Great Help for Those Called to Speak!

When I first felt called to speak, I had no idea where to begin. I guess looking back it was a good thing I was somewhat naive! I just went up to a couple of friends at big churches and asked them if they would recommend me…and they said “yes”. (I wouldn’t recommend that!) I would recommend Next Step Speaker Services by my good friends Karen and Amy.

Do you teach a small group or speak to full arenas? It really doesn’t matter, because all we God-girls who desire to make Jesus famous want to make our messages clear, sharp and effective.

Amy Carroll and Karen Ehman have teamed in Next Step Speaker Services to give individual support, encouragement and feedback to speakers in any setting.

Next Step Speaker Services can help you with:

* Message Development
* Message Evaluation
* Creating Compelling Marketing
* Ministry Organization

So check out the Next Step Speaker Services website which includes a place to subscribe to a free weekly speaking tip. Amy or Karen would love a chance to curl up in a cozy chair with some coffee and chat with you about your next step in speaking ministry. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to win a free service of your choice with a value up to $195 if you subscribe or fill out a survey!!


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