He always amazes me!!!

  147. I really need this for my three girls. We have a blended family and it is really challenging teen years.

  148. I’m in!! Great subject. Always lots to learn here. Thanks for all you do. Would love to win this.

  149. Judy Strom says:

    I am stuck by the thought of loving discipline! He corrects me because He loves me and wants me to reflect that love to others. I know that is why I corrected my children, but often anger got in the way. So, many things in life are focusing. I am walking a journey through breast cancer right now and all with The Lord is at a new focus. I am so blessed to be able to just slow down through all this and allow The Lord to change and mold me. Thank you for these thoughts to work through!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Judy, my assistant, Bonnie Wallace, is a new breast cancer survivor. She writes words of encouragement I think you would really enjoy at

  150. My morning started out great. No problems. I took my daughter to school (its a private Christian school) and that is where my morning took a nose dive. There is an 8yr old little girl at the school who is suffering from anxiety, seperation, lack of good fashion disciple and has threaten to hurt herself. Between her therapist, parents, teacher, myself and another mom we are trying to help her stay in school and get through her day. This morning was really rough. I took her from dad so he could go to work and the little girl started punching and hitting me. I tried with all my heart to find the words that would reach her and let her know that she was safe at school and that I loved her dearly. That we were all here to help her and that we care about her so much. It was so hard. Its hard this morning to focus on ways God shows his love for me. I know he does and am so greatful. I know he blessed me with a lot of patience. I know this little girl need someone who could hold her arms and still look her in the eye and tell her she can’t do that but is loved anyway.

  151. Alana Slocum-Dotson says:

    Thank you for today’s message. I too have moments when I lash out at my children because they just aren’t listening, then I feel guilty for allowing myself to go off the edge. I also have a rocky relationship with my ex-husband, it seems whenever I let my guard down, he uses me with his actions & abuses me with his harsh words. This in turn causes me to throw my guard back up to defend myself so we’re always at odds. I want so much to live a life where I respond in love as God teaches finding whatever is noble & not allow his words & actions to get the best of me, but I struggle with knowing how to respond in love without feeling like I’m being stomped on. I know God is doing a might work in me & eventually I will get to that place! Again, thank you for today’s message, it hit home for me.

  152. I’m in! Thanks for sharing, it is so hard to have God correct us but we know it’s for our best. Sometimes it is just hard to discern. Thanks for your message.

  153. Linda Felts says:

    What a kind, loving and truthful devotional! Today’s world needs a good dose of God’s correction, in my opinion. It has forgotten how to behave, but not only that, it’s missed finding out how good it feels to be corrected in the right way. Usually when you’ve been put back on the right track, and you know it’s true, there is a great deal of satisfaction and comfort in knowing a lot of love went into that correction. God is truly THE most caring because He know just what we need and how to give it – always Thank you for sharing this today. Thank you for reminding us We are the world.

  154. While being corrected is uncomfortable, like a child, I know God does it out of pure love! For me, pain is about the only way I get willing to grow. Yet I know that the pain is my greatest asset. I believe that pain is used to be of service to others later in my journey.

  155. Good morning Lynn,

    Your devotion really hit home with me today. I’ve been a corrections officer for almost 8 years and about a year ago have let Jesus back in to my life. I have many areas that He is fixing on me and now that the ladies (inmates) know I’m a Christian they have lots of questions and prayer requests. I have faith that He will help me through all of this, it’s just getting there has been difficult. I’d love to share this devotional with the ladies I watch/care for.

    God Bless,


    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      PLEASE do share, Heather! That would be the greatest result from writing it 🙂

  156. Sometimes tho I know God loves unconditionally I think Satan whispers lies especially when I’ve we lost it more than once with my children or husband-I needed the reminder that God’s love is a sure thing and it doesn’t matter if I’ve messed up-He forgives me when I’m truly repentant and tho I may need correcting and need to change some things HE still loves me,and cares and I want to work on not just knowing in my head he loves me no matter what but in my heart so that I don’t question His love even when I do sin or am in a valley . Thanks for devo, blog and giveaway-mostly thanks for reminder of God’s love and how deep it is and that correction is actually a show of His great love!

  157. I’m in! Thank you for your devotion today. God spoke to my heart and reminded me that his correction is showing his love to me.

  158. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. On Valentines day I couldn’t get these negative, condemning thoughts out of my head. The guilt and anger kept piling up until I stopped and realized what was happening. I prayed a simple prayer, asking God to sift through all the feelings and lift the condemnation and guilt that I knew was not from him. He did! It was almost instantly, and I realized it as I felt so much better going about my tasks that day. Such an act of love from my God, and I was so grateful to Him. And on Valentines Day, no less!

  159. Angela Raphael says:

    I’m in! God wants me to have a great life, so He corrects me to get me on the right track.

  160. WhY Am I Crying As I Read This Today???? As I Sit Here Worrying!!!! This Was Not The Typical Time I Usually Read This Devotional And I Opened It Up As I Was Sitting Here Worrying About A Particular Situation, Feeling Like I Was A Loser, Needing Wisdom….And Your Words Showed Me Gods Words. I Live The Way He Works Through People Like You. I Still WantTo Cry, But I Think It Is Because “MyChain Is Being Tightened”! “His Joy Will Be My Strength And His Faith Will Be My Eyes”! Thank You For Being Faithful.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hang in there, friend! The outcome is well worth the pain! You will shine like never before!!!

  161. I’m in! What uplifting words. I love when you say God gives you something specific that he wants you to work on to be more like Him. Thank you for sharing and bringing to light what God is doing in my life.

  162. I’m in! My littlest is a special gift from God, her smile and regular hugs remind me daily of his love for me. Thanks for a chance to win! Blessings, Rachel

  163. My husband teaches me every day about God’s love through is unconditional love for me.

  164. Sonja Bailey says:

    Good Morning, yes I am in~ I am ALL in, My heart is given to Jesus… I too need help with my too quick reactions, decisions and the way I process things…I am not a young girl…but I need help….

    yes I know right from wrong, but it just happens… I read his word I love my devotionals and where they take me to study oh and the Proverb 31 ladies yes you all are amazing…you were and are my lifeline back to GOD…

    thank you all and thank you for your words and this opportunity..

  165. Margaret Sanders says:

    I’m in! Thanks for the words of truth.

  166. I thank God fot His unfailing love. And I am so thankful he loves me enough to correct me. Painful as it may be, it always brings forth new and better fruit.

  167. I am now a Christian. But when I was a teenager I was not a Christian. I felt such a tug at my heart when I read about this whole girl, teenager, needing attention, but often being maybe unknowingly pulled into things that we should not be a part of. When I was a teenage girl I had a very strict father. He held his feelings in and I felt so bad, felt often a failure. He was a strict disciplinarian. I was the first of three girls in our family. We all know that being a parent you do the best you can do with what you know. Unfortunately having children is often a difficult time. We don’t always make wise choices. I can honestly say that had I been raised in a Christian home the environment would have been totally different.

    I would have made wiser choices because I would have been taught to do things “God’s way, not man’s way.” I don’t blame my dad for the bad choices I made I just know as I look back now on my whole life things would have been different if Jesus would have been part of my life growing up, becoming a teenager, dating, marrying, having children, raising two boys, and then eventually having to go through a divorce. I am wise enough, and old enough, to realize that God allows us to make our own choices. He gave us a free will. Satan loves to hit us wherever we are the weakest. He knows when our guard is down. He knows the places we should not go, the things we should not do and loves it when he gets us. Meaning when we make choices that are contrary to God’s ways.

    I am now a Christian woman, a strong woman, a determined one constantly seeking to be the best I can be for God. Meaning being the woman He wants me to be. I know I am responsible for any wrong choices I might have made in my life at whatever age I was. I wish but don’t know how to make a difference in some serious issues in the lives of my children. They are now adults and have children of their own. But neither of them are Christians. I pray for them every day but have had to also learn to give them to God. I cannot change them. They will make their own choices as I did.

    When I first became a Christian they saw the changes in me but were resistant and did not want to hear me share how much I loved God, how important He was and still is to me. I finally had to realize I was going to have to give them up to God, totally surrender to His will and just pray for my sons to have someone to come into their lives to tell them about Jesus if they didn’t want to hear this from me. I prayed my actions would speak to them but they were unwilling to listen any time I mentioned Jesus. I know God always knows what is best. I can only pray as their mom that someday Jesus will come into their lives. I want to see them in heaven someday.

    This really hit me hard yesterday when a group of Christian women that I meet with on a regular basis for prayer.One of the ladies asked us to pray for her family, children, and grandchildren. They are dealing with many heavy issues: divorce, how it has affected the two teenagers, the bad choices they are making, how angry they are and I can only support this woman and tell her I am praying for her and these situations. I know her heart as their grandmother is also breaking. God loves her, them and me. I just pray that someone would come into this situation, tell these girls about Jesus. He was part of their lives growing up but as a result of all of the painful situations they have already experienced they are making some very bad choices at this time. Please pray for this family.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my story and know that I believe that “All things are possible through God.” I know the Scripture that helps me daily is: ” I can do all things through God who strengthens me.”
    Phil. 4:13.

    God Bless you all, Mary

    1. As a Christian woman I know what a difference God can make in a woman’s life. I was not raised in a Christian home. I never heard the Gospel message of love, forgiveness, grace and mercy. My life today and the lives of my children and grandchildren would be totally different had Jesus been part of my life growing up.

      I now have two grown sons with children of their own. They are both angry, unhappy, and unsaved. When I tried to tell them about Jesus after I accepted Him as Lord and Savior of my life they wanted no part of what I had to say. I tried to be a good Christian example but they were adamant and I just have finally had to accept the fact that they are adults and will make their own choices. I have given them to God and pray that someone will come into their lives and that they would be willing to listen to them and accept Jesus also.

      I am part of a ladies Bible Study we meet once or twice a month. Yesterday when we met we had a very strong and good time of sharing. We all love one another and lift one another up in prayer. One of the ladies shared that she has two granddaughters who are angry, hurt and making some very wrong choices in their lives at this time. We prayed for her and this family but we were all able to feel her pain. I pray that someone comes into the lives of these girls and tells them about Jesus. They are angry as a result of a divorce between their parents. A lot of things come out of a divorce and often someone close whether it is a parent, grandparent or close friend tries they are not always successful in making someone see the results of the many bad choices they are making.

      I am asking that you ladies keep this family in prayer as I am and asking God to intervene in whatever way He can to help this family from making more wrong choices and falling into areas of sin.

      Being a teenager is so difficult today. The world is not always friendly to Christians. We all know this. Let’s lift this family up in prayer and ask God to help them. I hate to see two good girls go down the road of destruction because Satan tempts them and they end up making choices they will regret someday.

      “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13 is one of my favorite Scriptures and gets me through many difficult days. I pray that God will also touch these two girls and their lives.

      In Jesus Precious Name, Mary, A Child of The King

  168. The Lord knows how I need this.

  169. Thank you for your post today! I am being corrected today by God by making poor choices financially. You see, I have a lot of debt so I have no other option than to file bankruptcy. I have been looking for a job for over 2 years. It isn’t something that I wanted to do, but I am at peace about it. God is giving me a new chance to get on the right path. I believe He has an awesome plan for me. I’m in!

  170. I have had a hard last 7 years. it seemed as all my friends left me and I was all alone. I am now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I see how God put me in that position to show me things that I needed to learn, heal broken pieces that were not healed, and to fully rely on him. it was a very painful time but as I look back now I see how God had to position me to get my attention, I no longer hurt or feel resentful t, but grateful that he loved me enough to take me by the hand and show me what I needed to learn to be closer to him.

  171. I am in! I know God loves me but I need to work on sharing HIS glorious love with others around me. I want other to see Him in me.

  172. Thank you for your devotion today. It was so encouraging. I am working very hard to be open to the Lord’s discipline. I have been looking at so many Bible verses on this very topic lately. We have undergone a very tough trial based on events that happened over three years ago. The discipline seems so strict in face of the what we think would be just. We feel, and probably look , like victims. The price we are paying is steep, But, throughout, I continue to feel the love of God holding us and His truth has been consistent. He has never wavered: I think we needed to be disciplined not just for our past, but for our future even more. I believe that God’s discipline means that He wants us, and wants us closer and closer so that we are finally, through Christ, one with Him. I think that God’s timing is perfect in this, too. So many details are perfect in His Work if I take a calm and close look at the situation through prayer now. I am able to hear His Word in the face of terrible loss in a way I wouldn’t have a few years ago. When I read the Bible and think of David , and how he responded to God’s disicpline over and over, I find hope. Hope in the number of times the Lord disciplined David and hope in the humble response of this flawed and great king. I find hoope in the discipline Jesus gave his disciples over and over, too. I have read and re-read the following verse….It give reason and comfort to discipline when in the midst of pain. I hope it will uplift others, too. Thank you so much! I do believe with all my heart that discipline in a deep expression of love.
    Hebrews 12:11 Now no chastening for the present seems to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to them which are exercised thereby..

  173. Wow how do I count the ways? Everytime I listen,to a passionate praise song my heart fills with joy that He will never give up on me. I read through Psalms whenever I am feeling defeated &’God ALWAYS renews my faith in His everlasting love.

    I am praying fervently that God’s correction will result in tenderizing my manner with others. Oh I hate those 2×4’s but necessary for my stubborn soul. Thank you Lynn for a beautiful devotion today! In Him

  174. Shannon Jordan says:

    Thank you for your devotion. God has shown me love in many many ways. He has brought me through so much only to make me stronger and heal my heart from all the past hurts it has felt. I can clearly picture my heart in his hands and i know it is so safe there, although the enemy still tries to come in and tell me all of the negative things, i am stronger now and able to fight of the enemy at his first attempts. My marriage is stronger, i feel that i am a better mother and i know that God has plans for my children, even though my two older daughters are not living their life for the Lord right now, I know that they will be a testimony to someone someday. I am so Thankful for the Cross!!! Thank you Lord for loving me that much!!!

  175. in a quiet moment with God, I heard God tell me “Carol I love you “.Every morning and every night, I admire God’s handiwork with the Sunrise & the Sunset. He paints those for me. That’s his love for me that I see everyday.

  176. DonnaLynn says:

    I’ve been praying for wisdom, since becoming a Mom almost 3 years ago, but more urgently lately as my patience, confidence & attitude has been derailed. My loving mother has urged me to get back to the ‘me’ she knows I am, but I’m defensive. I left a fruitful career where I felt strong & confident & rewarded,,, but it was hard core stress which was a likely catalyst to breast cancer! (I am now 7 years cancer free)! I’ve been remolding my faith to be a better woman that God wanted me to be when at that same time of diagnosis I was becoming a first time wife at the age of ‘know it all’ 40! My sweet husband is a gift.
    But now, my patience is fleeting, my body is aching & my old records of defeat are spinning me into feeling lost. I prayed for correction & am in the midst of’ouch’! Retraining my brain some days feels like retraining how you walk.
    So thank you for your reminder of Gods perspective in your own life. I don’t want to pass these feelings of angst onto my darling daughter during this season of her budding sense of self (aka tumultuous toddlerism!). I remain prayerful & hopeful. Blessings to you!

  177. Venus Ann says:

    Today’s devotion was jsut what I needed! Thanks for sharing your heart! God Bless!

  178. In His promises.
    With His continued mercy upon me
    Great is His faithfulness

  179. Mary Winkleman says:

    I’m in. Thanks.

  180. I’m in! God shows me his love through His Word.

  181. He puts people in my life at the right moment

  182. I’m in! Thank you for the gentle reminder that God corrects me because He loves me, not because He’s mean. I have asked him what areas need improvement, and he gentle reveals to me what they are.

  183. Goodness, where doesn’t the Father show us gracious love right? 😉 Though they are obvious mine would have to be through my husband, our child and my 2 stepchildren. I learn a new way to value love often!

  184. I’m in – I needed this today, badly. So, thank you!

  185. I’m in! Thank you!

  186. Susan Freeze says:

    I always appreciate encouragement. I love being encouraged to think on the positive. So often my thoughts turn to worries, gripes or complaints.


  187. Heather Johnson says:

    Your post on Proverbs 31 email was just what I needed today. I have bookmarked your site and hope to stop back often. Thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thanks Heather! I’ll look for your comments in our community!

  188. I always appreciate encouragement to think on positive things. So often my thoughts go to worries, negative thoughts or complaints.


  189. I’m in! Thanks! God is good to me in so many ways and though His correction is not easy to take, I know I need it to grow in His ways.

  190. I’m in… This is definitely area i need to grow stronger. Amazing story thanks so much for sharing !

  191. God blessed me with three children through adoption and now one is an adult and the other two are teenagers. There are times when I question why me especially when I deal with the heartaches that go with my wonderful gifts. God reminds me that I was adopted by Him through His precious Son and that I can be difficult at times too. His gift of Grace is awesome.

  192. Lorie Gardner says:

    Godly discipline is a strengthening tool not a discipline as the world can give such as I’m in trouble. It is amazing how God uses what seems impossible at the time but after dying to the flesh and receiving Gods power, the discomfort passes as the rejoicing and His joy fills us and replaces the issues He had us deal with.

  193. Rosanne Pietz says:

    I am in!
    God shows me His love in sooooooooo many ways.
    First at Calvary 🙂

    Many times through Godly women, especially at Proverbs 31!

  194. What a good word today. I really needed to hear that. Thank you for sharing God’s truth and wisdom and encouraging us!

  195. Such a great reminder of our love… Sometimes our thoughts can really mislead us, thank you for this thought and wisdom! What a neat idea of a Love Pack!

  196. I see God’s love for me in many ways. I am blessed with a husband who loves the Lord with all of his heart, two teenagers who love life and love the Lord and a Pre-schooler who is full of energy and love for others as well as the Lord. God’s blessings such as a home to live in, a job to provide for my family, my family itself, my salvation, my church family, friends, etc. are all ways that he shows His love for me on a daily basis,

  197. belindaredcross says:

    I’m in. God has been so good to me. I daily need his protection and correction. He has taught me through his word, how to have a better relationship with my son. We get along much better now. It was God’s love for me that made me realize that I had to make some changes in order for our relationship to improve. Thank You.Lord.

  198. I have been blessed with 2 boys but have special ‘daughters’ in my life that I would love to bless with this gift!. One of them just turned 14 a couple days ago. It would be a great gift for her! So I am in!! 🙂

  199. “Prayer requires discipline instead of allowing my thoughts to naturally gravitate toward worry.”
    These words speak to me this morning as I read your devotion. See my husband is currently in Afghanistan serving a year deployment. In situations like this, it’s so easy for me to allow my thoughts to naturally gravitate to worry about how he’s doing and what’s going on over there. But each day I have to ask God to correct me, discipline and to remid me about his truth found in Philippians 4:8. Going against human instinct is hard but it’s all worth it.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I cannot imagine the mental battle you go through every day friend! Jesus, surround Juliet’s husband with waring angels while he is serving us. Make him aware of Your presence and Your protection. Keep Juliet’s heart guarded in You! Amen

      1. Thank you so much Lynn. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers 🙂

  200. Wow! As I read your devotion, I began crying. God showed, and continues showing me, that His correction comes precisely because He loves me. It’s very hard for me to see His correction as good…because of how I was brought up, I equated pain with punishment. And I still struggle with those feelings today. Because God wants me to be the woman He designed me to be even more than I do, He brings correction into my life. It doesn’t feel good at all, but it will produce His peace and righteousness in me. Thank you, Lynn, for speaking from your heart. I needed to hear my Father’s love for me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Soak in His love, Cheryl! We ALL need to be FILLED by Him every day!

  201. Jessica F says:

    I’m in. I am thankful for all the corrections that my heavenly Father gives me. he is teaching me a lot.


  202. I’m in! Wow, feels as though this was directed to me! So many personal things have been happening and weighing heavy on my heart. The daily struggles of allowing Him to correct me, as well as teaching my children how to accept His correction. Thank you for your ministry!

  203. I feel God’s love when my heart aches because it is also something that breaks his heart.

  204. Dawna McElroy says:

    For me it is usually when a song plays on the radio at the perfect moment and reminds me of what is important and that He loves me and is there for me.

  205. Thank you Lynn for a lovely devotional today! It is so befitting to my life this week! I was once told that God’s correction of us is uncomfortable and sometimes painful like the refinishing of a piece of furniture. Often I remind myself and my children that we may not like some things that we are going through but God works everything for good and even though this time of struggle and pain occurs, it is God’s way of chipping off the old layers of “Yuk” that we’ve added on top of another layer of yuk. Through this process God strips the layers and sands us down (restoring & renewing) to a raw and just-as-new work of art! I’ve experienced this in my life at several different points and in different levels of strengths. At one point God said “Enough! It is time to change!” And oh how grateful I am! He stripped off the layers (there were many) and the more he uncovered them even more were revealed. The pain was great but soon it turned to more of a discomfort and the “fine sanding” of my soul was to be done which sometimes was more abrasive rather than uncomfortable. God is always refining me and reminding me that I am adding layers of yuk when I am not praying and spending time with Him but letting the world into my thoughts. He is working on all of us to restore us to His masterpiece!
    I’d love to be the recipient of your giveaway! I have a teenage daughter who could really benefit from your book!

  206. I’m in. Thanks. I am grateful to have found this page.

  207. So this is a simple one that I was able to use with actually both my daughters on how God can take care of us. We sold Girl Scout cookies. My 8 year old had a customer who was adamant about that she already paid for the cookies she bought for the soldiers and she didn’t want the other two she ordered. The only problem is, I have taught my daughter to make it a point to check off paid in front of them and myself or the other adult with her is double checking it. On top of it…I double checked the money from that opening weekend and the money for prepaid orders matched. Other than the couple of dollars of donation. I calmly (yes, Lord’s influence) had walked up with the order sheet to show her and explain what I just shared with you. Point blank…she was rude. I just repeated in a very nice voice that I’m not going to argue with her, I have my facts. As we turned to walk away, she slammed the door on us. So we continue to deliver cookies…we have houses that want additional over they ordered originally. The extra cookies are sold. And we got exactly the right amount by the end of that date to cover the cost of the 2 boxes of cookies that the lady ordered to donate to soldiers. I know it’s small but it was so perfect to share to my girls how God is always with us and taking care of us even in the small things.

  208. Enjoyed your devotion today! The amazing thing about our awesome God is even when He is correcting us He is showing His love for us. Your example of when/how we speak with our children, hit home because that is a slippery slope for me and as my daughter grows older I want to avoid the contentious relationship that I had with my mom. Thanks for being a blessing to so many!

  209. I know I am loved by God through the love of my two little girls (and baby no. 3 is on the way!), also the correction I have brought to them in the past 5 yrs and 3 yrs, I know hear echoed back to me and my husband. “Talk nice to each other” and “Help each other” and “Pray before we eat.” Also, the best thing, how quickly and unconditionally they forgive and forget! May we each be reminded of our Father’s love for us each and everyday in all the little things.

  210. I’m reminded of GOD’s love everyday when I’m sitting in traffic going to work, I see cars weaving in and out of traffic in such a hurry, but I listen to GOD’s word on cd’s and it keeps me calm and I don’t mind the commute.

  211. Raising a daughter that will be going away to college in the Fall is making me wonder if I raised her to know the Lord in a deeper way. I really like your topic for the day. May your ministry be blessed to help shine a light in a world of darkness (fear and self-condemnation)… to empower the next generation to live in confidence and boldness of their faith.

  212. This morning I desperately needed to hear from my Father……He spoke loud and clear through His precious word…..EXACTLY what I needed to know….in a place in His work I wouldn’t have thought of myself….I thank GOD for the indwelling Holy Spirit for leading me to it. Jesus….what a savior!! I have a daughter who SOOOOOO much needs to understand better Jesus’ love for her……would LOVE to win this package….if not I will be purchasing!! Blessings and have a wonderful day. 🙂

  213. Thank you! I’m in!! I too am struggling, and my problem is being anxious/worried. I am reading His word all throughout the day, and learning to be patient while He corrects me is a challenge, a painful one at that. I know He will bring me out of this! God is patient, and loving!

  214. June shewbridge says:

    I am right in the middle of corrections so this is speaking to my heart in a big way!

  215. Angela Tharp says:

    I’m for sure in!

  216. Lindsey Edwards says:

    I felt God’s love just last night when I felt the need to turn the TV off and just kneel down and pray. I tend to be too busy to make time for Him so this was big. That whisper alone was all I needed to be reminded of His love for me.
    I also go through life with a LOT of fear and worry. This morning I was experiencing both when I was the only one awake to get ready for the day and all I did was ask God to take it away and HE DID! I felt an immediate sense of calm and safe.
    Oh how my Jesus loves me!

  217. God shows me His love through the grace and truth. He gives me grace experienced in the love of my family. God gives me truth when I’m quiet before Him and listen to what He says instead of the lies in my head. When I experience His grace and truth, I’m filled with a joy and love from Him that, I hope, overflows to others.

  218. Thank you for your message this morning. It was just what I needed to hear and also served as a reminder that if I’m going to teach it-I need to live it as well.

    I am helping my parents take care of my sister’s 4 sons in addition to raising my son. Most mornings start in varying degrees of chaos, and this morning was no different. Only add to it the fact that I overslept. Needless to say when my son and 3 of my nephews didn’t want pick up the pace and cooperate – I got mad and the rant began.

    After dropping kids at school it hit me… “Robyn, how do you expect these boys to obey and not argue and fuss if you aren’t doing it?” Then I read your blog/devotion and there it was again. It’s often too easy to get caught up in the moment or emotions and get knocked off our game, but God uses moments like that and words like yours to remind us just how much He loves us and how much we NEED Him in every step we take.
    Thank you Lord! Thank you Miss Lynn for being His tool!

  219. Sarah Knutson says:

    Thank you for the devotion today. It’s been difficult to decipher between God’s correction and the enemy’s condemnation lately, especially when trials and tribulations leave you feeling less than worthy and your self-esteem tank running on empty. At times like these when I feel the most vulnerable it’s so much easier to hear my Lord’s whispers of loving correction over the enemy’s shouting of condemnation. I know though that even when I’ve messed up a situation terribly and the enemy has me feeling defeated, the Lord is close to me, whispering in my ear that He is in control and that He is Sovereign and that all will be well and showing me what the very next right step is. Thank you so much for the inspirational words today. God bless.

  220. The way God always speaks to me through my morning devotions…He always knows what my heart needs to hear, and he uses my sisters at Prov 31 to deliver it. 🙂

  221. Angela Tharp says:

    I’m in!
    Thanks 🙂

  222. Hi Lynn!
    This is my first visit to your site. I enjoyed your topic for today.
    I’m in on the Love Pack! I experience GOD’S love by reading his precious word. All anxiety seems to melt away when I commune with HIM! I also seek other Christian materials to study. I am hungry for HIS WORD! I also experience GOD’S WORD when my fellow Christians open their hearts to me and seek to see what I need

    Thank you for all your WISDOM. I know it comes from THE LORD and we all need to share that wisdom with each other.

  223. Rebecca M says:

    God has shown His love for me through the peace He has given me through this difficult time in my life. It is a peace that reminds me He loves me and is in control.

  224. Carrie Walser says:

    I feel God’s love everyday through my two beautiful children and my wonderful husband! I am Blessed! Thank you for your ministry!

  225. Kelly Bronnenberg says:

    I experience God’s love every time he presents me with a solution to a recent issue. It seems as I grow with him he continously shows me solutions. Yesterday it was hurtful feelings and as I read my devotional book this morning he made it okay, he not only showed me a solution he soothed my hurt feelings. He gives me reasons everyday to seek him more and more. I am hungry for knowelge.

  226. Hi Lynn, God shows me His love by never giving up on me, even when I want to give up on me. I struggle with the discipline of consistency. I have asked God to show me what it should look like for my relationship with Him, not somebody else’s. He has shown me some unique ways to be in His Word even in the craziness of full-time work, part-time college and being a wife, mother and grandmother to 3! I thank you also for reminding me of what conviction and condemnation looks like…that is another journey He is faithful to bring me through!

  227. karen miller says:

    I am truly blessed and see Him working in my life everyday. He shows me his grace by being in mine and my daughters life. I don’t know where we would be without Him.

  228. Thank you so much for your encourageing words..They are just what I needed this morning.God shows his love through my 5yr. Old son who tells me im beautiful everyday and how much he loves me. God speaks thru this little boy to give me a concrete feel of Gods arms wrapped around me when I need it most.. In turn he has asked me to show unconditional love to the two most difficult people in my life right now.. To learn to love and forgive Im learning thru my son…What a gift God has given me ! Thank you GOD !

  229. Donna Smith McGuinness says:

    When I read “The very best of correction” I knew it was The Lord speaking to me as He does daily. I’m not listening to well! I don’t want His discipline because I feel like I can do it myself, but I can’t! Yesterday the enemy had me to a point where I must of thought I was incapable of getting a job, living another day because I wasn’t worth it. Then as these thoughts were entering my head I said “I am a child of God and He made me I’m worthi it..Thank you Jesus…this is in your hands!”

    I need prayer daily as I am a wife of a disabled man and we need me to get a job but every time something seems right it back fires. I know that I’m not heeding Gods correction in my life and I’m complaining, I need to start Praising the Father daily no matter my circumstances. I’m so angry with my husband at times and we don’t seem like we were due to his disability, but only God can change me heart…Praise God!! “Lord help me seek you daily instead of my own desires..Thank you for your Grace & Mercy and thank you for the right words I need to read that speaks to my heart…Amen”

    Thank you Lynn for these great devotions! God bless you..

  230. As a mom with 3 daughters, I need encouragement everyday to show them what true love is and what the joy of the Lord is. I hope to show them that they should seek Him first, then He will open other relationships up to them that are healthy.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Shanon – be sure to sign up for my Wednesday Wisdom Tips! You might also like to join our Facebook group Behind-the-Scene team. Just send me a request 🙂

  231. As I begin to write this comment I am again in awe of our Lord. He always leads us to the right information, the right scripture and the right people, right on time. I have been resisting a change in my behavior that God has asked me to change for some time now. I know that the change will be really hard for awhile and I have been choosing to post pone making it. I will have to rely totally on God while walking through this challenge and believe that He alone knows whats best for me and will help me through all of the physical and emotional symptoms that I will experience. Following through is an act of obedience and I want to be obedient because I love Him so much! Today was the day that I had chosen to step into the waters of change. I was feeling really anxious, but now I feel more stable and am placing my focus on His love for me. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to help so many women and our young daughter’s.

  232. Emily Sodrel says:

    I know God loves me because he continues to show his perfect timing in my life. This devotion was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for your obedience to Chirst… It is such a blessing to me and my 13 year old daughter!

  233. I know God loves me because He continues to give me “trophies” to signify his love, faithfulness and provision for all my needs. 🙂

  234. Karey Bourgeois says:

    I know God loves me because of His consistancy…scripture, songs, sermons, blogs, etc. In so many things throughout my day and week, they are so consistant with what He is saying to me. I try to write them down so I can go back and remind myself. I’m trying to hear more of God’s loving voice instead of the enemy’s condeming voice.

  235. Well….these past few weeks have been tough to say the least. We have had many struggles such as 2 cars breaking down that were paid off and having to go put money down on a different car and now have a car payment again. We had some things come to a head at the place we were renting such as having to move my horse, having no water for 8 weeks plus the no car thing and my husbands work being 30minutes away.
    In all these struggles we asked God why? Why the money issues, why take our transportation away, why take our water and the landlords not fix it…..but then came to the conclusion that he wanted better for us, he loved us so much that he was showing us by taking the water away to show that the landlords were not the people we thought them to be, he took the cars to show us that we needed better transportation or to be closer to my husbands work.
    It just amazes me that we held out there thinking it was the place for us because we couldn’t afford any better.
    We had to move out and put all of our things into storage, we are living in my dad’s basement, we are now 1 mile from my husband’s work, we now have a car that thank God is dependable and has full coverage! YAY! We are in the process of saving money for a different place to live, we don’t know where this will be, but we are trusting God to show us where he wants us.
    God’s love is different then human love…we can’t explain it, we can’t understand it, but we can trust it and have hope in it and that is what I am doing…..
    Have hope in things unseen…..I am not blessed less then others because of my circumstances….God still loves me and shows it everyday.

  236. Made me realize I need to have more scripture to turn to.

  237. Hello, Lynn! God is correcting me right now in the area of forgiveness — for the way other Christian young women have hurt one of my daughters. As every mother knows, this is worse than if it were happening to me! I’m so thankful for God’s correction, though.

  238. nancys1128 says:

    I know God loves me in many ways, but the first thing that came to mind is how He has always provided. Bankruptcies and lost jobs have tried to derail our household, but I’ve always had a peace that things would work out. I will admit that my initial reactions to such things have been my stomach dropping to my toes. But each time, the drop was shorter lived. I know that God’s got my back, and the backs of my family members. We need only lean into his hands.

  239. I experience God’s Love Daily in the fact that he first loved me!. He will love me and my 6 yr old granddaughter unconditionally. I am raising her in a life of Christ where I was not and I see her love for God in her heart daily and in her prayers and actions and how she treats others. I broke the chain of abuse with her in using love instead of what I went through. I Love You God!

  240. Hello Lynn
    Just a moment to says thanks for the encouraging word. I tend to forget thepain is often the result of Gods love and often question what I have done wrong or what have I not done that I should have that is causing my punishment. Thanks for the reminder that it is because He loves me that He makes me worth the work. I needed to hear that today.

  241. Vickie Cochran says:

    Hi Lynn!
    Thank you so much for your contributions to Proverbs 31! I’m 36 years old, and I can identify SO much with the devotional today. My best friend… more than a best friend… we were like sisters… and I parted ways about 5 years ago, and it was the most devastating event I’ve ever experienced. It rocked me to my core even more so than the death of my own parents. What I have learned in the “letting go,” is that I had placed my friend on a pedestal that should ONLY have been reserved for my Savior. I leaned more on my friend than I did on my faith and the Lord. I placed unrealistic expectations on our friendship… expectations that are realistic for Jesus, but inappropriate within human relationships. Though I still miss her to this second, I don’t know if I would change anything that’s transpired due to the indescribable peace I’ve come to know by trusting that my purpose each day, each thought, each decision of my life will be revealed to me in God’s perfect timing. Thank you for the opportunity to share this!

  242. Nicci Ramirez says:

    I’m In!!!!!!!

  243. I know God loves me by surrounding me with Godly friends from church, an awesome OBS small group on FB, an accountability partner and by showing me that through my weakness He really is made strong.

  244. Understanding God’s love and grace on adaily basis sometimes is inconceivable as I know there are many areas I fail. I am just blessed to know he can overlook my flaws and teach me from my mistakes.

  245. I feel God’s love every day when I wake up and talk to Him; and I talk to Him all day long wherever I may be found. I know He is always listening to me and He has helped me through many tough times. And I really feel God’s love when I see Him working in my loved ones’ lives too. Thank you God!

  246. Megan Mooney says:

    This 2014 year I’m going through daily reminders of just how much God loves me. He knows no boundaries when it comes to bringing my heart back to His, and I can’t begin to comprehend how God could love someone like me that’s made the mistakes I have. At this time of the year last year I made many mistakes that I regret horribly….I’m in college as a nursing student but last year in the spring I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship and got into some bad social habits because I was trying to have “fun”. Even though I knew I still loved God, I had fallen out of reading my Bible, and had fallen out of doing the simple act of praying!!!
    Going through all of that – was really, really hard. At the beginning of the summer, God brought someone from my past back into my life, and used that person to remind me of my worth and true beauty. He and I not only got back into a relationship, but we do daily devotionals twice a day now. I’ve never had that with someone!!!
    The VERY FIRST daily devotionals I read spoke DIRECTLY to me and the situation I went through back in the spring. It was so surreal how the first devotional I started back into spoke directly to my situation and my heart. The first line of the devotional stated, “Do you ever hear the whisper of condemnation? It hisses: you’re not what you should be … your past sins define you … you’ll never change.” My heart screamed “YES!!!!!”, and then through the devotional God reminded me of Romans 8:1 “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”
    Everyday now I face the day with the firsthand knowledge of remembering that God not only loves me, but will go to great lengths to pursue MY heart – MINE!!! 😀 How AMAZING is that?! Not only do I daily remember His love for me when the remembrance of the past rears its ugly head, but I remember it in every devotional I read – whether that devotional is with myself and God, with my boyfriend, or with one of my best friends. I also remember His love for me every time I look at my boyfriend, because I know God brought him back into my life to remind me how I should be treated and what I deserve. For me there is no greater remembrance of His love than that.

  247. Hi Lynn! God shows His love for me in his reminders that He is protecting my daughter through her struggles, and I don’t have to worry or do it all myself. It’s a comfort I finally felt last summer, and I know hasn’t left since.

  248. God shows His unfailing love to me every morning when I wake and begin my day in prayer with Him. His mercies have been bountiful in my life and His grace has covered me so many times when I was falling short in life’s circumstances. He shows me His love when He whispers into my heart “keep moving forward, I’ve got this for you” when I become discouraged. Hands to heaven to an Awesome God! who is ALWAYS there and is ALWAYS Good!

  249. Good morning Lynn, I am working on a critical spirit at this time. Didn’t think I was critical since I am a glass half full kinda gal but nevertheless it’s there. My deepest desire is to bring God glory in all of me, so I am thankful that God does change me and shows me grace along the way.

  250. Texas Momma says:

    I’m in! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  251. Angela V. says:

    Good Morning, I was so encouraged by your words and the reality that through His love, God encourages me daily to work out my anxieties through prayer. Sometimes, I strongly believe that my daily morning prayers of covering, protection and blessings are more for me than anything else. I know He knows my prayers before I even utter a word, but when I pray, I have that still and confident assurance that everything is going to work out for His glory.

  252. Every morning on my way to work when I see the sun rising, my soul just swells up with joy inside me. I know that is a sweet love note displayed across the sky for me straight from my Heavenly Father’s heart.

  253. Cindy H in Texas says:

    I’m in!!!

  254. I needed to hear that the enemy wants to fill me with shame. How come we can hear the enemy’s voice so clearly at times and then question the voice of God? I want to hear God’s voice all the time. Thank you for this devotion today and the link to this blog. I will check out your devotional and look at getting it for a group of teenagers that I lead for confirmation.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much, Heidi for investing in young women! I pray God will send women to invest in our next generation!

  255. I was wandering for a couple of years and had all but let go of my faith. I sought the guidance of a mentor in my church and God’s blessing rained a downpour! Not only did I regain my faith; my friends and everyone around me have witnessed first hand how God never leaves us. No matter how far we have strayed or how long it’s been. He is our Father; waiting with loving, open arms.

  256. I have seen God making great changes in my life recently. He has shown me how narrow my view has been and has been making things painfully clear that I need to start doing things different and start giving it all to Him and following His lead much more. My hope has been shaken and my faith has been tested but I am determined that they both will be stronger in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

    Thank you for the opportunity to wind this Love Pack. I believe it would be a great asset in my journey to understand His love for me much better.

  257. I experience His love everyday by the grace and forgiveness He offers us unconditionally.

  258. Alice Lewis says:

    Wow. This devotion has really opened my eyes. I read about how much God loves me in His word but when you asked us to share one experience that showed God’s love for me , I had to pause and think. Then I felt bad for having to pause and think. I take so much for granted The fact that I have been given another day to live in this beautiful world shows me how much my Father loves me!!!

  259. Thank you for today’s devotion. I really look forward to these everyday. I was put in a situation where I finally realized that nothing I was doing was working and that I needed a change. I needed God in my life. I’m not there yet but I know I can count Him to bring me back up.

  260. I’ve struggled with bearing the weight of my shame for years, some self inflicted choices and other shame because I was born into it. Even though I know that Jesus loves me despite what has happened, it has been difficult for me to accept it. His word tells me that He bore the weight of my shame and nailed it to the cross and that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. This is the first time where I’m making a decision to believe His words, to memorize it, to own it, to live in it. The power of the cross is not found in what we do but in what has already been done for us. It’s God’s free gift of amazing grace to us his dearly loved children! Now I want to go out and share it with others who are in bondage of shame. Luke 4:18-21

  261. I see God’s love in his word that He speaks to me throughout the day. I will read, hear, see the same verse several times in a day and know God is trying to get my attention.
    It never fails, he gently corrects ME when I turn to him with hurt over another’s treatment of me.
    He is such a gentle, loving father.
    His presence is the water for my soul.
    Sharing of God with my teenage daughters and my friends is such a special gift this side of heaven.
    Having Christian friends shows me God’s love. We can be totally transparent and yet loved.
    In this life, we will have troubles; but HE has overcome the world. For me!
    Just trying to wrap my head around this.

  262. God has bee usig my husbad, kids, ad frieds I a lovig ad getle way to correct some of my “stubboress”

  263. Racheal Wagner says:

    I see God’s love in my husband and kids. He has blessed us with 6 beautiful children and my husband is my best friend and complete companion. I also know God uses my job to keep me grounded with a wonderful group of Christian women who pray with me and give Christian advice whenever I know God is chastising me. God has blessed me beyond words.

  264. God has shown His amazing love to me in so many ways the past six months. After my husband passed away, God has been so close to me that I can definitely feel His presence. I feel His strength each and everyday. I couldn’t make it without him. He has wrapped His arms of love around me!

  265. In Bible study we have been studying the book of Matthew. This week, we studied His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. As I read, studied, and wrote about this joy-filled, exciting event, though I was happy to finally see Jesus treated as He deserved, I couldn’t help but think about what lie ahead. How could He smile at the people’s celebration? How could He be so calm as He road slowly on the back of a donkey into the city where He knew He would die? How did He keep His focus so steadfastly on teaching and healing, knowing what awaited Him?
    This is love. His love for undeserving, unfaithful, sinful you and me.

  266. A few days ago, I told my husband I was giving up on our five year old son. Never thought raising children and training them up would be this difficult and challenging. When my husband came home from work, he asked me, “Do you want me to give up on you? Do you want God to give up on you?”

    I want to believe that the LORD has been working in my life through my children. They are a reflection of me and oftentimes, I do not like what I see. He has been revealing issues in my life that I need to deal with. It has been tough and I have been emotionally and spiritually drained but each morning I wake up, His mercies are new. That is just hard to fathom.


  267. God has been ever so faithful to me lately. In January 2013 my mom passed away after a battle with cancer. After my moms death, I made a decision to change jobs and went to work for a church and found myself in ministry and loved it. The only draw back at the time was I took a huge cut in pay (more than half of what I was making). After several months I began to question if I had done the right thing because I was beginning to wonder how our family was going to make ends meet. But with God’s love, He has shown me and my family that we can do more with less, and He has provided for all our needs, and even more. God is so faithful and His love has taught me that I can trust in Him, no matter what.

  268. God has shown his love through my marriage. My husband & I are polar opposites & would sometimes struggle to communicate effectively. When I feel his strength & ask for his help our communication that started out terribly, ends up completely different! It’s amazing & works every time he or I reach out & ask for his love & support!

  269. God shows me love in countless ways. I loved how you compared how we know when God is speaking and when Satan is condemning. I am printing this for my teenaged daughter who is constantly hearing Satan’s lies. I hope she hears this LOUD and CLEAR.

  270. I’ve always been good at loving others, after-all that’s what my ministry is all about. But, I never took the time to love myself. The Lord showed me this when I was diagnosed with depression last august. I was neglecting myself and it was a wake up call. A wake up call to LOVE myself how He loved me. I knew that I needed to understand His love for me and most importantly RECEIVE it.

    So I asked him to help me. Help me change how I lived my day to day, the time I spent with Him, the time I spent with my family, my ministry, and what I ate.

    Today, I feel better than ever. I not only have lost 25 lbs because of the changes, I’ve allowed God to lavish me in His love in every area of my life.

    His love is greater.

  271. Christy D. says:

    I see God’s love every day as He gives me the strength to continue through this valley I am going through in this season of my life.

  272. Sylvia Stewart says:

    He shows me His love regularly through my Bible Study “Peeps”–an amazing group of ladies who have been ‘doing life’ together for many years now and have watched and prayed each other’s children in the various stages of growing up! Two friends have children marrying this year! 🙂 I also see His love in my husband and especially hear God’s loving voice as I spend time alone with him.

  273. Suzanne VanSligtenhorst says:

    I experience God’s love when I speak harshly with my husband or son and they forgive me and love on me 🙂

  274. I experienced Gods love when I least expect it

  275. I’m in – Would love to read more. Friday night, my youngest…17 was detained by the local police department for not using the turn signal and when they stopped her, the smell of marijuana was evident. They had just been to an apartment where gang members live and bought drugs. Thanks to the caring police officers, they spoke to her and warned her of the huge dangers that she and her best friend were getting into that night. I had to sign a paper so the police officers would release her and she will need to follow up with juvenile services, do public service and take a class. She chose to live with her father 9 years ago when we separated and divorced. He an attorney and just looks for the easy way out, plus he has almost given up on her, wants her to move in with me in the next few months as he wants to have a relationship with his wife who is an abusive alcoholic. Last year, my 18 year old daughter was told she could not live with her father anymore, he moved out of his wifes home and got an apartment for him and my 17 year old daughter and didn’t have room for her. She called me frantic on day and said, “Mom, I’m going to be homeless, can I please move in with you?!”. Also, 4 years ago, the ex filed for me to pay him child support, and alienated the girls from me so he could prove that they did not want to stay with me overnight anymore to prove he had them more than 1/2 of the year and get more child support.
    Ultimately, I thank the Lord for his love and careful watch over me and my girls, I do not know what is in his plans, but I am trying to trust in him and believe in his love.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Cheryl, there is no pain like child pain. It is here, we come to know a level of trust we haven’t known before. He will hold you when you can’t hold up!

  276. Thanks Lynn for your KIND words of WISDOM!

    I’M IN!

  277. I see God’s love in the spouse he chose for me. So loving and kind and gentle.

  278. One way that I experience love God’s for me is when someone is cursing and screaming at me for pointing to Jesus or God’s Word: in the midst of the screaming I actually heard Jesus voice say “Do not be surprised that they hate you, because they first hated me.” Which was God’s very tangible way of saying “you do realize why she is really screaming at you right? I thought it was because I was shining light on the darkness of a sin. Jesus showed me that it is ultimately because she hates Jesus. This cemented my stand of love the sinner, hate the sin. In such difficult relational times, God loves me by teaching me to recognize the schemes of the Deceiver and combat with truth.
    I have in the past gotten “sucked into” bickering, self-justification, shoving back the blame shifter with what had been shoved against me. But I recognize that as sin… MY sin! I am to not repay evil for evil…but inasmuch as it depends on me to overlook offenses against me. I am responsible for no one’s sin but my own. How I respond to unfair treatment against me, says a lot about who GOD is in my life. If I back down from rightly dividing the Word of Truth; if I allow someone to influence me in such a way as to enable the continuance of sin by not calling sin “sin” as God does, then I will have brought dishonor to my Lord and His truth. If I am to be walking in the light, I will shine on the darkness and not hide under the bushel. Those who are wanting to escape the darkness will welcome the light of the gospel which I bring to share with them. Those who wish to remain hidden in the darkness will curse the light. I am blessed if I am cursed for shining God’s light.
    Decades of chronic pain and an unreliable body has helped me to realize that I truly am nothing without Christ. I KNEW that it was only through His power that I could literally do anything at all. Satan tried to make me believe that because I couldn’t “DO” things, that I was worthless. The Holy Spirit taught me, that it is not my performance that makes me valuable. It is my deep love for God. Jesus loved me soooo much that he died for me! I was not worthy of that. In fact, I was His enemy. But love… GOD’s love conquers ALL sin and brings unspeakable JOY!!
    A great leap forward in the growing in my faith came as I could surrender that last piece of my heart that I was holding onto valuing other people’s opinion of me. That is the sin of people pleasing; acting according to what makes others think good of me. Jesus put that sin to death on the cross! The ONLY ONE that I NEED to be pleased with me is my God, who created me to be in HIS image (not my own, or any others view of me). It’s not about what I LOOK like, but what I AM.
    It’s important not just who I am, but WHO’s I am. I cannot please God without knowing what pleases Him. And HERE’S HOW I KNOW GOD LOVES ME: I can know who I am because God showed me who He is and how He sees me both before and after my sin. His GREATEST GIFT to me (and to all mankind) is in giving His Word. And that Word took on flesh in Jesus Christ, who demonstrated how to love in word and deed. To show love sacrificially as He died on a cross so that not only are my sins forgiven but I am also the beneficiary of the great joy of being His child forever! . I am a daughter of the King!

    Just like a baby in the womb, being created and born has nothing to do with me. But being born again has a LOT to do with me. Jesus, please deliver me and give me life. Let me live to please you.

    Sorry, so long for ONE reason I know God loves me — He’s proven it over and over; even when I mess up.

  279. Mary-Margaret says:

    God shows his love for me through the peace he has given to me through the past two years. My husband has cancer and we have two very young children. I know that the only reason I have been at peace and have not lost my mind is because of Him. When thoughts from the enemy enter my mind, God quickly corrects me. He also corrects me many times when it comes to my children. Thank your for sharing your post!

  280. I’m in. Brand new follower and you’ve helped direct me in how to become a better person already. Thank you for being there, when so many of us need.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Our honor, Patti!

  281. Amy Hedrick says:

    I experience God’s love when He provides Godly women to encourage me in the toughest of times. He provides answers that are in accordance to His word not just the easy answers the world likes to give and take. It would be so much easier to give in, but the consequences are so much greater.

  282. Tiffiny Palm says:

    Lately God has been showing me about how He is Sovereign! That He is in control of my life and that He is in control of all 4 of my kids lives. I am so thankful how He shows us how much He loves us, like saying… I am Sovereign and you don’t need to worry. It has been what I needed to hear and see for myself and my kids. Especially with my oldest becoming a teenager in a few months, there are so many times I don’t know what to do? Or if I am doing it right.
    Thank you for your ministry and your encouragement!

  283. My sister shares your messages with me. I have an area about which I remain fearful of correction because I anticipate painful life changes as a result. It’s odd how just making an attitude adjustment could open the door for more pain in hopeful root to inconceivable change and blessing.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Sherri, you are seeing it! I hope you will sign up and get our messages for yourself! To get the Proverbs 31 devotions, just go to and click on “devotions” and to get mine, just go to my front page at and you’ll see the sign up on the right hand side! Join us!

  284. Dianne Poling says:

    I am going through a season with my Daughter that is very difficult. God is showing me how that he always had his hand on me when I was younger and making mistakes. I am so thankful that his Love never fails!

  285. Dianne Poling says:

    God is showing me how that he always had his hand upon me while I was not serving him. I am so thankful that his Love never fails!

  286. Kathy Lundberg says:

    God shows how much He loves me when I listen to the small, still, sweet voice of the Holy Spirit reminding and helping me recall scripture that testifies of God’s faithfulness no matter what.

    Thank you for this offer and for your faithfulness to serve us and encourage us!

  287. Lately,

    I know that God is working on me in the area of worry. Your reminder of Phil 4:6. I look at my past and think that my children are going to have the same heartaches. Your words today reminded me that nothing in past is more powerful then the blood of Jesus. . When I worry I am saying that I don’t trust God to work the situation out. And many times when I worry I tend to respond to situations in anger. Prov 15:1. I am so grateful for the correction because it is a reminder that as we mature it stretches us to do better.

  288. Donna Miller says:

    God is so good! 🙂 He always has me meditating on a particular Scripture verse for days at a time, personalizing it, and He even confirms it in different ways like through a friend bringing the Scripture up when there was no way she could have known I was meditating that very Word with the Lord in our secret place. Or I’ll hear a pastor mention it or even see it on Facebook or Pinterest. 🙂 Right now He has me soaking up Zephaniah 3:17… (in my personalization) “The Lord my God is with me, He is mighty to save! He takes great delight in me. He quiets me with His love. He sings over me with great rejoicing!” Just imagining our great God singing over us is so much to take in, let alone that He does it with great joy. He is amazing! 🙂 ~Donna Miller

  289. God shows his love for me by answering my prayers. Your Proverbs 31 devotion today was an answer to my prayers about a situation currently going on in my family that I’ve been worrying about. Phillipians 4:6-8 was just the answer I needed.

  290. Renon Bryce says:

    When I am full of worry and turn to God in prayer He fills my heart with peace. Soon I am counting my blessings instead of my worries. He is always there when I turn to Him because He loves me.

  291. Pat Parker says:

    OH MY. Just yesterday, I was very convicted thru a dream I had the night before about something I posted on facebook. It was not mean, but I was standing for truth and it was directed at someone living what the bible would call a wicked lifestyle. I was chiming in on my husband’s account since I do not have one of my own. I felt the dream I had was God’s gentle correction that although what I spoke was totally in truth, it might not have helped the current situation. So again, although I know that what I said was totally in line with God’s word,I could have just not gotten involved in the very large discussion going on. So I got up immediately that morning and deleted the post. I was sure there would be a lot of backlash and there was not. but I felt convicted and thankful that my post was deleted.

  292. It has been one tough day but God whispered through it all just how much He loves me!

    He inspires me to see all things through His love.

    Huge hugs!

  293. I’m in!!!! God showed His love for me by wrapping me in a huge hug and told me that I wasn’t disappointing him on my worst night between my husband and myself. It was the night I told him that he needed to leave; our marriage was dissolving and I slept (tried) on the couch that night. I sobbed and sobbed because I thought my marriage was over; that it was my fault (although I thought I had done everything I could) and that I had seriously let my God down. I truly felt him wrap his arms around me and whisper sweetly to my heart that He was not disappointed in me at all. 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Miranda, may you know His love and experience His loving arms often!

  294. Joy Shearer says:

    I really needed to hear this devotion! It spoke to me and reminded me that I need to apply this at work. I even found myself highlighting points to email to my colleagues as a reminder of God’s love for us and the need for His correction! Thank you!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much for sharing with others, Joy!

  295. I find God’s love woven like a thread of peace through the sometimes fast paced and chaotic life I live. I love moments that I stop to take a deep breath to let God remind me that Hisgracep Spirit provides every breath I take. God’s love is truly at that gentle peaceful core inside of me reminding me to slow down and not let the worry, pain, and hopelessness feelings overcome me.

  296. I experience God’s love in my weakest moments and when I need Him most…He always watching over me and my kids!

  297. I have experienced God’s love by him showing me that I needed to lean on him and trust in Him when my son started having seizures at 18 months old. Even though I w scared to death and worried like crazy I knew God had a reason or this to happen to our son. We joined our church and became closer to our church family. We got baptized. We dedicated our son back to God. Prayed nonstop for the healing of our little boy. This past Christmas December 2013 has been 2 years since my little boy has had a seizure and came off of his anti seizure medicine on his 4th birthday this past January 2014 and his neurologist says he will be seizure free for the rest of his life! God is awesome! He has healed my little boy and he has teacher us to trust him no mattr what the situation is. He will always love us and always listen to our prayers if we are faithful to him!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Nicole – PRAISE JESUS! Love this story of God’s love and faithfulness!

  298. Diana Bible says:

    God is good all the time and He gives me the strength to get through each and every day.

  299. Tammy Jackson says:

    I see God’s love for me everyday in getting coffee fixed and served to me each morning by my hubby, getting to start off each morning sharing Bible time devo with my son, and having my identity and self-esteem wrapped up in the confidence of God’s unconditional love for me no matter what and that He is always faithful and constant and His love will never change.

  300. God shows His magnificent love for me everyday through my wonderful husband. He knew just who to pair me up with to help mold me into a better person!

  301. Harmony M says:

    I’m in! I can’t wait to learn how to experience His revolutionary love for me and truly understand it!

  302. God is clearly telling me that He wants me to let go and quit trying to control some situations with my daughter’s education. Get out of God’s way and trust Him. It’s so hard to let our children struggle without jumping in to try to handle the situation.

  303. Lynn, God has been leading me in loving correction to watch my words. I have been praying since the start of this new year to pause and seek His guidance and looking to the Holy Spirit as to how I respond to every situation, especially those that challenge my patience and my own understanding. God has been leading me to have a thankful heart in all things. In His gentle correction and redirection, focusing on Him and praising Hi, I have experienced so much Joy! I have become calmer and more at peace. God has strengthened my faith, hope and love! All glory and honor to my heavenly Father!
    Thanks for the chance to enjoy your Love pack!

  304. I’m in…He provides me with a loving husband!

  305. I’m in! He provides in me fortitude.

  306. I’m in! Thank you for a thought provoking post. 🙂

  307. I’m in. God shines in my life everyday through my attitude towards my fellow person. The Lord has given me a family that provides love and respect with each person.

  308. I experience God’s love through the loving community he has blessed is with. All who are praying with us tonight and tomorrow for our son’s surgery and his surgeon. It’s a minor surgery but what a blessing to know we have a prayer army with us every step of the way.

  309. I’m in. I love the God who gently corrects me, and works all my mess ups into good.

  310. One way I experience God’s love for me is through women like you who take the time and effort to pour into my life the wisdom they glean from God’s Word and their walk with Him. I love hearing other women’s stories of how God is moving in their lives! Being able to share how He is working in my life, too, is an added blessing.

  311. I experience His love for me each and everyday in different ways but one I will share with you. I lost my beautiful wonderful amazing husband on 2/23/11 to suicide. He was diagnosed with bipolar 6 month before and doctors felt it was best to put him on three medications all of which had side effects of suicide. Although his death changed my life forever I believe he is now with our Lord and Savior and one day we will be reunited for eternity. Needless to say this was the most difficult time in my life but through it all God brought me a wonderful amazing daughter who lost her mom around the same time. She lost her not to death but to a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. She was 16 at the time and need a mommy who wouldn’t leave. I know God brought us together at this particular time in both our lives and we have healed and grown so much in the Lord. I would love to share your Love pack with her and thank you so much for your blog and devotions. I am truly blessed by them.

  312. Virginia Walter says:

    I feel God’s correction in a few areas right now. I recently found out my husband has been having affairs for 2 years and wants a divorce. After we separated he moved in with his current girlfriend. I feel like God has been leading me to forgive him and his girlfriends. Also, I think He has been leading me to be more careful with my words and thoughts. Thank you for allowing me a chance to win your Love Pack!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Virginia, I can’t even fathom how broken your heart is! Jesus, You forgive supernaturally; that is what it will take for Virginia to forgive! Fill her heart with YOUR love to spill to those who have her hurt so much! Amen

  313. We feel God’s love in the restoration of a broken family.

  314. Just started reading Proverbs 31 recently. Helps me keep my eyes on Jesus instead of myself.

  315. I was told he could help me get my ex back, fix my relationship. so i told him all my problems so he ask me not to worry that my problem will be solved with 2 days, i believed in him and to my greatest notice, after 2 days, my boyfriend who broke up with me gave me a call to apology and feel so sorry for what he did, we got back together, His email via __________________________________Robinsonbuckler11 @ gmail com…

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