{Give Away} Win Tickets to “A Magnetic Experience”!

We want YOU to join us at A Magnetic Experience

and you can win your tickets!


Yes, now, you can WIN your way to A Magnetic Experience!

**Grand Prize Winner** (2): GIRLS NIGHT OUT! You and 2 of your BFFs will receive free passes to A Magnetic Experience Event & head over to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream after Friday night’s activities (your ticket purchase will be refunded to you, and additional ticket provided)

**1st Place Winner** (2): 2 Free Passes to A Magnetic Experience Event (your ticket purchase will be refunded to you, and additional ticket provided)

**2nd Place Winners** (5): Personalized signed copies of Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants

What is A Magnetic Experience all about?

{Sorry, adults, you have to sit this one out but we need your help: please share this with the girls you love!}

A Magnetic Experience is not for the adults, only for you.

This event created by girls for girls includes:

 Fashion {done the right way!}: With a show & make-up consulting too!

 Jewelry making, photo-booth fun, & artistic expression painting

 Pizza {ifyou register early!}

 A cause you’ll believe in – Fashion & Compassion {helping women living in poverty by creating & selling home-made goods/jewelry}
ALL proceeds go toward changing lives of women around the world!

 You’ll hear from the boys: what do they find attractive?

{are you ready to hear the God-honest truth?}

~Oh and yes, there will be only ONE speaking session by me {are you BRAVE enough?}

Don’t miss this incredible experience.

Can’t come? Please forward this email to someone who might!

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A Magnetic Experience Giveaway


One Comment

  1. I would like to enter my daughter Saraya. I am a mom of two. I want such a different life for Saraya than I had. I want to give her the resources to make Godly choices not choices lead by the flesh. Saraya is an amazing young lady. 13yrs old. So much potential. Has received Christ & has been baptized. I dont want her to make the same choices I did. Trying to find love in all the wrong ways. Thank you for your ministry. It is helping raise my daughter & son.
    I believe Saraya would love to go & also receive the braclet. She just recently asked for a purity ring. RAISING 2 teenagers is not easy with all the outside influence.
    Thanks again
    Nicole Young

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