{Giving Up}

The winner from Friday’s give away of my friend Karen Ehman’s new book Let.It.Go is Karen Smith who posted at 5:04 p.m. on November 23rd. Karen, please send me your address and Zondervan will send it right out to you!

He hadn’t even been home for an hour before I started in last Wednesday.


“Did you ever call….?”

“Have you followed up on…?”

Just as I was getting ready to ask my third question, I stopped.

A machine gun taking aim and firing, I was giving my “now man” 21-year-old son questions as if he was still 11 only now the questions are big; important and serious.

Stopping mid-sentence, I said, “I quit.” Thinking I was mad, he began to explain. Yet, I was the one who had to explain.

This switching from being the mom at home to the mom away from home is one tough move. When Zach is away, I think of him as a man, on his own, but when we get together, I can quickly slip back into being his caretaker.

Dropping the laundry I was folding, I tried to describe this slippy slope I slide down. He just stared at me like I was an alien. Who was this mom that was trying to give up?

I had the opportunity to read Karen Ehman’s new book, Let.It.Go. before the release date and slowly I am trying to put into practice the wise advice she has brought into my life.

Maybe one reason I struggle so much, is because, my precious kids often act (thankfully) like kids! I thought I would share some pictures from our Christmas tree hunting day this weekend!

Stealing the hat…


Trying to get new jobs…modeling!


This year’s Christmas card pic!


Men who I am happy to say can still be boys!

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Lynn Cowell’s Cyber Monday Facebook Party



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  1. Teresa C. says:

    What great pictures! Glad to see that we’re not the only family that has those moments. Usually ours is a side-show at dinner. ; )

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