A {Give Away Day}Helping You Put on Your Best Outfit



If you are joining me here today from my Proverbs 31 Ministries Devotion “Letting Love Be My Go-To Outfit” welcome!

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When I’m packing to go to a speaking event or a family special occasion, I search my closet carefully, looking for the best outfit I have. I bypass my hole-covered jeans, my dirty hiking boots and worn out sweatshirt, even though they are what I am most comfortable in. Instead of picking what is easiest, I purposefully make a decision and choose what fits the occasion and is most attractive.

I so want to do the same each day in my life. Slowing down. Not slipping “on” irritation, annoyance, or impatience. I want to be purposeful, in each situation I find myself in, to choose love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. Those traits that are not only beautiful in the sight of my Jesus, but are attractive to others too.

I know I don’t have you tell you, this is really hard. Our heart and mind easily gravitate what comes naturally. It takes so much more effort and self-control to not say and do what’s “natural”.


I’m trying to teach my daughters to do the same. To not let everything that comes into their head come out of their mouth. All too often those thoughts don’t honor God, nor do they help us become the woman we want to be.

We must carefully choose the words we say, the attitudes we have and the actions we take. Each day, in every situation, we’ve got one shot to make the right decision. And we can do that when we rely on the Holy Spirit, seeking Him and allowing His power and traits to flow through us. One choice at a time…we’re becoming the women He wants.

One thing that can help us in these situations we find ourselves in are visual reminders. At my events, I share with girls magnets they can put in their lockers at school: Gorgeous is more than a face in the mirror. Gorgeous is also a condition of the heart, love shown through my actions.



To help you and a young girl in your life put on love, today I’m giving away the Magnetic bracelet as another visual reminder for us to become the “girl” He wants; one who displays the fruit of the Spirit each day.


Created by our ministry partner, Fashion & Compassion, the Magnetic bracelet  was designed by my daughter, Madi and I as acompanion to go with Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants at our A Magnetic Experience. 

A stunning hammered brass button featuring “Magnetic Gal. 5:22-23″ handmade by a group of vulnerable women in Mexico is the centerpiece of this trendy, wrap-style bracelet. Semi-precious gemstone beads have been hand-strung between genuine dark brown leather cord by women overcoming hardship & exploitation in Charlotte, NC. A portion of the proceeds organizations service exploited & abused women & children. Two adjustable closures measuring 14″ and 15” in length. A tag with the product story, autographed by the artisan, is attached to the bracelet.

 Today, I’m giving away the Magnetic bracelet and the companion book, Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants to one blessed girl. To enter for the opportunity to win, share with me in the comments below a girl you know who displays the fruit of the Spirit or one you are investing in who you hope will develop these traits. (I’m so sorry…you must share in the comments section of my blog; emailed entries will not count. If you are receiving this post via email, please click here to head over to my site.)

I’ll announce the winner on my Wednesday Wisdom Tip tomorrow!





  1. Robyn May says:

    My 14 year old step daughter recently gave her heart to the Lord. She and I don’t always get along. I know that we both need this visual reminder to put on love when dealing with our disagreements. I’d be so grateful to offer her this beautiful bracelet and book that we could read together to strengthen our relationship. Thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Robyn, Thank you, Jesus for her new life in Jesus! I love that you would go through Magnetic with her (I put a leadership guide in the back to make this easy!)

  2. My daughter Zoe is eleven and has the perfect name as she is full of life. She has such a big heart that it makes her naive at times but ilove her for it. She has watched me work in ministry the last six years…and I pray sees how we as women can work to build the kingdom. But mostly I pray that God molds her heart and uses what she is to shine His light as she enters these teen years.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Kristy – Zoe sounds like a beautiful young girl. My prayer for her is the same: Jesus, protect Your life flowing out of her. Empower her to hang on to her joy as she enters these years of growing into the woman You created her to be!

  3. Cindy Meade says:

    My granddaughter will be 13 this year and I don’t get to see her often. She struggles with being liked. I think this would be a great tool for her to remember who she is in Christ.


    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Cindy – these teen years are hard for so many when it comes to finding where they “fit”. Jesus, help CIndy’s daughter to find a safe friend that she can love and be loved by. May she be filled each and every day by Your amazing and perfect love for her. Amen

  4. I just spent the weekend on our church women’s r retreat. One of the speakers was a beautiful young lady from our church. She shared about struggles she had gone through and how she has allowed God to teach her the gift of self control. She is a beautiful example of not only this gift but many many others in her life! Thank you for sharing with us how important it is to make love our “go to outfit!”

  5. Lynn, Thank you for your inspiring words. I have 2 teenage daughters, one is struggling everyday to fit in, and one who is comfortable with who she is and what she wants. I would love to win this awesome set, and will pass it on to the one who is struggling! I will probably go purchase another set for my other daughter, as it would be important for both of them, especially at this point in their lives. Thank you again for your words, they were exactly what I needed to hear this morning.

  6. Kathy Espinoza says:

    I have a 14yo niece who hasn’t spent much time in church or the word of God. She’s special to me and she likes her aunt Kathy. I like to find ways to pour into her life & show her the love of Jesus!

  7. I have a daughter that touches people everyday. Children and co-workers that she is constantly showing the love of Jesus. This braclet makes me think of her.

  8. Cheryl Gault says:

    My daughter will be 13 in a few months and getting close to the teenage years, this past year, we removed all the princess theme from her room and have started to add pictures displaying the fruits of the Spirit on her walls. We began with “LOVE” and want to continue with the others if we can find them in nice fonts, calligraphy, etc. as a reminder to her to show forth these in her life, especially as she moves into the teenage years where it can become more difficult. We emphasize the importance of staying in God’s Word and prayer to continue following Christ and his example.

  9. Your devotionals have been such a blessing to me. My prayer is that I and my two precious teenage daughters would become more magnetic by displaying the fruits of the spirit in our lives and in our words.
    Thank you for investing in so many lives!

  10. Bobby A. Sturgeon, Jr. says:

    Sabrina has issued a proclamation of faith to her fears. May God grant her the courage to persevere

  11. Jessica Vegh says:

    My daughter, Raegan, is almost 15, and she displays a beautiful spirit of kindness to others. She is, however, struggling as a teenager to feel loved, accepted, confident, in her public school of over 2,000. She is friendly and shares the love of Christ, but is lonely and hurting on the inside. Her dad and I pray for her and with her daily through this difficult season, knowing and reminding her that God has a wonderful plan for her life!

  12. Kayla is an amazing young woman already. My prayer is for her to acknowledge the gifts God has given her and follow His will for her, in everything she does! Would love the opportunity to work through this book together.

  13. My daughter, Haley, has displayed the fruit of the Spirit from such a young age. I can recall her innate passion to pursue God through worship & prayer at the age of 5. She’s now a pre-teen who leads worship in our church children’s ministry and is even more enthused to demonstrate her love of Christ to others.

  14. What a blessing the devotional was today! I would love a copy of the book to go through with my daughter Jocelyn. She is a very active teenager involved in church, her youth group, and ministry teams at school, recently though she has been hit by a wave of jealous mean spirited friends who have created doubt within in someone who has shone Gods love to others. She ha been filled with self doubt and sadness and even though we have talked and prayed, I believe this would be a treasure to go through together! Susan

  15. I have 3 daughters. My oldest is a senior this year, struggling with what the next step is. Over the past six months or so, God has been prompting me to share my personal struggles with her and use it as a teaching moment. So when I lose my patience, especially if she’s there, I talk about it and pray with her that I would see the situation like Jesus. Just this past week she came and talked to me about a younglady at girl’s group who had been rude to her. She told me how she responded and then asked if she had displayed the fruit of the Spirit or not. Yah!!!I love that the bracelet states that what makes us magnetic to others is the Holy Spirit working in and through us. Beautifully done!

  16. My daughter who exemplifies the fruit of the spirit like no other young woman I know. She works so hard serving women in the states & Africa. This would be a special token to her to reward her for her selfless service.

  17. My daughter Ashlee is 14 years old – very outgoing, smart, social, athletic – seems she has it all going for her, but she constantly wants to “fit in”! And that scares me — I know God has blessed me with this wonderful young lady and I want to put everything I can in front of her to know and to follow God with her full heart. She has given her life to God, but has yet to go through baptism. I so don’t want her to miss out on the opportunities that God puts in front of her, just because she needs to “fit in” with other girls at school. Thank you for focusing on the younger generation and the obstacles they face as they become God’s girls!!

  18. I have been looking for a book to go through with my daughter and also possibly the girls at church. Thank you so much for your ministry!! 🙂

  19. I literally just got in from a walk and prayer time… Begging The Lord to give me strength in dealing with one if my daughters. She is 13, need I say more? But really, what I realized this morning is I cannot change how she acts, but I can totally model how I wish she would respond to situations. By watching my tone, my choice of words and my attitude, I can try to show her how a tong woman of God should speak and act. I just sat down to check my email and saw this- completely confirmed my prayers this morning! Thank you and I can’t wait to read the book with my THREE daughters☺️ God bless you and thank you for your obedience in serving Him!

  20. Lisa Huber says:

    I’m excited about the chance to win this book and be able to share it with my daughters who are growing up to fast & I desire for them to grow up as strong young ladies of God. They have both grown so much in the last year.

    I want to also use this on I e if my students who has become like a daughter. She desperately needs love & spiritual training.

  21. I have a young adult daughter that has one of the kindest hearts I have ever known. She is beautiful and smart , yet struggled in teenage years with depression and low self esteem. She has recently made a huge turnaround in her life and! And I want her to see how great she really is on the inside and out. I think this bracelet would be a great reminder for her!

  22. nancys1128 says:

    My daughter Marisa amazes me with her tender heart and compassion. At just 13, she is sought out by others to talk with for “counsel” in the various situations middle school life can throw at our children. And when we participated in See You at the Pole last week I discovered she is quite the powerful prayer warrior as well. Now if only she’d keep her room picked up…..

  23. stacy waters says:

    Thank you for your words. I have 2 teenage daughters at home and often struggle giving them the advice that will sink in. They have always been brought up in a Godly home but the outside influences of this world can make them question and bring them down fast. I believe that this book would be a great read for both of them. Thank you.

  24. My granddaughter Kaley-she just turned 10! She is such a joy to us, but has such a struggle as she lives with us and her Mom and every other weekend is with her Dad. Her mom and I don’t “parent” the same way and her
    dad is very strict in some ways, and not in others. I have been bringing her to church and Sunday School since she was a baby, so I pray the seeds have been planted to help her cope no matter what situation she
    gets in to.

  25. If I won this bracelet and book, I would give it to a young lady at my church who has shared with my daughter that she struggles with relationships. She is a beautiful, talented young lady who has such a pleasing personality. She is very shy, but I truly believe she wants to live her life for the Lord. This would really build her confidence. Thank you & God bless.

  26. Lindy Jane, 16 years old and having to grow up way sooner than she should in many areas. Lindy exhibits a capacity to love unlike most 16 year olds I know. She see’s the best in most everyone, even if she has been rejected by them. Lindy recently experienced her parents separating after 25 years of marriage and what she had been taught her entire 15years of life all of the sudden was gone. Her mom had trained her and taught her according to God’s principles and then decided to throw all those to the wind in pursuit of her own happiness. I know that God will bring her mother back someday but for now I’m praying that I can pour into her life the words of affirmation and wisdom that she so desperately needs. She is a simple yet beautiful girl and I know she would wear this bracelet with honor. I can’t wait to receive the book and go through it with her and prepare myself for my own 10 year old daughter. Thanks!

  27. I am a school teacher. I have a 6th grade student this year that has been suffering with alopecia since birth. I can’t even imagine what that is like for a young girl. In addition, she has been severely bullied in regard to her condition. Due to the trauma, she has begun bullying others as a defense mechanism. She and her mom are in counseling to try to find some help and understanding. Her mom is at a loss. She is very intelligent and loves to read and write. She wants to be a writer one day. I would like to gift the book and bracelet to my student and her mom.

  28. Lori Cano says:

    My daughter, Chelsea, is a young woman (23). I’m submitting this for her as she suffers from depression and had seemed to have lost her way. Well grounded in her faith at a young age, she allowed herself to be pulled away by her heart strings into another religion. She’s fighting to regain her faith. Now pregnant, she is losing hope and has lost touch with God’s assurances. I would love for her get encouragement from another perspective!

  29. I am blessed to be mentoring an amazing young women (Casey) who is serving the Lord by teaching teenage girls. She inspires me with her passion for discipleship and her desire for young girls to understand how God sees them. Your book provides an amazing opportunity. She and I sat down yesterday and talked about ways to help young girls truly believe that they are “enough”. I would love to share your book with her.

  30. My friend and I just sat and talked yesterday about our daughters and how we are trying so hard to get them to look outside if themselves…we were struggling with finding any method that would get to the heart of the matter. Good girls stuck in the teenage ‘me’ syndrome. This might be a great way to discuss this with them, and the bracelet would be a great visual reminder…instead of having her mom verbally reminder her!

  31. My life oldest daughter is sixteen. She has a strong faith and a good support in her youth group. She is very loving and giving soul. She has the typical teenage struggles of dealing with divorced parents, image issues and other teenage struggles but last night we found out her best friend has a brain tumor and it may be cancer. I have often told Alexa she is placed in peoples lives for a purpose and a season. Her friend Nicole does not have the help of a strong support system and a strong faith. I would love the bracelet for Alexa to share with Nicole. The book would be awesome for them to share together. I would buy two sets but fall is the season where money becomes tight because I work in an ice cream shop and it closes for the winter and so our income is cut. But thank you for the reminder of what I shared with Alexa last night about being a shinging light of Jesus love for Nicole.

  32. This is such a fitting read for me today. I have been struggling lately in trying to be the woman God wants me to be and not the woman the world wants. I wish I would have had this kind of knowledge as a teen/young woman. I have 2 daughters that I desperately want to find their value in God’s love and acceptance, not other people, but I’m still figuring it out myself!! Thank you for such wise words.

  33. Joy Abbott says:

    My daughter is on the younger side, but is showing kindness and compassion. But even at her young age is struggling to figure out how she fits in at school being a Christian. At 9 she has already faced being made fun of for praying and talking about God. She is 9 and I would love to learn more on how to help her.

  34. I have two wonderful daughters whom I could not be prouder of. My younger daughter is about to turn 15 and she and I seem to have trouble always connecting with love first. Instead we “react” to each other. I would love for us both to love first, especially with each other. She is awesome and I love her to bits! Thank you.

  35. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    I can honestly say that my daughter Gabriella, who is turning 19 Saturday and in her first year of college, is magnetic 🙂 with fruit of the spirit dangling from her “tree.” So proud of her. She has chosen to walk with The Lord when many freshmen go crazy. She is a very kind and faithful girl, both wonderful fruit, displaying quietly for those around her to see. Grateful for a girl who loves Jesus and walks in obedience to Him.

  36. My daughter Emilee is a few months away from being 13. This can be such a tough age as we are turning from the little girl things and moving into a new phase in life. My deepest desire is that she can be comfortable with who she is With that confidence then she can share Jesus with others. Being that support for others is important; Learning to love others even when it’s hard. Thank you for what you do to give us tools as we invest in the lives of young people.

  37. My daughter is a beautiful 10 year old smart and wise blessing in my life. She has a big heart and a caring spirit. We have been discussing her feelings surrounding her biological father not being present in her life. She shared with me that although he has not been here for her, when she gets older she will be there for him because it’s the right thing to do. She is very compassionate despite what she may be feeling. I would love to share your book and bracelet with her.

  38. Our daughter just turned fourteen. She is a lovely, brave, kind young lady. I know she has accepted Jesus as her savior, but I think her daily walk with him is lacking. She is at the age where she doesn’t want to do devos with me and wants to “own” her own faith. I don’t think she has a book yet that has struck a chord with her or really gets her to dig in to His word on her own like she says she wants. I would love for Magnetic to be the one to get the ball rolling.

  39. My amazing 11 year old daughter has recently joined the ranks of middle school. While adjustment has been somewhat smooth, I constantly pray for and try to encourage her growth in The Lord. She has recently developed a strong desire to be a part of our church youth group. I love that they are challenging her faith while she grows.

  40. LaDawna Bolin says:

    My daughter and I rarely see eye-to-eye. She is 13 going on 40 and we have a hard time relating due to the fact that she is pretty much EXACTLY like me. We often butt heads and I have to constantly remind myself that she is not always in control of her mood swings. Even though we definitely have our moments, I am SO proud of her. She has a kind heart and a servant’s spirit. We recently started a grace outreach program at our church and she wanted to help. So instead of taking the easy way out and doing something behind the scenes, she volunteered to be part of the compassion committee and go on visitation to nursing homes, give encouragement to those home bound, in assisted living, and hospital. I struggle daily to be the mother and woman that my daughter can look up to so regardless of if I win this contest or not, please keep me and my daughter in your prayers. She is the joy of my life and one of the biggest challenges. May God bless you!

  41. My daughter, Marissa, who is so full of JOY that it spreads to everyone around her. Thank you, Jesus, for this precious girl!

  42. Oh Lynn to be 14 again and have Godly women pouring truth into my life! I have a 14 year old daughter who is an amazing young girl and has gone years. Application is key to form her spiritual life habits that will carry her through life’s seasons. As her mother I need the support of other godly women to have tools to go to and support. Thank you so much! I am excited about how we can partner to minister to our young girls.

    1. Correction: has gone through many changes this year.

  43. For my beautiful 12 year old who consistently looks out for others.

  44. Correction: has gone through many changes this year.

  45. I am the girl’s youth group leader at our church. There are several girls that display “Magnetic” characteristics, but one special one comes to mind, Tamar. She has a heart for others, loving and serving them. She isn’t boy crazy, but knows that the most important quality in a boy is that he loves God. We are going to start a book study on Magnetic and it would be awesome to tell the girls I won a free copy. 🙂

  46. My nine-year-old step-daughter has been a joy in my life. She embraces every situation with joy and reminds me to slow down and enjoy things instead of rushing through life.

  47. I’d share it with my darling teenage daughter. She’s a senior in high school and has such a sweet spirit.

  48. My daughter, Amanda, is a blessing from God. She is a 16 year old who gave her heart to the Lord at the age of 8 and has truly matured in such a blessed way! She really has a heart for God but still struggles daily with “putting on love”. I would love to use your book to help her in this area.

  49. I have 2 teen daughters .. And both love Jesus. Navigating life, emotions, and the worlds pressure can be a moment by moment journey most days. My oldest displays kindness and has a heart for those in her sphere. My youngest displays joy and always brings much life into a room, or conversation. Both of them are needing to have this reassurance and full enlightenment of who God has made them to be.. I am excited for them to read Magnetic.. Especially in this exact season they are both in! Thank you for placing this book in many girls’ lives!

  50. Kathleen. says:

    To Carefully choose the words,attitude and actions I take. What a prayer! This is my daily prayer for my sixteen year old daughter. We have a strong relationship that is tested daily and I love the magnetic concept and want to sure the book and bracelet with her as a daily reminder to walk in His way and choose wisely

  51. This is so great! Each week I get to lead a group of about 80 girls in a group we began called: Lovely Girls Club!
    Each girl gets a Bible and a highlighter and hears God speak through wonderful women and then each month we have a service project. I love all of them to pieces! I have an 8 yr old and we are fostering to adopt a 10 month old. I would give this bracelet to my 8 yr old girl. We would love the book too!! Thank you so much!!

  52. Karen Naquin says:

    When my daughter (Emily) was 14, I gave her your book His Revolutionary Love. I knew back then her beauty on the outside was apparent but her inside beauty was being covered up by all of the trivial things that come along with the teenage years. I could tell it was easier for her to rely on her outside beauty. Since that time, she has grown into a beautiful young lady who has a heart for God. She’s a senior in high school now, almost 18. It’s hard to believe. She’s living in a world that has different values and priorities than she does. She’s surrounded by friends that’ she’s had for a very long time that she barely recognizes anymore. They have chosen the comfortable (normal sadly) path. I feel as though we are constantly at war with the dark side. I thought it would’ve gotten easier by now. I am always looking for ways to encourage my daughter, to build her up and equip her for the tumultuous life that awaits her every day. I would love for her to have your bracelet to wear, to show the world around her that she has her eyes on something bigger than herself. Reading another book of yours together sounds like something we both could benefit from again. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  53. I have a 8 year old daughter and she is struggling with knowing who she is. She is a follower and not a leader. I keep reminding her of who she is in Christ. I tells her she is above only and not beneath. She is the head and not the tail.

  54. I would give it to teenage daughter. She is a blessing to my husband and I. She is also a blessing to her younger siblings (even if they do not think so :)) )
    I need this reminder as well. To put on Love first.
    Thank you

  55. My 15 year old daughter. She wears her love for The Lord on her sleeve. She does not concern herself with popularity rather with people’s hearts. Striving to help then to please.

  56. My daughter just turned 13 and she is such a joy to my heart! I’m thankful for the close bond we share as mother/daughter & sisters in Christ. She has such a sweet tender heart but I know those teen years can be difficult. I want to continue to encourage her to developer those godly traits & use them for His glory! She is also an example to her little 10 year old sister who watches her closely. Thank you for your ministry to women of all ages!

  57. Trina Swan says:

    As moms to moms, I thank you for writing a book that
    You yourself have experienced. I love to hear from
    Others who have maybe made mistakes and learned some
    Lessons to share or perhaps got it right on the first time through.
    I am a mom of 5 daughters and each one has had it’s moments
    Of “light bulb” moments. Currently my youngest 2 are 14 and 12,
    Very difficult time of life. We need this book and time together
    To help the”light” of His word penetrate. Thank you!!

  58. I would share with my living daughter who is 15. She is strung in her faith abd loves to served god in or church. But right now is struggling with TEEN issues abd non believing friends. She struggles with issues as most teen girls doabd seen a change in her the past few months in her behavior. We argue all the time abd I being a new Christian struggle with her behavior being she has been and is so strong in her faith and love for god or says she is. Thus book would help us both and the jewelry would be a reminder of when she gets caught up in everyday teen life of her faith.

  59. Stacey A. says:

    I am planning to read this book with my 15 year old daughter. She just started high school this year and, oh boy, do I remember those years! Can’t wait to go through this book with her and help both of us learn together!

  60. Thank you for this at just the right time. I’m an adult who struggles daily with keeping the right attitude and feel like lately especially I’ve been “unpacking” all the wrong facets of my personality.

  61. It is beautiful & humbling to watch my 14 year old daughter claim her relationship with Jesus as personal. She seeks Him daily, both when she rises & before she goes to bed. (She rises at 5:30am just to sit by her dad & read the Word!) She fights the good fight to live the fruit. She is real in her stumbles, especially regarding her tongue, & God breaks her in repentence over them. What a gift for her to pursue live faith in a live world at an age that could be filled with doubt & insecurity! She is magnetic & becoming more so.

  62. Lynn, first I must thank you for the way you allow Jesus to shine through you and your words to help young ladies see that it is what is on the inside that truly matters. Thank you for taking the time to invest in these girls and all of our lives. I have been mentoring a precious young lady since she was a sophomore in high school and now she is a sophomore in college, a few hours away from me. We read P31 devotions each morning and text back in forth what they mean to us. She ordered your book and was totally blown away when you sent her a personal email, that you cared enough about her to invest in her like that. She is learning so much and I have to laugh because some of the things she tells me (like how she should dress to please God and not boys) is exactly what we tried to pour into her and several other young girls at a Bible Study, called P31 several years ago! Now, she is ready and fired up to be a Jesus Girl! Thank you so much for all that you are doing. Have a blessed day! Susan

  63. My daughter is 14 and has such a servants heart! She is beautiful inside and out. Being a middle child has it’s own unique joys and challenges. Because she is more easy going than her brother and sister AND a middle child….well….she sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. My goal is to make time for her one-on -one more often then I have in the past! She is magnetic!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I have a middle girl, too, Kim! This Sunday night, she and I are going to a musical together. We haven’t done something alone together in TOO long! (I’m really excited!!)

  64. Ten years agowe were blessed with our daughter Abigail who turned out to have an incredibly strong and fiery personality. We spent much time praying that she would serve the Lord and further his kingdom and her personality would become a strength. Since moving to our current neighborhood we have noticed that children in single family homes gravitate toward her and confide in her. I would love to share and read this book with her so that her she has a daily reminder that the Lord is using her to share his love with ladies who desperately need it.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Beautiful, Christin!

      One of my girls has this same personality. The thing we have had to help her with is to be sure not to carry other’s burdens. She loves people so much their pain can easily become her own. She is learning to invest in others, all the while knowing only Jesus can change a heart!

  65. A Rositas says:

    My daughter is a very special young lady. This bracelet would help remind her how loved and special she is. It would also give her strength and courage through her upcoming teenage years and young adult life. This bracelet would also remind her that God has a purpose for her life.

  66. Lynn, thank you so much for investing your life in positively impacting the lives of both mothers and teenage daughters (a challenging time for both). My daughter has started middle school and was recently diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. In an effort to provide support at home, I have been searching for christian resources to assist in her daily walk with healing and have found very little material specifically dealing with teenage girls – that is, until I ran across your blog and resources (they have truly blessed us). During our devotional time this morning I showed my daughter the Magnetic bracelet and her eyes lit up! What a great constant daily reminder for girls to look at every day – every minute to affirm who they are and whose they are! For that matter, what a great reminder for mothers to wear to remind us as well! Thank you again for following God’s calling with your life. You are a courageous woman and my daughter and I appreciate you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Traci – your words bring me to tears. Our family has dealt with anxiety as well. I know all too well your pain as a mother; wishing so much to take it away!

      I haven’t gotten the bracelets yet; Fashion and Compassion just finished making them last week, but I can’t wait to give one to each of my daughters as a reminder that Jesus is the One who makes them magnetic. When they surrender their wants to becoming who He wants them to be – a woman who flows out of her life the fruit of the Spirit, she becomes absolutely beautiful.

      Again, thank you for your encouraging words today. My heart needed them!

  67. I am working with a young lady that has had no religious training/teaching in the past. It is so good to see her eyes light up when she realizes a Biblical truth. It would be for her.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Cynyhia – I am so glad God placed you in this young lady’s life. Shine on, friend!

  68. Jane McEwen says:

    I have 4 wonderful granddaughters at the age where walking with the Lord is becoming a challenge because of the world. I would welcome the chance to share the book and bracelet with one of them.

  69. Alicia Hoey says:

    Hello Lynn
    I want to tell you about my lovely 15yr old daughter. Wow is what I would use to describe her! She is the oldest of 5 and she takes on the roll well! When she was 3 her and her new brother lost their daddy in a car accident she and I became each other’s everything. I ran away from The Lord thinking how could he do this to us. Years later and many bad decisions God began to soften my heart and I ran back to his loving arms. Since that time a lot has changed I am remarried and my 3 yr old is now 15 and an awesome big sister! She went through an I creidable hard year last year when we moved away before she entered the 8th grade.. When I say hard I mean it was UGLY she made many poor choices and we went through it, we sought out Christian councling and lots of praying together and me being on my knees. God slowly changed her using my poor choices to help me give her godly wisdom to point her to HIM. I am blessed to say she has made huge strides and is growing in her love of our Lord. She chose to be baptized and it was one of the most wonderful moments of my life!
    Thank you for helping me through your posts, blog, emails to fill my cup up with the love of Christ so that it can over flow into my children’s lives!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Alicia – thank you so much for sharing your testimony of God’s redemption! It brings so much hope!

  70. Jennifer Kenney says:

    I have five daughters that I want to train to think before speaking. So often I left myself get carried away in this trap. Praying for wisdom and guidance!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Me, too, Jennifer! Too often, something comes out before I thought it through.

      I read this powerful statement this morning in a new book “Just Rise Up! Making Jesus Famous”: A woman of mature faith has the ability to quickly see when she has gotten off track and hurries back to the throne of her King.” I loved that!

  71. My 9 year old granddaughter began struggling with her body image in the last few months.
    This has been a lifelong battle for me and I do not want it to be for her.
    She is a sweet girl with a loving heart and most importantly she knows Jesus is the only way.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Mary – growing up in today’s culture makes body image only that much harder! I think every girl goes through this stage at one time or another. I hope that you will be able to share with her the tools you have found in prayer and God’s word to teach your heart and mind how He says you are absolutely beautiful to Him! (Psalm 45:11)

  72. I would love to start cultivating patience and kindness more in my oldest daughter. She has a huge heart…just needing More of God and some great resources like this to help me guide her better.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Christina – I’m not sure how old your oldest is, but I have seen in my kids’ lives, as they get older, our times of investment seem to need to be a bit less obvious. Do you know what I mean?

      My 20 year old girl came to dinner last week. I don’t get to see her very often any more, but while we cleaned up the dishes, we had time to talk. Finding the balance between me talking and me listening can be so hard for me! I need Him more than ever to help me in this thing called being a mom!

  73. Lynn,
    Thank you for the reminder to be clothed in love! My daughter, Joy, certainly lives up to her name. This precious gift brings joy in our lives every single day and my prayer is that she continues to shine God’s JOY for the rest of her days here on earth. I adore this child with all my heart and would love to bless her with such an awesome bracelet that displays such an awesome meaning. 😉

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      What a beautiful name, Suzie!

      Every night, before she goes to bed, my daughter lays out her clothes for the next day. She literally lays them out in the shape of her body. I was thinking this morning – that is how intentional we should be about putting on love, joy, peace. Lay them out at night, in our heart and in our minds, so that when we wake up first thing, we can put them on!

  74. I am mentoring a young lady who has such a servant’s heart. She loves to help me prepare meals for my home Bible studies. She is kind and gracious. She has a desire to grow in life and become useful in society. She didn’t have the best upbringing, so she really longs to have a life she didn’t have growing up. The bracelet would be a great reminder to keep pursuing Jesus and her goals. She will become what God wants her to be if she doesn’t give up.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      How beautiful, Karen! Thank you for being an investor in the next generation!

  75. My precious 14 yr old daughter Anna. It is such a struggle to raise a teen girl in His ways. I want to ensure that she sees God’s love in everything and hold fast to his promises. She has such a sweet spirit and I do not want it to be crushed by this world. I want to help her grow closer to God- and at the same time, it helps my walk with Him. God bless you.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You are so right, Gina, it is very hard. Keep pouring God’s truth into her heart every day. The world covers them in message constantly. With God’s grace and wisdom, we need to know how to combat those lies with His truth. May the Holy Spirit make us sensitive to know how and when to do that!

  76. Diane Clark says:

    If I won the bracelet it would go to my 14 old daughter. She is growing in the Lord and Im so thankful for it. Im thankful for women like you Lynn who give encouragement .

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much, Diane! Keep investing in your girl. She needs you, pouring in the truth of how much Jesus adores, accepts and approves of her…just the way He created her!

  77. My daughter is nineteen years old and diagnosed with depression. she has a beautiful voice that she uses for the Lord every now and then, She will greatly benefit form the reading of this book. she has low self steem and although she loves Jesus…she still needs to find her way to been the girl Jesus intended her to be. i fyou don’t select her as the one to get the free copy, please let me know how can I get a hold of a copy.,. I want my little girl to be all she can be for Jesus.

  78. I’m investing in my daughters, particularly my 12 year old. She already displays the fruit of the spirit, but I am praying daily she remains on this path for Him. As we all know, the teen years can have such an impact on a young girl’s self esteem and behaviors. I want her to grow in the spirit knowing it’s Him she is aiming to please, not boys or their antics. I would love to win this bracelet for her, Julie, to remind her of the path she’s chosen to go down, and to remain on the righteous path.

  79. Lynn,
    My stepsister is 16 years old and has recently moved in with my mom and step dad, after they were transferred from Georgia to Oklahoma. She started her new school towards the end of last year, and didn’t really have a chance to make new friends. I see in her the desire to gain attention through her clothes and shoes that I once had in those tough high school (and even college) days. I don’t know her well, and I am 10 years older than her, but I know the struggle of being somewhere new, and even missing a parent all too well. She has recently started going to church, but is a little too shy to put herself around the youth program. I constantly pray for her, and my family there, and hope that she won’t make the same rotten decisions I made at that age. I didn’t become a Christian until college, and I pray that her heart is open to Christ long before mine was, and that she won’t let her circumstances lead her down the wrong path like mine did. I would like to find a way to open a door to build a relationship and pour into her life, from several states away. I think reading a book together and then discussing it, may be just the thing, plus the bracelet looks just her style. I also would like to read this book for my own attitudes, words, and actions, and for helping the youth girls I co-lead at my church, especially the ones who are going to college next year and will be on their own to make their own decisions.

    1. Also, thank you so much for this daily devotion, it was much needed for a heart check! Your words are truly encouraging and inspiring.

  80. My daughter gave her heart to Jesus a long time ago and wants to share that with everyone. She helps out with the Kindergarden and 1st graders and helps out with check in desk and younger kids on Wednesday. When she grows up she wants to own a Christian pet shop and continue to work in different ministries at church. My biggest hope for her is that she will understand her worth as she grows up and continue to look to God and ask for his guidance in place of the father she doesn’t have.

  81. Ami Glassburn says:

    My daughter is 15 yrs old and just this summer gave her life to God at youth church camp. She’s been on fire for God, but then recently has hit a wall. She’s a sophomore and is having some trouble at School with friends. I try and keep her reminded of Jesus promises and how much he loves her and to keep strong. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and don’t want her spirit getting flamed out by the negative right now. This bracelet would be a great reminder to her and me as to who we are in Christ!!

  82. Stacie williar says:

    When I as a mother lack confidence in who I am as a woman and Christian, how can I expect my daughter grow up confident in who she is as a girl and a Christian. I want so much for her to not battle with the same negative things I feel about myself that sometimes I now see in her… God can do that for her! I I forward to reading your book.

  83. Charlotte Orth says:

    I would like to give the bracelet and the book to a young lady named Crystal who just started nursing school. She struggles with work, parenting and being a wife while trying to prepare for a demanding career. All of the this time she is in church and has her 2 children in church. She witnesses to her friends on facebook and picks them up to go to church with her. She is an inspiration to many and beautiful inside and out!

  84. My daughter just turned 12 and she struggles to share her feelings. When I read about this book it seemed like the perfect way to open up a line of communication between us. She is struggling to find who she and I want her to see herself as God sees her.

  85. Lucy Wilson says:

    My beautiful granddaughter, Megan, is 13 years old and loves The Lord! Since she lives in Deleware and I live in NC, I don’t get to see her very often. I would love to be able to share the bracelet and book with her. Know it would enhance her growth in her walk with Jesus. She loves to read too so the book would be a perfect way to send her some love from her Granna! We plan to go to DE the end of October for Grandparents Day at their Christian school they attend. I would love to surprise her with this gift! Pray for her every day but some “hands on” love would be wonderful to give her. Thanks for your ministry!
    In His Love, Lucy

  86. I LOVED your devotion today. It really spoke to me and I feel inspired to LOVE better today. My responses are so often said in haste and I end up not being the mother, wife, friend I long to be. I want to demonstrate REAL LOVE for my girls, 10 and 12, EVERYDAY. I’m looking forward to getting your book and sharing it with my girls. I think the bracelet would just be icing on the cake! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  87. I would love for my daughter to have this. She’s started her first year of high school and seems to really be enjoying it. I want to make sure she continues on the path the Lord has for her. She’s a beautiful young lady with a very loving heart.

  88. Cammi Hevener says:

    I have two teenage girls and would love for both of them to read this book! Thank you for the chance to win.

  89. Like so many of the previous commenters, I too have wonderful daughters who are loving God but sometimes need help loving themselves. I wish I could say the apple does fall far from the tree but it doesn’t. So I would love to do this study with my girls and I wiuld give the bracelet to my middle daughter who is 13 but buy each of my other daughters and myself one because the bracelet is beautiful and it would be a great reminder to each of us. Thank you for this much-needed study. What a difference this can make on this generation of girls!

  90. I would love for my 13 yo to be able to read this. I Think this would be a great resource for the both of us. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. I feel God led to this today. My almost 16 year old daughter is really struggling right now. Her and I are having such a hard time communicating. She has no girlfriends and a boyfriend that is several years older than her. She just wants to be grown up. Although she is a great student she hates school. She is a cheerleader and yet complains about it and all the other girls all of the time. I feel at a loss with her. Every thing I say or do is wrong and of late besides being hurt by her attitude I am so angry with her myself. Our family has been through a lot of changes in the last few years that I thought she handled well. Now I’m wondering if her unhappiness/discontent is because if that. I’m thinking your book may be just the thing for us.

  92. We have three daughters and do our best to model the fruit of
    The Spirit. Each of them are growing in their walk and we pray they will continue to be strengthened by faith. Our youngest daughter is such a prayer warrior, out middle daughter exhibits such love to others and our oldest daughter is merciful and compassionate.
    Any one of them would benefit from the book and the bracelet.

    Mindi Gaut

  93. Donna Smith says:

    All you said is so true. I have 18 year old granddaughters that are twins, Heather & Sierra, and a 20 year old granddaughter, Karissa, that is in college. They have been in my home for 16 years as I have endeavored to raised them to love God and have a personal relationship with Jesus guided by the Holy Spirit. Heather & Karissa have stayed on a good path. We have all served in the Children’s Ministry together. Unfortunately, Sierra, as a young teen, turned away and went her own way. She moved in with her father and through a 3 year period, she experienced what my heart had always endeavored her to not experience. Eventually we got her into a drug rehab that used horse therapy. That was what God used to pull her out of that deep pit she found herself in. I have an awesome church that walked with us through that, loving her every step of the way, when it was very hard to love her. But she came back full circle. Has done well for 2 years. This is her & her sister’s last year of homeschooling and she wants to enroll in nursing school in the fall. She and her sister just turned 18 and now, again, we are experiencing her believing it is her life and she can do what she wants and the tug of war is on again. Last night, she left wo our permission bc it was a school night and we would not let her spend the night with a friend but she came right back. The fact she immediately came back within minutes is huge. In the past, she ran away so many times as a teen I lost count. The friends the girls have are all really good friends so, we are not where we were when she was a young teen. She broke completely with the friends that were not a good influence when she came out of drug rehab. She has so much trust and freedom in my home but this thinking that she can come and go as she wants and not answer to us is the issue. I don’t want to see her lose the good ground that has been gained thus far. I want the truth of God’s Word and love for her and the value He has for her to override the voices she is hearing now trying to draw away again. So, I want to plant whatever I can in her life to help her at this time. Regardless if Sierra is picked for the book and bracelet, I will purchase the book for her. I know it will go to the person God sees needs it the most. God Bless You!

  94. I would like this for my daughter so she can live a magnetic life!

  95. Kerry Ann says:

    I would most definitely give this to my oldest daughter, Jenna. She has developed into such a wonderful God fearing young woman, who truly sees the beauty in every person, knowing it is not just in the face or body of people, but in the heart. Thank you for all you do!

  96. My Magnetic girl would be my young friend, Melanie. She is one of those people you look at and wonder how she made it “out.” She is the oldest of 3 siblings and grew up (is still growing up) in a very dysfunctional home. If you can imagine it, Melanie has endured it. However, she has put herself through college and is currently working on her masters all while serving Jesus by doing everything she can to make sure her younger brother and sister do not go down the same path as their parents. Her heart is bursting for the Lord! You can absolutely see that He is her shield, her strength and her joy. I’d love to give her this as an outward reminder that He is more then enough when she feels so very small in her enormous circumstance.

  97. I have a friend who is a single mom of 2 and a first year teacher. It feels as though she never catches a break. But she keeps going. I am encouraging her to tell God whatever she’s feeling… + or -! And my prayer for her is to see who God sees when He looks at her!

  98. My daughter Lily is 7, going on 16, years old. She is smart, compassionate, kind, sensitive,funny, energetic, creative, sassy, beautiful, and everything a 7 year old should be. Our family is blended and so often times my daughter finds herself caught in the middle. She wants desperately for my husband’s attention, for her daddy (who is not her biological father but has filling that role since she was 15 months old) to invest in her and be interested in her life as much as he is in his older daughter’s life. Lily loves her step siblings but some days has a difficult time sharing my husband’s affections. Before this becomes a sad song….Lily is a lovely girl! If is my heart’s cry that she continues to grow in her love for her heavenly Father and to let the love pour out into her everyday walk.

  99. Amandalin says:

    My precious niece has had a rough life by most standards. Her mom left her, her dad, and brother and is now uninvolved due to drug abuse etc. Although she professed salvation about four years ago, she is not involved in a church and her dad doesn’t attend (he’s a disillusioned Christian). I would love to share this book and bracelet with her to encourage her and remind her of Gods great love for His children!

  100. I would have to vote for my daughter, Tirzah. God has truly worked something so special in her heart over this last year. We moved to the States almost two years ago, and the transition was a challenge. Since her father died, I think when she hears her siblings talk about their father, being only 8 makes a great difference. Now, at 15 God seemed to renew and restore her heart. She truly is living up to her name, “delightsomeness”.

  101. Wow – put on love – I wasn’t listening to His voice recently as there were several women speaking critical words & rather than love rising up in me, anger arose. God had His finger on my lips and kept me quiet. I’m asking Him to let His love pour out into those and there are times when He nudges me to speak, in a firm but gentle way, pointing to the Truth of scripture, changing our ‘earthly’ perspective into one of fixing our eyes on Him. I’d love to gift someone with the bracelet & book! Thanks so much for your generous spirit!

  102. Thank you for your insight today it truly spoke to me. With 3 children and my husband often away my patience and love it continually tested. I get on a rut of me first. Both my daughter show me love they kindly point out when I am being negative and help to set my path straight. My oldest turns 12 in November and she’s so much of Gods light to me. She brings joy to whomever she’s with she begs me to take her to her youth group and I know that this point in her life is critical in the development of her relationship with the Holy Spirit. D

  103. I would like to give this to my niece. She’s only nine but has seen and heard things a child should never hear or see. She is very impressionable right now and that what she’s been through isn’t right. I would like to help her grow into the girl God wants her to be. She is loved very much and needs that reinforcement. Books like Magnetic would be a good resource for her as she grows into a young woman. Thank you for this wonderful offer!

  104. Ginger M. says:

    Very good message, and one that I will be sharing with my daughters. I think that the messages in your book will benefit all of us.

  105. Donna Moore says:

    My granddaughter is a very pretty girl and has a good heart. She is a christian and I would love to teach her the importance of her words and actions toward others. She is in a difficult time of life for all young ladies. Beginning her teen years. This time in a young girls life is very crucial and must be wrapped in Biblical truths. It is so hard to remember what and how God expects us to act. A daily reminder would be helpful.

  106. Holli Carrer says:

    As soon as I saw your book, I immediately purchased it for my 14 year old daughter. She accepted Jesus at age 8 and is serving, but it is my hope that your book will give her encouragement. She is in Junior High and it can sometimes be hard … having the strength to be the you He created you to be amid all the peer pressure. I look forward to reading this with my daughter Megan. Thank you so much!

  107. Cheryl C. says:

    Getting dressed every morning–trying to decide what looks good but is modest and pleases the Father can be a challenge! Even more so choosing the right spiritual clothing! Many days begin where I think of only myself and don’t put others’ needs first. Well, today I’m thinking of my best friend’s 16-year-old daughter, Victoria. She’s becoming the young lady God is designing as she learns to be more confident in who she is in Him. If I won, I’d definitely give the bracelet to her!

  108. I have two daughters. My oldest is 13 years old and all three of my children enjoy their weekends with me because I take them to church with me. Their father no longer takes them to church like he used to. I would love to be able this book with my daughters. I took my daugher, Ariel shopping and the one thing that she picked out was a bracelet to show her belief. I was proud of her and her choice. It has a bible verse on it and a cross.

  109. My oldest daughter is only 7, and although she is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart, I struggle daily with how God would want me to parent her best. There are so many negative influences around us in this world. My husband and I don’t exactly see eye to eye when it comes to allowing these negative things impact our lives. Please help me pray we can get in agreement and most importantly, honor God in our decisions! I love your devotion today. For this is something I also struggle with daily as a mom…putting on love always!!!

  110. Eleanor Butler says:

    Struggling….a single mom….newly recommitted to walk with God…works full-time…desires to raise her son in the Lord…desires to find her godly mate….desires to blossom in knowing the Word…..who is she???
    My daughter. 🙂

    Callie has taken her share of life hits and still rises up with each blow. She’s strong, yet pliable to be used by God. She’s made plenty of mistakes, according to her own words, but she also know it’s the grace of God that pushes her onward to raise my 3 year old grandson, Will. I would LOVE to surprise her with this bracelet as her constant reminder and with the book as a faithful learning companion! She is so deserving and I totally believe in her, support her and love her.

    /S/ Her mother. <3

  111. I give a shout out to my 13year old granddaughter. She is our eldest grandchild (we currently have 6 will have a new addition to our family in January). She is a joy in our family, her boy cousin, who is 6, just adores her and they are always together and the bond that they have is amazing. I would love to share this book with her and our other granddaughters.

  112. I have 3 beautiful young daughters and they have all given their hearts to Jesus but the middle one struggles with where she fits and what her gifts are so I would give it to her to remind her that God made her special and she is dearly loved by Him and by her family. Magnetic is a book I feel we can read together and discuss and grow from. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and your kindness.

  113. I would like to give this to my 14 year old cousin. She’s loves God and attends church every week. This would be a great reminder of God’s love for her when she feels down.

  114. My daughter is 12 years old. She thinks she is 20 and that I am ancient! Ok, I am kind of old. She is struggling to find herself. She has such a good heart, but so much of the time she keeps it buried. The morning, on the way to school, I was telling her how pretty she is; both inside and out. I tried to emphasize that the prettier we are on the inside, the prettier we are on the in outside. Of course, being the ancient mom that I am, I was told that I “don’t understand what it’s like to be in Middle School!”. That is true. But I do know my precious daughter could benefit greatly from this book and “reminder” bracelet.

  115. Christina K. says:

    I would be honored to give this beautiful gift to my daughter. She is strong in her faith and is searching for more. She is going through exactly what you describe as the phase of searching for why one attracts certain boys. I would love to read this book along with her to further teach her to always look to Him first so that she attracts the right boy into her life. I am so happy that you wrote this book and I cannot wait to read it with her.

  116. I have 2 daughters, ages 19 and 17. As soon as I read today devo. I knew I needed to hear it and apply it. But I also thought I’d like to forward it it them as well. Impatient, irritated with each other, and all those ugly characteristics too often dominate in our home, in our relationships. I love what you said about not every thing in our head needs to come out of our mouth. I’m so glad our Heavenly Father is so patient with us and is our perfect example of patience and extending grace.

  117. I have a niece that sees the beauty in all things. She is one special gal! This message is one I will be sharing with her, we must choose to put ‘love’ on!

  118. I have a daughter who turned thirteen 5 days ago. It feels like I am on a roller coaster with her. One minute I see this beautiful big heart that God gifted her with that is filled with compassion and empathy. However, her behavior quickly changes to this girl that the culture and her peers are influencing to be someone who is only out for themselves. I see the internal battle in her and she even sees it.
    So, I am so excited to do this study with her to help her have tools to fal back on when this culture starts to win her over. The braclet would be such a tangible reminder. Lynn, you have already help me so much change the way I parent my three girls who are 14, 13 & 10. I am trying to remember that God will provide for them but I need to be their earthly mother to help point them back to Jesus in ALL things. Blessings on you that you continue to help influence more girls to trust the God that created them to be young ladies who focus on Him!

  119. Anne Griffith says:

    Hi Lynn, I would love to win this for my 16 year old daughter. Latey we have had lots of conversations about beauty inside and out. She is absolutely gorgeous but has never had a boy take interest in her. As a junior in high school she feels like she is missing out. I try and tell her she is not, but it’s still a struggle for her to believe! I think she would love this book and bracelet. Thank you for your ministry! It is so needed in our culture.

  120. I would love to have this for my adopted daughter. She suffers from PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and ADHD. Life with her has been a constant battle as she lies indiscriminately and daily displays her anger on her sleeve for the world to see. She recently received Christ as her Savior, but she still battles with the demons from her broken past. I believe this book and bracelet would help her to become the girl God wants her to be.

  121. Monica Pentony says:

    I am a high school youth group leader and just finished a teaching with my girls on how God cares about the heart rather than how the world judges us by outward appearance- I would love to utilize this book with my girls! It sounds great!

  122. I am investing in my 15 year old and 9 year old granddaughters. Praying God will use me in a mighty way to show Himself to my girls. Social media and peer pressure make it hard to compete. But my God is all powerful.

  123. I love this post on your blog and the P 31 devotional today too. I have been praying that verse over my days and I appreciate how humbling it is to realize that I need God to do all of that through me! I don’t do any of it well on my own. I would love to share the book and bracelet with my two teenage nieces. They are wonderful, beautiful young women. We all can use reminders though and the bracelet is a nice way to share the message. Thank you Lynn! 🙂

  124. Rebecca Ann says:

    I would give this to my teenage daughter. She is very caring and loves people but is having a hard time transitioning from a very small school to a very large school. I think this book and bracelet would help to remind her of who she is in Christ and help her be more confident.

  125. I would love this for my granddaughter Leah. She is just an energetic, loving little girl who can be a great influence for the Lord. She needs guidance and love.

  126. My daughter Savannah is 26. She has had many disappointments in her life. She has become bitter and self absorbed due to this. I try to encourage her to pray and ask the Lord to give her comfort. She’s living with her fiance now where his mother also is residing. Needless to say two women in one house is usually always difficult especially when both of them are very head strong and stubborn. I would love to give my daughter something that can remind her everyday to be a loving, giving compassionate young woman. To be the better person that God wants her to be and I know she is deep inside. Thank you so much for your blog and daily devotional.

  127. Hi Lynn, I wasn’t blessed with a daughter. I have 3 boys but I have a dear friend who has 4 daughters, 3 of which are teenagers. One of those is my oldest son’s girlfriend. She is an amazing sweet girl and loves the Lord. I Prat that she will develop all the fruits of the Spirit and grow in Christ every day. That’s why I would love to win her thus package. Thank you!

  128. My daughter Sophia is a treasure. She has Asperger’s syndrome and often chooses the wrong thing to do out of defense and self protection. She knows Jesus but I don’t think she knows how precious she is in His sight. I remind her daily she is delighted in and danced over! I love her so much!

  129. I am a mother of four, three of which are girls, ages 14, 10, 7 so of course I would hope that they grow to display fruits of the spirit! I also lead a group of amazing pre-teen and teenage girls on Wednesday nights. Although I only have these girls for three years of their lives (6th -8th grade) I hope God uses this time to plant the right seeds at just the right time for them as well!

  130. Dawn Lark says:

    I have 3 daughters, 27, 25 and newly 19. The oldest is married to a great christian guy, my middle just got engaged yesterday and my youngest has just started college. They all are wonderful, graceful, women after God’s heart. Little did I know I had anything to do with that. I just did what my mother and grandmother did when I was young. They were Godly women of grace as well.
    I did mess up in my youth but my mother loved me through it all. My daughters have messed up too, as we all do, and all I know to do is to be there showing the grace and mercy of Jesus and loving them through whatever it is they are going through. Youth is rough, we have all been there. It is always easier when you have someone strong and there for you, just like Jesus is!
    I love my girls no matter what they do or what comes for them, and they know that.
    I thank Jesus alone for that one! He is awesome and I wanna be just like Him.
    I love my girls more than words can express.

    1. Dawn Lark says:

      All of my daughters would love this book and most likely pass it on when they were finished reading it. My youngest could benefit from its insights.

  131. My Magnetic girl is my daughter, Grace. She is full of spunk, and life, and an outstanding love of others and the Lord! To be honest, she has taught me more about love and compassion that I have her. She is quite an amazing young lady, if I do say so myself! Thank you for this opportunity.

  132. Lee Silgado says:

    My friend in Wa. state daughter Kendall just started High School this year I have knownKendall since.she was.a baby as I spend 2 weeks of vacation from Florida out in Wa every year. Kendall has alway wanted to be perfect in all she said or did. The summer of 2013 she was not in a good place Self harm and trying to be cool had her connecting with unsavory people online so her patents Bev & Tom loved on her even more and took away her phone and Internet privalages How can you she screamed I will be a Dork without a phone.I was not in a great place my self that summer as I had a freak bike accident with.a double compound fracture if my arm. In fact Bev uses her airline miles to fly me out to visit, I shared some of my struggles with Kendall & show how GOD always is there for me. This summer I started a new job and was’t able to visit but Kendall attended church camp and rededicated her life and was Baptized and has so many GOD girls in her life she is a shinning example of a magnet for CHRIST.

  133. Sandra P. says:

    I am investing in my daughter Nia who is 15 years old! I am a single parent mom of three with limited resources however everything I do is built around my support of my children to encourage and inspire them to grow and aspire to heights higher than my own accomplishments. Nia is my youngest and I’ll tell you, she is also my child who was born dwelling in the fruits of the spirit. She fell out of her stroller as an infant due to an uncanny accident and almost wasn’t able to walk as a toddler, I had her at our local children’s hospital and the diagnosis wasn’t great. What made her excel beyond the diagnosis was her inner spirit and determination! Nia has the tenderest of souls. She is just a sweet , sweet child with a heart so trusting it shines through her face. Nia’s loving spirit touches and spreads among everyone she knows, causing a glow of the Spirit to shine on our entire family. As she is growing into a young adult, I am scared for her and while I love her spirit of love, joy, peace and kindness, I also want her to have discernment and good judgment and not be so trusting and loving that she is taken advantage of. Nia is a voracious reader who loves to get books for her birthday in lieu of money or other gifts. She has a deep appreciation for people and things and cherishes both! She likes picture books, novels, self-help, teen books, soups for the souls books and I know she would cherish Magnetic, Becoming the Girls He Wants and she would love the bracelet and knowing her, she would share it with her circle of friends because that is the person she truly is! I have to thank God for her because I have other children and it is not the same with them. I feel everyone has that something special about them and for Nia it is her loving heart! When we get into family fights, she is beside herself and tries so hard to encourage us to stop and/or she tries to listen to all sides and then give us all words of encouragement. I am truly blessed to have a daughter like Nia and she would be truly blessed to share in your Book and Bracelet give-away!

  134. I am so happy to have found your book! My older daughter is 12 years old. She is beautiful, talented and funny but struggles with insecurity. I am looking forward to reading the book with her.She is a fashionista and would love the bracelet! Thanks!

  135. My 14-year-old niece Armani. I would love to see her living and walking in His Spirit, at all times, in all situations..

  136. haritha mungara says:

    I want to invest the time in myself to bear the fruit of Love. I am not a regular in reading my Bible. I am a seasonal. But recently when I decided to start developing a habit of reading the bible regularly, I started with a book about the fruit of the spirit. The first thing I read was spirit of Love. The book encouraged me to take a good long look at myself to see where I stand in bearing the fruit of the spirit of Love. I realized that I am not bearing any fruit of love at all. My prayer is that God would help me bear the fruit of love. I have faith given by God, but faith without actions is useless. So I want to make it a habit of loving people. I am investing time in making a habit to love people.

  137. Barbara King says:

    I am amazed at God’s timing! As a mother of a 15 daughter, who is just like me, I am realizing more and more how I need God to help me to slow down and put on the garment of love! I have not been done good in this area, as it does not come naturally to me, but I am trying to allow God to change my heart to be more patient, kind, loving, gentile, etc. My daughter needs to see this in me, so that she can learn how to be the woman that God wants her to be. So, if I win this bracelet I will give it to my beautiful daughter as a reminder of how we should love. Thank you for sharing this post!

  138. mila hershberger says:

    My daughter is 12 and she has always had an incredible loving spirit. When entering school, I asked her who her friends were? Her answer was quick,”Mom they are all my friends and preceded to name them all by name.” This hasn’t changed when our church started a kids club she asked if she could invite all of her friends which meant her whole class. She sees kids in trouble and hears they don’t believe in God and she tries to find out ways to let them know about Him. She will talk to kids about the fun she had at youth group to bring up the subject in hopes of inviting them or talking to them about God. She writes poems and song lyrics and hopes to be a worship leader someday. I think she would greatly benefit from this book as I know she would share the book as she has shared her books in the past with girls hungry for God at school. She took her book a devotional and another girl and her would share it each day. She talks about the fruits of the spirits often as she knows a song about them and shared with our church and it is very important subject to her and would mean a lot to her to own a book on the subject.

  139. As a young mom I feel like I still have so many of these lessons to learn, I wish I would have been more aware of these things growing up. Now that I have a young daughter I feel like I am playing catch up to become the woman God wants me to be and the type of “girl” I really want to be not only to be a good mom but to be able to pass along these things to my daughter and to teach her by being the best example possible. I know I have come a long way but have further still to go and God will walk me through each step. thank you for you P31 post and blog today

  140. I have two step-children, a step-son who is 21 and a step-daughter who turned 20 years old recently and living with her boyfriend. She was saved as a young girl but has since gotten away from the Lord. My husband and her mother divorced four years before I met him but her mother does not like me. She has done everything in her power over the past twelve years to keep my husband and I from having a successful, loving relationship with both children. My husband called the children everyday when they were younger but discovered from the children that “Mommy” wouldn’t let them answer the phone. Their mother has lied and manipulated the truth and used the children as a pawns when they were growing up. She told them how much she hates their father and always spoke negatively about him to the children. They are grown and the damage has been done between my step-son and his father. He has called his dad and cursed him out on multiple occasions. My step-daughter and I had a closer relationship with her when she was younger and she has always been close to her “Daddy”. Her mother has been successful at making my step-daughter feel guilty about any relationship I try to form with her. She called her dad last week and told him she is pregnant. We were so discouraged. Her boyfriend is 25 years old, did not graduate from high school has no steady employment and in my heart I don’t believe he’s a Christian. His walk and talk don’t bear fruit to give me any indication that he is although he says otherwise. Her dad took her to breakfast and they had a long talk. He told her that we would support her emotionally but we are in no position to assist her financially. The choices we make have such lasting consequences on our lives and the lives of others, I wish the young people of today would wake up and realize that and stop trying to place the blame on others. I always tried to be a positive role model for her but I feel so distant from her since she turned 16 years old. I’ve told her over the years that I am here for her is she needs me and I still am but I live 45 minutes away and am unable to drive due to health issues. I would love to win this set to give to her for Christmas. She is such a beautiful girl that doesn’t realize her true value in the Lord’s eyes and in ours. Sorry for the lengthy rambling post. Have a blessed and beautiful day.

  141. Karen Brostek says:

    I am still struggling to bring my 15 year old daughter to Jesus. I work Sundays at present so cannot go to Church with her but her grandparents have been taking her every Sunday. Right now it is just something she HAS to do. Please pray for the Lord to take hold of her heart and bring her closer to Him.

  142. Donelle Smeenge says:

    Priscilla Smeenge is my daughter and when I grow up I want to be just like her. She is an amazing 15 year old who loves God and demonstrates it daily with the selfless deeds she does for others. She disciples 4 other 12 year old girls teaching them how loved and valuable they are to God. There identity and inheritance they have in Christ. She deeply cares for others. She is a varsity basketball player at Southlake Carroll Highschool in Texas and glorifies God off and on the court. I am just blown away by her and thank God for how he created her. I nominate Priscilla Smeenge for this award. Thank you, Donelle Smeenge

  143. Connie Yanda says:

    My 14 year old daughter!! She is growing each day in her faith and I feel that this book would just help to guide her and the bracelet would be a daily reminder of the gifts God has given her to use in her daily life. We are attending our first Women of Faith gathering together this month and can’t wait to grow in our faith together!

  144. I would give it to my nine year old daughter, Danielle. She attends a Christian School. Unfortunately, one of the girls in her class picks on Danielle and makes fun of her. Danielle’s best friend is moving to another state next week so my girl is feeling very vulnerable and alone right now as she wonders who will even want to be her friend with this other girl belittling her all the time. I’ve told her time and again, that her Dad, brother, myself, and God love her very much and God wants to be her friend. I’ve encouraged her to not stoop to the other girl’s level by continuing to be polite and nice, but to walk away when she starts picking on Danielle because Danielle deserves better. A real friend only wants what’s best for you and she wants you to be happy. I know there are other nice girls in her class and I’ve suggested that she go play with them and pray and ask God to help her know what to do and how to handle this mean spirited child. I hate to say this, but I expected this in junior high or high school, but not in second and third grade. Danielle is a shy, loving, beautiful child, with an old spirit who loves all of God’s creatures, especially animals. By an old spirit I mean it’s almost like she’s been here before. She just knows things and how they work, even if she’s never been exposed to them before. I often tell her how much she means to me and how devastated I would be if I ever lost her and I truly mean it. She has brought so much joy and love to my life. She’s always there with a hug when I need it. I hate to see her go thru this right now, so I would hope the bracelet would be a nice reminder of how God loves her and perhaps the book would give her/me some insights to help her too.

  145. Jen Walker says:

    What a fantastic topic! Thank you for allowing God to work through you in this way :0)

    1. Jen Walker says:

      Sorry… forgot to mention the girl :0) There is a girl in my church who loves the Lord and is a strong light in her public school, but like all teenagers she struggles with wanting to fit in, wanting to find love… and as the only teenager in our small church… and an only child…pride tends to be an ongoing issue… She has so much potential and I think that this book could be very helpful!

  146. I am hoping to win this for my daughter to help her! Thanks!

  147. My oldest daughter who will be 20 this weekend is struggling with her self worth and has not always made the best relationship choices.She feels like she doesn’t deserve to have a healthy, loving relationship and she doesn’t see herself as a beautiful treasure that she is. As her mother, I try to encourage her the best that I can, and admittedly I have not always been the best example to her. I would love to give this book to her as a gift to minister to heart and to show her how beautifully loved she is by God, her Creator. I want her to see herself the way God sees her and to put sense of worth in Him.

    Thank you!

  148. I have recently been blessed, as my oldest daughter, 22 years old, has recently been married. We were able to spend 8 months with her living in our household again before she got married. This was such a blessing! Being able to share some close intimate time with my adult daughter was definately a different experience, She is now at a stage were she is so ready and willing to learn from mom. I was able to share with her through conversations and actions, how to be a wife, daughter, sibling, and friend that pleases Jesus. As you know, so much of what our daughters learn from us is by seeing our actions, and how we respond to others, rather than by our words alone. I would love to give this bracelet to my oldest daughter to continue to encourage her in her new role as a loving wife and some day a mother.

  149. Elisha Goedel says:

    One thing I’ve always found frustrating is when my girls fight with each other. My oldest asks me yesterday, “mom, why did you have to have Madi?” I asked, “why?” She states, “I just can’t stand her! She’s so annoying and I don’t like her!” Unfortunately, this was in ear shot of my middle daughter, Madi. I stood there with her, appalled and hurt! I counted and collected myself and proceeded to ask her how she would feel if someone else in the family said the same about her. Of course I get the usual, “I don’t care.” But I know drop down she does. Then I told talked to her about the usual: seeing the example, stresses of being the oldest, blah blah. She didn’t hear me. Then I asked her, “what do you want other people to think and feel about you? And why do you choose to allow yourself to get so frustrated, when all she wants is a few moments of your attention?” She just shrugged. “While she is younger, and yes, sometimes annoying, she is your sister and always will be. And your attitude towards her will affect her attitude towards herself,” I explained. She just stared at me. Then I shared one of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes: “our character is not made up by big choices we make in life. Rather, we are defined by the little ones that we make everyday.” Apparently, she heard that one and proceeded to give Madi a hug. While it wasn’t a full apology, which Madi fully accepted, it was a glimmer that Ciera accepted she played a role and had a responsibility to be more loving and understanding.

  150. Lynn I recieved your blog info from an email my mother sent to me, I feel that God always has the perfect timing! I Love the message you are conveying to young ladies today I my self have a beautiful 11yr old daughter alisa whom was brought up in the ways of the Lord but has grown further away over time. I think with some inspiration from your book she just might come to reencounter God’s love for her I I know from personal experience what it feels like to miss God’s presence in your life and when rekindled how amazing it is to realize he never left! God Bless and thank you

  151. I’d love to gift this book and bracelet to my daughter, Jaydi. She has a soft, loving heart and a beautiful personality. She loves God, life and the people around her. This summer she went through a traumatic accident and has showen such strength and character. I would love to read and pray through this book with her.

  152. My oldest daughter, Olivia, is 15 & an absolutely beautiful example of living for Christ! She runs on our local high school’s cross country team where she has become a leader to some of the younger jr high runners. I have witnessed several young girls naturally gravitating toward her & I know this is because they see Christ radiating from her (even if they don’t know that’s what it is). There has been one troubled young girl, in particular, that has “attached” herself to my daughter. This girl was on the verge of physically hurting herself when God led her to Olivia. God spoke through my daughter & saved this young girl’s life…both physically & spiritually! I would love to give this bracelet & book to my daughter to encourage her to continue letting Christ do amazing things through her!

    I also want to thank you for your willingness to share God’s word with the world. This message spoke volumes to me today! Praise God for Always knowing what we need, when we need it!!

  153. I am a youth worker at my church. We have a very small youth group, but a pretty dynamic group of young men and women. There is one gal in particular that I would love to encourage with your book. She has such a desire to walk with God, but I know the pressures of this world are strong. It would be great to give those reminders of that inner beauty in Christ, which is so much more attractive. Thank you for your sweet ministry, Lynn!

  154. I am the mother of children ages 21 to 3. I have 4 sons and 2 daughters. Raising girls is different than sons, the pressure to “fit in” for young girls starts in Kindergarten.

    I look forward to opening my e-mail in the morning to begin my day with a reminder of God’s great love for me through you. The messages are inspirational on the work I need to continue throughout my day to encourage my family.

    Thank you!

  155. I would love to give this bracelet to my daughter. I am praying that she will not be influenced by the “in-crowd” at school but by the Word and the Holy Spirit. I want things to be different for her than they were for me. I struggle to teach her while living in a home with an unsaved father who does not appreciate us discussing our faith or the Bible.

  156. My daughter, Katie, so wants people to see Jesus in her. I will share this beautiful, “picturesque” devotion with her before her first wedding dress fitting today. How appropriate! Thank you for your words!

  157. Alexis, my daughter, age 13. We have tried to instill Biblical truths in the lives of our children. Alexis is my last baby girl and I would be thrilled for her to receive this bracelet as a reminder to live out these truths daily. I love her and I’m very proud of the Christian girl and example that she is.

  158. I met a young girl, 13, in my Disciple Now group earlier this year and we had a weekend full of God’s word…and a bond took place! I have three sons and spending time with my DNow girls was so fun and sweet and this special bond really put joy in my heart because Maddie is so special. She is chasing God with a full speed ahead and pure hearted attitude. Such a blessing to watch her bloom in His love and word and grace. I want to encourage her …especially she since she has several young siblings looking up to her! 🙂
    I would feel honored (and like a kid at Christmas! Haha) to present her with your book and pretty bracelet!

  159. The Lord has been working in the heart of our 14 year old daughter, Sarah. She’s been through a difficult time but it’s turning back to the Lord. Seeing His fruit growing in her is a blessing, and I would love to encourage Sarah with the bracelet and book.

  160. Carmen Thurman says:

    My friend, Hillary and I met in a very strange situation and I won’t go into details about it but we both really believe that God has brought us together. We have been going to church together and praying together and doing a lot of hanging out. We’ve both never really had that “best” friend that you can trust and depend on and we both feel like we’ve found that in each other. Hillary recently made the decision to be baptized again this past Sunday!! Praise the Lord!! We’re both in our 20’s and we were brought together by a boy whom cheated on us both, at the same time. Again, not going into details but you can only imagine! We have grown so close together in such little time and we both have gotten so much closer to God in this time as well. We believe it’s all apart of His master plan and we are so very thankful we met!!! She is such an inspiration to me and I to her. We’re working on growing as Godly women, in hopes that we no longer attract the “bad” boys. We love your devotions Lynn!! Thank you so much and God bless!!! 🙂

  161. What a wonderful teaching, so timely for me and my daughters. And what a good idea to have visual reminders to be intentional with what we choose to wear–both outside and inside. Thank you!

  162. Getting my oldest daughter ready for high school next year – this certainly would help with her spiritual preparedness for all that high school brings! Your blog is such a source of comfort and inspiration to me as the mother of girls. Thanks!

  163. My daughter (and I) would benefit so much from this book to help strengthen our faith and spirit.

  164. I teach Sunday school and have so enjoyed being involved in the lives of many young ladies. It seems that every one of them struggles with who they are. Even harder is when Mom is still struggling and instead of encouraging the daughter, she actually escalates the problem. I am loving on such a pair now. Oh that they would be able to see themselves through the eyes of their Lord! Thank you for your ministry to these young ones! God bless!

  165. Already raised a son he is 23 yet raising my 10 year old daughter scares me to death. This world can be so mean and she is so precious to me. I am new to your blog and look forward to reading and learning more so both of us can grow in Christ.

  166. jill guthrie says:

    I am discipling with a 16 year old girl that loves the Lord. We are cooking meals and baking together and giving food away to busy working moms with small children. We have been reading the word and I found your book and decided to go through it together.
    We havent purchased it yet.
    I think this bracelet will be a great tool to her and her testimony to others while wearing it.
    Blessings today to you.
    Jill gukthrief

  167. Lisa Ann Wright says:

    My niece, Alorah, is 11 years old and has made several declarations towards not wanting anything to do with Christ. The examples set before her by her parents are worldy and full of pride. Her grandmother strives at taking her to church but anything “Christian” that is taught is quickly washed away by the carnal influences in the home. It is difficult to get close to my niece as I observe her hardened heart reject any offerings of kindness and compassion. She does, however, love to read. As I was reading today’s message via my email subscription to Proverbs 31 Ministries, I couldn’t help but think how the Holy Spirit might use your offering as a wonderful tool to help break through the darkness that surrounds this child’s heart. Thank you for your consideration. May God richly bless you indeed.

  168. I would like to win this for my beautiful daughter. She is a Jesus girl through and through. Thank you for your ministry.

  169. I would love to have this bracelet for my 9 year old daughter and the book for me to read to help me point her in the way she should go and for her to read as she matures. sge has had some friendship struggles lately that have not brought out the best in her and we were looking for verses in her bible last night to help her, your blog post this morning about putting on love is exactly what we needed to hear and a verse I will share with her and pray over her today. Thank you!

  170. Bridgette says:

    Thank you Lord for your BLESSINGS on me this day, especially for your restoring power. Please I
    would definitely appreciate winning for my and daughter’s sake.

    Certainly, we can and will utilize the pieces. Thanks much, God bless ! ! ! !

  171. Thank you Lynn for sharing your heart for God’s girls!
    I have a fifteen year kid daughter. I would love to give her a copy of your new book (and to read it myself!)
    The bracelet is a wonderful idea! Beautiful!

    1. That should have said…
      Fifteen year old daughter….oops!

  172. Lynn, I don’t even know where to start. My daughter Hailey is 14 years old & like most teens, wishes she could be older, faster. She has a deep seated heart for others in need and when that comes out, I am shaken to tears. Unfortunately, like many teens today, she questions her worth, she questions why God would want her. It breaks my heart to see such a special gift from God not realized yet. Whether I win or not, I’m hoping to get your book & have her read it. I’m not saying her life will be perfect in any means, but I do know that realizing your worth in Him can set paths straight, give great freedom, and comfort our brokenness. Thank you.

  173. Lynn, I have two daughters (12 & 14). The 14 yr old has your devotion book, she reads it nightly. I can see that she is starting to struggle with the peer pressures. My 12 yr old just entered middle school and is blossoming into a beautiful young gal. both girls are great but the pressures of life can be so overwhelming. Thanks for your ministry.

  174. Hi Lynn,

    This post really spoke to me. I have to beautiful daughters that my husband and I are purposefully trying to ooh them to Christ. Your devotion reminded me of a Secret Keepers meeting I went to with my daughters a few years back. It spoke of the fact that if we are spending find in the morning to her ready , let’s say an hour, but we don’t spend any time to prepare or hearts by reading God’s word, then we are going to be running on empty all day long. We need to prepare hearts and minds by spending time in prayer and in the word each day, that way when those circumstances come up that tempt us to react, we can choose thoughts and words that honor God. It isn’t a recipe for perfection, because we aren’t perfect and we are bound to mess up and fail, but thanks to God’s grace, if we are spending time in the Bible we start to become more mindful of our words. Ultimately, we hope to be “dressed” in the fruits of the spirit. Thank you for how God is using you to encourage moms and young girls. I can’t wait to share your words with my daughters. Can the bracelets be purchased? May God continue to bless your ministry!!

  175. Chris Spievak says:

    What a great read this morning! It is my daughter’s 12th birthday. She has such a heart for God. I am so blessed that she is reading her devotional in the morning and wanting to walk with God. It gets tough now that she’s in 6th grade and seeing her friends not really walking their talk. She is such a sweet girl and thinks so deeply. She always puts others above herself. I love sharing your wisdom about being who God wants her to be and not others. On and on your wisdom has helped me to talk with both kids (have a 14 year old boy who really needs this) about dating and being the person God wants them to become. Thank you for your words!

  176. I would love for my daughter to have one of these bracelets to remind her of the fruits of the spirit. She is will be going away to college next year and I am so proud of the godly young woman that she is. She is truly a blessing.

  177. Thank u so much for this opportunity! My 14 yr old daughter Felicity has been struggling most of her life. Her father left us when she was 5, and even though he is in her life, she doesn’t feel loved by him. She goes to church every other weekend with me, but her dad doesn’t take her when he has her. I find her seeking the approval of everyone around her instead of Christ. Everyday seems worse than the day before. She does love to read and I think she would benefit greatly from this. Thank u! ♡

  178. Lisa Puckett says:

    Hello i met my inspirational young lady 5 years ago while i was helping out in our 4th & 5th grade sunday school class. she will be 14 in december. we bonded, she has had a very hard life, her mother and her were in a womens shelter along with her autistic brother. they were then helped into an apt. then 3 mos later her brother was diagnost with cancer, this young lady has prevailed through all this. i had the privelege of having her stay with me while her mother and brother were gone for chemo treatments off and on for 3 years they have no family in the states. she doesnt have the normal teen age life. she doesnt meet girls at the mall, she doesnt have sleep overs or friends coming over to her house. when her mom cant make it to church she calls me to pick her up so she can attend. She has been a blessing in mine and my husbands life. she is now starting to go through some teenage emotions feeling neglected by her mother (thinking her mom cares more for her brother then her) i try to take her in when their is conflict i dont want to lose her to any outside distractions. Please pray for her. thank you

  179. Julie Anderson says:

    I would give this to my daughter. She is in the midst of the tween years. I would love to encourage her to stay true even when the world would pull her another way.

  180. I am doing this magnetic study with my eight year old daughter, soon to be nine. I want her to know that God loves her just as she is and that to Him she is as precious as gold!

  181. KathyMills says:

    I have 2 that could use it. A 11 yr old daughter of my best friend a d my 10 yr old granddaughter. Thank you for blessing someone with such a great gift!

  182. I’d share it with my darling t daughter Karyn. She’s a sophomore in college and has such a sweet spirit.

  183. Michelle C says:

    Deep inside of myself lives the young girl I wish had had this kind of encouragement when she was in her teens and I hope that this would be helpful and inspiring to her.

  184. My little sister and I have grown up in a household of unbelievers, in an environment of self-centeredness, of negativity, abuse, lies, and sexual immortality. The moral lens was very foggy and no compass other than self to direct one’s path. Fortunately, I met someone at the beginning of high school that led me to Christ and changed my life. So many blessings out flowed upon me as I accepted Christ – from an amazing husband, work opportunities, and great friends. As I surrendered myself to Christ, my world began to shift. The lens in which I now viewed the world became clear, positive, free from burdens. Full of so much love, and blessed beyond measure, I wanted my little sister to experience all the joy and love I have found in Christ. When she was in middle school, she started heading down the wrong road, stayed up all hours of the night, and had a worldly mindset. She even said – at that time – that she didn’t believe in marriage (which she didn’t see any good examples at that time with me living states away) and that if someone makes you feel good you should be able to be with them. My heart sank for her and it then became my mission to turn her life around and lead her to Christ. Prayers were answered so quickly, and she longed for what I had-all those outward blessings. However, the only important thing I really have is a relationship with Christ. She did make a 180 turn and purity, integrity, and modesty replaced her previous thoughts, words, and actions. She is still early in her relationship with Christ and is in college now, but she has really become a beautiful woman in Christ.

  185. I would share the book and bracelet with my daughter Briana. She is 13 and is a very sweet, God fearing teenager. I pray continuously that her love for God stays strong and that she does not conform to this world. God has given her the gift of dance and I hope she continues to grow in the grace of God and always remember Him.

  186. Elizabeth says:

    Lynn , Thank you so much for your ministry. We have two daughters, both very different in their own way. But both still need the assurance that they are exactly the way God made them. Beautiful!!! I would give this special gift to the younger one as she has been struggling with many issues. I would love to go through it with her. She is a freshman in high school. So much to deal with. the other just started college and wants to major in Family Life Ministries. She wants to help youth and young children deal with these issues. God’s Blessing to you. Thank you.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Elizabeth – keep being intentional in these high school years! Your girl needs you near!

  187. Patricia Bridges says:

    My 12 year old granddaughter, Alayna, has had a rough go-of-it. At 18 months, her mother and daddy (my son) separated. They were never married. At age 6, her mother left her with my son, as her own circumstances were that she could not care for her. My son and she lived with me, so that we could get her enrolled in school. To make a long story short, he moved out in a few months, and she continued to live with me, until 5th grade was over, and has now been with my son, his partner and her child from a previous marriage and their child together (my grandson), age 2. I had her often on weekends, from birth until she actually lived with me. She has been raised as part of the church family where I raised my five children. Now, although they live just 5 miles from me, she doesn’t want to go to youth activities or church very often, and they, she was told, do not go to church because he is Baptist and she is Catholic. Alayna was treated badly in school by the very same girls in church. She is of mixed race, and very beautiful. The first year, she would call me and ask to spend the night and go to church with me. Now, she doesn’t want to go, at all. She accepted Christ as her personal savior and was baptized at age 9. Your book may be the resource to assure her that God created her special and has a plan for her life! Her mother had no contact with her, until a few years ago. We always prayed for her together, and she has spent a few weekends with her mother in the last few years, but she longs for more time with her mother. I pray for continually for all 10 of my grandchildren, yet she will always hold a special place in my heart.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Congratulations on winning, Patricia! I hope your sweet Alayna loves the bracelet and book!

  188. Wow… this was such a good reminder for me…. As we age as women, the most becoming thing we can have is a loving, gentle countenance. Although I have boys, now that I am an empty nester, God is stirring the desire to be of influence to young women. This would be a great way to start!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Sylvia, I often pray for God to raise up women who will invest in the lives of young women. They need us so much!

  189. I would share this bracelet with my 17 year old Daughter. She is a blessing to me in so many ways. I love how God is using her in two different church youth groups to be a light to young girls. Thank you for these books and studies for young girls, it so important! Need to do these events nation wide too. Especially here in Florida. 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Susan, thank you so much! I came to Florida last spring and I would love to come again! Do you have a church/community that would host an event?

  190. I work fulltime and am constantly guilt riddled when I’m not at home with my two girls aged 12 and 10. My husbnad, who is not a believer, tries his best from a worldy perspective to fill my shoes at home. He’s not perfect, and God’s not in the picture. I come home tired and lit with a short fuse. To say the least, I lack showing unconditional and compassionate love many times. When I read your devotion today, the words “When dialogue with my kids becomes heated, I can slip into demanding respect….” Sounds like me. Then to top it off, my 12 year old daughter came to me and said, “Mom, what is love? I mean, I don’t feel love. How do you feel love?” I’m crushed!! I might be demanding but I always love her! And I tell her so, but that statement tells me that I missed something. And today I read about your book “Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants” I realized that it’s not too late for me to take time every day to teach her God’s Word and HIS LOVE; what it means and how to live it. I hope your book will give me the tools I need to start a Biblical foundation of Love through taking time every day to share God’s Word with her.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      You are right, my friend, it is not too late. I pray Magnetic will help you both grow in your relationship with Jesus and closer to each other too!

  191. My niece Taylor…have been praying for her daily to get on the right path…

  192. Jennifer D. says:

    I have a daughter who I pray exhibits these traits as she grows and enters her teenage years.

  193. Carolyn Rogers says:

    Both my daughters are a wonderful example. They’re not perfect but they do a better job than their mama. THANK YOU, Lynn, for a wonderful devotion that makes me feel like I’m not the only one who screws up and finds this so hard. It soothes my soul – thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Glad my “mess ups” makes you feel you are not alone, friend!

  194. Lynn,
    Our girls are 16 and 12 and each are beautiful young ladies who love Jesus with their whole hearts, but can always use encouragement! They both love serving at our local nursing home and helping with younger kids. My prayer is that they stay on the path that they are on, though I know the devil would love to trip them up, God is faithful!

  195. Hi lynn! My name is ivanna, and im 16 & from Miami.. I happened to encounter this site a couple of weeks ago, and im so glad i did! Through the daily email, God has been speaking to me and empowering me to continue to do the good works he has called me too. My dream is to serve the Lord in all the corners of the Earth,as a missionary from the smallest to the largest villages. Even though i am extremely blessed and thankful that the Lord has always kept his hand over my life, and has been doing incredible things in my school and youth group by using a simple person like myself, i believe that God has been molding me in an area and teaching me to truly love myself more and more everyday. I would not be where i am today if it weren’t for Him, and i love what this bracelet stands for! Reminds me of the magnetic in me.. For to long of my high school life has it been all about he looks and impressing guys, and if i wasn’t feeling ‘hot’ that day, i wouldn’t want to be seen. Until my God quickly reminds me, about the beauty in having the most precious One in my heart.. Much love and blessings to you and comtinue in the dedication to this blog! Have a blessed day 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Ivanna! You made my day! Keep pouring in His truth and sharing it with others! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  196. My sis was molested by our dad and she kept it to herself for years. Through counseling she was able to deal with this and she never lost faith in God. Instead of blaming Him for allowing this she just drew closer to His word. She became a Christian and is now 16 and able to date. I want her to not be drawn to a man who could be deceitful and manipulative like our dad. I think this would be great for her.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jamey – our God is a redeemer! Thank you for sharing!

  197. My niece is a college freshman and after a long abusive relationship has taken a step towards moving on with her life. I think Magnetic would be just what the Doctor, our Divine Physician and Healer, ordered! She needs Jesus!

  198. Katie Rettig says:

    My daughters (5 1/2 and 3 1/2) and myself. I want to be a woman that is Christ-filled and the fruits are blossoming for my girls to reap. On “momster” days when feel like an epic failure, it is hard to remember that He still loves me and has blessed our family with each other. My oldest is so close to giving her heart to God, I pray for her and with her but want it to be her decision. I can see fruit in her young life already as well as he younger sister and want to continue to “garden” our hearts together as they grow and mature.

  199. I have two younger sisters, 16 and 12 that have a desire to live a pleasing life for Jesus and could use some guiding and encouragement. I have been looking for christian books for them to read and when I came across this my thought was “YES” This book would be a blessing in their lives!

  200. Sabrina Suggs says:

    I am currently going over your book with my youth girls at church. We are having so much fun reading and sharing. My daughter attends this class too, she is 12. We loved your last book, and this one is becoming out next favorite. Thank you for doing what you do, and inspiring me to work with my youth girls in a special way. God has many plans for those who will just put your best foot forward, and trust Him for guidance.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Sabrina – YOU ARE MY HERO! Thank you so VERY much! Many years ago, I had a dream of seeing women meeting with girls and pouring God’s truth into them. You are a part of God giving me the desires of my heart. God bless you!!!

  201. This book sounds great! The church I attend and take leadership roles in, has a group of girls who could use this book. The class is led by the pastor’s wife, they are newlyweds in their twenties. She is always looking for ways to connect with the girls and help them do better. One was recently beaten by her brothers. Another has an older sister who beats their mother. Another was sexually abused. Several have been given away by their mothers, being raised by grandparents or even just other people in the community. I could certainly have used this when I was growing up. Have a blessed day!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Evelyn, I would so appreciate you sharing my books for girls with your pastor’s wife. I put a leadership guide for Magnetic in the back to make it super easy to do with a group of girls or for a mom to share with her daughter!

  202. I would love to share Magnetic with my niece Alyssa. She’s a beautiful newly teenage girl and I so desire that sh3bwould come to know the Lord. Thanks for the opportunity and for allowing our Lord to use your love for Him in so many meaningful ways!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Meredith – I love that you have a heart for your niece. We have girls all around us who need to be loved on and poured into. Thank you for doing that for your niece!

  203. My daughter, Luci, is just at the beginning stages of adolescence and we are working on these qualities. She would love to have the bracelet and book.

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