“He Speaks to Me”

Today we are going to discuss the first chapter of the book “He Speaks to Me” by Priscilla Shirer.

I am really excited about this new book. The first chapter is a great opener. Priscilla takes all of the mystery concerning “who” God speaks to by referring to His interation with Samuel. If He will choose to speak to a child (who was probably around 12 years old), He will choose to speak to any vessel that is open.

I’ll be back later on today to see what you think and we’ll talk some more!

Have a beautiful day!



  1. At lunch today, we were discussing the chapter in this book. Wendy shared that so often we put God in a box based on how we think God should speak to us; things we are comfortable with. Instead, we need to look in the unexpected places. Where have you heard Him speak to you?

  2. I think most often I have heard God speak to me when I’ve either been alone having my quiet time, reading His Word or in prayer, or, while I’ve been sitting in a church service or conference. I know He has spoken to me at other times, but it’s at those times when my heart is quiet, waiting and expectant and my focus is on Him. Distractions aren’t crowding out His voice.

    Monday and Tuesday morning of this week, the Lord spoke so clearly to me through His Word, then, a funeral I attended one afternoon this week confirmed the exact same message – it was the strangest thing, because it wasn’t your traditional “funeral message”. It’s amazing what God will use to speak to us and confirm His Word.

    Have to add, I thought that verse in Ecclesiastes interesting, Ecc 12:12, “Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body”. Mmmm, something to ponder.

    Hope you had a good day, Lynn.
    Listening with childlike simplicity,
    PS. I was envious of Ryan’s freedom of expression. I wish I could be more like that in my worship.

  3. Anonymous says:

    when does God speak to me? I wish I could say it was when I was quiet, sitting waiting to hear His voice in a peaceful lovely room…… But honestly it is mainly during conversation, or so in the moment that it really catches me off guard!

    Have I sat with His word opened crying out to hear His voice? Yes, sometimes I receive an immediate answer, but not all the time. Looking back at times when I cried out without an immediate answer I see that I probably needed more time to be ready to hear……. God knew I needed more pruning first, Ouch!

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