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It’s an extra special day today for Greg and I. Twenty-five years ago, we said “I do!”

Crushing on him since 6th grade, I never thought I would get to spend my entire live with the amazing guy whose name I wrote all over my folders!

While our marriage is far from perfect and at times under lots of raising-teen-children pressure, there is one secret that has helped to make our marriage strong. A secret I’m passing on to my girls.

A man can never fill the love gap in your heart. 

Like me, you may have grown up hearing there was one, a soul mate out there for you. Princess-like fantasies grew in our minds of being adored, affirmed, attended too. All those ’80’s songs songs reinforced it, didn’t they? I hear Steve Perry now, singing, “I’m forever yours …faithfully.”

But for some of us, the man we married as a young woman has not stood beside us faithfully. Where has that left us? For others, there never was a man who said “I do”. Does that leave a girl empty or broken?

I have walked beside several dear friends while they have walked this road. Dreaming of picket fences, two kids and a dog, those dreams never came true. But while on a journey they never intended to take, they too have found:

No man can ever fill the love gap in their hearts.

No man but one…the Love, Jesus. Jesus, the one who created our delicate love space to be filled by himself. Jesus, the perfect, unconditional and always faithful love.

I learned this truth before I married Greg. As a teen girl, I sought and found Jesus to be the one who filled the gap, removing my loneliness and rejection and replacing it with joy and acceptance. I truly believe that looking to Jesus each and every day to meet my needs has taken the pressure off of Greg and put it on the only one who can meet all my expectations and needs.

Recently when sharing this truth at a speaking event, a woman approached me sharing, “If I had only known that my husband couldn’t meet all of my needs! If I had only know that Jesus could fill me with the love I was missing…I wouldn’t have divorced my husband last year.” My heart broke!

Friend, this is the truth you can grasp today. This is the truth you can teach your girl. No matter what life brings, you can find true love. A love that will never disappoint, never leave and never reject.

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  1. I love this post Lynn. God Bless you and your husband on your marriage. I know that no marriage is perfect but with God we can make anything work for His glory. I am loving your blog and your site is so well made. God Bless you. Angie

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comments Angie! I hope you’ll be a regular! Together, we can be wise women raising wiser daughters!

  2. Congratulations Lynn (and Greg).

    I’m one who hasn’t found their “soul mate” despite trying (and making mistakes along the way) and ending up single with two darling children.

    I’ve found that letting Christ fill that love gap in my heart is a daily choice I have to make. Most of the time I am content with what Jesus has given me already, but there are days when I struggle with being single and long desperately for a man to fill that ‘hole’ in my life. It is on those days when I can turn to the Bible and read of the love He has for me and how he can fill every need I have; even something as simple as holding my hand

    I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee
    Isaiah 42 v 6

    Sam x

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Sam! Thank you Lord that you don’t leave us alone and fill that spot…for those of us married and for those of us who aren’t!

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