#GiveAway Day 5 – It’s a Friend Thing

Brave Beauty Study Guide

When life has so many changes, coming at you daily, what does a young girl need to get her through it successfully?

One thing that helps is other girls who are also discovering who Jesus has made them to be!

She needs needs friends, those that help, not hinder, her journey to becoming a confident woman. ⁠

One way I worked to foster and grow those relationships in my daughters’ lives was to invite their friends over to talk about the hard stuff, and what God had to say about it. ⁠

I learned a bit about girls during those years so I took the ideas most successful and created the Brave Beauty Study Guide.⁠

This download provides everything you need for leading a group from twenty or two through Brave Beauty. ⁠

Loaded with ice breakers, discussion questions and prayer guides, this resource takes all of the guesswork out of leading girls in developing Christ Confidence.⁠

Normally $7.99, it’s free through Friday, September 6th, only as we celebrate Brave Beauty’s Birthday. ⁠


You will also receive a set of coloring pages to use with your group as well!                   Get yours for free by clicking here


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  1. It’s a friend thing. Sometimes that is good and other times it’s not. It’s hard to let our children make the same mistakes we did. It’s good when they have a safe place they can go to and not be judged. They can share their thoughts, dreams and fears and have help finding God’s plan for them.

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